Best Travel Gear Guide from Frequent Travellers


Having the right gear for travel will truly make the travel experience more enjoyable! Since becoming family travel bloggers and therefore traveling frequently, we have managed to weed through the 'bad' travel products to find the gems and the quality products that will last you through multiple trips. 

In this section, you will find reviews of the best travel gear to help you invest money in travel products and travel accessories that will last. From the best travel accessories for long flights, the best car travel accessories for road trips, to the best travel necessities on the ground whilst exploring.

Find below a list of our most popular travel gear buyers guides.  Keep reading further down below for individual products reviews.

You can also find all our baby travel items, best travel accessories for toddlers, best kids travel accessories and travel accessories for men that we personally use and recommend.

Our guides to general travel gear:

Our specialised guides to baby and kids travel gear:

Best Travel Gear for Adults

Best Baby & Toddler Travel Gear

Below you will find our guides for the best travel gear for baby.  We share our favourite baby travel products with you. Our baby has been on over 20 flights and as she went through various stages, we required different types of baby travel accessories and products.  From travel diaper bags, to baby beach gear, strollers, carriers and baby travel beds.  We share our favourites with you.

Best Travel Gear for Kids

Below you will find our guides for the best travel gear for toddler & kids.  As family travel bloggers, our kids have been on more trips than we can count.  It took a while to find great quality kids travel products but I think we have managed to find the best of the best for you. From the best travel bags for kids, to the best travel backpack for kids, as well as many other kids travel accessories and products.  We share our favourites with you.