Best Family Passport Holder & Multiple Passport Holder 2023 Reviews


best family passport holders and multiple passport holder reviews

When preparing for a couple or family trip, you have to take care of many things. The more members your family has, the more difficult it is to stay organized and keep everything in order.

As a mother of 3 children, I know how stressful it can be to get through the airport. It helps to be organized, especially when your kids are still young and you have loads of other things to look after as well - such as their favorite soft toy or the stroller etc.

In this article, you will find, in our opinion, some of the best multiple passport holders of 2023 to help you stay organized, to keep your passports safe - and so you can always reach for that passport quickly. 

Any of these could help you sort all your travel documents and make sure you’re not forgetting something.

Not in the mood for research and reading and just want to find out which is the best?


Our top pick is the Defway Multi-Travel Organizer

  • It is the perfect size
  • It has RFID blocking technology
  • Waterproof fabric
  • A lot of space despite its smaller size
  • It can hold 4 passports and 6 Credit Cards 

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Not in the mood for research and reading and just want to find out which is the best?


Our top pick is the Zoppen RFID Travel Passport Wallet

  • It is the perfect size
  • It has RFID-blocking material
  • Waterproof fabric
  • Pouches and pockets for boarding passes
  • It can hold 2 passports and 6 Credit Cards 

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How Do I Carry Multiple Passports?

The best and easiest way to carry multiple passports is to use a passport and document travel wallet. 

Passport wallets can carry not only your passports but you can also store cash, keys, boarding passes and cards. 

Is a Passport Holder Necessary?

Traveling as a family is always a little stressful. Using a passport holder makes your travel a little less stressful as you can carry all of your most needed items in one place.

Using a passport holder means that you know exactly where all your important documents are at all times so there is no need to have to search for the passport or boarding pass for security inspection.

Using a passport holder reduces the possibility of one of your travelers losing their passport as one person has the overall responsibility of keeping all passports and documents safe and secure.

Most holders now come with RFID blocking.


If you want to keep everything safe and organized, you should look for a couple or family passport holder.

Passport wallets are one of those nifty cool travel accessories that just really makes it easier to travel.

For those on a budget, there are affordable passport holders that can hold up to six passports - they might look plain but they do the job just fine.

On the other hand, you can also find sophisticated, leather-made passport holders. Of course, these cost more.

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Comparison Chart of the 10 Best Multiple Passport Holders

Below is a comparison chart of, in our opinion, all of the top travel wallets and holders that can hold 2-6 passports.  

You can then read our multiple passport holder reviews below featuring our picks of the best multiple passport wallet 2023 has to offer.

Multi Passport Holder Buyers Guide

Passport Holders for Families

When looking for a passport holder, there are a few things that you need to consider, especially when you realize the vast number of options you have before you.

If you do not put in the time to research, you may find that you are spending your money on something that isn’t worth your time.

Here are the top features that you should look out for when buying the best family and multiple passport holder.

1. Material

The top consideration should always be what the passport holder has been made from.

You will find that some are made from PVC, which is lower cost, while others are made from leather, which is more costly but very durable.

Take a look at your budget and make a choice based on what you can afford.

If you only travel every now and them, a PVC or nylon holder will be perfect for you. If you travel more than a few times a year, leather is the way to go.

2. Number of passports

The main purpose of purchasing a family or multiple passport holder is so that it can do exactly that - hold multiple passports.

The main thing here is to find a passport holder that can hold at least 6 passports without the zipper breaking or being damaged.

Of course, if there are 8 or 10 people traveling with you, purchase a bigger passport holder.

A general rule of thumb is to purchase a passport holder that has space for 2 more passports than what you will be using it for.

3. Internal compartments

A passport holder is very handy to hold your passports, but should also have space to store things like your visa documents, itinerary, and airplane tickets.

By keeping all of your travel paperwork together, you will not have to worry that important information will get lost.

4. Safety features

The first safety feature you want to be sure of is the strength of the zippers and the thickness of the material that it is made from.

If you can find a passport holder that can hold the number of passports needed, has a strong zipper and material, and also has an RFID holder to protect your identity.

5. Why do I need RFID blocking for my passport?

RFID blocking is technology that prevents your personal details from being accessed including your name, address, nationality, digital photo, and so on. 

By using a passport holder that has RFID blocking technology you prevent your credit cards from being scanned and cloned which helps prevent your card and details being used for fraudulent transactions.

6. Can RFID go through airport security?

Yes, you can use passport holders that have RFID blocking technology.

As RFID is a metal layer within the holder, it may set off the security detectors when being scanned however this is easily explained should you need further inspection.

Our 10 Best Family Passport Holder & Couples Passport Holder Reviews

In the following section, you will see some of the best family passport holders and multiple passport wallets for couples.

Since there are many features to consider, it won’t be easy to pick the best multiple passport holder for you and your partner or your family.

Hopefully, this list will bring you closer to a decision.

1. Defway Travel Organizer Bag Review (Family Passport Holder for 4)

The Defway bag is a small, yet thick organizing bag that fits much more than you’d think at first glance. It’s made from sturdy nylon that doesn’t let any water in.

The fabric is pleasant to hold in your hand. You can also detach the wrist strap and carry this bag inside a bigger one.

The outside pocket has a lot of space. You can fit in your phone, keys, or any other bigger accessories.

On the inside, there are four places reserved for a passport and six smaller slots for cards. There is also an open pocket for stashing coins or other smaller items.

Also, the RFID-blocking function is tested and reliable, so you don’t have to worry about electronic pickpockets.

This is the best passport holder for family who are looking for an affordable holder option.


  • A lot of space for a smaller-sized travel wallet
  • A reliable RFID-blocking layer
  • Strong zipper
  • Good, waterproof fabric


  • A basic design

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2. Zoppen RFID Travel Passport Wallet Review (Best Passport Holder for Two Passports)

Zoppen Travel Passport Wallet is a great wallet for a couple as it can carry up to 2 passports and different documents like your boarding pass on the inside.

The travel passport wallet comes in a variety of colors making it a great accessory that goes with a wide range of outfits.

Inside, you’ll find two big passport pouches, with space for documents and boarding passes. There are also six smaller pockets for ID cards, cash, tickets, etc.

On the outside, you will find a quick-access zip pocket.

This wallet has a layer that blocks RFID, making your cards and documents non-scannable.

When you place all your things, make sure that they all fit and that your holder can close, or else you can break the zipper.


  • Stylish purse replacement
  • Many pouches and pockets
  • RFID-blocking material


  • Weak zippers
  • Lack of passport pouches – not for larger families

3. Valante Premium Family Travel Document Organizer Review (Family Passport Holder for 6)

The Valante Travel Document Organizer is a chic, family-sized passport holder. It comes in a gray color making it equally appropriate for men and women.

This travel wallet is made from a sturdy water-resistant nylon material that is sure to last a long time. It easily fits in your hand if you want to carry it around, but you can also stash it in a larger bag.

It comes with a removable wristlet and cross-body strap allowing you to carry the wallet in multiple ways.

On the inside, you’ll find enough space for six passports making it great for large families. There’s also a ticket space, a pen holder, zipper pouches for coins and notes, and card pockets inside.


  • Great for larger families
  • Stylish, suitable for both men and women
  • Total 21 pockets and slots


  • Only available in gray

>>> Click here to check the current price on this holder or click the button below to purchase.

4. Zero Grid Family Travel Wallet & Document Organizer Review

This travel wallet comes with a hand strap so you can carry it around your wrist.

It feels comfortable to carry in your hand. It’s water-resistant, so your documents won’t get damaged if you come across unfortunate weather conditions. There is an outside pouch for easy and quick access.

On the inside, there are six passport pouches, which let you hold all the passports in one place. There are also four card slots.

The full-length zipper makes all the things inside safe and has RFID blocking layer to protect your cards and documents from scanning and misuse.


  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Waterproof
  • Sufficient storage space for a six-member travel group
  • Reasonably cheap


  • No space for additional documents or tickets

5. Apadi Travel Document Organizer Review 

This passport holder has a fashionable handbag look. On the inside, it uses space exceptionally well, so you will have no trouble fitting all your travel documents and necessities.

From the outside, this leather-made holder won’t look out of place with your fashionable travel outfit.

You can wrap the wristlet around your hand and keep the bag on you at all times. However, if this detail is a little too much for you, you can always take it off.

There’s also a small outside pocket that you can access quickly, suitable for keeping cash, money, or a telephone at hand. With a zip that goes all around the holder, you don’t have to worry about anything slipping out.

There are pockets for two big passports on the inside, as well as a ticket slot, an internal zipped pocket, and seven card slots.

There is also a large hidden pocket that has space for two more travel documents, money, or other valuable things.

Also, an RFID-blocking design makes this holder immune to scanners. Your documents and credit cards will remain safe.

The only downside is that if you overfill the holder, you’ll have trouble closing it. The tight, sophisticated look comes with the price of carrying capacity.


  • A stylish and safe replacement for a purse
  • RFID-blocking layer prevents scanning of cards
  • Many pockets for various use


  • May be too small for additional items

6. Raytix Travel Wallet Review 

The Ratyix wallet is on the small side. It utilizes space well, but it’s not the easiest wallet to organize. For example, there are only four card slots, but you can place two cards in each.

The inside doesn’t look as visually satisfying as some other organizers but every inch is utilized to the fullest.

Most importantly, there are six passport pouches, which makes it a convenient family travel wallet.

The RFID-blocker on this wallet has enhanced four-layered protection, so you will be safe from identity theft and digital crime.

You can easily fit a phone in the bigger pocket, so you can have all your essentials at hand.


  • Smaller than other travel organizers
  • Great utilization of space
  • Four-layered RFID blockers


  • Messy on the inside due to a smaller number of pockets

7. P Travel Family Travel Wallet Review (Family Passport Holder for 5)

With up to five passport pockets, waterproof material, and 10 RFID-blocking sleeves, this is a proper family passport wallet.

The P Travel Family Wallet provides you with a great deal of storage.

It is lightweight and waterproof and comes in 3 color variations making it suitable for men and women.

It comes with a detachable wrist strap so you can feel safer whilst carrying the wallet.

It is small enough to fit into a pocket however this makes the wallet less spacious for carrying many other documents or valuables.


  • Waterproof
  • Durable material
  • RFID-blocking sleeves make you safe from cybercriminals


  • Not the most stylish
  • Does not have a lot of space & on the small side

8. BOACAY Passport & Document Organizer Review 

This wallet organizer has a lot more to offer than what meets the eye. From the outside, it doesn’t stick out, with a normal nylon fabric and a basic design.

However, on the inside, you’ll find five large pockets for passports. Besides that, you’ll also find five sleeves for cards and a zipped pocket to store money.

There is also a large zipped pocket for cash notes or if you want a safe place to put your phone in, this pocket is ideal for that too. 

The best part about it is the price. It comes at a much lower cost than most other travel organizers, and it is durable as well.


  • Abundance of space
  • Extremely affordable price
  • Waterproof


  • No RFID blocking layer

9. Excello Global Products Leather Travel Wallet & Passport Holder Review 

This wallet is a high-quality leather family passport holder. The split-grain leather material has sturdy stitching and premium quality, hence the high price.

Inside you will find a similar design to other travel wallets. On both sides, there is enough space for passports, travel guides, maps, or other thicker documents.

There are four large pockets, six smaller pockets (for cards) and two extra-large pockets for money.

On the outside, the all-around zipper is top-quality and will serve you for a long time.

This wallet comes with an elegant design and is made from high-quality materials, so you will have to pay up a little more for the brand and quality.

However, if you want a long-term family organizer that you won’t need to replace every couple of trips, you should consider it.


  • High-quality, durable leather material
  • Elegant design
  • Trusted manufacturer with decade-long experience


  • Much more expensive than others

10. HOMCHEN Passport & Document Holder Review 

The HOMCHEN Passport and Travel Document holder is made from lightweight fabric with a basic design.

The material is completely waterproof. This is great if you plan to travel to places with high humidity or rainy days.

This passport organizer for family will serve well even if you travel all the time. You can place things that you need to access quickly in the outer pocket. For example, it is a great place for your smartphone, keys, or cash.

The inside of the wallet has enough space for up to five passports, nine cards, and various paper documents such as tickets. You can also attach a keychain, so you can store all the important things in one place.

The slim look occasionally proves to be a downside. If you try to place too many items in the holder, you may be unable to close it.


  • Soft and waterproof material
  • Reliable fabric
  • Solid capacity
  • Removable keychain


  • Too slim


Once you get a travel organizer for you and your family, there’s one thing less to worry about. Simply put everything inside, and keep them all together.

With so many choices, it’s a challenge to find the best family passport holder. It all depends on your preferences in the end.

If you want a long-term, high-quality multiple passport holder, you should consider buying the Valante Premium Family Travel Passport & Document wallet that comes with a large amount of space.

If you just want a lot of capacity for a budget price without caring about design, consider the Defway Travel Organizer.

But whichever option you choose from our list, your documents will be safe.

Remember that you can also buy organizers for singles and couples.

If you tend to travel alone or with just another person, these may interest you more than the 6-piece passport holders, and they tend to be more affordable too.

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