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Most comfortable Flat shoes for women

The search for the most comfortable flats can be an expensive one!  

I bet you have bought super cute flats, only to find out that they left you with blisters on your heal or squished up toes in the front. On top of that, you really need to consider the environment that you plan on using the flats in. 

The challenge was set to find flats that are not only super cute but that are also extremely comfortable!  

We have found our top 10 most comfortable flats for women, broken down into the best flat shoes for work, for home and the best travel flats!

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Comparison Chart of the Best Flats for Work & Walking

Most Comfortable Flat Shoes

Below is a comparison chart for our picks for the best comfortable flat shoes, which are mentioned in this article.  

You can then read our women's flats reviews below featuring, in our opinion, some of the most comfortable ballet flats, some of the most comfy flat shoes for work as well as some of the best flats for walking on your holidays.

Comparison Table of the Top 10 Most Comfortable Women's Flats in 2022




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Lucky  Emmie Ballet Flat


Alegria Paloma Flat


Crocs Ballet Flats Kadee


Hush Puppies Flats Chaste Ballet


Jessica Simpson Ballet Flats


Dexflex Comfort Claire Scrunch Flats


Sam Edelman Flats


CLARKS  Sillian Bella Mary Jane Flat


BOBS from Skechers  Luxe Fashion Slip-On Flat


Dream Pairs Sole-Shine


What Defines a Comfortable Flat Shoe?

Flats are the most comfortable shoes to wear when you will be on your feet all day long. There are a few factors that help to create flat comfortable shoes and they are:

1.  The padding and cushioning

Padding and cushioning is like magic. With just the right amount, it will feel like you are walking on clouds.  

Be aware though that padding and cushioning does not necessarily equate to support, but it sure does help make shoes more comfy!

2.  Rubber soles 

Rubber soles help to decrease impact between your foot and the ground as you walk, which usually equals happier feet.

3.  Stretchy material that will hug your foot snugly

You will often find that your new flats are actually really uncomfy for the first few days. That is because the material is designed to stretch and then snugly relax back to hug your feet.  

Once you have 'worn them in' they will be so much more comfy, so just bare with it for a while.

4.  The right height in the upper cut of the heel

The secret to no blisters on the heel is to have the upper cut of the heel at just the right level. If they make it either too high or too low, you will end up in painful blisters.

5.  The breath-ability of the material

I hate sweaty feet and I hate sliding around in my shoes because of the sweat. Having material that allows your feet to breathe is especially important if you are travelling.

6.  The support that the flat offers

Most flats offer very little support for your feet. You can however buy gel inserts that will provide arch support to keep your feet happier.  

This is especially important if you will be walking heaps in your flats. You can read more about the importance of arch support here.

best flats


1.  Are Tieks flats comfy flats for travel?

Tieks ballet flats are totally adorable shoes and they are brilliant for every day home-wear (in fact I really do love them when I am at home) or as comfy work shoes if you sit a lot at work.  

I wouldn’t recommend them for travel though.  Your feet will very most likely hate you if you try and wear Tieks flats for all-day long exploring days. Tieks are the best flats for home and work wear!

2. Are there flats with arch support?

Very few of the flats offer real arch support. I have a high arch and what I prefer to do is to pick my flat and then add in some Footinsole Arch Support Insoles to create some supportive flats.

3. How to choose the most comfortable travel shoes for women?

Think about what the ground will look like – flats will never offer the same support as some other walking shoes might. Are you heading to a city? Great!  Flats would be perfect for you.  

Are you heading to an old village where pathways are stony and uneven? Very few flats will offer the needed support, but we do love Alegria for occasions like these.

4. How can I make ballet flats more comfortable?

There are a number of tricks that you can use to "break them in" before you wear them out in public. Here are some of the easy steps:

  • Wear them around the house for a day or two, possibly with thicker socks on, to stretch them in a little
  • Insert a gel insoles to protect the bottom of your foot and to add comfort (you can also choose an arch support insoles)
  • Place a small bandage on the back edge of the flats to protect your heal from rubbing

4. How do I stop my flats from hurting?

The are a few easy tricks to protect your flats from hurting your heal. These include using double-sock technique, using a bandage (moleskin adhesive fabric is really good) or trying heat to stretch the back of the flats (using a hairdryer).

Alternatively you can always try to use some of the different types of insoles, such as a gel or an arch insole for added comfort.

flats for women

Top 10 Most Comfortable Flats for Women in 2022

Below you will find the most comfortable women's flats. We will have a close look at the top 10 flats for women.  

I will outline the top features, the pros and cons of each in detailed women's flat reviews, which should help you choose the best flats for women 2022 has on offer for you. 

The Lucky Brand flats are one of the best flats that you can find. Not only are they super cute, but they are also available in 33 colors and styles.  

You can also choose styles available in velvet, fabric or leather upper.

They are good flats for work and home, although if you have a job where you will be standing all day long, we suggest you invest in more supportive flats.

What makes them comfy?  

  • The Lucky Emmie Flats are made to stretch in order to fit your foot like a glove. That means that they might be a tad tight for the first few days, but stick with it to experience true comfort.
  • We love how cushioned the Emmie Ballet Flats are, they have memory foam insole and they never give us sore heels or blisters.

Our Favorite Style: The leopard flats are super cute flat shoes

Other Patterns/Colors Available: They also have 33 other colors and patterns available; including cute black flats, leopard print flats, brown flats, pink flats, and may other stylish flats. Check out these, in our opinion, best black flat shoes for work!

We love our Lucky flats! They are super cute, mighty comfortable and the price tag is super cheap.

They are cute comfortable flats for work and comfortable flats for travel, however if you are planning on standing or walking all day long, we suggest you either invest in some Footinsole Arch Support Insoles or choose a shoe that offers more support.  

You will love your Emmies!


The Alegria Paloma Shoes are always hot sellers! Everyone adores Alegria's comfort and quality.  

We love that these clogs are fitted with plenty of technology to keep you comfortable on your feet. They come in a range of gorgeous prints and they even offer support; because let's face it, most flats don't!

They are the perfect travel flats and great for those who have a job that requires long standing hours.

Tip: Order one size up from your normal size.

What makes them comfy?  

  • Anatomically Correct Footbed: The Footbed is designed to form the natural shape of your feet, which aids in long lasting comfort.
  • We love the cushioned flatform sole.
  • These flats have naturally breathable leather insole with built-in arch support to bring even more happiness to your feet.  This feature also keeps foot sweat at bay!
  • The rocker outsole has been engineered to roll naturally; which reduces heel and central metatarsal pressure.
  • They have a flat, stable bottom which maximizes contact with floor for increased stability.

Our Favorite Style: Alegria Paloma Red Bloom

Other Patterns/Colors Available: They have loads of patterns and colors available (too many too count in fact), so I'm sure that there will be a style in the list that you will fall in love with!

It is so hard to pick between all the fun ‘hippie’ colors and patterns of the Alegria Paloma Flat. These walking flats are one of the best selling shoes for those who need to be on their feet for long lengths of time.  

Which means that they are the ideal shoe for those who travel. We love the comfort and support that these shoes offer.  

The anti-sweat naturally breathable leather is the final factor convincing me that these shoes are the best buy!


Some females are massive fans of the women's Crocs Kadee, whilst other loathe them. What we can't deny though is that these Crocs women's flats are super comfortable!

Whilst I prefer more stylish shoes for work, these shoes are awesome for home and travel! 

What makes them comfy?  

  • We love the soft, lightweight material of the Crocs.
  • These flats features an airy and foot-flattering low-cut vamp which allow your feet to stay cool even on hot days.
  • The bumpy footbed is brilliant for cushioning and massaging your feet as you walk.

Our Favorite Style: The most comfortable black flats!

Other Patterns/Colors Available: The Croc flats are available in Black, Espresso, Navy, Platinum, Wild Orchid, Oyster (white flats) and Pool.

If you are after ballet flats with arch support, then the Kadee Crocs are your new best friend. These Croc ballet flats might just possibly be the most comfortable flats ever!  

Sure they aren't really all that pretty, but sometimes it is more important to end up with happy feet than feet screaming in pain. These are comfortable flat women's shoes for travel as they handle broken sidewalks and cobblestone streets like a dream!  

If you don't mind their look, I'm sure you will love their comfort!


These Hush Puppies women's shoes are definitely one of the most comfy ballet flats that we have ever tried. Not only are they comfy flats, but the Hush Puppies ballet flats are definitely super cute ballet flats too.  

In actual fact I will go as far as to say that these flat shoes are comparable to Tieks flats, but the beauty is that is comes at a really incredible price tag in comparison to the expensive Tieks ballet flats. And they are super cute flats for women, don't you think?

What makes them comfy?  

  • We love these comfort-minded ballet flats!  They have a genuine suede leather sock lining with breathable perforated arch, which means that your feet will sweat less!
  • The 1/4" molded rubber outsole provides excellent traction and durability, which means that walking around on your holiday is easier.
  • The Zero g outsole is built with lightweight materials
  • But most importantly the cushioned triangle footbed pattern conforms to the way you walk.  It helps in providing air circulation, flexibility, and support!  What more could you want!

Our Favorite Style: The Gold Stud sparkly flats!

Other Patterns/Colors Available: The Hush Puppies ballet flats are available in 33 different styles, you can choose from solid colors, patterns or sparkly studded flats. 

We love these Hush Puppies ladies shoes so much that we believe they are the most comfortable ballet flats for work and rank as the most comfortable work flats!

They are also brilliant flats for travelling with as well. They are stylish, super cute and incredible comfy.

One tip though:  they will take a few days to stretch out, so just stick with it and you will fall in love with these comfortable dressy flats in no time at all!


5. Jessica Simpson Flats Review

The Jessica Simpson Mandalaye Ballet Flats as one of the most comfortable ballet flats for walking. Everything about these shoes are feminine and soft.

We love these ballet flats with straps, as it makes walking around for hours so much more pleasant.  

They don't however offer a lot of support, so whilst they are the best ballet flats for walking around on flat surfaces like in cities, they might not be the best shoe for travelling to cobblestone street destinations.

Tip: Make sure to break them in before you go!  Some find that they need a bit of moleskin in the heel.  

What makes them comfy?  

  • Ballet flats with ankle strap, it is a criss-cross elastic strap which helps the shoes and straps stay-in-place.
  • The crisscross elastic is made of a beautiful soft satin elastic, so it doesn't cut into your ankles.
  • We love the leather style as the leather is really soft and comfortable.

Our Favorite Style: The navy blue flats

Other Patterns/Colors Available: These ankle strap ballet flats are available in comfortable Black ballet flats, Coffee, Gunmetal, Navy Baby, Sandbar Gold, Natural Sleek Leather, Natural/Black and Black Leather.

We are big fans of the vintage ballerina look of the Jessica Simpson flat shoes. This girl knows how to do comfortable style to the max.  

They are, in our opinion, the most comfortable flat shoes and they are excellent shoes for those travelling to cities that offer flat even walking surfaces.  

They are super comfortable ballet flats and they are insanely cute! Every wardrobe should have a pair of the Jessica Simpson Mandalaye flats! The cutest flats on the market in 2022!

6. Dexflex Comfort Shoes Review

Aren't these Dexflex ballet flats super stylish and cute! Not only are they stylish but they are also really comfortable.  

Their soles are rubber and provide good grip for walking and exploring, so they work really well as work flats as well as for travel.  

They are also really comfortable flats for wide feet as well as the considered to be one of the best womens ballet flats for wide feet.

Tip: You need to wear the Dexflex Comfort flats out and stretch them so they hug nicely around your foot.

What makes them comfy?  

  • The Dexflex flats have a two-layer memory foam and latex foam insole.
  • They have a flexible outsole, and stretchy topline for easy movement.
  • There is an elastic around the opening, so it stays on the foot very snugly and securely.

Our Favorite Style: The comfy black flats!

Other Patterns/Colors Available: The Dexflex Comfort shoes are available in Grey Flannel Black, Sued Chopout Red Flats, Black and Nude.

We love these scrunch ballet flats, they are really comfy and the memory foam is definitely a top selling feature!  

They are comfortable work flats and are perfect for travel as well; we just wish that they had a wider range of styles available!

7. Sam Edelman Felicia Flat Review

The Sam Edelman Ballet Flats are not only one of the most comfortable cute flats, but they are also the perfect dressy flats for work.  

The leather ballet flats are super soft and mold to your feet just beautifully.  

They don't offer a lot of cushioning so might not be the best for walking long distances, but I love them for a typical working day.

Tip: To add on to our Sam Edelman shoes review, we suggest popping in a gel sole for more arch support, if you wish to walk with them for long distances.

What makes them comfy?  

  • The insole of the Felicia Ballet Flats contain 4mm of padding for unparalleled comfort.
  • We love that the soft leather feels like slippers - soft as butter!

Our Favorite Style: Gunmetal silver flats, Modern Ivory Rock Snake and Molten gold flats

Other Patterns/Colors Available: These flats are available in many colors, including: silver ballet flats, red ballet flats, blue flats, gold ballet flats, as well as many other styles and colors.

We absolutely love the Sam Edelman Flats for our everyday work shoe. The shoe is super cute, stylish and really comfy.  

They don't offer a lot of cushioning though, so we suggest you pick one of the other flats if you are after a great walking flat or alternatively purchase a gel sole to make these more supportive.

8. CLARKS Sillian Bella Mary Jane Flat Review

The Clarks Flats are slim, sporty and incredibly lightweight. Their rubber soles are perfect for exploration and walking.  

If you have feet conditions or sensitivities then these flat shoes might just be the perfect fit for you.

Tip: If you are flat footed you might prefer to remove the insole it comes with and replace it.

What makes them comfy?  

  • They have stretch fabric panels which allow for easy, agile movement.
  • We love the breathable, flexible eva outsole.
  • They have a removable cushion soft™ with ortholite® footbed for nonstop comfort.  Some people choose to remove these when wearing thicker socks.

Our Favorite Style: Black Denim

Other Patterns/Colors Available: These Clarks ladies flat shoes are available in Grey, Black, Dark Brown, Navy, Blue Denim and Black Denim.

The Clarks Flat Shoes are perfect for those who are after a more supportive flat shoe.

The velcro strap helps keep stress off the feet when walking for further distances, whilst the footbed provides cushioning and support to keep your feet comfortable.  

Maybe not the most stylish shoe for working purposes but definitely a great shoe for walking and exploring.

9. BOBS from Skechers Women's Luxe Fashion Slip-On Flat Review

These Skechers Memory Foam Slip On Flats are slightly more unique and special compared to the other flats on our list.  

We love the memory foam soles and we adore the look of these shoes. They are easy to slip on.  

Maybe not the best choice for those with wider feet as the shoes are more on the narrow side.

Tip: These shoes run on the small side and you might need to order a size up.

What makes them comfy?  

  • Memory Foam Soles

Our Favorite Style: Chestnut tan flats and Natural Suede

Other Patterns/Colors Available: These Skechers Luxe Bobs are available in 26 colors, patterns and designs.

These Bobs from Skechers shoes with memory foam are really great flat comfy shoes for both at home and at work. They are gorgeous and available in a variety of colors and  patterns.  

Easy to slip on and I always get compliments when I wear them!

10. Dream Pairs Shoes Review

After a blingy-style flat that is truly comfy as well? Well these Dream Pairs Sole-Shine Women's Ballet Comfort Soft Slip On Flats are sparkly, rhinestone embellished glitter.  

They are a popular bridal shoe, but hey what stops you from wearing these beautiful babies to work to make a true statement!  

Tip: These shoes run on the small size and you should order 1/2 size up.

What makes them comfy?  

  • We love the ultra flexible rubber outsole
  • They feature ultra soft lining for best comfort flat shoes
  • Premium Latex Cushioned Foot-Bed, for Ultimate Comfort

Our Favorite Style: Gold

Other Patterns/Colors Available: These Dream Pairs shoes are available in Silver, Gold and White.

We love these beautiful sparkly flats. They might be better known as bridal flats, but you know that if the brides can survive all day in these that they will deliver on comfort when you work.  

They are stylish, they are comfy and they will make a statement for sure!

Other Comfortable Flats worth Mentioning

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