Best Water Shoes for Kids 2022 Reviews and Guide


Best Water Shoes for Kids

Water shoes are essential summer vacation gear, especially for kids. It is one of our must-have children's travel accessories when we head to any beach or pool destination.

Luckily, there are many types and models available, so picking the right pair shouldn’t be that big of a problem.

However, you may want to consider a few things before you decide. These include but are not limited to the type of shoes, build quality, materials used, sole thickness, and others.

First, we’ll investigate how to pick the right aqua shoes for your child before reviewing the best water shoes for kids on the market.

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Water Shoes vs. Conventional Shoes

Water shoes, as you might imagine, are made for aquatic activities. Since standard shoes are stronger, sturdier and more resilient than your average water shoes, why not equip your kids with standard shoes when going to the beach?

First and foremost, the uppers of regular shoes tend to soak up water. The added weight might be problematic during activities.

Water shoes, on the other hand, are made of materials that don’t soak up water nearly as much. They’re lightweight and dry much quicker than regular shoes. Some water shoes are also machine washable.

Types of Water Shoes

You can group water footwear into water shoes, water sandals, and water socks.

Water shoes are the most common swimming and water-ready shoes. They resemble conventional sneakers, though they’re lighter and made of water-resistant materials. Usually, they’ll have rubber soles and mesh or fabric uppers. They also dry faster than sneakers.

Water socks are the lightest type of swimming footwear. You can bend them easily, while most of them can be completely rolled up to save space in the suitcase. They have thin rubber soles and thin mesh uppers. As to be expected, they’re not as sturdy as shoes but more flexible and far lighter.

Water sandals are sandals made to get wet. You’ll find flexible rubber soles and breathable tops of mesh, fabric, or polyester.

Best Water Shoes for Kids for 2022

In our opinion, the best water shoes in the kids’ category are the Aleader Kid’s Water Shoes

These awesome beach shoes are super comfortable and dry quickly. The rubber soles offer excellent grip and drainage, while the mesh uppers are superbly breathable.

These are available in many different colors.

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Best Water Socks for Kids for 2022

The best water socks for kids are the Bigib Barefoot Aqua Socks.

These highly affordable aqua socks are in fact very well made. You can roll them up for transport and throw them into the washer after a day at the beach.

Bigib offers these in a range of adorable animal prints.

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Best Kids Water Shoes 2022 Comparison Chart

Below is our comparison chart of some of the best kids water shoes; which are mentioned in this article.  

You can then read my kids water shoe reviews below featuring the best kids swim shoes that is currently on the market.





Star Rating



Little Kids: 1-13

Range of styles available for boys and girls




Can roll up



Little Kids: 1-13

Big Kids: 4

Big range of styles available for boys and girls



Polyester with rubber sole




Little Kids: 1-13

Big Kids: 2-4

Styles available for boys and girls



Shock absorption performance cushioning




Little Kids: 1-13

Big Kids: 4

Styles available for boys and girls


Flexible and breathable

Lightweight and slip resistant

Polyester/Spandex with rubber sole

Toddler: 8-10

Little Kids: 1-13

Big Kids: 3.5-6

Styles for both boys and girls

Breathable and durable air mesh

Water drain

Cushion outsole


Quick dry 

Little Kids: 1-13

Styles for both boys and girls

Flexible outsole

Breathable cut-outs

100% man-made materials 

Machine washable

Little Kids: 1-13

Styles for both boys and girls

Drainage and quick drying

Surf knit technology


Toddler: 5-10

Little Kids: 1-13

Boy's and Girl's athletic sandal

Suitable for land and water (but not the best water shoe)

Textile & synthetic sole

Toddler: 5.5-10

Little Kids: 1-13

Big Kids: 3-9

Styles for both boys and girls

Textile upper + Rubber outsole


Drainage + quick-dry features

Toddler: 4-10

Little Kids: 1-13

Styles for both boys and girls

Synthetic with rubber sole

Mesh breathable material

Lightweight and flexible

How to Choose Kids Beach Shoes for Your Child

There are several things to consider. These include waterproofing, materials, ease of use, and sole thickness.


Water shoes should be as waterproof as possible. That doesn’t mean they shouldn’t let water in at all. So, what’s the catch?

The materials should be water resistant, meaning they don’t soak up that much water when submerged. The less water the soles and uppers retain, the lighter the shoes will be and the more comfortable for your kid.


The most popular materials are synthetic, rubber, and textile.

Synthetic materials like polyester and more exotic materials are used for the uppers. These lightweight and hydrophobic materials are perfect for aqua shoes. Many of them are meshed to make the feet breathable and prevent excessive sweating and odor.

Textile is the most popular alternative for the uppers. It is the right option for kids who have sensitive skin or excessively sweaty feet.

Rubber is a popular material for the outsoles. Well-designed rubber soles can be very comfortable and grippy.

Ease of Use

Water shoes should also be easy to use. This means several things. First of all, they should be easy to get into, or they’ll test the patience of younger kids.

They should also be easy to get out of; however, they must not slip off on their own. Also, it is very convenient to have machine washable shoes. Finally, the best water shoes shouldn’t take up too much space when packed up for travel.

Soles Thickness

You should make your choice based on activity and setting. Also, you should factor in the age and activity level of your child.

For example, if you’re heading to a rocky beach and your child is an active, adventurous type, thicker soles might be in order.

On the other hand, aqua socks with thin soles might suffice for infants. Finally, thicker soles offer better protection, while thinner soles tend to be more comfortable and lighter.

Top 10 Kids Aqua Shoe Reviews

The list covers all the positive aspects and downsides of each pair of kids aqua shoes. 

Here are the reviews of, in our opinion, the best kids water shoes.

Aqua socks are our pick for the best footwear for little kids during the scorching summer months. The Bigib Barefoot Aqua Socks are designed to be worn without regular socks. These are definitely very affordable water socks.

The Bigib socks are available in a range of cute animal prints for boys and girls alike. They feature soft fabric uppers and rubber outsoles. The uppers are equipped with overlays and have smooth neck lines. Soles are flexible and have a relatively good grip.

These socks are easy to slip on and take off. They’re also a tight fit, so you might want to go a size higher if your child has wider feet.


  • Super affordable
  • Cute animal prints
  • Comfy
  • Decent grip


  • Be careful with the sizing

The L-RUN Aqua Socks are available in an array of color options that range from solid two-tone to cartoonish animal options. Size-wise, these cover 3 to 13-year-olds.

The socks are made of soft rubber soles and flexible polyester uppers with soft neck lines. You can easily fold them for transport and unpack them when you arrive without any fear of damage.

The L-RUN Aqua socks are made for both boys and girls and can be used indoor and outdoor. They fit snuggly around the feet but not tight enough to scratch or bruise the skin.


  • Flexible
  • Very comfortable
  • Breathable mesh uppers
  • Easy to wear


  • The soles could be a bit sturdier

The SIMARI Kids Aqua Socks have 92% polyester uppers and soft rubber soles. These socks have excellent breathability, so your child won’t sweat too much in them. On the other hand, the soles provide good drainage and a stable grip.

These are, however, not the toughest aqua socks around, so you may want to keep looking if your child is excessively active or plays on rougher terrains. That being said, the SIMARI socks are great for indoor use, walks, yoga, and other less intensive activities.

SIMARI offers these socks in a wide range of colors for both boys and girls. You can choose anything from solid one-tone with black neck lines to vibrant animal prints.


  • Very light and comfy
  • Good breathability
  • Inexpensive
  • Flexible


  • You might need to go one size up

The JIASUQI Barefoot Aqua Socks are made for active boys and girls. They can be used for indoor play, beach activities, swimming, pool, yoga, walks, running, and various sports activities.

These aqua socks are made with rubber soles and polyester/spandex uppers. The soles are soft, flexible, and highly drainable. They also provide a good grip. On the other hand, they are sufficiently breathable and very soft. They’re 92% polyester with 8% spandex for flexibility.

The best thing about these socks is that you can fold them for transport and they won’t distort when unpacked. On the downside, the insole lining on these socks is not fixed.


  • Wide color palette
  • Easy to put on
  • Very affordable
  • Foldable


  • Insole lining isn’t fixed

If your kid is very active and you want better protection than aqua socks, you’re going to need a pair of water shoes. The ALEADER Kid’s Dry Water Shoes are among the best in their class.

These shoes come in three varieties – slip-on, flexible, and Knit. All three, however, have the same mesh uppers and thick rubber soles.

The synthetic fabric offers unparalleled breathability. The soles provide good draining and excellent grip.

ALEADER offers these kids water sneakers in a range of colors that are suitable for both girls and boys.


  • Comfortable
  • Good grip
  • Excellent breathability
  • Thick soles


  • Need regular maintenance to remove odor

The Oshkosh B’Gosh Water Shoes are among the most comfortable water sandals around. They’re lightweight and soft. They’re also highly breathable and quick-drying.

The soft uppers are equipped with adjustable Velcro flies. They keep the sandals firmly in place even underwater. The neck line is soft a well.

The soles are made of synthetic materials and have excellent grip. They’re comfortable and flexible, allowing you to bend them to save space in your suitcase or backpack.

What’s best about these sandals is that they’re machine washable and made of non-toxic materials. On the downside, these are a bit heavier than your average water sandals.


  • Fantastic breathability
  • Quick drying
  • Machine washable
  • Bendable


  • A bit heavy

These Speedo kids water shoes are made primarily for beach and pool activities. They’re also a good choice for sports, indoor use, walking, and running.

The best thing about them is that they’re very comfortable and easy to put on and take off. They follow the line of the feet and are a snug fit. On the flipside, the foot opening is a tad narrow.

The soles on these Speedos are made of soft and flexible rubber. They sport numerous drainage holes on the insoles. The uppers are soft and hydrophobic mesh.

Speedo offers these in many color options to suit any boys or girls.


  • Very comfortable
  • Dry quickly
  • Excellent grip
  • Good breathability


  • Foot opening is a bit narrow

The Carter’s Splash Water Shoes are super cute and made for both boys and girls.

The main characteristic of these lovely shoes is that the 100% textile uppers. While it’s great news for kids with sensitive skin, they may take a fair amount of time to dry completely. Also, they can get a bit heavy when soaked.

The soles are made of synthetic materials and pretty flexible.

They have combination webbing and mesh upper. The adjustable hook-and-loop straps will help your child's foot to feel secure.


  • Very comfortable
  • Good for sensitive feet
  • Flexible
  • Good grip


  • Take time to dry completely

If you’re after a pair of affordable and well-made beach shoes for your kids, you might want to take a look at the Fantiny Water Shoes by CIOR.

These kids’ water shoes have rubber outsoles with strategically placed drainage holes. The soles are supremely flexible, allowing you to roll up the entire shoe for transport. They also sport anti-slip design. The insoles are made of a soft meshed material that allows the feet to breathe.

The uppers are made of a lightweight mesh material and equipped with adjustable Velcro straps. They are soft and snug and there’s a strap for added convenience. And they come in loads of colors and designs as well!


  • Quick drying
  • Comfortable
  • Excellent grip
  • Breathable


  • Not so stellar stitching

The DADAWEN Water Shoes look like a pair of mesh sneakers with a Velcro fastener. They have a commonly seen combination of breathable synthetic mesh uppers and rubber soles. Thanks to the water-resistant materials and mesh construction, these dry quickly.

The best thing about these kids aqua shoes is that you can throw them in the washing machine when you get home from the beach. On the flipside, their biggest flaw is their average sturdiness.

These children’s swim shoes are available in many sizes and colors, so you’re bound to find something suitable for your boy or girl.


  • Affordable
  • Machine washable
  • Superb breathability
  • Unisex design


  • Lack sturdiness

Our Pick for the Best Kids Wet Shoes

The best water shoes for kids should be able to provide comfort, style, and function. All the shoes we have reviewed provides all three but if you are still undecided, we would recommend the ALEADER Kid’s Quick Dry Water Shoes. They are slip-resistant and provide comfort while they are running around.

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