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Travel Namibia with Kids Ultimate Guide

Whether you want to visit a specific country in Africa or go on a trip around Africa, here on our Africa travel blog you will find loads of information to help you plan your holiday to Africa.

Africa is a great country to visit with kids. Our kids especially loved visiting South Africa and Namibia. We are big fans of Safaris.

Also, Jolene happens to be from South Africa. She lived there until she was 21, when she immigrated to Australia. So it was especially special to see her home country and to see where she is from.

Popular Africa Trips for Families

Asia is a brilliant destination to visit for family travel as most of the countries as so incredible affordable.  For many of us, Asian travel is pretty exotic and as such it is a continent that still flies a bit under the radar for many family travellers.  But yet there are some countries in Asia that are truly perfect destinations to visit with kids.

Many family travel bloggers have made the statement that destinations such as Singapore and Malaysia is even more kid-friendly that many destinations in the US.

We have personally taken our kids on a trip around Cambodia, Japan, Bali & Lombok; and they loved every aspect of it.  A trip full of adventure and brilliant educational experiences for the kids … at a truly affordable price!  We love Asia for our family holidays!

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