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We are a crazy fun-loving family of 5.  Andrzej, the Dad of the family was born and bred in Poland.  Together with his family they immigrated over to Australia where they started a new life.  Jolene, the Mum, is originally from South Africa, she immigrated over with her family when she was 21.

It is funny how life somehow can manage to bring two people from such different backgrounds together in one space, in one country where they can meet, fall in love, and spend the rest of their lives together, a never-ending exploration of each other, and a shared passion to travel the world!

Together they are raising three gorgeous daughters, Katie-Lee who is currently 11, Lily who is 7 and the newest addition Avalee-Rose who is 4 months old.

A whole family of wanderlusters', a family who loves to tell their stories, a family who wants to chase dreams!  If you would like to read more about our story, click here.

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About the Authors

Andrzej Ejmont co-founder of Wanderlust Storytellers, man smiling with one arm up

Andrzej Ejmont

''The best thing about travel together with your family is the bonds you create with each other. To be able to hold my wife’s hand and seeing my kids happy faces, whilst exploring places that we have never been to, is priceless! I want to be able to say, that I have given my family the world, or at least a taste of it. I want our kids to be free, to be confident, to learn about cultures, to see more of the world and pass on the travel bug to their kids.''

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Jolene Ejmont co-founder of Wanderlust Storytellers Family Travel Blog, woman smiling

Jolene Ejmont

''Travel is one of my passions!  I love so many different aspects of traveling!  I love the learning! Learning about cultures, history and ways of life!  I love that holidays give you an opportunity and sense of power to live life at the pace you want … even if only for a short while.  I love that you dare yourself to do things on holidays, that you thought you might never ever do!  To discover …. oh how I love to discover!  I love the fact that I can connect back in with myself when I travel, that I can feel ‘me’ and say ‘oh, hi!  I was wondering where you where!’.

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About our Family Travel Blog

Wanderlust Storytellers’ mission is to inspire and entice families to travel and experience the world. The stories found here focus on both family trips as well as parent-only escapes, together with reviews, tips and travel-related product recommendations.

Wanderlust Storytellers aspires to partner with travel, lifestyle and family-oriented brands that share the same ethos in order to bring enthusiasm and excitement back into the area of family-focused travel.

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