10 Best Travel Booster Seats to Keep Your Child Safe & Supported


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If you are looking for the best travel booster seat options to keep your kids comfortable and safe, then you came to the right place!

As parents, we all know how important safety is when transporting our little ones.

When you’re traveling with your kids, using a rental car, and have minimal space in your luggage, you need to find a safe option that travels well.

Not in the mood to read the full article and just want to find out which is the best?


Our top pick is the Hiccapop Backless Booster Seat. 

  • Inflates with only a few breaths, deflates to become packable
  • Suitable for kids ages 4 - 11 yrs
  • Weight: 1.3 pounds
  • Exceeds all federal standards for car seat safety in the USA & EU.

Check out the Hiccapop Backless Booster Travel Seat


Our top pick is the Graco Turbobooster Highback Booster Car Seat.

  • It is super lightweight (8.42 lbs) and slim (16.5"W) design
  • Suitable for kids aged 4 - 10 years.
  • Can use for weights from 40 - 100 lbs

Check out the Graco Turbo Booster Back Travel Seat

Car seat and booster seat laws around the world may differ, but one thing is for sure - your child should be safely restrained in a car or booster seat until they are at least 10 years of age.

You need a product that is safe, efficient, and easy to check in at the airport. Thankfully, traveling booster seats are designed for exactly that purpose.

best travel booster seat is the bubblebum

Our little Avalee-Rose has her BubbleBum Inflatable booster ready to go!

Here are our top picks of portable car booster seats that you can travel with to keep your toddlers and young kids safe.

Our Top Picks:

Comparison Table of the 10 Best Travel Booster Seat Options

Here are the top 5 of the 10 best travel car booster seat options in an easy-to-navigate comparison chart:




hiccapop UberBoost Inflatable Booster Car Seat

Ages: 4 yrs+

Weight Limit:

40 - 110 lbs

Weight of Seat:

1.3 lbs

BubbleBum Inflatable Backless Booster Car Seat

Ages: 4 -11 yrs+

Weight of Child:

40 - 100 lbs

Weight of Seat:

15 oz

Cosco Topside Backless  Booster Seat

Ages: 4 -10 yrs+

Weight of Child:

40 - 100 lbs

Weight of Seat:

2.2 lbs

Graco Turbobooster Highback Booster Seat

Ages: 4 -10 yrs+

Weight of Child:

30 - 100 lbs

Weight of Seat:

8.5 lbs

Chicco GoFit Plus Backless Booster Seat.

Ages: 4 yrs+

Weight of Child:

40 - 110 lbs

Weight of Seat:

5 lbs

10 Best Travel Booster Seats Reviews

Here’s our complete list of the 10 best booster car seat options for car travel. 

1. Hiccapop Uberboost Inflatable Booster Car Seat Review

Hiccapop Uberboost Inflatable Booster Car Seat

What We Love About It: You can deflate it and pop it in the carry bag it comes with. Soft and comfy to sit on. Comes with a lifetime guarantee.

What We Didn't Like: Tricky for kids to buckle themselves. Better for short drives rather than long road trips.

This Hiccapop Uberboost Inflatable booster seat is a great travel companion as you can easily deflate the booster seat when not in use and store it away in your luggage.

Hiccapop Backless Booster Seat

Not only is the inflatable booster seat easy to pack away, but it is also easy to inflate with only a few breaths.

If you do not have luggage to store the deflated booster seat in, you can pack it away in its very own travel bag for easy storage.

It is suitable for kids 4 yrs+ (40 - 110 lbs) and weights a tiny 1.3 lbs.

Best inflatable booster seat - Hiccapop

Avalee is nearly 7 years old in this photo

It is certified safe and meets federal standards for car safety FMVSS213.

It comes with a patch kit, however if it does leak Hiccapop will send you out a replacement as they have backed the seat against leaks for life.

UberBoost exceeds Federal Motor Vehicle standard FMVSS213.

It is the best best inflatable booster seat and our top pick for a backless booster seat for travel in 2023. 

Hiccapop VS Bubblebum Inflatable Booster Seat:

I thought it might be helpful to just quickly talk about the difference between two of the most popular inflatable travel booster seats.

First of all the Hiccapop seat is bigger and also higher once blown up. My daughter tried both seats and whilst she doesn't mind the Bubblebum she does prefer the Hiccapop for comfort.

Hiccapop Booster Seat vs BubbleBum Inflatable Booster Seat

The lightest of the two seats is the Bubble Bum Booster seat. It only weighs 15 oz in comparison to Hiccapop that weighs 1.3 lbs. 

When deflated the Hiccapop is rollable and comes with a carry pouch that you can pop it in. Whereas the Bubble Bum is a lot bulkier to pack.

Bubblebum vs Hiccapop Booster Seat

Lastly, another reason why I prefer Hiccapop Inflatable Travel Booster Seat is that it has an anti-slip section on the bottom of the seat that helps to prevent the seat from moving out of space.

It also has a seat belt adjuster that fits into a special loops and that prevents the shoulder belt from cutting into your child's neck. And that's why I prefer the Hiccapop over the BubbleBum seat.

Bottom of Bubblebum vs Hiccapop Booster Seat

Now, let's circle back to focusing on the Hiccapop booster seat and let's look at the pros and the cons.


  • Small and compact 
  • Light weight and portable
  • Comes with a drawstring carry bag
  • Best portable booster seat


  • Slightly bigger in comparison to the Bubblebum (so not the best if you want to use 3 next to each other).

2. BubbleBum Inflatable Backless Booster Car Seat Review

BubbleBum Inflatable Backless Booster Car Seat

What We Love About It:

  • It weighs only 15oz! It is the lightest option on our list.
  • Once deflated you can fold it in half to minimize the space it takes in luggage, but we love to just pop it over the handle of our carry-on luggage.

What We Didn't Like:

  • It is not the most comfy to sleep on (our 6 year old doesn't sleep in the car much so not a problem for us).
  • It doesn't come with a bag or belt, so it unfolds when packed.

The Bubblebum Booster is great for traveling with small kids.

Created by a mom after she identified the need for a travel-friendly booster seat, the Bubblebum is the answer to many traveling safety concerns.

It has been rated a Best Bet Booster by IIHS for 8 years in a row and meets the safety requirements of both the EU and US. 

It safely holds children aged 4 to 11, providing they weigh less than 100 pounds. 

best booster seat for travel is the bubblebum booster

It’s also small enough to fit three across a seat, or one in between two car seats.

Weighing just 500g, the booster seat deflates and rolls up easily, and comes in a small carry bag. 

bubblebum portable booster seat

Easy to pop on your carry-on luggage (if space inside the luggage is limited) or simply deflate, fold it in half and pop inside your luggage.

You can also choose from a range of colors and designs, making it more appealing to some kids.

Took to Hawaii for our rental car vs paying daily rate.

It was perfect for our 7year old to follow the seat booster law for under 8yrs old ...

Inflates and deflates easy for packing in carry on.

birdflight - Written by a walmart customer- read more reviews


  • Globally award-winning
  • Meets EU and US safety regulations
  • Rated a 'Best Bet' Booster by IIHS 8 years in a row
  • Made with memory-foam technology


  • Can slip from under child if not installed correctly
  • Some complain that the seat deflates for no reason
  • A bit narrow for longer trip comfort

3. Cosco Topside Backless Booster Car Seat Review

Cosco Topside Backless Booster Car Seat

What We Love About It: Slim design which means you can easily fit 3 next to each other in the car! Armrests is a nice touch (not all backless seats have armrests).

What We Didn't Like: The arm rests are low so tricky to get the seat belt across, but keeps the seat belt snug (which makes Avie complain of a tummy ache). Not as soft as others.

The Cosco Topside Backless Booster is great for traveling with small kids.

The booster seat fits securely in most cars and gives your child the extra height they need to keep seatbelts properly positioned.

100% Worth It!

baldini - Written by a walmart
customer- read more reviews

It traveled the world with us! So convenient and the price you can't beat!

Its easy to install, and according to all the tests it passed the safety rating with flying colors. AS LONG AS You install it properly!

Kid didn't complain, and seemed comfortable even during long drives.

We own the other full carseat but sometimes its a pain to haul it to airports, so this comes along instead!

It safely holds children aged 4 to 11, providing they weigh no more than 100 pounds.

It is easy to move it around from car to car if you change vehicles.

Cosco Topside Backless Booster Car Seat

It is small, lightweight (only 2.2 lbs) and compact in design making it easy to fit three of these booster seats across the back seat of most cars.


  • Exceeds federal safety standards
  • Extra padding for comfort
  • Lightweight (2.2 lbs)
  • Removable cover for hand washing


  • Not as compact as others
  • Some find the seat a bit narrow for longer trip comfort

4. Graco Highback Turbobooster Car Seat Review

Graco Highback Turbobooster Car Seat

What We Love About It: The most comfy booster seat from our list. Slim and lightweight.

What We Didn't Like: It doesn't anchor down or latch, which means that it does mean a bit (basically kept down with the weight of your child and the lap belt).

Another great portable booster seat, the Graco Turbobooster is perfect if you’re planning on doing extended rides during your travels.

It’s designed for children aged between 4 and 10 years. It does have a height limit of 57 inches tall.

With well padded high-back design, this booster seat is as comfortable as it is possible.

Love this seat!

Beth1981 - Written by a Walmart
customer- read more reviews

We've had the backless turbo booster for awhile now and just recently purchased this high back booster for my daughter.

I feel it's much safer for her height and weight at six years old and gives her more support than the backless booster did.

Also, has the belt loops so the seat belt is positioned correctly. It's padded and very comfy for her.

Like the turbo backless booster, it has the cup holders which are very important.

Basically the same booster only with the back and gives more support for safety, which gives me total piece of mind since we travel frequently.

This car seat comes with extra features that makes it not only great for travel but also for every day use. It has a fully adjustable headrest with 6 different positions.

The booster travel seat also features a durable, non-skid base, and an easy-to-clean material. 

The seat is the lightest (8.5 lbs) from our selection of high back booster seats, which makes it ideal for travel.

Important to note is that this seat (unlike the other high back seats on our list) is not FAA approved as it doesn't have a 5-point harness) - so you can't use it on the plane.

This is currently our pick for the best high back booster for travel for 2023.


  • Super comfy
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Meets Safety requirements for the USA
  • 6 Headrest positions


  • Not FAA-Approved
  • Not as easy to travel with as the backless designs

5. Chicco GoFit Backless Booster Car Seat Review

Chicco GoFit Backless Booster Car Seat

What We Love About It: One of the more comfy backless seats on our list. Foldable drink holders is clever too. Fits in standard booster seat travel bags.

What We Didn't Like: Too big for some planes maximum size requirements for carry-on.

Great for long car rides, the Chicco GoFit, in our opinion, the best backless booster seat, is ideal for family road trips. 

While not as small as other travel booster seats, this seat has a convenient carry handle and is still light enough (only 5 lbs) to carry around.

Perfect for Our Needs

mellybabyd - Written by a target
customer- read more reviews

This booster has been fantastic for carrying easily and using in Uber’s and Lyfts while travelling.

It’s light, has a built in handle for easy carrying, and is a nice sturdy little seat.

I love the foldaway cup holders.

The larger size also means more comfort for kids and a better boost. This booster is designed perfectly for kids aged 4 yrs+ (40 - 110 lbs).

The fabric is all removable and machine-washable, allowing for spills and accidents.

Chicco GoFit Backless Booster Car Seat

There is a foldable, removable cup holder for water bottles on each side of the seat as well.

It also had integrated lap belt guides and a shoulder belt clip.

This seat doesn't have an anchor or latch, if you want the seat to be more secure then we recommend the GoFit Plus that has a latch system (although rental cars in other destinations around the world might not have a latch).


  • Removable dishwasher-safe cup holders
  • Built-in carry handle
  • Lightweight (5 lbs)
  • More comfortable than other backless boosters on our list


  • Not as compact as others
  • Can't inflate and deflated like others on the list

6. Cosco Finale DX 2-in-1 Booster Car Seat Review (Best Travel Booster Car Seat)

Cosco Finale DX 2-in-1 Booster Car Seat

What We Love About It: Easy to install. It is lightweight. It can transition from a 5-point harness to a seatbelt booster.

What We Didn't Like: The seat doesn't have much padding. No support for the head if you child still naps during car drives.

This is a super lightweight travel booster seat weighing only 11.5 lbs.

Although this is a highback booster seat, it is very easy to carry around and travel with.

One of the best features of this forward-facing car seat is that not only is it super comfortable for your child, but you can also fit three of these on the back seat of your car.

Simple Design, Easy to Use

Written by a coscokids.com
customer- read more reviews

We love our Finale DX booster seat! It was incredibly easy to install, and looks a lot like a "normal seat", so my son feels like he's a big boy.

The seat itself is super comfy, with lots of padding, so he never complains about being uncomfortable.

We regularly travel long distances and this seat has never given him any discomfort issues.

I would recommend this to everyone!

In the forward-facing position with the harness, this booster is suitable for children weighing from 30-65 lbs and in the belt position, you can have your kid in it up to 100 lbs. (So it is great for most 4 - 8 year olds).

It is also FAA-approved which means you can use it on a plane as well.


  • Super light-weight (11.5 lbs)
  • Slim design (W 19")
  • FAA-Approved
  • High-back security


  • Bulkier option to an non high-back booster 
  • Minimal padding on the bottom

7. Evenflo Maestro Sport Booster Car Seat Review

Evenflo Maestro Sport Booster Car Seat

What We Love About It: Easy to install. It is lightweight and pretty roomy.

What We Didn't Like: The seat is pretty low so hard for little kids to see out the window.

This Evenflo booster portable seat comes is a pretty bulky booster seat, however when judging on the comfort level, it is 4.5 stars in our eyes! 

We purchased this seat for our almost 4-year old daughter. We wanted a car seat that was comfortable for her, easy to install, and travel friendly.

I took a chance by ordering online but this was an excellent choice.

She enjoys the seat, it met our requirements AND the price was great. Highly recommend.

JULIE - Written by a walmart.ca customer- read more reviews

This booster easily converts from the forward-facing highchair with the harness (up to 50 lbs), into the belt-position booster seat (up to 110 lbs). 

As your kid gets older, the shoulder belt guide helps to properly position the car's belt over their shoulder to ensure maximum safety.

Evenflo Maestro Sport Booster Car Seat

It comes with a cup and snack holder and the cover is machine washable as well.

Although you might not fit three of those across in your car's back seat, it is still one of our favorites and most recommended convertible booster car seats.

This is one of the safest travel booster seats. The car seats made by Evenflo have undergone rigorous side-impact and dynamic rollover tests, exceeding industry standards.

This car seat is lighter (9.6 lbs) in comparison to the Cosco Finale DX 2-in-1 (11.5 lbs) which makes it easier to travel with.

This seat is FAA approved when used with the 5 point harness and with a seat has width of 19" it should fit on any plane seat.

This seat is the best travel booster seat for a 4 year old as it offers a comfy head area for nap time and it can also be used on a plane.


  • Designed for growing children
  • Very comfortable 
  • FAA-Approved


  • Some issues with balancing the straps lengths

8. Safety 1st Grand 2-in-1 Booster Car Seat Review

Safety 1st Grand 2-in-1 Booster Car Seat

What We Love About It: The fabric is nice and soft and breathable and wipes easily to clean. Love the adjustable headrest.

What We Didn't Like: Whilst it is FAA approved the seat is pretty wide (30") which means it will mostly not fit on a plane seat.

The Safety 1st booster seat is designed to fit children aged 4 to 12, weighing 30 to 120 lbs.

The seat is able to grow with your child, thanks to the belt-positioning booster mode that you can use up to 120 lbs.

The Safety 1st booster seat boosts kids up to the perfect height, allowing seat belts to be secured across the body safely and comfortably.

Great booster seat!

Madi - Written by a Safety1st
customer- read more reviews

Perfect booster seat. Super light weight but heavy duty.

Installed like a dream and fit great in my small car! I have a taller child that sits in it and he says it's "very comfy".

Cup holders fit most of the sippy cups for the car too!

We will probably end up buying another for our second vehicle!

While the seat does not fold up to fit into bags, it is still easy enough to transport, and perfect if you plan on traveling in a car for long periods.

Safety 1st Grand 2-in-1 Booster Car Seat

The seat is well-padded and wide enough to keep children comfy the whole trip long.

This booster seat also has a cup holder on each side, which can be pushed in while not in use to save space.

Whilst it is FAA-approved when using the 5-point-harness mode, the seat is 30.19" in width, which means that you will struggle to make it fit on a plane seat which varies from 18 - 23 inches.


  • Height-adjustable padded armrests
  • Simply remove fabric and pop it in the washing machine
  • Easy-to-transport booster seat
  • FAA-Approved


  • Heavier (11.73 lbs) than other high back seats on our list
  • Can take up quite a bit of space on a seat (30" in width)

9. Diono Solana 2 XL Backless Booster Seat Review

Diono Solana 2 XL Backless Booster Seat

The Diono Solana 2 XL Backless booster seat is exactly what you need for quick and easy transporting during a vacation.

The seat is easy to install and simple to use and is, in our opinion, one of the best backless booster car seat options out there.

It’s a great option for catching taxis and Uber as it is super light and weighs only 6.6lbs.

The seat also works well for keeping in family members’ cars for emergency trips, so it can be used even at home.

The Diono Solana 2 XL booster comes with retractable cup holders, one on each side, to hold those important road trip drinks and snacks. 


  • Holds children weighing 40 to 120 pounds
  • Light weight for easy transporting
  • Easy to store away, doesn’t take up much space


  • Some complaints about the attached tabs at the back of the seat
  • A bit pricier than others on this list

10. Trunki BoostApak Car Seat Review

Trunki BoostApak Backpack Booster Seat

Trunki BoostApak car booster seat is unlike any other booster seat on our guide.

This one is a multifunctional and compact booster seat. The seat is only available to purchase from Amazon UK so if you are planning an overseas European family vacation this booster seat is perfect.

Order your seat and have it delivered to your Airbnb or hotel in Europe ready for when you arrive.

Trunki BoostApak kid's booster seat sits flat on the car seat and it comes with fold-out seat belt guides transforming from backpack to booster in a matter of seconds.

The booster backpack is made from a hard plastic internal shell to provide maximum safety while still providing comfort from the padded, wipe-clean cover. 

The best thing about this seat, in our opinion, is the fact that this seat doubles up as a backpack. It has a packing capacity of 8 liters so is perfect for all those travel essentials. 

It is super lightweight and comfortable to use as a backpack.

A massive plus for families with young kids.

Yes, this seat is suitable only for kids over 4 years old and up to 11 years.

Trunki BoostApak Booster Seat


  • Compact size
  • Comfortable and multifunctional 
  • Light weight and portable


  • Only available to order from Amazon UK
  • Not approved for booster seat use in USA

When Can You Use A Booster Seat?

Best Booster Travel Seat - Best Traveling Booster Car Seat

A booster seat is used to raise the child so that the car's regular lap/shoulder seatbelt fits properly. It should be used for children between 4 and 8 years old, or who are shorter than 4 feet 9 inches tall.

For children taller than 4 feet 9 inches, a high back booster may be appropriate until the age of 8 and then switch to a backless booster seat.

This can be determined on an individual basis as children will reach certain heights at different ages.

Children should stay in a booster seat until they are big enough to fit properly in a car’s lap/shoulder seatbelt, usually between 8 and 12 years old, depending on their height.

It is important to make sure that the lap portion of the seatbelt crosses low over your child's hips and the shoulder portion is across their chest.

If it does not fit correctly, they should stay in a booster seat until they reach an appropriate size. 

Booster Seat Laws In Countries Around the World

Booster seat laws vary by country and state, but in most countries booster seats are recommended for children under the age of 12 or shorter than 4 feet 9 inches.

But regardless of laws, it is important to keep your child safe no matter where you are in the world, so I recommend you either rent a booster or take your own with.

In Australia, every child must use a car seat or booster up until the age of 7 - after that, it's at the discretion of parents/caregivers.

Important to note that Australia is not a big fan of backless boosters and some of the inflatable ones on our list are illegal to use. More about the car seat laws in Australia here.

In most countries in Europe, a child must use a booster seat until they turn 12 or reach 135 cm (4 feet 5 inches) in height - whichever comes first.

We used to rent our car seats for road trip in Europe, but now we just pack our Bubble Bum seat which is legal to use in Europe.

best portable booster seat

In Canada, children under the age of 8 or less than 4'9" in height are required to use a booster seat while traveling in a car, but the laws vary by province/territory.

In the United States, booster seat laws vary by state. All states require that children under a certain age or height use a booster seat while in the car. It is important to check the laws of your individual state for specifics.

In most countries in Asia, booster seats are recommended for children up to the age of 10 or shorter than 4 feet 9 inches. However, this isn't really enforced in many countries in Asia.

Considering how chaotic the driving is in many Asian countries I highly suggest you choose use a booster seat to keep your kids safe.

In most countries in Africa, such as South Africa and Namibia, booster seats are compulsory for children up to the age of 7 (but recommended for up to the age of 10). More on their laws here.

We just don't travel without a booster seat. It is so important to look after our kids and too often I see families who adjust into holiday mode so much that they think it will be okay to relax on car safety (especially in Asian countries where car seat rules are not enforced).

Make sure that your kids are riding safely and legally when traveling abroad or locally by either renting or taking along your own booster car seat.

Travel Booster Car Seat Buyer’s Guide

Best Booster Seat for Travel

Before you buy any booster seat, but especially a travel one, make sure you’ve checked the following features.

1. Lightweight

Your chosen booster seat should be light enough that it doesn’t weigh you down.

Choose a seat that doesn’t weigh too much and won’t be uncomfortable to carry with you in between car rides.

This is especially important if you plan on taking taxi rides instead of using a rented car.

2. Is it compact and easy to store?

When purchasing a traveling booster car seat, you want to be able to store it away from both during your travels and once you’re back home.

Ideally, you want something that folds up, deflates, or fits easily into a bag.

This goes hand-in-hand with the lightweight feature of the seat, as both of these allow you to move from point A to B without causing too much of a hassle.

3. Can it be adjusted to your child’s age and height?

Some booster seats are adjustable, allowing you to keep using them as your child grows.

Not only does this allow you to save money, but it also means that once you find a trusted seat, you can use it for years to come.

4. Is it certified for use in the country you’re traveling to?

It’s important to remember that booster seat laws differ from country to country.

Before purchasing a travel booster seat for car use, be mindful of the country you’re traveling to and what its laws are.

Some countries require children of younger ages to be in a car seat and not a booster seat.

While other countries are fine with booster seats, but they need to be used until the child is older.

If you’re frequent travelers, like us, then it’s best to look for a travel booster seat that is certified in most countries, so that you won’t have to buy multiple seats.

Click Here to See Our Pick of the Best Back Booster Travel Seat for Travel 

Click Here to See Our Pick of the Best Backless Booster Travel Seat for Travel

Best Booster Seat for Travel FAQ's

Here are some quick answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about the best booster seats for travel.

1. Can you take a Backless booster seat on an airplane? 

Yes you can, however you might not be able to use it on the seat. Some of our high back boosters are FAA-approved when using it with the 5-point-harness only.

However none of the boosters that require a shoulder belt will be allowed to be used on a plane seat.

2. Should I bring a booster seat on a plane?

Safety when traveling is the number one priority so we will always say yes as you may want to use the booster seat when you reach your final destination.

However, it is important to note that you might not be able to use the booster seat on the plane seat as booster seats require a lap-shoulder seat belt when using (unless you have a 2-in-1 seat and your child is still young enough to use the 5-point harness which can work on a plane seat).

3. How do you fly with a booster seat?

You can only a 2-in-1 booster seat for air travel (when it has a 5-point-harness).

For backless or shoulder belt-only boosters, you can either take the booster seat on the plane as carry on (and stow it in the overhead bin) or check the booster seat in.

4. Does a booster seat count as a checked bag?

No, the booster seat does not count towards your checked luggage items so you can check your booster seat in for free into the hold in addition to your other checked luggage.

We always recommend that you double with your airline as they may have different rules and allowances.

5. Can you gate check a booster seat?

Yes, you can. 

6. How to pack a booster seat for checked baggage?

We recommend that you always place your booster seat in a protective carry bag or cover to try and protect the seat from any damage or soiling. 

7. What age do kids switch to backless booster?

Generally, it is recommended that kids switch to a backless booster seat when they reach 4 feet and are between 6 and 12 years old.

At this height and age, the car's regular lap/shoulder seatbelt should fit them properly without the need for an additional level of protection provided by the booster seat. 

Verdict on the Best Traveling Booster Car Seat

So, which is the best booster seat for travel? Well, that largely depends on your child’s age and weight, as well as your travel plans and needs.

Our daughter is 6 years old and we personally prefer to use a backless booster for travel so that it is easy to pack (and so lightweight). We prefer the Hiccapop or Bubblebum inflatable seats.

For kids younger at aged 4 or 5, who might still fall asleep on car rides, we much prefer a high back booster. Our preference is for Graco Turbobooster as it is the lightest high back seat on our list.

It’s also important to note that even the best backless booster seats (unless they are 2-in-1 with a 5-point harness) are not allowed to be used in the airplane seat itself.

If you prefer to have added protection for your child during your flight, the Airplane Safety harness is the best option.

Now that you’ve read our top picks of travel booster seats, we’d love to hear yours!

  • Which booster seats have you used while traveling?
  • Do you take your own booster seats or rent them when you arrive?

Let us know! 

Tip: For more information you can also visit our travel car seat for 3 year old guide.

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