The Best Beach Blanket 2022 Reviews and Guide


Best Beach Blanket - Best Sand Free Beach Blanket

There are a couple of requirements when it comes to finding the best beach blanket. A good beach blanket needs to not only be the perfect size for you to rest on and store your things, but it also needs to be waterproof and sand resistant.  

There are plenty of beach blankets for sale, but not all have the essential features to be considered the ultimate beach blanket.

If you’re considering purchasing a beach throw blanket, then this guide is what you’ve been looking for. In this guide, I’ll take you through everything you need to know to ensure you purchase the perfect beach blanket.

This portable beach blanket guide will look at the various factors you should consider when purchasing a sand blanket, as well as look at some of the best sand free beach blanket options currently on the market.

Whether you’re looking for a large beach blanket for the entire family or a beach blanket for two; I have no doubt you will find the best outdoor blanket for the beach in this guide.

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Why Purchase a Sand Free Beach Blanket?

You already have a beach towel so why do you need blankets on the beach anyway? Perhaps you have a picnic blanket - won’t that do the job too?

Best Beach Blanket - Best Beach Throw Blanket

Unlike your beach towel, the purpose of an outdoor beach blanket is not to dry you off. The purpose of a beach blanket throw is, so you have somewhere comfortable to sit; off the sand while enjoying your time at the beach.  

Sure, you can sit on your towel if you like, but what about when your towel is wet from drying yourself - then where do you sit? If you have both a towel and a soft beach blanket you still have somewhere to sit while drying yourself off.

So why not just use a picnic blanket?  

Best Beach Blanket - Best Sand Blanket

Well, a beach picnic blanket is made with a special type of fabric to repel sand. How annoying is sand when it sticks to everything! Your standard picnic blankets don’t repel sand because they are designed for grassy areas, not the beach.  

So, with a blanket specifically designed for the beach, you can rest assured you won’t have sand sticking all over your blanket.

A beach blanket is so important, but you can also find our list of other summer beach essentials here.

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Our Pick for the Best Beach Blanket:  The WELLAX Sand Proof Blanket

Don’t have time to read my entire guide on the best sand proof beach blanket? 

Well for families I just love the WELLAX Sand Proof Blanket. With the ability to comfortably fit up to seven adults, this blanket provides room for the entire family and your gear too.

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The Best Sand Blanket 2022 Comparison Chart

Check out the table below for a quick and easy comparison of all the cool beach blankets reviewed in this guide.  

For further information about each sand proof beach blanket, keep reading the reviews below.






9 x 10 ft

1.8 lbs

Quick dry nylon

Compression sack and sand anchor pockets

7 x 9 ft

1.3 lbs

Quick dry parachute

Compression sack and sand anchor pockets

8 x 8 ft

1.2 lbs

Quick dry parachute

Compression sack and sand anchor pockets

10 x 9 ft

1.9 lbs

Ripstop nylon

Sand pockets and stakes


0.7 lbs


10 x 9 ft


Double Anchored


0.9 lb


80 x 80"

1.6 lbs

Polyester with a PVC backing

Hook and loop fastener with carry strap

55 x 70"

0.55 lbs

Quick dry parachute

Compression sack, stakes and carabiner

72 x 72"

1.9 lbs


Quick dry, super thin

How to Choose a Beach Blanket

When it comes to buying a sand proof blanket, consider the following factors:

1. Pick the Right Fabric

One of the most important considerations when it comes to a beach and picnic blanket is the fabric it’s made with. Most commonly you will find beach blankets made with water-resistant polyester, fleece and microfiber.

Look for beach blankets made with fabrics that are designed to repel sand as well as have a waterproof backing.

2. Get a Decent Size and Practical Shape

You want a beach blanket which is big enough to comfortably sit on as well as store your personal items. You will also want to consider how many people you want to be able to fit on your blanket. Is it just for you to sit on? Or do you want it big enough for the entire family

You can purchase over-sized beach blankets that the entire family can fit on or smaller blankets suitable for one or two people.

Also, consider the shape too. 

Beach blankets tend to come either as a rectangle, square or even a round beach blanket. For multiple people, a rectangle or square big beach blanket is best, whereas a circular blanket is usually best for just one person.

Best Beach Blanket - Best Sand Free Beach Blanket

3. Go for a Lightweight Blanket

In most cases the bigger and better quality the beach blanket, the heavier it is.

In most cases, this might not be an issue - but if the beach you usually visit requires you walk a fair distance while carrying various beach equipment, you may want to consider a lightweight beach blanket. This will also be the case if you want a travel beach blanket to take on your next adventure. 

4. Other Features

The best beach blankets can come with a range of different features which help with storage and keeping it in place on the beach. 

Best Beach Blanket - Best Lightweight Travel Blanket

You may want to consider the following features:

Compression Straps / Built-in Pouch: 

Beach blankets with compression straps make it super easy to keep your blanket rolled up when it’s not used. You can even buy a beach blanket that folds into a bag for super easy transportation and storage.


If you want somewhere to keep your keys and other valuables, look for a beach blanket which has pockets.


Some beach blankets come with added features to keep the blanket in place. Look for a beach blanket with weighted corners or a sand weighted beach blanket. You can also get a beach blanket with stakes too. 

The Best Lightweight Travel Blanket Reviews

Below I’ve reviewed some of the best and most popular no sand beach blanket options available today. 

1. WELLAX Sand Proof Blanket Review

The WELLAX Sand Proof Blanket is huge! If you are after a giant beach towel blanket, then this is it! 

This sand and water-resistant beach blanket has massive ground coverage of 9 feet x 10 feet which can comfortably fit seven adults. 

Made from 100% parachute nylon, when packed up, this 1.8 pound beach blanket fits into a 4-inch x 8-inch carry sack, so you can quite literally carry it anywhere and everywhere!

This roll-up beach blanket doesn’t stick to sand or dirt and is amazingly soft. It doesn’t store heat as it is made from breathable, anti-heat material. 

The blanket includes four incorporated pockets which can be used as storage for your mobile phone when lying in the sun, or as a sand weight, so you don’t fly away.

If you’re after an XL family size, sand away beach blanket that is multipurpose, the WELLAX sand proof blanket is one of our top choices.  

Great for beach picnics with friends, music festivals, camping and more. So huge, you can almost own the beach with its size!

2. WildHorn Outfitters Sand Escape Extra Large Beach Blanket Review 

If you’re after an extra-large beach blanket suitable for the entire family, another blanket to consider is the WildHorn Outfitters blanket.

This blanket comes in a range of great colors and at a great price too.

This sand free blanket is huge! Providing 63 square feet of space for you and your family, this giant beach blanket has room for everyone. However, despite being so large, it’s incredibly compact, folding down to a small pouch 6 x 7 inches.

Plus, the pouch it comes with is built into the compact beach blanket itself, so there’s no concern about misplacing the pouch. The pouch even comes with compression straps to ensure the blanket folds up ultra-compact.

This waterproof blanket is made from a quick dry parachute nylon. The parachute beach blanket is super strong and lightweight as well as being breathable too.

Of course, being a beach blanket, you’ll love how sand won’t stick to this blanket. Simply give it a good shake when you’re ready to go, and the sand will just fall away.

Windy day down on the beach? No worries because this beach blanket comes with four sand pockets. Just fill the pockets with sand and this baby isn’t going anywhere!

So, if you’re on the hunt for a family beach blanket that’s ultralight and easy to store - definitely consider the WildHorn Outfitters beach blanket in a bag - it’s highly rated and loved by customers all over the world.

3. Kahuna Sand Proof Beach Blanket Review

The Kahuna Sand Proof Beach Blanket is another good choice if you’re after a huge beach blanket to fit you and your family or friends. 

This sand resistant beach blanket is made to last. Made from ultra-light quick dry parachute cloth, the blanket absorbs water, dries quickly, and you won’t be bringing the beach back to the car with you as the sand just does not stick to it.  

If you accidentally spill something on it, it is machine washable, and you just hang it out to dry.

The huge waterproof beach blanket includes 12 boundary pockets which you can fill with sand, so your blanket does not blow away. This beach blanket with sand pockets also includes four ground stakes to use to anchor the blanket when not on the sand.

It also packs down incredibly small packing into a 6” x 8” pouch.

So, if you’re after the best beach blanket for sand which is a decent size, then the Kahuna Sand Proof Beach Blanket is one that should definitely be added to your list.

4. WEKAPO No Sand Beach Blanket Review 

The WEKAPO beach blanket is a huge sand repellent beach blanket that fits up to 7 adults. It prides itself on being sand and water resistant and of superior quality.

This XL beach blanket weighs 1.9 pounds and is the heaviest sand resistant blanket in these reviews. However, if it’s a waterproof outdoor blanket you’re looking to buy that can be used for camping, hiking, hanging out with friends at the beach, and has room for the whole family, then this is certainly one to consider.

It comes with six metal stakes in a pouch for anchor loops (if it’s a windy day), four corner pockets that can be used for storage, (like your mobile phone), and is made from high quality durable rip-stop nylon. 

The fabric is breathable and lightweight and comes in 3 bright color options. It packs up nice and tightly and is so easy to put back in its carry sack; even the kids could manage it!

The WEKAPO beach sand blanket is also sand resistance, heat resistance, machine washable, durable and super-fast drying. The perfect option if you’re after the best waterproof blanket for the beach. 

5. Raajsee Round Boho Beach Blanket Review 

The Raajsee Round Boho Beach Blanket is perfect for one; however, you could certainly cosy up with your partner too. 

It is made from a material a little thicker than your average bed sheets, but not as thick as terry towelling, but still thick enough to provide protection from the sand and to dry you off after a swim. 

If you are after cute beach blankets that stand out from the rest, this is a great option. The Mandala beach blanket is so bright and colourful; nobody will lose you!  

Not only is its design so beautiful, but it is also made from 100% cotton so is machine washable and dries off incredibly fast.  

This large beach towel / blanket is also perfect to use for a picnic in the park, yoga or meditation mat and even can be used as a camp side blanket. Some have even used this Mandala beach blanket as an accessory to their bedroom decor as a wall hanging or bed throw. 

Its uses are endless with its compact size of 70 inches and with the minimal weight of approximately .7 pounds. So light you can easily squeeze it into your beach bag!

So, if you’re after a smaller style cotton beach blanket, then the Raajsee Round Boho Beach Blanket is a definite to check out. 

6. BlueDeer Sand Free Beach Blanket Review

The BlueDeer Beach Blanket come in an extra large size that can fit up to 7 adults. 

The fabric is super-easy to keep sand-free. Simply shake the blanket once and sand is gone.

This blanket comes with a double anchor system, both with the stakes and four corner sand pockets as well.

This sand-free beach blanket is very easy to fold away and it is lightweight to carry around.

7. The Boho Street Mandala Beach Blanket Review 

If you like the Boho Mandala designs and are more interested in cheap beach blankets, then the Boho Street Mandala Beach Blanket is a great choice. 

They are lightweight and can be rolled up into your bag to take to the beach, park or even a music festival.

Made from 100% cotton, this oversized beach towel blanket is elegantly hand dyed and designed in India, and each beach blanket is different from the next. 

The blanket is machine washable; the colours do not run when being washed, and they are of excellent quality.

Measuring in at approximately 70 inches in diameter the Boho Street Mandala Beach Blanket can be used as a beach wrap-around, throw rug, table cloth on picnics, or even to decorate your bedroom and they make a perfect gift.

8. ZOMAKE Beach Blanket Review

If you are after a mid-range water-resistant outdoor blanket which is also an anti-sand blanket, the ZOMAKE Blanket is a great pick. 

The ZOMAKE folding beach blanket is ideal for picnics, camping, beach, festivals or sporting events or any other time you will be hanging outside. 

It is extra comfortable because of its three layers, including a 2mm thick internal foam cushion. The waterproof PEVA (chlorine-free alternative to PVC) prevents moisture soaking through and is so easy to clean, just wipe the spill with a wet cloth and you’re done! 

This padded beach blanket measures 60 x 80 inches when open, but folds up into a compact size of 40 x 16 inches with a carry handle to easily transport to its next location.

The ZOMAKE Beach Blanket is a great option if you’re after an all-purpose water-resistant outdoor blanket that doesn’t skim in design. 

It comes in varying colours to suit your personality. It is high quality and you are offered a lifetime warranty for any issues. 

9. Aubllo Beach Blanket Review

Are you looking for a light beach blanket that you can carry around in your pocket? 

The Aubllo blanket is approximately 55 inches x 70 inches when opened, comfortably fitting two adults, but when packed up in its compact carry pouch it is only a little bigger than a mobile phone. 

Sand proof, waterproof, scratch proof and dirt proof, you can’t go wrong with this pocket beach blanket. 

It comes with four stainless steel ground spikes and four corner straps which can be filled with sand or rocks, so it won’t blow away.

It can be used as a water-resistant beach blanket, a rain shelter, a tablecloth, or even to keep pet hair from your car seats. 

This, in our opinion, best waterproof outdoor blanket is so simple to set up and store away; even the kids can do it.

It is large enough for up to 3 adults to lay in the sun or 2 adults and some children.  

It is made from soft, durable and breathable polyester plaid fabric with a waterproof coating. 

This light beach blanket is perfect for the outdoors! Lightweight and compact pop it in the backpack so it’s ready to be used whenever the need arises. 

10. Genovega Mandala Microfiber Towel Beach Blanket Review

Genovega beach blanket comes in three different sizes. Apart from the family size 72 x 72" that we inlcuded on our list, there is also a 63 x 31" and 74 x 34" one as well. 

This blanket is super-think and it is silky smooth to touch on the skin. It is a double-sided print design and very quick to dry.

Rest assured that this blanket is not only for females and there is a large number of colors and designs on hand to choose from.

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