20 Most Beautiful Villages in Switzerland to Visit in 2024



Switzerland is a stunning destination to visit. From the rolling hills to beautiful lakes to hot springs – there is so much to see and do in Switzerland.

We loved driving around Switzerland and especially loved exploring some of the most beautiful villages in Switzerland.

We are lucky as my cousin lives in Switzerland, it is always wonderful to have some family in a country and to get some insider insight into what to see.

Views-Over-the-Most beautiful town in Switzerland Lauterbrunnen

Some of the most beautiful towns in Switzerland (on our list below) offer incredible views, fascinating historic buildings, cathedrals, and museums.

Knowing which of these villages to include in your trip can be overwhelming, so our list of the 20 most beautiful villages to visit in Switzerland will help you decide where to go to get the most out of your Swiss vacation.

20 Most Beautiful Villages in Switzerland to Visit

Our list of the best villages in Switzerland will take you on a culinary and scenic journey through some of the prettiest towns in Switzerland.

As a side note: We have included villages and towns that are under 5500 population for this list.

1. Gruyères

Gruyeres medieval town in switzerland

Gruyères is a small village in Switzerland but what makes this medieval village so special is its fairytale look and feel.

This quaint village is home to one of the most delicious Swiss cheeses, Gruyères.

This nutty cheese can be bought in nearly every little cheese shop in this beautiful village in Switzerland.

Gruyeres Cheese Shop, France

You will want to indulge in a few of the local dishes that this village is famous for.

Moitie-Moitie, Raclette, and Fondue are all dishes made with the local nutty and popular Gruyères cheese.

After all, you can’t visit Switzerland and not try out the cheese After all cheese is one of the things that Switzerland is known for!

For those of you who might not be into cheese all that much, you will be happy to know that this town is not just all about the cheese, there are also a few other things you can do in Gruyères.

Walk along the cobblestone streets and take in the many historic buildings and architecture.

One of the highlights of this destination is the magnificent St. Germain Castle, a structure that dates back to the 13th century.

Gruyères Village in Switzerland

Another must-visit is the Tibetan Museum, where you can immerse yourself in a collection of remarkable sculptures, drawings, and paintings, as well as religious and ritual artifacts.

And if you’re a fan of the iconic film Alien (1979), you won’t want to miss the museum showcasing the distinctive artworks of H.R Giger.

How to Get to Gruyères

After spending only half a day in Gruyères, we found ourselves thoroughly satisfied with our visit. Therefore, I recommend planning a day trip from Geneva to this charming town.

You can join a fantastic day-trip tour from Geneva that includes a delightful train ride, ample free time in Gruyere, and a delightful experience of chocolate and cheese tasting.

Gruyères might just be the best village in Switzerland to visit, even if it is only for a few hours or half a day!

2. Morcote 

– Contributed by Hiking The Alps –

Pretty Marcote Village in Switzerland

One of the prettiest villages in Switzerland is Morcote on Lake Lugano.

The former fishing village is picturesquely situated on the mountainside, at the foot of the 822-meter-high Monte Arbostora, ten kilometers southwest of Lugano in Ticino.

Morcote is one of the most photographed subjects in the canton and was even voted the most beautiful village in Switzerland in 2016.  

But not only its beautiful location made this place a popular destination. In the small, medieval village center you will find many characteristic small houses mixed with stately palazzi.

The main road on the riverfront is lined with arcades and richly decorated facades of patrician houses.    

From the village center, a spectacular Way of the Cross with 404 steps, called the Scala Monumentale, leads to the striking sanctuary of Santa Maria del Sasso from 1470. 

The sacred complex includes an octagonal chapel and a monumental cemetery, from which there is an outstanding panoramic view of the surrounding area.  

In the terraced cemetery, directly on the steep slope, there are tombstones and chapels of artistic value and resting places for local personalities. 

Also worth visiting is the “Parco Scherrer”, a small green area above the lake with a subtropical collection of plants such as palms, camellias, cypresses, bamboo, and many others.  

The most beautiful way to reach Morcote is by boat from Lugano. The city center of Lugano offers a regular ferry connection, several times a day, to the also-called “Pearl of the Ceresio”.

Alternatively, there are bus connections to Lugano several times a day. 

3. Grindelwald

– Contributed by Dymabroad –

Grindelwald Switzerland

One of the most beautiful villages in Switzerland is Grindelwald. What makes this village special is that it is a place that is surrounded by very tall mountains on two sides.

Furthermore, there are many viewpoints in Grindelwald from where you can see amazing landscapes that are stunning. There is a lot of beautiful nature that surrounds Grindelwald.

What makes this Switzerland mountain village great as well is that, although it is a small place, there are many shops and restaurants in the center of the village.

Grindelwald can be amazing to visit in summer if you like hiking. There are a lot of hiking trails that end up or start in Grindelwald that lead you to beautiful nature ensuring that Grindelwald is amongst the prettiest places to visit in Switzerland.

Grindelwald is also a great place if you like skiing and snowboarding. There are several ski lifts that can lead you to incredible pistes. In total, there are about 200 kilometers of pistes in the area that surrounds the village.

Another great thing to do in Grindelwald is to take the train to the Jungfraujoch railway station, which is the highest railway station in Europe. Here, you can get amazing views.

Getting to Grindelwald is very easy as there is a good train connection to many places in Switzerland.

The largest city that is near Grindelwald is Interlaken. You can first go to the city of Interlaken and from that city, you can take a direct train to Grindelwald which ends up at the center of the village

4. Lauterbrunnen

– Contributed by May Cause Wanderlust –

Lauterbrunnen Switzerland May Cause Wanderlust

Lauterbrunnen is a picturesque, beautiful Switzerland village in a U-shaped valley at the foot of the Bernese Alps.

Between the pretty chalets, quaint church, and the spectacular mountain scenery that surrounds it, it is easily one of the most beautiful villages in Switzerland. 

There are lots of things to do in Lauterbrunnen – and they all involve the breathtaking landscapes around the village.

Top of the list is enjoying the scenic viewpoints in and around the village, including a view of Lauterbrunnen church framed by steep mountains and Staubbach Falls.

If you like to be active, there are a number of hiking and cycling routes around the valley. And it’s a real treat to take one of the cable cars or trains up to one of the villages higher up on the mountainside, such as Mürren or Wengen. 

Finally, from Lauterbrunnen, many people make the scenic train journey to Jungfraujoch, dubbed ‘Top Of Europe’. At 3463m above sea level, it’s the highest railway station in Europe.

The views here are magical: snowy peaks and the longest glacier in the Alps: Aletsch Glacier.

With year-round snow, if you visit in summer, the experience is quite a contrast with the lush green valley around Lauterbrunnen.

Heads up: even in summer it will be cold up there, and some people feel the effects of the high altitude. 

To get to Lauterbrunnen, one of the must-see Swiss Alps towns, you could fly into Bern.

From here it would take an hour to drive to Lauterbrunnen, or an hour and 20 minutes by train.

From Zurich airport, a car journey would take 2 hours, and a train journey 2 hours 20 minutes.

5. Adelboden

– Contributed by Meandering Wild

Adelboden Switzerland Meandering Wild

Adelboden is located in the Bernese Oberland region of Switzerland, south of the larger towns of Thun and Interlaken.

The wildflower meadows that blanket the lower slopes of the surrounding mountains in the summer months make this one of the most beautiful villages in Switzerland.  

There are lots of hiking routes up into the surrounding mountains that cross the meadows and a gondola takes the hard work of reaching the start of many of the trails on the Engstligenlap plateau. 

One of the best hikes is to the Engstligen Falls which cascade over the cliffs at the end of a valley.

However, if you are looking for more of an adventure a hike to the Choleren Gorge with its cantilevered walkways is excellent. 

Here the river cascades down through the gorge with amazing force and equally amazing noise.

Adelboden also has an open-air swimming pool which is lovely for a swim after hiking in the meadows. 

Located in the center of the village surrounded by mountains it must be one of the most beautiful swimming pools in Switzerland.

‘Our Chalet’  is a Guiding World Centre and is visited by Girl Guides and Girl Scouts from all over the world.  

It is on the edge of the village with its own meadows. If you have a Guiding background then you will always be made welcome.

The village is just an hour from Bern airport and trains run to Frutigen which is 16km from the village with a bus to take you to the final part of the journey.  

If you are driving then it is just 45 minutes from Bern. 

6. Lungern

– Contributed by Chasing the Long Road

Chasing the Long Road Lungern Switzerland

Nestled halfway between Interlaken and Lucerne, Lungern is one of the most scenic villages in Switzerland.

Perched at an elevation of about 750 meters above sea level, Lungern is a perfect spot to commune with nature and enjoy outdoor activities.

This pretty village is well connected and easy to reach by public transport. The train journey from Lucerne takes about 50 minutes to get here.

Lungern lies on the eastern shore of Lake Lungern or Lungernsee, an incredibly stunning lake with emerald-green water.

The Switzerland weather in August means you can enjoy summer activities on the lake as the lake becomes a paradise for sunbathing, swimming, and paddleboarding. Sailing and fishing are also popular activities here.

You can camp on the shore of the lake and take in the breathtaking view of the lake surrounded by spectacular mountains. Also, take a leisurely stroll around this pretty village and discover the beautiful chalets.

Being located in the lap of nature, Lungern offers many beautiful walking trails, such as Brunig Safari Walk, where you can spot many wild animals like roe deer and chamois.

Butterfly Trail is another lovely walk where you can see over 100 species of colorful butterflies from June to August. 

Dundelbach Waterfall is a charming waterfall not too far from the center of the village.

It tumbles down in two stages with a drop of around 150 meters. It looks beautiful in early spring when the snow starts to melt.

If you are traveling by car, visit the viewpoint at Schoenbuehel. It’s just a 5 minutes drive from Lungern.

You will get a stunning panoramic view of Lake Lungern and the surrounding landscapes from there.

7. Foroglio

– Contributed by Together In Switzerland –

Best town in Switzerland Foroglio

To explore the prettiest town in Switzerland, be sure to head to the Ticino canton of Switzerland, and make your way to the idyllic stone-housed village of Foroglio.

This fairytale-like village is home to only around 35 houses and is part of the Bavona Valley.

With its cobblestoned pathways and flowery gardens, it’s a beautiful location to visit and is one of the best villages to visit in Switzerland.

To visit Foroglio, it’s best to take either a car or the local bus. There is one main road leading all the way to the village from Locarno and Ascona, so it’s not hard to find.

There is also plenty of parking near the village, as this is also the main starting point for many local hiking routes.

The summery highlight of visiting the village is seeing the Foroglio waterfall, where you can dip your toes into the fresh mountainous waters or take a full-blown swim during Summer temperatures.

You will often find locals here relaxing, as well as those walking their dogs for a splash of fun.

After the waterfall visit, head to the Grotto La Froda restaurant for a local bite to eat. It’s a small place, like everything else, but deliciously served meals as well as plenty of drink choices. 

For an additional highlight, take the small pathway East of the Foroglio waterfall and hike up.

There are a few more houses situated at the top, with this small housing area being extremely picturesque. Perfect for those who enjoy photography as a hobby.

Keep in mind to have suitable walking shoes for some local hiking here, as it can be a little muddy based on the season you visit. 

8. Mürren

– Contributed by Paul from Paul Marina –

Mürren Switzerland Paul Marina

The village of Mürren is a small hamlet of 400 souls, located about 1000 feet (ca. 305 m) above the Lauterbrunnen valley.

Mürren was added to itineraries after people discovered it in the James Bond movie, “On Your Majesty’s Secret Service”. The Schilthorn peak, seen in that same movie, can be accessed from Mürren with the cable car.

Visitors can expect wonderful views of the 3 grand snow-capped Swiss mountains, the Mönch, Jungfrau, and the Eiger Peak.

Easy and more adventurous hiking trails lead to and from Mürren, making it a perfect base for all those seeking to spend time in untouched nature away from the hustle and bustle of this world.

Families will appreciate the flower trail, which is great for small and bigger children to discover all the locally grown flowers in the wild.

Adventure seekers will want to check out the Via Ferrata, a tightrope and zip-lining trail.

People from all over the world also come for a unique paragliding experience. The dramatic formation of cliffs makes it a fantastic place for paragliding enthusiasts.

The village is small and cute with its typical Swiss alpine houses. Aged wood and staying true to their identity have given visitors the chance to experience and get to know the true Swiss alpine culture.

Mürren is also completely car-free and can only be accessed via cable car or the mountain train from Lauterbrunnen.

This adds to the Mürren experience, and it’s definitely a place to be for all those seeking a peaceful experience among alpine pastures.

9. Maienfeld 

– Contributed by A Well-Read Wanderer –

Maienfeld in Swiss Alps Switerland

Maienfeld really is a hidden gem of a village in Switzerland. It’s nestled in a beautiful valley in the Swiss Alps and has activities to interest just about any traveler.

Downtown Maienfeld is charming to wander, and you can even see the remaining parts of a 13th-century wall from when it was a fortified medieval town.

Outdoor enthusiasts will find much to do in Maienfeld: there are multiple nearby locations to hike, ski, or cycle in a truly beautiful place.

For those looking for a more relaxing holiday, Maienfeld and neighboring Bad Ragaz feature thermal spas, golf courses, and other resort amenities.

You can arrange to visit several local vineyards and do wine tours and tastings of the famous local wines. 

This underrated Swiss village has a lot of unique sightseeing opportunities, too. For those interested in military history, Maienfeld has a military museum housed inside a 15th-century fortress.

If you are a book lover, Maienfeld is home to two major sites of interest: the Greisinger Museum is a Lord of the Rings museum that’s as close as you can get to Middle Earth without flying to New Zealand.

Maienfeld is also famously home to Heididorf, a living museum that recreates Heidi’s life in the Swiss Alps. 

Maienfeld is an easy day trip from Zurich by car (1 hour) or by train (1.5 hours ). It’s also only a 15-minute drive from the tiny country of Liechtenstein, making it easy to cross another country off your bucket list. 

10. Vitznau 

– Contributed by Travels In Poland

Vitznau Switzerland Pretty Town

Vitznau is an amazing summer destination with a wide range of activities for visitors to enjoy during the warmest months of the year. 

Set on the northeastern shores of Lake Lucerne, Vitznau is a great starting point for hiking the beginning of the Alp mountain range.

Rigi Mountain can be easily accessed via a cogwheel train that is found in Vitznau. 

The train takes visitors thousands of meters above sea level.  At the top, there is an abundance of hiking trails, several that skim the mountains at cliff edges.

At sea level, Vitznau offers a range of water-based activities. There are lake activities such as swimming, fishing, and boating that visitors can take part in. 

There is also a major dock at Vitznau, where a variety of boats stop, the most common is the boat that heads up the lake, making stops at various small cities including Lucerne itself. 

Travelers will find some amazing spas and restaurants in Vitznau, many of which are luxurious and relaxing, allowing visitors to enjoy the beauty of the lake and mountains. 

There are also a variety of cafes along the shore, where diners can take in the sunset on the opposite side of the lake while enjoying some fabulous meals and desserts.

11. Splügen 

– Contributed by Jill On Journey

Splügen Alpen Village in Switzerland

Set in the picturesque Swiss Canton Graubünden, the small village Splügen is located in the heart of one of Switzerland’s most beautiful landscapes.

With less than 500 inhabitants, this is where you can soak up an idyllic atmosphere, breathe in fresh Swiss air, and immerse yourself in exciting hikes.

The best thing is that you don’t even have to drive anywhere to start your hike.

Splügen itself is the perfect starting point for many hiking routes, such as the Säumerweg Via Spluga.

During this 17 km long hike, you cross an amazing scene through the Cardinello Canyon and Alpine mountains and end up in the village of Isola in Italy.

Due to its proximity to Italy, Splügen is also called “Spluga”, and the spectacular Splügenpass that connects Splügen to Italy is definitely worth a visit.

It is an Alpine pass adored by cyclists, motorbikers, and campers. Don’t miss taking a ride along this route, which you can perfectly combine with a day trip to the scenic Lake Como nearby.

Other activities you should not miss in and around Splügen are skiing in winter, visiting the historic ruins of Splügen castle, and gazing at the beautiful Walserhäuser.

Those are wooden houses traditionally built with a unique Swiss technique.

Did you know that during the Second World War, a project was supposed to drown Splügen and its surrounding villages in a large water reservoir?

Luckily, the state eventually rejected the project. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have the option to visit this cute little gem and its spectacular landscape today.

12. Iseltwald 

– Contributed by Stay Wild Travels –

Iseltwald Village in Switzerland

Iseltwald is a small village in Switzerland that is perfectly situated on the edge of Lake Brienz – one of the most beautiful lakes in the world.

It’s surrounded by the Bernese Alps which are home to the famous snow-capped peaks: Jungfrau, Monch, and Eiger

To get to this charming Swiss town by public transport, you’ll need to travel to the nearby town of Interlaken, which can be reached by train or bus from all of the major towns and cities across the country.

From there, it’s a 20-minute bus ride to Iseltwald.  

Whilst this idyllic village is home to less than 400 people, it attracts plenty of tourists. Besides wandering the authentic streets, there are several things to do here.

The most popular activities include canoeing or paddle-boarding on Lake Brienz, taking the hiking trail to the infamous Geissbach Falls, or heading to the popular proposal spot of Iseltwald Pier that featured in the hit Bollywood movie: Crash Landing on You. 

For those looking to stay in Iseltwald, then Chalet du Lac is a fantastic option. It’s a traditional hotel with a modern twist and has stunning views over Lake Brienz and Iseltwald Castle.

Alternatively, if you’re heading here on a camping trip during the summer months, then The Strandbad & Camping Iseltwald site is hard to beat. 

13. Interlaken

– Contributed by Post Cards and Places –

Interlaken Kulm trail in Summer

The small city of Interlaken, with its combination of stunning nature and charming architecture, packs a lot of beauty in its small size.

The city (population of about 5600) is located in the majestic Swiss Alps, specifically in the Lauterbrunnen valley, and this majestic mountain range influences the two lakes it is positioned between. 

Lake Brienz is colored turquoise because of tiny particles of sediment from the rivers that feed it. It is surrounded by steep peaks that give it a dramatic shoreline.

Lake Thun is a deep shade of blue, and it has five romantic castles situated along its shores. Both lakes can be explored by boat to get a closer look.

Interlaken can be reached easily by train from cities like Bern, Zurich, and Basel. Conveniently, there are several direct trains from Bern daily that take about an hour.

While there are some direct trains from Zurich and Basel every day, each arriving in about two hours, some trains require a change and take a bit longer.

Interlaken has two stations, Ost and West, so make sure you check which is your final destination. 

There is so much to do once you’ve arrived at Interlaken. Many visitors come for its adventure sports, like skiing, hang-gliding, and whitewater rafting.

It is one of the best places to visit in Switzerland in the summer due to all these outdoor activities.

Its special geographical location between two beautiful lakes with a backdrop of massive mountains makes it an ideal location for skydiving, too.

The highest point of Interlaken, Harder Kulm’s viewing platform, is worth a visit via the funicular railway.

With its uninterrupted views of both lakes and mountains, it’s an ideal place to take in all the beauty Interlaken has to offer.

14. St. Moritz

– Contributed by East Coast Contessa

St Moritz East Coast Contessa

Known as one of the poshest and most pristine ski resort towns in the world, the quaint town of St. Moritz, Switzerland in the Engadine Valley is this and much more.

The birthplace of Alpine winter tourism, it’s most accessible by train from Zurich, Milan, or Tirano, Italy.

It’s also a popular destination year-round for its mineral hot springs and striking contrast between lake and mountain landscapes.

If you’re an architectural aficionado, St. Moritz has plenty for you, too. The town is known to have some of the boldest architectural designs thanks to British architect Lord Norman Foster.

Aside from alpine sports, there are endless ways to enjoy St. Moritz. If you want to experience one of the town’s many luxury resorts, head to the elegant Kulm Country Club.

This impeccable property houses a 2,000-square-meter spa, an indoor pool, and a breathtaking sun terrace.

If it’s an adventure you’re looking for, flying down the Olympia Bob Run is a must when in St. Moritz. The only natural ice bobsleigh runs in the world, you can race down the channel at 135 miles per hour with a professional driver.

Perhaps you prefer to partake in a more relaxing activity? You’ll want to ride on the Glacier Express.

The route begins in Zermatt and ends in St. Moritz with stunning views of the Alps, bridges, and tunnels along the way. It’s the most scenic way to travel to St. Moritz!

Hungry? Some of the best Italian food in St. Moritz is at Chesa Veglia, a former farmhouse turned upscale restaurant. 

Paradiso St. Moritz is another great spot for mountain comfort food, urban beats, and decadent cocktails. Both properties are managed by Badrutt’s Palace.

Regardless of how you spend your time, St. Moritz is sure to leave you with lasting memories!

Good to know: Did you know that you could also visit Italy from this gorgeous town? If you are staying in St Moritz for a few days, why not include a day trip to Milan?

St. Moritz is one of the Swiss cities close to Milan and you can easily reach it by rental car. The drive will take around 3 hours.

15. Wengen

– Contributed by Travel Mad Mum –

Wengen Village in Switzerland

Wengen lies at the foot of the Jungfrau. Due to its high altitude, Wengen experiences colder temperatures and more snowfall than other towns nearby, making it an ideal place to enjoy winter sports.

Dominated by nostalgic timber houses, numerous holiday chalets, and hotels built in the belle epoque period, the Bernese Oberland holiday resort evokes a picture-postcard mountain village.

A notable feature of the town is there are no roads. The car-free nature adds to the charm of the area, creating a tranquil atmosphere.

For those road-tripping around Switzerland, there is parking at Lauterbrunnen train station. 

The region, in particular, is popular during the summer due to its diverse activities and stunning landscapes. Hikers can explore breathtaking views from trails and cableways.

Paragliding is another one of the many activities that can be enjoyed in summer. The views from Wengen of nearby Lauterbrunnen are stunning!

The chapel in Wengen offers a unique vantage point to enjoy the views during any season, however, it’s particularly beautiful in summer. 

During winter, Wengen offers 110 km of skiing trails, ranging from easy to medium-difficult.

There are quite a few quaint restaurants in the area serving authentic Swiss dishes, with many offering outdoor seating to enjoy the view

Pasta and More offer some delicious rostis with plenty of vegetarian options. Their cheese fondue and beer are top-notch as well.

With the Rack railway network (WAB), Wengen can be reached directly from Lauterbrunnen or by train from Grindelwald via Kleine Scheidegg and a series of gondola lifts from Grindelwald via Mannlichen.

The Lauterbrunnen-Wengen rail service operates daily from early morning until late at night.

16. Zermatt

– Contributed by Martha from MayCauseWanderlust.com –

Zermatt Pretty Village in Switzerland

No list of beautiful towns in Switzerland would be complete without Zermatt, due to its spectacular mountain backdrop.

Zermatt is nestled in a valley surrounded by mountains, including the iconic Matterhorn.

Its steep peak inspired the shape of Toblerone chocolate pieces, and it overlooks the town like an ancient sentinel. 

Tip: the best views of the Matterhorn from Zermatt are down by the Gornera River. If the weather is suitable for hiking, there’s also a special view of it at Riffelsee Lake, where you can see the mountain reflected in the water. Visiting Switzerland in June will afford you wonderful weather for hiking!

Zermatt is known as a high-end skiing destination and the Matterhorn Ski Paradise is the highest-altitude ski resort in Europe making it one of the best places where to go in Switzerland in December.

They promise guaranteed snow conditions and there are lots on offer for winter sports enthusiasts, including skiing, snowboarding, and heli-skiing.

The quaint town looks stunning in a blanket of snow – the perfect place to snuggle up after a day on the slopes.

However, Zermatt is a lovely place to go in summer, too. Swiss summers are gorgeous and the town itself is all wooden chalets with mountain views – it’s so pretty.

When the snow recedes, the mountain countryside reveals some great things to do around Zermatt, including hiking and cycling.

If you still want a snowy mountain experience in summer, you can go up to the Matterhorn Glacier Paradise, which has stunning views over mountains and glaciers in France, Italy, and Switzerland.

And you can take a mountain train up to Gornergrat, which also has amazing views of the Alps, plus a breathtaking view over the Gorner glacier as it flows down the mountainside and along the valley below.

If you’re wondering how to get to Zermatt, it is car-free, which adds to its charm – but there are options to get there by train, taxi, or even helicopter!

17. Gimmelwald

Gimmelwald Switerland Village

Gimmelwald is another village in Switzerland that is the perfect place to enjoy the outdoors and many mountain hikes.

This small village is traffic free so it makes a perfect place to visit for hiking, especially with the family and younger adventurous hikers.

You will be greeted by green meadows filled with beautiful flowers in bloom and glistening streams.

Pack a picnic lunch from one of the many markets to enjoy the local produce like cheese and sausages or pop into one of the many farms along your walk.

During the winter this village is a perfect location to enjoy some winter sports like skiing and snowboarding and the best part is that you can ski right up to your front door.

As the village is small, it makes it perfect for beginners or those who wish to be away from overcrowded and more popular resorts during the winter ski season.

18. Stein Am Rhein

Stein Am Rhein Switzerland

Many of the best villages in Switzerland have stone houses and cobblestone streets in common.

Stein Am Rhein stands out from these as it is famous for its timber-framed houses and buildings with stunning painted facades.

Although you can spend hours walking around this town mesmerized by the medieval architecture of the buildings, there is also a 13th Century castle, Hohenklingen Castle, that you can visit.

As Stein Am Rhein is close to the river Rhine, this makes it perfect to wander along this meandering river.  As you walk along you will get to see the white walls of St. George’s Abbey which dates back to the year 1007. 

If you prefer to not walk along the river you can enjoy this awesome river and its falls by taking a boat cruise.

19. Soglio

Soglio Prettiest Village in Switzerland

Soglio has to make it to the list as one of the best towns in Switzerland to visit.

This tiny village in Switzerland is situated on a mountainside close to the Italian border and has some of the most breathtaking views of the valley and Alps – making it worth a visit.

There is not much to do in this small village however it is a great place for hiking around the Swiss mountains.

Go in one direction and you have stunning views over Soglio, or walk in the other direction and you will be spoilt with the most amazing sight of the Swiss Alps.

The region of Soglio is well known for chestnuts and has acres of chestnut forest just a short way outside of the village.

If you wish to explore the village itself, you can see many old stone houses and the Church of St. Lorenzo.

This famous landmark has lovely views across the Swiss Alps.

20. Ascona

Ascona Switzerland

Ascona is another one of the many Switzerland picturesque villages that have cobblestone streets.

It is a colorful town with many buildings in the town painted in lovely bright colors making it such a delight to visit.

If you spend time exploring this best town in Switzerland you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to enjoying a delicious gelato as the old town streets have an abundance of stores to choose from.

Ascona is closely located to Lake Maggiore which is spread across Switzerland and Italy.

So those wishing to visit another country close to Switzerland can easily hop over to Italy as it is only a quick boat trip away. It is also the perfect base if you wish to visit the alpine valleys in Switzerland, Valley Maggia, and Valley Verzasca.

This quaint and most beautiful town in Switzerland is very close to the borders of Italy yet what makes this village in Switzerland so special is that it is less frequented by tourists than the likes of Lake Como and Lugano.

FAQs About The Best Switzerland Villages

Now that we have shared our list of the top villages in Switzerland, you will have a better idea of why Switzerland is so beautiful and why you should visit some of the towns yourself.

For those of you who still have more questions, we have included answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about the best Swiss villages below.

1. What is the most beautiful alpine village in Switzerland?

Personally, we really love Andermatt, Gimmelwald, and Sion. If you are looking for the best alpine village, make sure to visit those three villages.

2. What is the oldest village in Switzerland?

Chur, nestled in the Eastern Alps, proudly claims the title of Switzerland’s oldest village.

It boasts a rich history dating back to the ancient Pfyn culture (3900-3500 BC), as evidenced by remarkable archaeological findings.

3. What is the village between two mountains in Switzerland?

Glarus is situated amidst the majestic Glärnisch, part of the Schwyzer Alps, on its western side, and Schilt of the Glarus Alps on its eastern side.

4. What is the hidden Swiss village that’s like St Moritz?

There are a few. If you are looking for a town like St Moritz but without all the tourists, try Pontresina, Sils Maria or Soglio.

5. What Swiss village is near the Matterhorn?

Zermatt is a Swiss city located at the foot of the iconic Matterhorn mountain. Your journey to Matterhorn starts in Zermatt. You will need to ride three cable cars to get there.

6. What town is between two lakes in Switzerland?

Interlaken is a very popular town to visit. It is located between Lake Brienz and Lake Thun.

7. What is the closest alpine village to Zurich?

Flumserberg is a mid-sized alpine resort town located around 1 hour and 5 minutes from Zurich.

Final Thoughts: Best Villages in Switzerland

We hope that this list of the most beautiful villages in Switzerland has given you some inspiration for your next vacation to this European destination.

There are so many wonderful places to visit in Switzerland and knowing which is the best town to visit in Switzerland can help make planning your Switzerland vacation a little easier.

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