15 Best Places To Visit In Switzerland In Summer in 2024



Switzerland in the Summer is stunning. The snowcapped mountains become lush and bright green inviting you for amazing outdoor hikes.

This European country has so many amazing places to visit in the summer.

But with so many places to explore, it can be daunting to narrow down your options.

That’s why we asked 15 different travel bloggers to share their top picks for the best summer destinations in Switzerland.

They’ve written about their own personal experiences and described why these places should definitely be on your must-visit list this summer.

These Switzerland summer destinations offer a whole range of outdoor activities, from hiking, to enjoying the lakes or swimming in some rivers.

Best places to visit in Switzerland in summer

So if you’re not sure which places you should check out while in Switzerland, you can trust the advice of the thousands of travelers who’ve been there and done that!

If you are looking for a European summer vacation, then be sure to have a look at this list of 15 must-see places in Switzerland in summer.

15 Best Places to Visit in Switzerland in Summer

This travel guide listing the best places to visit in Switzerland for the summer will help you plan the most amazing summer vacation to this European destination due to the warm climate in Switzerland in August.

From the best places to visit in Switzerland during summer where you can enjoy and sample some of Switzerland’s finest food and wine to the most scenic city in Switzerland or the best things to do in Switzerland in the summer – this list covers all of them!

1. Montreux

Contributed by Bulgarian On The Go

Montreux in Summer

The first destination on our list of the best places to visit in Switzerland in summer is Montreux.

Montreux is one of the most exciting places to visit in the summer.

The main reason is very simple – the Montreux Jazz Festival. This is the second-largest jazz festival in the world and it takes place annually in early July on the Lake Geneva shoreline.

It’s become so popular that around 200,000 people visit it every year.  

The summer in Montreux also allows for many water sports in Lake Geneva, such as paddle boats, canoes, kayaks, and even water skiing.

Even if you’re not a fan of water sports, you can still take advantage of the beautiful Lake Geneva shore and enjoy a day at the beach

For all hiking lovers, there are quite a few hiking routes near Montreux which are worth exploring. Some ideas for hikes include the Gorge du Chauderon, Via Alpina, and Rochers de Naye. 

Do not forget to add the Chillon Castle (make your life easier and grab your entrance ticket online here), the statue of Freddy Mercury, and the Queen’s Studio to your itinerary of things to do in Montreux.

Chillon Castle in Montreux in summer by Bulgarian on the Go

The town is incredible to visit in any season, but it’s additionally special in summer due to the wide variety of activities provided during this time of the year. 

Popular Summer Montreaux Tours To Book

Here are some of our top picks for tours that will make your time in Montreux extra special!

1. Full-day tour to Riviera Col du Pillon & Glacier 3000
suspension bridge, Glacier 3000 in Switzerland

Experience the beauty of Les Diablerets in Switzerland!

Admire the majestic glacier, standing 3000 meters tall, and the Peak Walk – the world’s first suspension bridge connecting two peaks.

Have fun sledding down a slope or enjoy a thrilling descent on Europe’s highest Alpine Coaster.

This is a must-do tour.

2. Relax on This 2-Hour Riviera Cruise
Take a summer cruise on the Swiss Riviera

Immerse yourself in the scenic beauty of the Swiss Riviera with a 2-hour paddle steamer boat cruise.

Admire striking views of Lake Geneva, the Swiss and French Alps, and Chillon Castle.

This unforgettable experience promises to leave you breathless and awestruck.

How Long To Stay For + Where To Stay in Montreux

Montreux is a charming little city that deserves more than a day trip (although it is totally doable as a day trip).

We suggest staying for 2-3 nights to make the most of the tours and truly enjoy its allure.

For your stay, we recommend you stay at the super popular Eurotel Montreux.

Eurotel Montreux

Conveniently located in the heart of the city (close to sights, restaurants, and a train station) and with a magnificent view of Lake Geneva and the Alps, Eurotel Montreux offers guests luxury 4-star accommodation.

With its remarkable location on the lake, Eurotel Montreux provides an ideal setting for those who wish to enjoy all that Montreux has to offer during their summer escape.

2. Zurich

Contributed by Dymabroad

Zurich in the Summer

Is Zurich worth visiting in the summer? Absolutely!

Zurich is one of the best Swiss cities to visit in summer.

This is the largest city in the country and there are a lot of things that you can do in the city during summer. 

Zurich summer cruise

One of the best summer activities in Zurich is to check out the outdoor pools in the city.

There are several pools on or next to Lake Zurich. For example, a nice one is Flussbad Oberer Letten

Furthermore, you can go to Film am See, which is an open-air movie theater. 

Besides that, hiking is a great activity to do in Zurich during summer. There are beautiful hills with nature that surround the city.

Also, it can be great to go to the Uetliberg Lookout Tower when you do this. This is an observation tower from where you can get a panoramic view of the city and its surrounding. 

Also, the Zürcher Theater Spektakel takes place during summer.

This is a performing arts festival during which you can see all kinds of performances at various venues in the city. For example, there are live theater shows at this festival.

Zurich is definitely one of the best cities in Switzerland and one of the best places to go in Switzerland in summer.

Popular Summer Zurich Tours To Book


Discover Zurich’s hidden gems with these top-rated tours! Elevate your experience with our hand-picked selection of unique and unforgettable adventures.

  • City Tour, Cruise, and Lindt Home of Chocolate Visit – Enjoy a 5.5-hour city tour with a cruise. See the top sights and enjoy some yummy tastings at the Lindt Home of Chocolate. Book your tour here.
  • Lindt Home of Chocolate Entry Ticket – Enjoy this skip-the-line ticket where you can enjoy unlimited chocolate tasting whilst learning all about chocolate. Grab your skip-the-line entrance ticket here.

Popular Day Trips From Zurich Worth Booking

Grindelwald Switzerland

Looking to add to your trip and explore some of the beautiful surrounding locations?

Here are our favorite day trips that are 100% worth booking.

  • Day Trip to Jungfraujoch – Take a breathtaking journey through the Swiss Alps on the cogwheel railway. Enjoy a panorama from Europe’s highest railway station and explore a glacier in the Ice Palace. Book your spot here.
  • Mount Titlis Day Tour – Discover the city of Lucerne before heading up Mount Titlis. Get panoramic views of the Swiss Alps from the Rotair cable car and visit the ice grotto. Book this tour here.
  • Day Trip to Grindelwald & Interlaken – Includes a scenic train ride, free time in both towns, a cable car to Mt. First plus more! Book this tour here (for spectacular scenery!)
  • Stein am Rhein and Rhine Falls Half-Day Trip – Visit Europe’s largest waterfall, enjoy a guided stroll through the medieval village of Stein am Rhein and visit the Laufen Castle. See if there are spots free on this tour.

How Long To Stay For + Where To Stay in Zurich

We suggest staying for a minimum of two days, but we encourage you to extend your stay if you’d like to explore the beautiful places mentioned earlier with a day trip.

Book your stay at H+ Hotel Zürich. It is a very popular hotel is located 2 min away from a tram stop.

H plus hotel Zurich Switzerland

If you’re looking for an enjoyable summer vacation in Zurich, then look no further than the 4-star H+ Hotel Zurich.

With comfortable rooms ideally designed for 2-3 people, a convenient location, and an amazing breakfast every morning, it’s easy to see why H+ is the perfect choice!

3. Lucerne

Contributed by Travels In Poland

Lucerne in Summer

Lucerne is one of the most beautiful and popular summer destinations in Switzerland. 

With the base of the Swiss Alps, Lake Lucerne offers amazing water and mountain-based activities for visitors. 

Lucerne, located in central Switzerland, is the largest city on the lake and is located at the northern tip of the lake is a great city to visit when visiting the lake. 

The city offers a range of amenities, a beautiful old wooden walking bridge, a small city feel, and numerous amenities.

Old bridge Kapellbrucke in Lucerne, Switzerland

The quaint villages and small cities sprinkled around the lake can be accessed by boats that make numerous daily crossings across the lake. 

One of the towns, Weggis, has high-end luxury hotels and spas, though this is also true for other cities on the lake. 

Viztnau is also a great destination as it offers a cogwheel train up to Rigi Mountain (here is a great tour to book for Mt Rigi), a popular destination for hiking

Campgrounds can be found in the cities along the lake, and visitors should not be surprised to see RVs lining up at each site.

The lake has hundreds of offerings of water-based activities, such as boating, swimming, fishing, canoeing, paddle boats, kayaking, and much more. 

There is access to public beaches in many areas, which allows visitors to spend the day at the lake however they wish. 

One of the best parts of Lake Lucerne is the hundreds of lakeside cafes, restaurants, hotels, spas, and much more. 

Travelers can simply pick and choose a beautiful city to visit along the lake, and they can easily find fine Swiss dining and beautiful views.

Besides visiting the lake, you can also head for the mountains.

Mount Pilatus is only a 15-minute bus ride away (or book this super popular tour) and the summit is easily reached via cable cars and a gondola.

Mount Pilatus
Beautiful view to Lucerne Lake, mountain Rigi and Buergerstock from Pilatus

The mountain has snow-capped peaks even during the summer season. On a clear day, you can enjoy panoramic views over the Alpine peaks and lakes.

Lucerne is called the heart of Switzerland, and in my opinion, might just be the best city to visit in Switzerland in summer, and is well worth a visit if you haven’t been.

Popular Summer Lucerne Tours To Book

Lucerne Switzerland, city and river view

Unearth the hidden gems of Lucerne with these carefully curated, top-rated tours!

  • Relax on This 1-Hour Cruise on a Panoramic Yacht – Relax and enjoy the cruise to Meggenhorn Castle. Take in the views of villas, hills, and the deep blue lake. Book your spot here.
  • Join a Combined Lucerne Walking and Boat Tour – Experience the highlights of Lucerne in just one day! Join a small group for a leisurely 5.5-hour walking and sightseeing boat tour. Grab a spot here.

Popular Day Trips From Lucerne Worth Booking

Mt. Pilatus and Lake Lucerne view in Switzerland, cable car

Explore stunning nearby locations! Here are our top day trips worth booking.

  • Mount Pilatus Summer Day Trip – Experience Mt. Pilatus on a 5.5-hour journey! Take a gondola to Fräkmüntegg, then ascend to the peak by cableway. Descend on the steepest cogwheel to Alpnachstad & catch a boat for a scenic Lake Lucerne cruise. Book your spot on this tour (it is the most popular one).
  • Jungfraujoch Top of Europe Day Trip – Such a spectacular day tour with all of these stops included: Interlaken, Lauterbrunnen, Jungfraujoch, Ice Palace, Sphinx Observatory, cogwheel train down to Eigergletscher and V-Cableway Eiger Express. Don’t miss this one! Secure your spot on this tour here.

How Long To Stay For + Where To Stay in Lucerne

To make the most of your visit, we suggest staying for a minimum of two days. Lucerne is also the starting point for our 4 days in Switzerland itinerary.

You can spend one day exploring the city’s offerings and use the other day to embark on a day trip to one of the nearby mountains.

The 5-star Hotel Schweizerhof Luzern is the perfect place to stay during a summer vacation in Lucerne.

Hotel Schweizerhof Luzern, where to stay in Lucerne, Switzerland

This family-owned hotel in downtown Lucerne’s Old Town is perfect for couples and families, footsteps from the lake.

The elegantly decorated rooms come with modern amenities, and there’s an onsite spa area.

Whether it’s a romantic getaway or a fun-filled family vacation you’re after, Hotel Schweizerhof Luzern is ready to welcome you!

4. Gruyères

Gruyeres Switzerland best places to visit

So if I asked you: what is Switzerland known for? I bet some of you might think about chocolate and Swiss cheese. And this little town is about both, making it the best village in Switzerland.

Gruyères is a beautiful walled Medieval town packed with tons of charm. Whilst there are many things to do in Gruyères during the day, you’ll love walking along the cobblestone streets.

This quaint town has few shops and homes which makes the experience of visiting this town one of the must-see places to see in Switzerland in summer.

Gruyères is known for its cheese which is used in a number of gourmet dishes around the world.

As an avid traveler, I adore experiencing local delicacies. Recently, I tried the fondue.

Although the dish tasted lovely, the richness of the cheese was overwhelming.

My recommendation to fellow foodies would be to order fondue as a shared platter to relish its flavor without it dominating your meal.

Be sure to try the village specialty dish, known as Moitie-Moitie, which is a dish made with the popular Gruyères and another locally sourced cheese named Vacherin from the Fribourg area.

It is also known for the HR Giger Museum where you can see paintings and sculptures of many alien movies that have been made.

There is also the Medieval Gruyères Castle that you can explore and visit – the views from up on that level are spectacular!

Gruyères Village in Switzerland

For all those chocolate lovers, the Cailler Chocolate Factory is accessible with a short 5-minute walk from the Broc train stop and well worth a visit.

Enjoy a tour of the factory, relax at the café, and grab some delicious souvenirs from the chocolate shop on the way out.

We recommend you visit Gruyères on a day trip from Geneva. The town is small and I wouldn’t stay overnight in the area.

This Gruyères Day Trip from Geneva includes a panorama train ride, and chocolate and cheese tasting.

5. Lugano

Contributed by The World In My Pocket

Lugano Switzerland The World In My Pocket

Lugano is a fantastic summer destination in Switzerland.

The Swiss city, located on the shores of the lake with the same name, has a certain Mediterranean feel that is best enjoyed during the summer months when the days are long and terraces open until late in the evening. 

There are plenty of things to do in Lugano in summer. The city has a wonderful lido, as well as a public beach where you can cool off from the heat, by swimming in the lake.

For nature enthusiasts, going up Mont Bre to hike and admire the panorama of the Swiss and Italian mountains is a must. You can book this tour to Mont Bre.

At the top of Mont Bre you can enjoy a drink with a view from the outdoor terrace of the restaurant there, which has a 360 panorama of the lakes and mountains below.

There are plenty of trails here as well that can take you all the way to Italy. 

In summer in Lugano, you can also enjoy a relaxing time by hiring a pedalo boat to explore more of the lake at your own pace. The boats are very cute, in the shape of old race cars. 

Best places to visit in Switzerland in summer

Even if you are going to Lugano on a day trip, this city is so worth visiting in summer.

On a side note, did you know that you could easily reach Italy for a day trip from Italy?

You can easily explore all of Lugano’s highlights in one single day so we recommend visiting Lugano on a day trip from Zurich, Milan, or Lake Como.

Popular Summer Lugano Tours To Book

Explore Lugano’s hidden summer treasures with these highest-rated tours!

  • Monte Brè Tour from Lugano by Funicular – Uncover the treasures of Monte Brè on this delightful full-day tour. The itinerary features a lake cruise as well as a funicular train ride to the peak. Book this tour here.
  • Skip the Line Falconeria Locarno Ticket – Escape bustling Lugano with a visit to Locarno’s Falconry! Get up-close with birds of prey like hawks, owls, and eagles in an awe-inspiring traditional show! Grab your skip-the-line tickets here.

6. Interlaken

Contributed by Megan Starr

Interlaken summer - by Maria Starr

Interlaken is a fantastic summer destination with a plethora of activities to choose from. You’ll never be bored!

There are many great hiking trails to explore the area’s natural beauty.

Try the easier Rugen trail or the more challenging Harder Kulm trail (or take the funicular up to Harder Kulm) for breathtaking views over the lake, mountains, and town.

Interlaken Kulm trail in Summer

Grindelwald, just a short train ride away, is a paradise for hikers with many gorgeous mountain trails.

For less strenuous options, stroll on the lakeside of beautiful Lake Brienz or Lake Thun. You can also jump in the water for a refreshing swim.

Kayaking, canoeing, and stand-up paddleboarding on these blue lakes are fun activities to take advantage of the beautiful weather.

If you are a thrill-seeker, Interlaken is one of the most stunning places to go paragliding (here is the most popular paragliding tour), an activity offered both in winter and summer!

And don’t miss out on visiting the enchanting Oberhofen Castle and strolling through its colorful gardens, with unhindered views of lovely Lake Thun.

Interlaken also hosts some great summer music festivals.

Check out the Greenfield rock festival, and the International Trucker and Country Music Festival, or head to nearby Spiez for the Seaside Festival, featuring different genres of music from both Swiss and international music stars.

For all these reasons and more Interlaken is one of the best places to visit in Switzerland!

Popular Summer Interlaken Tours To Book

Interlaken Switzerland

Explore Interlaken’s summer wonders with these highly-rated tours!

  • Tandem Paragliding Experience from Interlaken – Soar above Swiss Alp peaks on a tandem paragliding flight with transportation from Interlaken. Marvel at views of Lake Thun and the snowy summits of Jungfrau! Book this popular experience here.
  • Grab Your Boat Day Pass on Lake Thun and Lake Brienz. Enjoy a summer trip to witness St. Beatus Caves, Giessbach Falls & castles around the lake. The lake offers glorious views of the Bernese Oberland mountains.
  • Kayak Tour of the Turquoise Lake Brienz – Kayak across River Lütschine exploring cliffs, Ringgenberg Castle & hidden beaches on this fun kayak tour! Book the Lake Brienz kayak tour.

Popular Day Trip From Interlaken Worth Booking

Sphinx Observatory on Jungfraujoch, Most Beautiful Places in Switzerland

Looking to add to your trip and explore some of the beautiful surrounding locations? Here are our favorite day trips that are 100% worth booking.

  • Day Trip to Jungfraujoch Mountain – Explore Jungfraujoch on a full-day guided tour from Interlaken. Take a cable car ride, witness sweeping views of Europe from the Sphinx Observation Terrace, and venture through the Ice Palace tunnels. Book this awesome day trip here.

How Long To Stay For + Where To Stay in Zurich

We recommend staying 2-4 days to truly relish the town, lakes, and mountain hikes, with a day trip to Jungfaujoch.

The best hotel to book for your stay is The HEY Hotel.

The Hey Hotel in Switzerland, most beautiful places in Switzerland

The hotel is in the center of the town, has comfortable rooms and it’s only 400 meters from the Interlaken-West train station.

7. Lavertezzo

Contributed by Together In Switzerland

Lavertezzo in Summer

Switzerland in Summer can be truly magical, such as when visiting the mountains in combination with a lake or river for swimming.

A recommendation of one of the best places to visit in Summer is Lavertezzo, a dreamy little location in the Ticino Canton. 

Pack your sun cream, sunglasses, and your swimwear as you will want to dip into the stunning crystal clear waters at Lavertezzo.

The river flows through the Verzasca Valley, a popular spot with locals and a few tourists who make the visit.

You can visit by car, but the easiest is with the local public bus that stops right in the area. 

As well as swimming in the waters at Lavertezzo, you can hike along the river’s edge either North or South through the forestry area and past the local houses.

During Summer it is very idyllic to relax and take your time in the area, so bring yourself a picnic full of delicious treats. 

It’s very rural in the area, but the Ponte dei Salti double arch stone bridge is a top highlight even for locals.

If you’re a daredevil, join the locals by jumping off this bridge directly into the deep but clear waters below. It’s about a 4-meter drop so it’s not for those scared of heights! 

From Lavertezzo, you can also consider adding to the day with a visit to either Ascona or Locarno.

Both are located at Lake Maggiore where the Verzasca valley and river end. 

8. Lausanne

Contributed by Passion for Hospitality

Pretty Lausanne in Switzerland

Lausanne, Switzerland’s fourth largest city is not only considered to be one of the most beautiful cities in the country but has also enjoyed global recognition as the Olympic capital since 1994.

You can visit the Olympic Museum – grab your ticket online here.

This important title makes Lausanne one of the most reputable and significant locations in the sports world and the summer months are a perfect time of year to enjoy several sporting events.

From Cyclotour du Léman,  a popular cycling race that runs along the Swiss and French shores of Lake Geneva to the Ladies Open Lausanne, and of course Lausanne Triathlon, one of the most anticipated sports events not to be missed!

Apart from being a sporting capital, Lausanne is located in a widely popular wine-growing region which is a UNESCO World Heritage site as well.

Wine lovers are guaranteed to enjoy some of the most prized wine varieties paired with a highly relished local cuisine.

Lausanne boasts a myriad of wonderful experiences throughout the year and the summertime is a perfect season to enjoy its rich cultural program which combines exciting theatre performances with dance, music, and circus. 

We love visiting Lausanne on a day trip from Geneva or Montreux.

Popular Summer Lausanne Tours To Book

Lausanne in the summer

Explore Lausanne’s summer wonders with these highly-rated tours!

  • 2-Hour Lake Geneva Cruise Along Lavaux Vineyards – Set sail on a serene cruise from Lausanne to Vevey and witness the beauty of the Lavaux vineyards. Marvel at the views along Lake Geneva. Grab your tickets here.

9. Maggia Valley

Contributed by G-Extreme Travel

Maggia Valley in Switzerland

Switzerland is known for its majestic mountains, stunning lakes, and pristine valleys.

While the country offers a wide range of outdoor activities year-round, nothing beats exploring Switzerland in the summertime.

One of the best places to experience the best of what Switzerland has to offer is Maggia Valley. It is located in the southwest corner of the country, close to the Italian border.

Maggia Valley is best known for its awe-inspiring waterfalls and lush green mountain valleys.

Maggia Valley

The best way to experience this paradise of nature is to go on a hike. You can explore hiking trails along the river or venture out onto one of the many peaks in the region.

You’ll be rewarded with views of the valley, beautiful streams, and waterfalls cascading down the mountains.

Switzerland is well known for its traditional dishes such as fondue, raclette, and rosti… but in this majesty valley, you’ll encounter the Grottini Ticinesi, a place made of traditional rustic stone huts, that serve delicious regional dishes like pizzoccheri, polenta, and other deliciousness!

Here you can sample some of the best local food while enjoying an amazing view of the mountains.

Besides spectacular views and delicious food, Maggia Valley has something for everyone in terms of activities.

Many of the trails are suitable for families, while others are more challenging and best suited for experienced hikers.

Maggia Valley is a true gem for visitors looking to experience Switzerland’s best in the summertime.

From its stunning waterfalls and lush green mountains to its delicious restaurants and wide range of activities, there is something for everyone in this valley.

So if you’re looking for a summer getaway that offers something special, then Maggia Valley should definitely be on your list.

10. Vevey

Contributed by Life Part 2 And Beyond

Vevey in Summer

The lovely town of Vevey lies on Lake Geneva’s north coast. It’s a beautiful place to visit during the summer months. 

You can take a swim in the lake, a boat trip, a pedalo, or a kayak, or simply relax by the water’s edge. And don’t forget to take that Instagram photo of Vevey’s iconic giant fork that sticks out of the water. 

Then explore the old town and lose yourself in its cobbled streets. If you’re there on a Tuesday or Saturday, be sure to visit the farmers market in the Grand Place. 

Visit Vevey in August and enjoy the entertainment from the Street Artists Festival

And did you know that Charlie Chaplin lived in Vevey for the last 20+ years of his life?

His old house is now a fascinating museum about Chaplin’s life, and there’s an interactive movie studio showing his movies too. A trip to Chaplin’s World is a must on any visit to Vevey. 

Just on the edge of town is a funicular that takes you up to Mont Pelerin.

From the mountain top, there are great views of Vevey, the lake and the mountains and some great summer hiking options. All trails are clearly marked. 

Vevey is best visited on a day trip. You can easily reach it from Geneva, Lausanne, or Montreux.

11. Geneva

Contributed by Global Travel Escapades

Geneva in Summer

Is Geneva worth visiting in the summer? One of the best places in Switzerland to visit during the summer is the gorgeous city of Geneva.

During the summer, the city experiences a pleasantly mild climate, with temperatures usually around 77-78F (25-26C) – ideal for soaking up the sun!

You can find plenty of activities to enjoy around Geneva during the summer. For example, you can cool off by swimming in the refreshing and clear waters of the Rhône River at Plage de Rhône.

Alternatively, if you prefer to lounge around and indulge in some of the region’s famous fondue, head on over to the Bains des Pâquis!

Here, you will find several areas of Lake Geneva that have been sectioned off, water structures that kids can play on, a restaurant, and even a few diving boards!

Lastly, you won’t want to miss seeing the iconic Jet d’eau Geneve. This giant water jet propels water a whooping 140m into the air!

Afterward, you can stroll along the harbor and admire the colorful flower clock in Jardin Anglais which is believed to be created out of over 6,500 flowers!

So, if you’ve dreamt of swimming in Switzerland’s clear blue waters, then consider a visit to Geneva! Here is a fun 5-day itinerary in Switzerland that starts in Geneva for you to follow.

Popular Summer Geneva Tours To Book

Discover Geneva’s summer gems with these top-rated tours!

  • 3-hour Chocolate Tasting and Old Town Visit – Experience the allure of Geneva through a tour that combines the city’s sights with the indulgence of Swiss chocolate. Book this tour here.
  • 50-Minute Lake Geneva Cruise – Experience the beauty of Lake Geneva’s shores on a sightseeing cruise. Enjoy views of the Swiss Alps while learning about local landmarks with an audio guide. Book your tickets here.

Popular Day Trips From Geneva Worth Booking

Mont Blanc

Looking to add to your trip and explore some of the beautiful surrounding locations?

Here are our favorite day trips that are 100% worth booking.

  • Guided Day Trip to Chamonix and Mont-Blanc (in France) – Take a day tour from Geneva to Chamonix, a mountain resort at Mont Blanc’s base. Experience breathtaking views atop Aiguille du Midi via cable car. Book this awesome tour here!
  • Annecy Half-Day Trip (in France) –Discover Annecy, the Venice of the Alps! This charming city boasts vibrant markets, colorful pedestrian streets, and an enchanting old town area. Book this tour.
  • Gruyères Tour With Train Ride, Chocolate and Cheese Tasting – If you ever wanted to visit Gruyeres, this is the best tour to do so. Book your tour here.

If you want to visit a country near Geneva, Switzerland, France is easy to reach, however, I would suggest adding on at least an additional day to your travel itinerary to fit it in.

How Long To Stay For + Where To Stay in Geneva

We suggest staying for a minimum of three days, so that you can fit in some of the day trips to explore surrounding places.

For one of the best places to stay, look no further than CitizenM Geneva.

citizenm geneva

CitizenM Geneva is the perfect place for any traveler looking to get a four-star experience in an amazing location.

Not only is it super innovative, but the incredible breakfast and modern amenities make it perfect for younger modern couples.

Whether you’re looking for a romantic weekend away or for a base to explore surrounding areas in Switzerland, CitizenM Geneva has everything you need.

12. Zermatt

Contributed by Destination Checkoff

Zermatt Town Switzerland Destination

Zermatt is a year-round destination and has plenty of activities and sights to enjoy in the summer.

The biggest draw of Zermatt is the Matterhorn mountain at 4478 meters towering above the town (grab your cable car tickets here). 

Zermatt Town in Switzerland

During the summer, take the 30-minute cog railway to Gornergrat for some epic views of the Matterhorn mountain from the Gornergrat observation deck at 3089 meters.

Zermatt is a popular summer destination for hiking and mountain biking. There are several trails here for all levels of hikers and mountain bikers.

Hike the Five Lakes Walk Trail for some stunning scenic lakes and reflection of the Matterhorn in the lake waters. 

Zermatt town is a nice place to walk around and explore the shops and restaurants.

To learn about the history of Zermatt make sure to visit the Matterhorn Museum. The Findeln Chapel and the English Church are sacred places to admire in Zermatt.

Every summer in August, the Folklore Festival celebrates the Swiss culture with a huge parade that features a variety of traditional Swiss music, dance, and costumes. 

In Zermatt town, you will find charming boutique hotels with spas offering great relaxation after a day of hiking or summer adventures.

There are several restaurants offering delicious Swiss cuisine as well as international cuisine.  

Popular Summer Zermatt Tours To Book

Discover Zermatt’s summer gems with these top-rated tours!

How Long To Stay For + Where To Stay in Zermatt

To make the most of your time in Zermatt, I recommend spending at least 2-3 nights.

This will give you a couple of full days to explore the area, or more if you’re interested in experiencing some of the amazing skiing opportunities available.

We recommend you stay at Hotel Ambassador Zermatt.

Hotel Zermatt in Switzerland

This property has it all! Boasting an unbeatable location, the rooms are ultra cozy, featuring breathtaking views and there’s a pool and sauna for your indulgence.

13. Ascona

Contributed by The Discovery Nut

Ascona in Summer in Switzerland

Located along the shores of Lake Maggiore in Southern Switzerland, Ascona is a perfect summer destination if you are looking to enjoy the Mediterranean flair, enjoy boat rides, and take a couple of hikes in the nearby Valley Maggia

This cute town sits near the Italian border in the Canton of Ticino, the only Italian-speaking canton of Switzerland that’s located less than 2 hours away from Milan. 

Ascona boasts a colorful old town with a prominent clock tower, small stores, and gelato shops along the cobblestone streets.

If you spend a couple of days here, you might think that you have just stepped into Italy: the cobblestone streets of Old Town Ascona are lined with boutique shops and gelato stores where you can buy a tasty treat on a hot summer day. 

Ascona makes a perfect stop on your Switzerland itinerary and the best part is that it’s less discovered than some of the most popular destinations in the region like Lugano and Lake Como which receives the majority of visitors. 

Whether you want to go hiking, explore the medieval architecture of Old Town Ascona, or spend a few days enjoying the lake, you will have a great time here.

How Long To Stay For + Where To Stay in Ascona

We suggest staying for two to three days in order to be able to enjoy some of the summer activities.

The 4-star Charme Hotel al Torchio is the perfect choice for travelers looking for a luxurious stay in Ascona. Its prime location in the old city puts you just steps away from the lake, and within easy reach of all the historical sites.

Swissôtel Kursaal Bern

The hotel was recently renovated to offer modern amenities such as comfortable beds and fantastic bathrooms with showers.

But that’s not all: Hotel al Torchio also offers a wonderful buffet breakfast every morning that is sure to put a smile on your face!

So if you’re looking for the best hotel in Ascona, look no further than Charme Hotel al Torchio. You won’t be disappointed!

14. Bern

Contributed by Paul from Paul Marina

Bern Switzerland Paul Marina
Photo Credit: Paul Marina

Bern, the capital of Switzerland, is located at the heart of the country. The medieval city was founded more than 800 years ago at the bend of the Aare River. 

The turquoise blue waters, and cute houses with clay-colored roofs as a backdrop, enthrall most visitors with their unique beauty.

Architectural marvels and the top attractions of Bern can be explored on a stroll through the well-preserved old town (here is a great walking tour that you can book). 

Bern Old Town, most beautiful places in Switzerland

A popular summer activity is swimming in the crystal clear Aare River. Locals and visitors from all over the world just tuck their belongings into a dry bag and jump into the refreshing waters.

Floating down the river is a relaxing unique experience, and you get to see the city from a different angle.

Families with kids will appreciate the free public pools in Bern to beat the hot summer heat. 

The open-air grocery market at the Bärenplatz has seasonal local fruits in the summer and the adjoining flea market is a treasure trove worth exploring.

For those looking to get active, the cycle trails along the Aare River are popular and a great way to explore the green areas of Bern. 

The funicular to the Gurten mountain peak takes one closer to various hiking trails. Exceptional views of the city and of the Bernese Oberland Alps can be expected here!

Popular Summer Bern Tours To Book

Zytglogge Clocktower Bern Switzerland

Here are some of our top picks for tours that will make your time in Bern special!

  • Zytglogge – Tour through the Clock Tower – Tour the iconic Zytglogge clock tower, witness its inner workings & enjoy a charming puppet show. Don’t miss this memorable experience! Book this popular tour.
  • 90-Minute Walking Tour Through the Old Town – Explore the UNESCO-listed Old Town of Bern, and marvel at its fountains, towers, winding streets, & more with an expert guide. Experience 800 years of local history condensed into one unforgettable walk! Book your walking tour here.

How Long To Stay For + Where To Stay in Bern

We suggest staying for a minimum of two days or three if you prefer exploring at a more relaxed pace.

Book your stay at the Swissôtel Kursaal Bern. This 4-star hotel exceeds all your expectations: close to the city center & attractions, and with stunning views of medieval Old Town & breathtaking Alps.

Swissôtel Kursaal Bern

Swissôtel Kursaal Bern guarantees a luxurious experience with a 24-hour gym, casino, 2 restaurants, a bar, and a garden lounge.

This contemporary hotel has all you need for an amazing time.

15. Lavaux

Lavaux in Summer

Visiting Lavaux, the wine region of Switzerland, make this one of the best places to visit in Switzerland during the summer months for any wine lover.

The region of Lavaux is known for its terraced vineyards that stretch along the northern shores of Lake Geneva for over 30 km.

Lavaux is not just for wine lovers though. Lavaux has some of the best things to do in Switzerland in the summer.

You can explore the 800 hectares of magnificent terraced vineyards on foot or by bicycle.

And if wine is your thing, be sure to take part in a wine tasting in the many wine cellars and sample the best wines that Switzerland has to offer.

When you travel through the region of Lavaux, there are many charming pintes (mini-restaurants) that you can stop at to enjoy the local produce and food.

Exploring Lavaux, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, should be at the top of anyone’s list when visiting Switzerland.

Our favorite tour departs from Geneva and lasts 8-10 hours. It takes you through the picturesque streets of Vevey, as well as giving you the opportunity to take a cruise on an old steamboat (if selected).

You will also visit the famous Montreux, with its beautiful walks, and notable castle of Chillon.

To top it off, enjoy a glass of wine in Lavaux itself – a truly unique experience!

How to Get Around Switzerland

Before we hop into our post of the best places to visit in summer in Switzerland, let’s just quickly cover how to get around Switzerland.

1. Public Transport

Public transport in Switzerland is an easy and economical way to explore the country.

The “Swiss Travel Pass” offered by SBB provides discounted and unlimited access to public transport by train, bus, and boat to explore over 41 cities, scale mountain peaks, and cruise on breathtaking lakes in Switzerland.

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Save money and make life a lot easier with a Swiss Travel Pass. Allowing you to simply hop on trains, busses, and boats in most destinations.

Allowing travelers to go wherever they want without worrying about booking individual tickets or spending too much money on transportation costs. Grab your Swiss Travel Pass online with ease here.

2. Rent a Car

We are a family of 5 and we have young kids. When we visited Switzerland our youngest was only 1 year old, so we just found it so much easier to rent a car.

That way we can come and go when we wanted rather than waiting around for trains or buses to arrive.

Discover Cars is our go-to for car rental in Switzerland.

As a comparison site, it fetches the most competitive prices from all the leading car rental companies in the country.

It’s easy to use and makes car rentals a breeze!

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I recommend and use Discover Cars. They search through all rental companies to find and offer only the best deals.

With transport cover, let’s talk about which summer destinations in Switzerland you should include on your list of places to visit.

When is Summer in Switzerland?


From June to mid-September, Switzerland is a perfect place for a warm getaway. With plenty of daylight hours, travelers will be able to enjoy the stunning views that this country has to offer.

The attractions are open for longer periods during this time and visitors can take advantage of the extended hours.

Plus, with the higher temperatures, sightseeing and outdoor activities become even more enjoyable.

Hiking trails are in full bloom and mountaintops offer refreshing breezes for those looking for a break from the summer heat.

You will also find a range of watersports activities, from kayaking and sailing to fishing, all of which can be experienced on the crystal-clear waters of the lakes in this country.

Switzerland in Summer Weather: What to Expect?

Switzerland itinerary 5 days including Lucerne

In the summer, beautiful days and pleasant temperatures await travelers looking to book a warm summer vacation in Switzerland.

You can expect mild temperatures ranging from 20°C (68°F) in June and September, and up to 25°C (77°F) in July and August.

The weather will vary depending on where you are. In the Alps, temperatures tend to be cooler than those experienced at lower altitudes.

Let’s have a quick look at the average temperatures you can expect in popular destinations in Switzerland.

Temperature °C
Temperature °F
Zurich13 – 28°C55 – 82°F
Geneva12 – 26°C53 – 78°F
Bern12 – 25°C53 – 77°F
Interlaken12 – 24°C53 – 75°F
Zermatt6 – 14°C42 – 57°F
Lauterbrunnen Valley6 – 19°C48 – 66°F

What to Wear in Switzerland in Summer

family on bike in Switzerland- Lauterbrunnen

Pack clothing that can be easily layered. Light, breathable fabrics such as loose-fitting shirts, shorts, and dresses are ideal for warmer days in Switzerland during the summer months.

For cooler evenings or high-altitude areas, pack a lightweight sweater or jacket to keep you warm and comfortable.

Bring sandals for easy slip-on shoes along with some comfortable hiking shoes for when you explore the great outdoors of Switzerland.

Don’t forget to bring a hat and sunglasses along with sunscreen and lip balm to protect yourself from the sun’s rays.

FAQ About Switzerland Summer Destinations

Find below answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about summertime and weather in Switzerland as well as answers to the best Switzerland summer destinations.

Views over Lauterbrunnen in Switzerland

1. Is it worth visiting Switzerland in Summer?

Yes. Europe is wonderful in the summer and with many Switzerland places to visit in summer, it is definitely worth visiting.

2. When is summer in Switzerland

Summer is from the months of mid-June to late September.

The temperature range during the summer months ranges between 65° – 82° F (18 to 28 °C) making it a very comfortable temperature to enjoy the many activities and places Switzerland has to offer.

3. What is Switzerland like in the summer?

Switzerland in the summer is really beautiful. The sun is out, hiking trails are open, and the many lakes around Switzerland are warm enough for swimming.

The summer weather is great for exploring the lush green hills and mountainsides by foot or bicycle.

4. Is Switzerland crowded in summer?

As you can imagine, summer in Switzerland will be one of the busiest times next to the Swiss ski season so be prepared for crowds if you travel during the high season of June through to the end of August.

If you still want great weather but want to avoid the crowds, visit during the months of April – May or September – October.

5. Should you visit Geneva or Zurich in Summer?

Geneva and Zurich are two of the best cities to visit in Switzerland in summer. Both cities have warm climates during the summer months with hot and sunny weather.

Geneva tends to be drier than Zurich, although it is a little more humid, so if you want to try and avoid summer showers, Geneva may be best.

Final Thoughts on Where to Visit in Switzerland in Summer

Switzerland is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe, and it is a true dream to visit if you love nature, outdoor activities, and gorgeous towns and villages.

We hope that this list of where to go in Switzerland in summer is a great guide to help you put together your list of Switzerland summer destinations.

If you want more ideas for the best places in Switzerland in summer be sure to read our Switzerland Travel Blog Posts for more inspiration.

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