10 Best Airlines in Africa in 2024 (Ranked from Best)



Have you been wondering about the top airlines in Africa? I’ve got you covered!

Exploring the African continent by air is an incredibly exciting and rewarding experience, but if you’re looking for budget flight options that won’t sacrifice safety, it can be a bit of a challenge.

That’s why here at Wanderlust Storytellers, as experienced travelers who have been fortunate to have flown to many destinations across the world, we have come up with a selection of our top 10 airlines in Africa to make your journey both safe and affordable.

Based on our firsthand experiences, we have decided to create this blog post to share our insights and help you make an informed choice when selecting the best airlines of Africa.

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So if you’re looking for the safest and most cost-effective flights across Africa, look no further than our best African airlines list!

Keep reading to find out more about our picks for the 10 best airlines in Africa.


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Quick Guide: Best Airlines to Fly to Africa

After a quick list of the top airlines to fly to Africa? Here are the best carriers:

#1 TOP Pick
Ethiopian Airlines

Ethiopian Airlines

  • Economy and Business Class fares
  • Low-cost full service airline
  • Flies to South Africa, Mauritius, Egypt and many more places in Africa
#2 Pick
Royal Air Maroc

Royal Air Maroc

  • Flies to Mali, Tunusia, Egypt and more places in Africa
  • Full services airlines
  • Economy & Business class
#3 Pick
South African Airways

South African Airways

  • Full service airline
  • Flies to Kenya, Mauritius, Seychelles and more locations in Africa
  • Economy & Business class

10 Best Airlines to Fly to Africa

In this list, we’ll take a look at ten of the best airlines to fly to Africa and give you a rundown of their pros and cons so you can pick the book flights that fit your travel needs

1. Ethiopian Airlines

Ethiopian Airlines Plane
Photo Credit: Ethiopian Airlines Facebook Page

Ethiopian Airlines is the main flag carrier of Ethiopia and the best airline in Africa, according to Skytrax World Airline Awards.

This award-winning airline has been awarded the following awards:

  • Best Airline in Africa for Six Years in a Row
  • Best Business Class in Africa for Four Years in a Row
  • Best Economy Class in Africa for Four Years in a Row
  • Best Business Class Onboard Catering in Africa
Ethiopian Airlines Awards

What to Expect When You Fly with Ethiopian Airlines?

Ethiopian Airlines inside

Ethiopian Airlines‘ main hub is based in Addis Ababa Bole International Airport, Ethiopia.

Ethiopian Airlines offers passengers a comfortable and stress-free journey with quality services at an affordable rate.

Business and Economy classes are both available.

Passengers of Business Class and Cloud Nine Class can enjoy access to priority services for check-in, security, and boarding, allowing them to skip long queues.

Reclining seats are provided for Economy Class passengers, while Business Class passengers get access to flat lie beds and convertible seats.

Ethiopian Airlines Business Class Meal Option
Photo Credit: Ethiopian Airlines Facebook Page

A varied menu is served on board, featuring regional delicacies of Africa as well as popular dishes familiar to international travelers.

WiFi is also available for use on board to chat with friends on social media or do some light browsing.

Destinations Ethiopian Airways Flies To In Africa:

Ethiopian Airlines flies to domestic locations within Ethiopia as well as the following destinations in Africa:

  • South Africa
  • Kenya
  • Zimbabwe
  • Mauritius
  • Seychelles
  • Mali
  • Tanzania
  • Egypt and many more!

Ethiopian Airways Loyalty Program:

Join ShebaMiles loyalty program for exclusive benefits when flying with Ethiopian Airlines.

Earn miles on everyday activities, not just flying, and use the miles earned for flights, upgrades, and more.

Negatives of Choosing Ethiopian Airways:

However, there are some downsides to Ethiopian Airlines.

  • It charges $10-30 for the privilege of choosing your seat in advance which is something that other airlines include in the basic price of their tickets.

Whether traveling for business or pleasure, Ethiopian Airlines offers a fast, reliable, and affordable way to explore the world with an engaging voice.

2. Royal Air Maroc

Royal Air Maroc

Royal Air Maroc is one of the finest airlines in Africa, proudly announcing that it was awarded 7th place for the Best Regional Airline in Africa at the World Airline Awards 2023.

Skytrax Awards 2023

What to Expect When You Fly with Royal Air Maroc?

Royal Air Maroc offers full-service flights both domestically and internationally.

Each flight gives you a delightful journey with its warm hospitality and exquisite services.

Economy Class Meal on Air Maroc Flight
Photo Credit: Royal Air Maroc Facebook Page

On short-haul flights (1.5 – 2.75 hours), Royal Air Maroc provides cold sandwiches and snacks. Medium-haul flights offer three hot dish options (including a vegetarian choice), dessert, and a starter based on flight duration. Some African routes feature a dish of African origin.

Depending on the flight number, passenger class, and loyalty status, the baggage allowance can range from 1 to 3 bags each weighing 23kg each.

For extra in-flight entertainment, stream or browse the Sky-RAM entertainment system! Just switch to airplane mode, and download the Sky-RAM Player app from the App Store or Google Play in advance.

Destinations Royal Air Maroc Flies To In Africa:

Royal Air Maroc flies to the following destinations in Africa:

  • Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoir
  • Accra, Ghana
  • Alger, Alegria
  • Cairo, Egypt
  • Tunis, Tunisia
  • Bamako, Mali
  • Dubai, and many more!

Royal Air Maroc Loyalty Program:

Royal Air Maroc also offers Safar Flyer, its loyalty program that rewards all its travelers with several rewards and benefits.

Negatives of Choosing Royal Air Maroc:

Before making any decisions about booking with Royal Air Maroc, there are some negatives worth considering such as additional fees that may add up, so make sure to double-check prior to purchase!

With Economy and Business Class available, each passenger can find the right fit for their budget and needs.

3. South African Airways

South African Airways Plane

South African Airways is an award-winning airline.

Recently awarded the Best Low-Cost Airline in Africa for the third consecutive year at the Skytrax World Airline Awards in 2023.

What to Expect When You Fly with South African Airways?

South African Airways is also a member of the Star Alliance.

South African Airways offers two cabin classes, Business Class, and Economy Class, both with comfort, convenience, and style.

South African airlines cabin

What’s more impressive is that they offer low rates even on domestic flights compared to some other airlines of Africa, making it easy to get around South Africa without breaking the bank.

On board the South African Airways plane you can expect delicious meals made using local products.

Depending on the length of your flight, you will be served a light snack or a multi-course meal for long haul flights.

South African Airways Meal Option
Photo Credit: South African Airways Facebook Page

All snacks, meals, and beverages are complimentary and are included in the ticket price so you don’t have to worry about bringing something on board either!

Economy Class flyers can bring 1 bag up to 23kg whereas Business Class flyers can take 2 bags not exceeding 32kg per piece. That means you can bring all that you need without any worries!

South African Airways also boasts great inflight entertainment with high-tech touchscreens fitted into both Economy and Business Class sections offering 15-inch screens in Business Class and 10-inch screens in Economy Class.

Experience a great selection of movies updated regularly, you won’t miss home even after a long journey!

Destinations South African Airways Flies To In Africa:

South African Airways flies to many countries in Africa including:

  • Dubai
  • Ghana
  • Zimbabwe
  • Mauritius
  • Kenya
  • Mozambique
  • Malawi and more!

South African Airways Loyalty Program:

If you are a frequent flyer, SAA Voyager is the airline’s loyalty program that rewards frequent flyers equitably through the accrual and redemption of miles.

These miles can be redeemed for flights, upgrades, and other rewards.

Moreover, SAA Voyager offers five tiers – Blue, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Lifetime Platinum – each one providing exclusive benefits.

Negatives of Choosing South African Airways:

Flying with South African Airways can be a frustrating experience.

  • Long waits in the airport and unpredictable delays are common.
  • Customer service is hit or miss – sometimes helpful and friendly, but often impersonal and unresponsive.
  • Seating comfort is also lacking when compared to other airlines, making long flights especially uncomfortable.
  • Finally, despite priding itself on affordability, many other carriers offer more competitive fares for the same routes.

Choosing South African Airways to fly within Africa is a good choice when flying from South Africa.

4. Kenya Airways

Kenya Airways

Kenya Airways is an award-winning airline, located in sub-Saharan Africa, that has been awarded:

  • Africa’sLeading Airline in 2022
  • Africa’s Leading Business Class Airline in 2022
  • Africa’s Leading Airline Brand in 2022
Kenya Airways Awards

What to Expect When You Fly with Kenyan Airways?

Kenyan Airways Economy Class

Kenya Airways is a well-known and respected airline offering flights to many popular destinations in Africa and across the world.

It is also a popular choice and go to low-cost airline for travelers.

With its friendly staff, affordable prices, and reliable service, Kenya Airways offers a hassle-free experience for any journey across the globe.

The airline offers various seating options for its passengers, ranging from standard Economy Class, Economy Comfort to Business Class seats.

Comfort Economy helps passengers enjoy extra legroom, while Economy Max is offered at the front of the plane.

Baggage allowance varies between 2 pieces each not exceeding 32kg or 1 piece each not exceeding 23kg.

meal options kenya airways Economy class

Additionally, Kenya Airways provides a variety of food options tailored to religious, diet & medical needs (included in the ticket price).

Passengers can choose from over 30 documentaries, 80 movies, 1,000 music tracks, and 55 television programs when they download the latest KQ Cinema App from Google Play or the App Store before takeoff.

Destinations Kenyan Airways Flies To In Africa:

Kenyan Airways flies to the following destinations in Africa:

  • Botswana
  • Egypt
  • South Africa
  • Ethiopia
  • Mauritius
  • Seychelles and more!

Kenyan Airways Loyalty Program:

Passengers can also take advantage of Kenya Airways’ loyalty program – Asante Rewards.

Members can earn points to redeem for rewards and exclusive benefits. Plus, enjoy discounts on services like lounge access, seat selection, and upgrades based on destination and ticket class.

Negatives of Choosing Kenyan Airways:

Some negatives include that the exntinsive inflight entertainment KQ Cinema App is only available on select Boeing 737-700 and 737-800 aircrafts.

Howevever, depsite this flying with Kenyan Airway is still a good choice when flying in Africa.

5. Air Mauritius

Air Mauritius

Air Mauritius is the national carrier of Mauritius and a renowned full-service airline.

As evidenced by its 2021 accolade as the “Best Airline in Africa” from the World Airline Awards, Air Mauritius is committed to getting passengers to their destination safely and comfortably.

Air Mauritius Awards

What to Expect When You Fly with Air Mauritius?

Air Mauritius is the national carrier of the Republic of Mauritius and operates both Business and Economy classes.

Air Mauritius cabin

On board their Airbus A350-900 XWB and A330-900neo aircraft, there are individual screens and headsets available in both the Business and Economy Classes.

The interactive AVOD (Audio & Video on Demand) system allows you to pick the movie of your choice, at your leisure.

As far as baggage allowance goes, the maximum weight for any piece of checked baggage is 32 kg and the dimensions should not exceed 158 cm.

As a general rule, no beef, veal or pork or any products derived from these will be served on Air Mauritius flights as well as no alcohol in the food.

Depending on flight duration and time, passengers may be served lunch or dinner besides hot breakfast and other meal types on some routes.

Selecting your seat for extra legroom or window seat in advance is possible but it comes for an additional fee and this service is only applicable to Economy Class passengers.

WiFi is also available onboard all flights operated by Air Mauritius.

Destinations Air Mauritius Flies To In Africa:

Air Maurtitius flies to the following destinations in Africa:

  • South Africa
  • Kenya
  • Madagascar
  • Dubai

Air Maurtitius Loyalty Program:

Their loyalty scheme, Kestrel Flyer, rewards flyers with miles and points every time they fly.

Another advantge is that members can carry more checked baggage as a membership benefit!

Negatives of Choosing Singapore Airways:

On the downside, however, their baggage allowance and fees change depending on the destination so make sure to check their policies before flying with them.

6. RwandAir

RwandAir Plane on Tarmac
Photo Credit RwandAir Facebook Page

RwandAir is one of the fastest-growing airlines in Africa, dedicated to serving its travelers with quality, low-cost flights.

It has also been recognized as one of the safest airlines in Africa.

RwandAir Awards

What to Expect When You Fly with RwandAir?

RwandAir is a great option for those looking for affordable air travel.

RwandAir offers Economy, Premium Economy, and Business Class seating options to ensure that each passenger will find a perfect fit for their individual needs.

RwandAir cabin

Economy and Premium Economy Class allow two bags of 23kg each whereas Business Class offers respective travelers three bags of 23Kgs.

Passengers will enjoy certified Halal meals prepared on board, adhering to Islamic Dietary Law and Malaysia Halal Standards. Vegetarian options are also available upon request.

Business Class seats feature exceptional privacy and comfort, especially on long-haul flights where you can recline your seat to sleep and enjoy the massage.

Onboard entertainment includes touch screens with games, a variety of movies, and TV shows available to keep you entertained on board!

Destinations RwandAir Flies To In Africa:

RwandAir flies to the following destinations in Africa:

  • Ghana
  • Kenya
  • Tanzania
  • South Africa
  • Zambia and more!

RwandAir Loyalty Program:

Its loyalty program Dream Miles is one of the best around, with several tiers ranging from Emerald (the entry tier) all the way to Diamond tier which can be attained by earning 100,000 miles or 60 flights in a year.

Negatives of Choosing RwandAir:

Despite the generous baggage allowance it’s important to note that baggage services come at a cost that varies from one destination to another and region to region as well as the type of aircraft being used.

It is best to always double-check baggage allowances for your flight.

Additionally, WiFi is only available on the Boeing 737-800NG, Airbus A330 – 200, and Airbus A330 – 300 planes.

7. EgyptAir

Egypt Air Plane
Photo Credit: EgyptAir Facebook Page

EgyptAir was nominated for the World Travel Awards for Africa’s leading airline 2023 and is a member of the Star Alliance.

It is also the 2020 recipient of the World Airline Awards for Best Airline in Africa.

What to Expect When You Fly with EgyptAir?

EgyptAir cabin
EgyptAir Facebook

EgyptAir is one of Africa’s largest and leading airlines, with its headquarters at Cairo International Airport.

EgyptAir offers Economy and Business Class seating options for its passengers.

On board an EgyptAir flight, Economy Class passengers are allowed to bring 1 piece of baggage according to fare rules. If you are part of their loyalty program, however, you will be entitled to bring an extra bag.

All meals served onboard EgyptAir are Halal as well as offering a wide range of different meals to suit vegetarian, Hindu, and hot diabetic meals for customers who have special dietary requirements.

When flying in Business Class or with a Platinum frequent flyer membership on international flights, seat selection is free.

Passengers can access inflight entertainment which includes movies, TV shows, and audio channels suitable for all ages.

Destinations EgyptAir Flies To In Africa:

You can fly to the following destinations in Africa from Egypt:

  • South Africa
  • Ghana
  • Morocco
  • Tunisia
  • Kenya
  • Tanzania and more.

EgyptAir Loyalty Program:

With EgyptAir Plus Cards, you can get up to the Platinum level with a total of 600,000 Tier Miles earned within 3 years from EgyptAir flights or Star Alliance member carriers.

As a Platinum member, you can enjoy priority boarding and baggage handling, airport lounge access, extra baggage allowance, and much more.

Negatives of Choosing EgyptAir:

  • Wi-Fi is only available on aircraft type A220-300 / B787-9 & A320 neo while on board
  • Entertainment programs are subject to aircraft and schedule changes
  • The fares can add up if you don’t make use of promotional offers so it may be worth shopping around before booking your ticket in order to save money.

8. FlySafair

FlySafair Plane on Tarmac

FlySafair is a relatively young airline in the aviation world however is making an impression with the awards it has received:

  • Won the World’s Best Low-Cost Airline in Africa award in 2022 and 2021
  • Received the Most Punctual Airline in Africa 2022
  • Awarded 2nd Most Punctual Airline in the World 2022
  • Most On-Time Airline in the Middle East and Africa in 2022
  • Best Budget Airline in Africa in 2022
  • Best Cabin Crew in Africa in 2022
FlySafair Awards

What to Expect When You Fly with FlySafair?

As recognized by its awards, FlySafair offers exceptionally affordable fares to locations within South Africa and the rest of Africa.

FlySafair cabin

FlySafair‘s reputation for customer service means that customers are sure to have a pleasant experience when flying with them.

With Economy and Business Class available, they have something for everyone!

FlySafair offers Lite Fare, the cheapest option, which includes a seat on the aircraft and 7kgs of carry-on luggage.

The Standard Fare includes 20kgs of checked-in luggage, priority boarding, and two fee-free changes.

The Business Fare includes two checked bags up to 23kgs, unlimited fee-free flight changes, priority boarding, pre-reserved seating, and a fully refundable ticket to your FlySafair wallet.

Catering is also available for purchase on all of their flights. Given the shorter duration of FlySafair flights, you won’t find any hot meals but there’s still a lovely range of sandwiches and snacks served by their Cabin Crew.

You even have the option to pre-select your seat when making your flight reservation for an additional small fee.

Destinations FlySafair Flies To In Africa:

As well as flying within South Africa, FlySafair flies to the following destinations in Africa:

  • Mauritius
  • Zanzibar
  • Zimbabwe
  • Zambia
  • Mozomabique
  • Victoria Falls

FlySafair Loyalty Program:

FlySafair is no longer accepting new loyalty members.

Negatives of Choosing Singapore Airways:

The only slight negatives about this airline are:

  • They are currently not accepting new memberships for their loyalty program, and
  • There is no wifi or movie selection on board to keep travelers entertained

9. Fastjet

FastJet Airline

FajtJet has split into three subsidiaries: Fastjet Tanzania, Fastjet Mozambique, and Fastjet Zimbabwe.

The airline was awarded the title of Africa’s Leading Low-Cost Airline in 2023 by the World Airline Awards.

FastJet Airline Awards

What to Expect When You Fly with Fastjet?

FastJet Seating In Economy Class
Photo Credit: FastJet Facebook Page

Fastjet is a low-cost carrier airline operates flights to a number of destinations throughout Zimbabwe, as well as to Johannesburg, South Africa.

Traveling with the airline is an affordable way to explore Zimbabwe and its neighboring countries, while still being reliable and secure.

With Fastjet, passengers have the choice of three different fares: Value, Value Flex, and Value Plus.

If you select a Value Plus fare, you’ll also get the perk of being able to select and secure your preferred seat in advance – free of charge!

The Value fare as well as Value Flex allows you to bring a maximum 23kg in one piece of checked baggage, while the Value Plus fares allow two pieces of checked baggage with a combined maximum weight of 32kg.

When you fly with Fastjet, you can expect great customer service from their friendly crew members as well as a range of beverages and snacks depending on how long your flight is.

Destinations Fastjet Flies To In Africa:

Fastjet flies to the following destinations in Africa:

  • Botswana
  • South Africa

Fastjet Loyalty Program:

Fastjet does not have a loyalty program at this time.

Negatives of Choosing Fastjet:

The only downside when flying with Fastjet is that there’s no Wi-Fi or entertainment available on board.

However, this airline still provides an enjoyable experience for travelers looking for a low-cost option.

10. Air Seychelles

Air Seychelles Airplane

Air Seychelles is the national airline of the Republic of Seychelles and has been transporting passengers since 1978.

In recognition of its high-quality service, the airline has been awarded the following awards:

  • Africa’s 4th Youngest Aircraft Fleet 2023
  • Indian Ocean’s Leading Airline 2022 in the World Travel Awards
  • Indian Ocean’s Leading Airline – Business Class 2022 in the World Travel Awards
  • Indian Ocean’s Leading Airline Lounge 2022 in the World Travel Awards
  • Indian Ocean’s Leading Cabin Crew 2022 in the World Travel Awards
Air Seychelles Awards

What to Expect When You Fly with Air Seychelles?

From its main hub at Seychelles International Airport located on Mahe, Air Seychelles flies to destinations across Africa.

Business and Economy classes will make your travel comfortable, whether you’re traveling for business or leisure.

Meal served on Air Seychelles Business Class
Photo Credit: Air Seychelles Facebook Page

When you fly with Air Seychelles you can expect Halal certified meals that cater to dietary and religious needs.

You can also book a seat with extra legroom by the exit row to upgrade your level of comfort when traveling in Economy Class for a fee.

Plus, WiFi is available for passengers so that they can connect to their wireless streaming platform, seyStream, showcasing movies, and TV shows as well as entertainment for kids.

It’s important to note that airlines will not accept any single item of checked-in baggage over 32 KG in weight, so make sure to check the baggage allowance for your flight before flying.

Air Seychellesbaggage allowance across its regional network is based on the total weight concept instead of the number of bags being checked-in.

Air Seychelles Business cabin
Air Seychelles Facebook

Business Class travelers can have up to 40kg checked-in baggage allowance, while Economy travelers can have up to 30kg.

Destinations Air Seychelles Flies To In Africa:

Air Seychelles flies to the ofllowing destinations in Africa:

  • Mauritius
  • South Africa
  • Namibia

Air Seychelles Loyalty Program:

Air Seychelles‘ does not currently have their own reward program.

Negatives of Choosing Air Seychelles:

The negatives to flying with Air Seychelles are:

  • No reward program
  • Their planes are often outdated
  • Numerous reports of poor customer service
  • Complaints about long lines at both check-in and boarding
  • Uncomfortable seating and delay


Here are some answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about the top airlines in Africa

1. Which is the best airline in Africa?

According to the Skytrax Awards, Ethiopian Airlines is the best airline in Africa as it won ‘The Best Airline in Africa’ at the SKYTRAX 2023 awards.

2. What is the safest airline to fly in Africa?

The Rwandan national carrier is the top choice for safety-conscious travelers worldwide and has been deemed the safest airline to fly in Africa from the RwandAir safety record.

3. Which airline is the biggest in Africa?

Ethiopian Airlines, Africa’s largest and busiest airline, boasts an impressive fleet of 140 aircraft. With its extensive network of destinations and affordable tickets, it remains a top choice for travelers across the continent.

4. Which is better Kenya Airways or Ethiopian Airlines?

Kenya Airways fell in global airline rankings, while Ethiopian Airlines surged to the top 30 carriers worldwide and also recently won the best airline in Africa award from SKYTRAX.

5. What is the cheapest airline in Africa?

The cheapest and most low-cost airlines are located in South Africa including; Fastjet and FlySafair. However, Ethiopian Airlines and EgyptAir have been recognized for offering cheap flights.

Final Thoughts on The Top 10 Airlines in Africa

Whether you’re longing for an adventure on a wallet-friendly airline whisking you away to Africa, or craving a pampered journey on a luxurious long-haul flight, this incredible compilation of the top airlines in Africa has got you covered.

Drawing from our experience of traveling to and from Africa, we understand and appreciate the critical role that air travel plays in trip planning.

We know how looking for the right airline can be a source of stress, but rest assured, we are here to guide you through a seamless journey.


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Discovering Africa from above is a thrilling adventure. This list shares some of the safest airlines in Africa, while still flying with the largest airlines in Africa, so you don’t have to compromise affordable prices, but the experience is truly rewarding.

We’ve created this list to make your trip planning hassle-free so you can savor the sights without worrying about airline hassles.

To secure the tickets you desire on the biggest airlines in Africa for your trip, it is advisable to plan well in advance.

Best Airlines to Fly to Africa
Top 10 African Airlines
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