The Absolute Best Beaches in Mauritius to See on Your Next Trip!



It was Mark Twain who once wrote: “Mauritius was made first and then heaven. Heaven being copied after Mauritius”.

With this recommendation, it’s no big surprise that millions of travelers visit Mauritius for its powder-white beaches, sapphire waters, and luxury resorts. After all, the best beaches in Mauritius are all perfectly accentuated with panoramic coral reefs which turn out to be the most gorgeous treat to the onlooker’s eyes.

The Absolute Best Beaches in Mauritius

Mauritius is a treat for beach lovers, mainly because of its glorious shoreline which stretches over 330 kilometers. The beaches are fabulous for couples after a romantic escape, for families with kids and even for those traveling with a baby.

So, if you are looking for a mesmerizing beach experience on this island, pack your summer travel essentials into your bag and head to one of the absolute best beaches in Mauritius.

1. Belle Mare Beach

Belle Mare Beach Mauritius

Belle Mare in French stands for the “beautiful puddle”. Located near the town of Mahebourg, this 10-kilometer long shoreline offers beautiful unblemished sand to stroll and is perfect for some liveliness and enthusiasm.

Its icing-sugar sand, palm trees, and calm crystalline waters make it the picture-perfect spot to spend a sluggish day laying around.

Additionally, the clear water is extremely safe for swimming, making Belle Mare an ideal beach for families with kids. Moreover, the shallow bay also provides for a fantastic snorkeling experience for adventure seekers.

2. Trou aux Biches Beach

Trou aux Biches Mauritius Beach

Compressed with all its beauty in a mere 2 kilometers of stretch, Trou aux Biches is the world’s leading beach destination. There are simply two adjectives for this beach – beautiful and serene!

Situated in the Northern district of Pamplemousse, the beach still retains its village ambiance and is a real paradise on earth.

Imagine turquoise and tranquil blue waters, blue skies, and plams for most of the days – that’s what this beach is all about. This shoreline is additionally famous for having the highest percentage of the sun even through the winter months.

3. Blue Bay Beach

Blue Bay Beach Mauritius

Everything revolves around the color blue in the lagoon of Blue Bay. It nearly appears as though the meaning of the color blue was reinvented here.

Located in the south-east of Mauritius Island, the Blue Bay beach has the largest coral reef of the island and, therefore, is popular amongst tourists. It is possibly the best beach in Mauritius for swimming.

When it comes to snorkeling on the island, Blue Bay is dependably the first beach referenced in the travel guides. It is home to over 50 kinds of corals. And if you are lucky enough, you can get a chance to rub your shoulders with small colorful fishes and even spot tortoises and lobsters that live among the many corals.

4. Flic en Flan Beach

Flic en Flan in mauritius

If you want to envision a stunning stretch of talcum-white sand inclining into apparently endless shades of blue water, visit the Flic en Flan beach. It is probably the best beach in Mauritius.

Situated in the western part of Mauritius, this incredibly beautiful beach has a dazzling lagoon accompanied by beautiful coral reefs and offers an amazingly awe-inspiring view, particularly at sunsets.

Whether you want to go for snorkeling, swimming or just sit by the peaceful shore, Flic en Flac is a standout amongst the best shorelines to do so. Additionally, this turquoise blue lagoon offers the best swimming opportunities without strong sea currents. And as one of the most beautiful beach in Mauritius, it definitely is worth a visit.

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