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The name itself, Bay of Fires, has always sparked my interest and my imagination takes me to a wonderland of pictures, feelings, and colors whenever I hear it.

I have read that even Lonely Planet has named the Bay of Fires, Tasmania, the hottest travel destination in the world. Naturally, I was intrigued by this magical place.

Bay of Fires Tasmania

Tasmania, in Australia, is one of the most beautiful places that I have had the pleasure of visiting. The natural magic is all around you!

To me, the sensation of being in this place can only be named by few words, like untouched and extraordinarily pretty. Throw in a giant national park and you have perfection. It is truly a beautiful place to visit!

Amongst it all, located on the east coast of Tasmania, is the incredible gem called Bay of Fires.

Be sure to read all about the Freycinet National Park and the incredible Wineglass Bay as well!

About the Bay of Fires, Tasmania

Originally, I thought the name Bay of Fires came from the bright and rusty orange color of the rocks scattered all along the bay. I really like my version of the story, but I was wrong.

Bay of Fires Tasmania

The name comes from the explorer Captain Tobias Furneaux, in 1773, who saw a smattering of fires along the bay from the safety of his ship.

Once upon a time, numerous Aboriginal tribes resided here and you can still find some signs of those original nomads.

Where is the Bay of Fires in Tasmania?

The Bay of Fires stretches about 50km starting from Binalong Bay in the South to Eddystone Point in the North of Tasmania.

Many travellers choose to visit the Bay of Fires from Launceston. There is a very popular day tour that you can book through Viator. It is a fun tour that allows you to see the Bay of Fires, Weldborough Pass, and Fingal Valley. It also includes a visit to a lavender farm, as well as the opportunity to try fresh oysters at an oyster farm. They will pick you up from your hotel.

>>> You can grab more info and check pricing on this tour here.

Top 3 Best Things to do in Bay of Fires Tasmania

Nowadays, this place is a wonderland for the eyes, and all you need is the right Bay of Fires itinerary to discover its beauty.

This is a place to visit and admire, then snap some of the most perfect photos and leave in peace for future travelers. It is a truly remarkable destination!

1. Binalong Bay

If you are looking for the best things to do in Binalong Bay, then the answer is sightseeing and relaxation.

We didn’t stay here long, as we impatiently wanted to get to other areas a bit further on the list. However, this is where we have begun our Bay of Fires journey.

Bay of Fires Tasmania - Things to do in Binalong Bay

Guided by a recommendation from a local information center we have decided to start our travels at the Binalong Bay lookout.

If you want to get a glimpse of what’s in store at the Bay of Fires, Binalong Bay is the perfect place to start!

Many of the rocks are covered with bright orange lichen, which creates the most spectacular view in the sunlight.

2. Sloop Reef

As you drive to the Sloop Reef and other destinations along the Bay of Fires, you have to get back on the Binalong Bay Road and take a right to The Gardens Road.

About 10 mins later you will find the entrances to many of the camping spots. Amongst them, there is this amazing little slice of paradise.

Park the car, get your camera in hand, and off you go to this picture-perfect beach!

Bay of Fires Tasmania - Sloop Reef

We were recommended to head left and take a relaxing walk on the sugar-white sandy beach. It is easy to see why people from around the world flock here to absorb just a little bit of the magic.

There are a lot of camping areas all along the bay, but we felt like we were the only ones here.

I think it’s part of the beauty of this place. It’s big enough for all of us and everyone who comes here leaves only footprints.

This beautiful and untouched spot is unmissable on your Bay of Fires to-do list!

Bay of Fires Tasmania

3. Cosy Corner

As you make your way further up the beach, you will be surrounded by giant boulders. I could not resist and just had to climb up the many rocks here.

I guess every time I see something to climb, the kid inside me awakens and takes over! There is a plus to this childish behavior, as you can get some pretty cool photos from being just a little bit higher.

How high did you climb on these rocks?

Cosy Corner North - Bay of Fires Tasmania

The rocky maze then continues into a stunning formation!

Walk along the whitest sand between the beautifully rust-colored rocks and crystal-clear turquoise water.

Surrounded by panoramic views of nature’s magic, there better be a poet amongst you, because you will need to invent some new words to describe it.

I think we spent the most time here, exploring the rocks and checking out every crevice, just in case there is something hiding out of sight.

Bay of Fires Tasmania - Cosy Corner

Stunning rocky formations, some smooth like a pebble and others sharp as a knife, filled the beachside landscape.

Make sure to have appropriate footwear for exploring the rocks! I was running around and jumping from place to place, whilst my gorgeous wife relaxed and watched my shenanigans.

Of course, I needed to stand as high as I could, so I made my way to the tallest rock I could find, and Jolene snapped this next pic.

Bay of Fires Tasmania - Orange Rocks Australia

I think I just feel more freedom and peace in my soul when I am conquering any peak or achieving a dream. In a way, I think that’s what drives me. Traveling to all these destinations is truly amazing and it is some kind of achievement as well.

So we hope that our stories inspire you to take that next step yourself! Take a leap to reach your own freedom and peace, and to concur your own peaks.

Bay of Fires Tasmania

Ok, ok, back to the story!

Regardless of how many days you spend camping here, or venturing out for an afternoon like us, you will find only peace and relaxation.

Maybe that’s why this place exists…to calm you down, to slow you down, and restart a fire in your heart, getting you back to what is really important.

Things to do in Bay of Fires Tasmania

I think, what is really important for me, is to spend as many moments as this with my amazing wife and family.

I want to share these stories with you, our readers, in hopes of intrigue and inspire you to draw your own maps, and to create your own tracks.

What do you say?

Other Bay of Fire Activities

On a visit to the Bay of Fires, things to do are in no short supply! One of the most recommended Bay of Fires activities is, of course, the guided walks. This one is the best by far!

1. 3 Day Guided Walk of the Bay of Fires

Join Life’s An Adventure on a fantastic 3 day Bay of Fires guided walk. This magical landscape of stunning contrasts features pure white beaches, vivid orange granite boulders, and a ribbon of sapphire and emerald seas, all fringed with rich forests.

  • 2 Nights in a charming Waterfront Beachshack are included!

Find more information about this walking tour with Life’s an Adventure.

Where to Stay in Bay of Fires?

On your visit to the Bay of Fires, where to go for accommodation can be an important decision. Luckily, there are tonnes of places to stay on the orange rocks of Tasmania.

Here are some of the best recommendations and most sought-after Bay of Fires accommodation choices!

Bay of Fires Accommodation

  • There’s a wide choice of Bay of Fires Tasmania campsites for those who like to rough it!
  • The Bay of Fires Lodge offers a comfortable setting when in Ansons Bay. The lodge provides cozy rooms, designed to fit the needs of any traveler.

Binalong Bay Accommodation

  • Villa Vista Binalong Bay for your choice of comfortable homely rooms in a great location!
  • BIG4 St Helens Holiday Park – for your choice of affordable accommodation options, why not book in a stay at the BIG4 park. Situated in St Helens and close to the area’s many tourist attractions.


Essential Tips Before you Travel to Tasmania

Are you planning to travel to the Bay of Fires soon?

The Bay of Fires, Tasmania is one of the most incredible spots to visit! The gorgeous coastline, incredible views and tranquil atmosphere are unbeatable, so don’t wait around, book your ticket now for the trip of a lifetime!

Over to you:

  • Which of the top 3 things to do in the Bay of Fires Tasmania grabbed your attention the most?
  • When are you going to buy the ticket to your Bay of Fires Tasmania?

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  1. Thanks for the great tips and suggestions for the bay of fires. We visited Binalong Bay, the Garden and Cosy Corner today and loved them although it was a bit overcast. Happy travels

  2. Hey guys! I am trying to work out how to most easily hit a spot in the Bay of Fires where we can see white sand and the orange rocks when we head down in a few days and I googled on to you 🙂 Is what you did where you would recommend we go to access a nice point as easily as possible? We will have our two year old and I can’t walk that great yet from breaking my leg so I’m trying to work our if there is an ok spot no more than 10 minutes from leaving the car.
    We actually went to Binnalong Bay many times when i was a kid but never Bay of Fires. It wasn’t even somewhere I had heard of back then! Funny what tourism does.

    • Hi Sharon, yes the spots we talk about is perfect for a short walk to see the beach and the rocks. It doesn’t take long, and you can pretty much park your car right in front of the beach (well we could as it wasn’t busy there, but it wasn’t school holidays when we went though). Make sure you go on a sunny day 🙂

  3. Hi

    I am trying to work out how many nights to stay and where to stay. Bay of fires has always been on my list and I am planning for a trip with my overseas visitors early December this year.

    Where would you recommend to stay and how many nights for us to explore the beach?

    Also, I have recently broke my leg and hopefully in Dec I am able to walk a bit more. Are the beaches just a short walk from the car park?

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