5 Best Places To Visit In Europe In December With Family

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Looking for the best European cities to visit in winter with kids? Here are our top picks for this year!

Winter in Europe has plenty of different guises! From the snow-capped mountains of the Alps to the bright and beautiful coasts of the Mediterranean, you can have a huge variety of experiences in this majestic continent.

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5 Best Places To Visit In Europe In December With Family

So in case you’re planning on a grand winter trip to Europe with your family, we have prepared a list of five of the best cities to visit in Europe in winter.

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So here it goes!

1. Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is undeniably one of the most amazing cities to pay a visit to in winter!

best family christmas vacations to Prague

Every winter, a blanket of snow transforms this city into a winter wonderland with its beautiful cobblestone alleys and snow-capped spires. The snow-coated St. Charles Bridge and the incandescent hue of the old-fashioned street lamps make this city seem like one pulled straight out of a fairytale!

Prague is fairly tourist-free during the winter months so you can enjoy exploring this romantic city without too much hassle!

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2. Zurich, Switzerland

Winter in Zurich can be a magical experience for you and your kids, thanks to a ton of different activities and places to explore in this city!

Zurich in winter with kids

Pay a visit to all of the Christmas Markets hosted all around Zurich, one of the best cities to visit in Switzerland, especially the one located by the Opera House in Weinachtsdorf. Or go on a little tour through the town’s quaint streets and bask in the beauty of its old architecture.

If you’re more adventurous, there are plenty of options for winter sports enthusiasts around the city as well!

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If your kids are after a winter wonderland then make sure to visit Switzerland in December.

3. Berlin, Germany

Berlin has always been famous for its grand Christmas markets, and the city claims to host nearly 60 of them every holiday season!

Berlin Germany in December

Make sure you pay a visit to the stunning WeihnachtsZauber, which is surrounded by some of Berlin’s most prominent landmarks such as the Französischer Dom and the Konzerthaus.

Besides the winter markets, there’s plenty of fascinating museums and Michelin-starred restaurants that you can take your family to have a great time!

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4. Athens, Greece

While most people think of Athens as a summer get-away, it’s actually just as vibrant and charming in the winter months!

Athens in winter with kids

With the weather being much milder than most of Europe, winter in Athens is a bliss! You can take your family on an astonishing tour of the majestic architectural wonders that this city has to offer or go on a walk along the serene beaches, all without having to deal with large crowds.

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5. Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh simply looks magical in winter as you walk around the winding streets, going past the old castles and the beautiful Princes Street Gardens as the snow slowly falls, coating the entire city in a dusting of snow!

Edinburgh in winter with kids

Go ice skating with your kids in the middle of one of the oldest cities in Europe, or go exploring the legendary Scottish highlands – there are plenty of things to do in Edinburgh in winter.

Winter in Europe can be an absolutely blissful experience as long as you know which places to visit and what to do. We hope you enjoyed reading our article, and we wish you a safe and happy journey!

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Over to you:

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