World’s Top 10 Best Christmas Vacations for Families!


Are you looking for the best Christmas vacations for families?

Our list of 10 best family Christmas vacations has got you covered!

Christmas is a time to relax and reflect on life. It is, even more, fun when you celebrate it as a family. It is a great bonding opportunity, as you eat, have fun and open gifts together.

Best family vacations over Christmas

Whether you stay at home or whether you choose one of these family Christmas trips, ultimately it is simply about being together!

For a change of environment, it is worth considering one of these 10 best Christmas vacations for families.


Best Christmas Vacations for Families

World's Best Christmas Destinations for Families

Below you will find out the list of the 10 best places to go for Christmas with kids. From destinations right around the world, something to suit those after either a white Christmas or those who prefer to spend their Christmas family holidays in the warm sun.


1. Lazy Days in Bahamas

Bahamas is one of the best Christmas holiday destinations for families and definitely one of the best Christmas beach vacations for families. 

Best Christmas beach vacations for families - Junkanoo Beach, Bahamas

Bahamas is known for its sandy beaches and island-style weather. Consider Melia Nassau Beach for your Christmas vacation with kids.

There are some beautiful family-friendly beaches; easy access for fun boat trips or maybe you want to take the kids snorkelling. Don’t forget to indulge in some beachside pampering while your kids play in the sand.

Best Christmas Vacations for Families

The Islands Of The Bahamas has great family-friendly hotels such as Atlantis. Atlantis is like the Caribbean Disneyland.

The resort features 11 pools, a 141-acre water park, a speedway for racing remote control cars, and a marine habitat with sharks, stingrays, and dolphins to swim with.  And that is only just a sample of the activities and amenities on offer.

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2. Beach and Desert Adventures in Dubai

Dubai is not only a business destination but also a place to enjoy Christmas vacation for kids.

Best family Christmas Vacations

It has family beach clubs that are great for children. The theme parks provide memorable experiences.

Walk to the beach after you have had fun at theme parks. If you love yoga and meditation, beaches are great places for that.

Best Christmas Family Vacations

With super popular tours such as the Red Dune Desert Safaris with BBQ and Dubai Red Dunes Desert Safari: BBQ, Falcon & Sandboarding, you will have fun exploring the dry areas.

Enjoy viewing the sand dunes and taking as many photos as you can. Remember your camera as you pack for that matter. 

Best Christmas holiday destinations for families

There are so many more reasons as to why Dubai is one of our top Christmas getaways with kids and it ranks as one of the best places to visit for Christmas with family!

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3. A Caribbean Island Holiday at Jamaica

Jamaica is known for its rich culture. It has amazing places to go enjoy Christmas with your family.

One of the really great places to stay at Christmas with children is Bluefields Bay. It has six private villas, which allow families to have quality time together.

Best Christmas beach vacations for families

Christmas is a time to relax. Jamaica has so much on offer, from lazy days on sandy beautiful beaches to snorkelling to hiking through the rainforest to find another stunning waterfall.

Don’t forget about the famous blue lagoon and if you are feeling adventurous there are plenty of road trips to explore. 

Best Christmas holidays for families

Island holidays are some of the best Christmas family vacation ideas and the best Christmas getaways for families, don’t you think?

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4. Wintery Holidays at Quebec, Canada

Christmas in Canada comes when the weather is cold. But who doesn’t love a white Christmas?

Best Christmas Getaways for Families

Quebec has loads on offer for families in the Christmas season, such as the German Christmas Market, a true Christmas Village where the snow, lights, and European architecture create a magnificent setting, as well as a selection of Christmas-themed tours.

Best Christmas trips for families

Add in the fact that the kids can enjoy a large variety of snow activities. There really is something really magical about Quebec at Christmas time!

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5. Cape Town, South Africa

South Africa is an amazing country to visit for family Christmas breaks. At this time, the weather is usually conducive (summer) to enjoy as many activities as you like.

Best Christmas destinations for families

The most popular things to do here is to of course head up to Table Mountain via the cable cars. Not only will the kids love the experience of the ride up, but they will also most likely spot a lot of wildlife upon the mountains as well.

Talking about wildlife, two other popular activities are to go and visit the gorgeous little penguins at Boulders Beach, as well as head out on a boat to see the seals on Seal Island.

Best Christmas vacation for families

There are museums if your children wish to learn more on apartheid. Malls and boutiques are all over the place offering high-quality items. 

You can go for boat rides or simply relax on one of the stunning beaches. Such a fantastic destination for family Christmas holidays.

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6. Santa’s Lapland in Finland

Any place with the word Santa in it is a great destination for your family vacations for Christmas.

Best family vacations for Christmas

This place has wildlife to marvel at such as hares and Arctic fox. Considering Christmas in Finland is during the cold season, prepare to engage in fun activities such as snowmobiling, dog sledging, and toboggan racing.

Best family vacations for Christmas

During the night, the Northern Lights look amazing that you will not help but stare for a while.

The Santa Control Center is great for kids. There is also an ice gallery for extra fun. Christmas trips for families doesn’t get much more Christmas themed than this!

Best Christmas Destinations with Kids

This is one of our top and best Christmas holidays for families and has to be one of the best fun family Christmas vacations for sure!


7. Walt Disney Land, Florida

Disney Land is the dream vacation destination for any child who knows the contribution of this place to film.

Take your kids Walt Disney Land in Florida and let them enjoy seeing the different activities at this place. They range from cultural shows to viewing the castle.

Best places to spend Christmas with kids

On Christmas, the ‘’Epcot Center’s Holidays around the World’’ is the spot to be. It showcases how different cultures celebrate Christmas.

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8. Santa Claus Village, Finland

For a truly unique and unforgettable experience, head north to Finland’s Arctic Circle. Not only will your kids get to meet Santa himself, but they will also enjoy scouting out his reindeer throughout the forests. 

Best Christmas vacations with kids

Spoil the kids and take them to the amusement park called Santa Park not far from the village or head out to enjoy some of the wintertime snow activities on offer.

This holiday might be a tad expensive, but it truly will be one to remember! I recommend that you look into it and see if there are any Christmas vacation packages for families available for next this year!


9. Turks and Caicos

If you have already been to the Bahamas for Christmas, Turks and Caicos should be your next destination. It is one of the Caribbean islands and has a lot to offer for your Christmas celebration.

Best family vacations at Christmas

There is a variety of accommodation here including hotels and villas. Be sure to find one that suits your family size.

The villas, for example, have kitchens where you can prepare that meal you have missed a lot after eating much of the local cuisine.

Enjoy the 45,000-square-foot water park, which includes a surf simulator, lazy rivers, and waterslides. Wake up to the refreshing breeze on the island and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Best family vacations over Christmas

A beach is a great place for your children to enjoy playing around. The restaurants offer drinks and food for all of you to try out.

Turks and Caicos have got it all, and that is why this is on our list of the best Christmas trips for families and ranks as one of the best Christmas destinations for families!

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10. Sydney, Australia

Sydney is one of the main cities in Australia. If what you are looking for in a vacation destination is experiencing the city life, then you are making the right choice going to Sydney.

Best Christmas Vacation

Christmas in Sydney is a big event. The streets are always lit up, the highlight being the Martin Place Christmas tree.

The air is filled with Christmas music and free family concert in Hyde Park. There are actually street choirs singing carols during the festivity.

Best Family Trips for Christmas

There are parks and beaches to enjoy on Christmas day. Go to Taronga Zoo and enjoy seeing Australian wildlife.

Take a cruise and enjoy the blue waters. There is a lot to see in Sydney considering it is a CBD. There are boutiques, restaurants, and store to enjoy.

Best Christmas vacations for families

Your kids will love the fireworks in the city. Ensure you are in Australia by November 26 to experience the full pre-Christmas package or head down around Christmas time and stay until the spectacular New Year’s Eve Fireworks!

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To go on the best Christmas vacation for families are about finding the best Christmas destinations with kids accommodation. It is also about finding places that will be fun for your children and you as well.

With the above list of 10 best Christmas family vacations, there must be a few you find interesting, but we would love to know more about your family Christmas vacation ideas.


Over to you:

  • Which of these 10 best family Christmas vacations would you most like to enjoy?
  • Do you have any other Christmas vacation ideas for families or Christmas vacations with kids that you can add to our list?


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World's Top 10 Best Christmas Vacations for Families!

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