Introducing Andrzej Ejmont: Co-Founder and Australian Travel Blogger at Wanderlust Storytellers

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Introducing Andrzej Ejmont:

Co-Founder and Australian Travel Blogger at Wanderlust Storytellers

Australian Travel Blogger Andrzej Ejmont co-founder of Wanderlust Storytellers

Andrzej, tell me a short story about yourself:

I was born in Poland and grew up in a small town called Ketrzyn. I moved to Australia in 1996 and have been living here ever since.

I guess, if you are asking me who I am, I would say I am a family man. The best idea I have ever had was to start a family with my gorgeous wife Jolene. Together with Katie-Lee and Lily, my life long dream of being a husband and a father is complete. Well, we are hoping for one more to join our family, and hopefully soon. haha. We will keep trying.

I am a dreamer, painter and spontaneous creator. Haha, I had to think about that one. I always dream big and when I get excited about something I just need to get it and explore it, whatever it is. I love painting with acrylics on large canvas and let my mind speak through my paint-covered hands. Spontaneous creator, I guess it just explains how I live my life. I absolutely love jumping into my ideas with both feet and wholeheartedly.

Why did you become an Australian travel blogger?

How I became an Australian travel blogger, well. Short story here: My wife has showed me this one blogger’s post on her iphone three months ago and told me how awesome it must be to travel, write about it and take some pics.  I guess that’s when it all started. I said to her, that we can do it too!! To which she replied: NO, how can we do something like that with all the millions of jobs and responsibilities that we have, etc etc.

Well, three days later, after lots of talking, reading more blogs … and research … and talking … and thinking, we decided to just give it a go. We knew that it was not gonna be easy and that the road to success will require sacrifice of other dreams, like her study, but our love for travel, love for exploring combined with our creative minds and spontaneous excitement was enough to say one giant YES!!

From now on we simply want to travel more, take some amazing pictures. We want to put our feet in the places we only dreamt of and share our stories with others to inspire them to get up of their couches and travel more.

Why is travel so important to you?

I love going to different countries, especially where they don’t speak my language. I think it’s just absolutely awesome to loose yourself in a moment, eat some different food and flavours that you have never tried. To see places that you could only see on TV or pictures on google search and to be able to walk those streets, touch those walls and breath the air.

I think it’s just a want to leave an impression on the ground where you go, to engrave the images in my mind and soul, so I can know that I lived and did it to the fullest. I think, to travel the world and to really see it with your own eyes, it is one of the best things that you can do in your life.

What is your favourite thing about travelling as a family?

The best thing about travel together with your family is the bonds you create with each other. To be able to hold my wife’s hand and seeing my kids happy faces, whilst exploring places that we have never been to, is priceless! I want to be able to say, that I have given my family the world, or at least a taste of it. I want our kids to be free, to be confident, to learn about cultures, to see more of the world and pass on the travel bug to their kids.

Which country has been your favourite?  And can you tell us why?

Well, I got to say Poland and Australia will always be dear to my heart, because I call them both home. But if it is about travelling, my favourite at the moment would have to be Italy.

Italy is just an absolutely amazing country. We have travelled around half of Italy, from majestic Rome, through picturesque Tuscany, to peaceful and enchanting Venice and to dreamlike honeymoon destination of Amalfi Coast. Just answering this question makes me want to go there now. Ok, see you later, just bought another ticket for tonight..haha I wish! Next time we are in Europe, we will go back to Italy for sure.

Have you ever been to any destinations that you did not particularly enjoy?

I think that would have to be Romania. I was a kid back than and we were driving with my family from Poland through to Bulgaria.  Back then, Romania, was ruled by a dictator and the country suffered greatly. We only stopped the car once to have a rest in the capital, because it just didn’t feel safe there.

In every little town or village, crowds of kids stormed out on the road slowing us down to walking speed. All of them had had their hands stretched out to us, begging for something, anything. Didn’t feel particularly good at all. I remember opening a window slightly and passing some lollies to them. Terrible times.

Didn’t help to be stopped at the border with Bulgaria by a lonely soldier with a machine gun stealing my fathers sunglasses I believe…  Anyway, that was a long long time ago, so I’m sure things must be much better in Romania.

Which countries are on the top of your bucket list?

It has got to be French Polynesia island of Bora Bora, South Africa, Egypt, Spain and Peru. I could list many more, but that’s the top ones.

Where will you be travelling to next?

I am so excited about this one it’s not funny!! We are off to Vietnam. I am ready for the cultural experience of a lifetime, dig into some delicious local cuisine, put my feet on the trails of Sapa, get on a most luxurious Halong Bay cruise and relax in the awesome Victoria Hotel in Hoi An.

3 weeks to go!! Are we there yet???

What is the craziest thing you have every done on a holiday?

I don’t really know what would be the craziest thing really. Maybe the stupidest thing I’ve done was to stand on the edge of the stone wall of San Marino, Italy, with a something like 700 metre drop behind me on a windy day, just to take a photo. I think the craziest thing is yet to come. Any dares??

What is the worst thing that has ever happened to you on your travels?

I was a teenager and together with my friend Piotrek, I went on an organised holiday tour to Hungary. We were in Budapest at the Luna Park having fun. When we came back to the meeting place, where our bus supposed to be, there was no one there.

It was kind of funny running around and trying to find the rest of our group somewhere and we even snapped a few photos to remember the day, but the reality was we were lost in the city that we did not know and no one spoke our language. The taxi driver, knew well that we didn’t know anything about the rules or prices and wanted to take all of our money to take us back to the town we were staying at.

Luckily, after some time running around and checking few sites that we’ve been to previous to Luna park, our bus tour realized they missed us and came back for us.

If you could give your readers only one tip about travel, what would it be?

Man, that’s a good one, because there are some many. I think the simplest one is the best. Actively chase your dreams!! 

A second tip would be to be prepared. As a man I love to feel like everyone is safe and that I have a plan that is manageable.

It can help to have some handy travel products as well. You can find some of my favorite travel gear for men here.

Some of Andrzej’s favourite travel shots:

Australian Travel Blogger Andrzej Ejmont Wanderlust Storytellers

Australian Travel Blogger Andrzej Ejmont Wanderlust Storytellers

Australian Travel Blogger Andrzej Ejmont Wanderlust Storytellers

Australian Travel Blogger Andrzej Ejmont Wanderlust Storytellers

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Andrzej Ejmont

Andrzej believes life to be a never ending adventure. Originally from Poland, he is a devoted husband and father. Dedicated and enthusiastic to chase all his dreams. Storytelling to entice other families to travel.