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After the best eSIM for Europe travel in 2024? We got you covered!

Exploring Europe is an incredible experience, with its stunning destinations that span from the breathtaking Mediterranean coastlines of Greece and Italy to the scenic landscapes of Switzerland, Austria, and Poland, to mention a few.

This diverse collection of European countries truly offers a captivating and unforgettable travel opportunity.

One thing that many travelers may not realize is that having an eSIM can be extremely beneficial when planning a trip.

What is an eSIM?

An eSIM (Embedded Subscriber Identity Module) is a portable form of SIM card for mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets.

It allows you to have access to data plans from different providers in over 180 countries worldwide, including in Europe.

On top of being able to access different carriers, you also have the ability to switch between them without having to swap out your physical SIM card each time – saving you time and money.

🏆 BEST eSIM for Europe

Don’t have time to read the whole article? The best choice for the European eSIM is:
Holafly eSIM Europe

The most important aspect of finding the best eSIM provider when traveling in Europe is coverage.

With so many options available it can be hard to know which company is best suited for your needs and what data plan works best for your budget.

That’s why we at Wanderlust Storytellers have done all the legwork for you and compiled a list of the best eSIM providers in Europe.

Our reviews provide an unbiased overview of each provider’s coverage, pricing plans, and more so that you can make an informed decision when selecting your eSIM provider.

Nomad eSIM Review - Instagram and Wanderlust Storytellers website page open on the iPhone

With our help, you can easily find the perfect eSIM provider for your European travels – giving you all the benefits of an eSIM without any of the hassle.

So let us take you through our recommended eSIM options so that you have the perfect data plan to keep you connected along the way!

Quick Guide: Best eSIM for Europe Travel

After a quick list of the top eSIM for Europe? Here are the best eSIM Europe options:

#1 TOP Pick
Best eSIM for Europe Travel - Holafly eSIM for Europe Travel


  • Cross-countries unlimited data plans
  • Chose from 5 to 90 days of coverage
  • 24/7 customer support
#2 Pick
Best eSIM for Europe Travel - Nomad eSIM for Europe


  • 30 or 35 countries plan options
  • 1-20GB plans 7-30 days coverage
  • No calls/texts, it is data only eSIM
#3 Pick
Best eSIM for Europe Travel - Andrzej Ejmont standing in front of Eiffel Tower

Bouygues My European eSIM

  • Coverage in all 52 countries
  • 30GB for 30 Days 4G/LTE
  • Unlimited calls/sms within Europe

The 15 Best eSIM for Europe

Here is your guide to the best eSIM for Europe travel for your family. Your only task is to choose one!

1. Holafly eSIM Europe (Unlimited Data Plan)

Holafly eSIM for Europe Travel Review
  • User Rating: 4.7 Stars
  • Data: Unlimited data
  • Valid For: 5-90 Days
  • Service Speed: 4G/LTE/5G like a local data line
  • Phone Calls: Includes calls within Europe
  • SMS Text: Only on WhatsApp or iMessage apps
  • Local Phone Number: keep your traditional cards for making or receiving phone calls (we get a pre-paid local card for backup)
  • View Plans and Prices on Holafly

Getting a Holafly eSIM is a breeze! With just a few clicks online, you can snap one up and get it activated in minutes.

It’s a prepaid service, so you can grab your unlimited plan in advance and activate it whenever you reach your destination.

Plus, this nifty eSIM seamlessly switches between network providers as you hop across countries.

And the best part? Holafly’s eSIM service is way more budget-friendly than those pricey international roaming plans.

Keep your WhatsApp number and local SIM card connected to your cell phone hassle-free, so that you can receive calls.

Need a helping hand? Holafly’s got you covered with their super helpful 24-hour customer support via email and even quicker responses on WhatsApp.

When we were traveling in Europe, we used the Holafly 60-day Unlimited Data eSIM package, and we had no issue.

Holafly eSIM for Europe

Here is the price list, so that you can choose the best eSIM data pack option for you:

5 Days Unlimited Data – $18.87
10 Days Unlimited Data – $33.77
15 Days Unlimited Data – $46.68
20 Days Unlimited Data – $53.64
30 Days Unlimited Data – $63.57
60 Days Unlimited Data – $83.44
90 Days Unlimited Data – $98.33

Take a note here. You won’t receive a local number as the product is for multi-country travel.

You cannot share data with the product, so you cannot hotspot to another device such as a laptop or a family member’s phone.

The eSIM is a data-only service, so you cannot make local or international calls, but WhatsApp and Facetime calls are possible. For that, you’ll need to use your primary card.

Find out if your smartphone is compatible with the Holafly eSIM here.

Check out our detailed Holafly eSIM for Europe review here.

2. Nomad eSIM

Nomad eSIM Review - iPhone with Nomad eSIM app open
  • Rating: 4.4 Star-rating
  • Data: 1-20 GB Plans
  • Valid For: 7-30 Days options
  • Coverage: 30 or 35 different countries plans
  • Service Speed: 4G/LTE with possibility of 5G in some spots
  • Phone Calls: No calls, data-only plans
  • SMS Text: No texts, data only
  • View Plans and Prices on:

Installing and activating the Nomad eSIM on a device is an absolute breeze.

Plus, it seamlessly syncs with a wide range of smart devices, such as tablets, laptops, wearables, and smartphones, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience.

Whether you’re on the go or at home, this versatile technology effortlessly integrates into your daily life, making it easier than ever to stay connected and in control.

Nomad eSIM Review

Nomad’s eSIM marketplace operates globally in over 165 countries. They offer eSIM cards for iOS and Android, available on their online website.

Simply choose the plan for Europe that suits you best and make a purchase, just like we did.

During the one-time registration, the mobile app asks for basic information such as your name, email, and mobile phone number.

Once registered, managing your international data plans becomes effortless from any of your connected devices.

We have also used the Nomad eSIM in Australia. If you are interested, you can check out our detailed Nomad eSIM review here.

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3. Bouygues My European eSIM

Best eSIM for Europe travel, Bouygues eSIM for Europe
  • Rating: 4.2 Star Rating
  • Data: 30GB
  • Valid For: 30 Days
  • Coverage: All Europe (52 different countries)
  • Service Speed: 4G/LTE
  • Phone Calls and Texts: Unlimited within Europe
  • Bonus: 25 Euro credit available for phone calls and texts to international and France overseas numbers are FREE
  • Local Phone Number: This eSIM card comes with a French phone number
  • View Plans and Prices on: SimOptions

My European eSIM is the perfect companion for your next trip to Europe.

You get a pretty standard 30GB of high-speed 4G/LTE data.

Stay connected wherever you go, with coverage in 52 awesome countries across the continent. Very cool!

Paris with a Baby at the Eiffel Tower

Plus, your My European eSIM also includes unlimited calls and texts within all of Europe, as well as 25 Euro credit for calls and texts to international and France overseas numbers.

With this eSIM card, staying connected while traveling has never been easier!

4. Orange Holiday Europe eSIM 30GB

Best eSIM for Europe Travel - Orange Holiday Europe 30GB
  • Rating: 4.2 Star Rating
  • Data: 30GB Europe Plan
  • Valid For:30 Days
  • Coverage: All Europe
  • Service Speed: 4G/LTE
  • Phone Calls: Unlimited in Europe, 120 Mins from Europe to worldwide
  • SMS Text: Unlimited in Europe, 1000 SMS from Europe to worldwide
  • Local Phone Number: This eSIM card comes with a French phone number
  • View Plans and Prices on: SimOptions

With this Orange eSIM card, you get a massive 30 GB of data in Europe on 4G/LTE, along with unlimited calls and SMS within Europe.

And wait, there’s more! You also get 120 minutes of international calls to anywhere outside of Europe, plus 1000 SMS messages from Europe to anywhere in the world.

The best part? It comes with a French phone number, so you can enjoy local rates when you make calls.

Just a heads up, after the first 30 days, you’ll need to complete a Know Your Customer (KYC) process as required by French law to keep using the SIM card.

It’s valid for 6 months and can be renewed based on your recharge plan.

But hey, remember, you only get one QR code for this SIM card, so be careful not to delete it, alright?

Oh, and don’t forget to make sure your phone is eSIM compatible before you buy – most modern phones are!

Best eSIM for Europe Travel - airalo eSIM for Europe - Eurolink
  • Rating: 3.7 Star Rating
  • Data: 10GB of Data Only Plan
  • Valid For: 30 days
  • Coverage: 39 European Countries
  • Service Speed: 5G/LTE
  • Local Phone Number: Not available, need a separate SIM for calls
  • View Plans and Prices on: Airalo

Airalo’s Eurolink eSIM for Europe is a great choice for travelers who want to stay connected.

This prepaid data-only eSIM comes with a small 10GB of data and can be easily topped up with various plans.

With this eSIM, you’ll enjoy blazing-fast 5G speeds on compatible devices (make sure you have the latest iOS version for optimal 5G performance).

Airalo’s Eurolink covers 39 European countries, and their customer service is pretty good with 24/7 chat support in case you need them.

6. O2 Go Card Prepaid

Best eSIM for Europe Travel - O2 eSIM for Europe
  • Rating: 4.7 Stars
  • Data: 10GB Data
  • Valid For: 30 days
  • Coverage: 36 Countries
  • Service Speed: 4G/5G/LTE
  • Phone Calls: Unlimited within Europe
  • SMS Text: Not included
  • Local Phone Number: This eSIM card comes with a Chech Republic phone number
  • View Plans and Prices on: SimOptions

Planning a to Europe? Say goodbye to roaming worries with O2’s eSIM.

Stay seamlessly connected, effortlessly share your incredible experiences, and keep your loved ones in the loop with 10GB of data.

What’s more, when you top-up for the first time, enjoy an extra US$2 credit.

And if you need to chat with your fellow travelers, take advantage of free calls and texts within the extensive O2 network.

Travel with peace of mind and explore Europe to the fullest! That’s what we all want and the best way to be.

7. Orange Holiday Zen

Cinque Terre Photo Shoot with Wanderlust Storytellers - Flytographer
  • Rating: 4.5 Stars
  • Data: 12GB Plan
  • Valid For: 14 days
  • Coverage: 30 EU Countries
  • Service Speed: 4G/LTE
  • Phone Calls: Unlimited within Europe
  • SMS Text: Unlimited within Europe
  • Local Phone Number: This eSIM card comes with a French phone number
  • View Plans and Prices on: SimOptions

Orange Holiday Zen eSIM offers a super convenient and budget-friendly way to stay connected while traveling abroad.

This eSIM is great for when you are traveling only for a fortnight.

You get 12GB of high-speed 4G data for 14 days, and you can browse the internet in 30 European countries without worrying about annoying roaming charges.

Plus, with unlimited calls and SMS throughout Europe, and an additional 30 minutes of calls and 200 SMS to anywhere else in the world, this plan is perfect for globetrotters who want to stay connected without breaking the bank.

8. Orange Holiday eSIM 50GB

Best eSIM for Europe Travel - Orange Holiday Europe 50GB
  • Rating: 4.5 Stars
  • Data: 50GB Data Plan
  • Valid For: 30 days
  • Coverage: write
  • Service Speed: 5G/LTE
  • Phone Calls: Unlimited within Europe,
  • SMS Text: Unlimited within Europe
  • Local Phone Number: This prepaid eSIM card comes with a French phone number
  • View Plans and Prices on: SimOptions

Planning a European adventure with the fam? Look no further than the Orange Holiday Europe 50GB eSIM!

OK, maybe I got a bit excited, but we do like this one for sure.

This is a decent-size plan eSIM and it’s got you covered with speedy data in 5G/LTE. Might not be 5G everywhere you go though.

Get directions, stream music, watch videos, and use all your fave apps worry-free with the whopping 50GB of data.

You also get unlimited calls and texts within Europe, 120 minutes of calls worldwide, and 1000 SMS worldwide.

No limits on video or other activities, and it works with any device!

Plus, it’s top-up compatible for your convenience.

Just remember, to keep using the SIM after 30 days, complete the Know Your Customer (KYC) process as per French law.

9. Smart Comfort Budget eSIM Europe 5GB

Zakopane with Kids, in Poland
  • Rating: 4.6 Stars
  • Data: 5GB
  • Valid For: 15 days
  • Coverage: 30 Countries
  • Service Speed: 4G/LTE
  • Phone Calls: Not included
  • SMS Text: Not included
  • View Plans and Prices on: SimOptions

The budget option for the eSIM with SimOptions is perfect for those looking to save money while traveling.

Through this service, customers can purchase an eSIM with 5GB of data that is valid for 15 days and can be used in 30 Countries.

Yup, there is no bonus here. This plan does not come with a phone number and does not include any calls or texts.

This makes it ideal for those who need short-term access to the internet while traveling without having to deal with additional costs.

Definitely not the best one for us heavy data users, as it does not have much data, and we spend a tonne of time online.

10. AirHub eSIM for Europe

Colmar in Italy a country near Switzerland to visit by train or car
  • Rating: 3.8 Star-rating
  • Data: 25GB
  • Valid For:30 days
  • Coverage: Europe
  • Service Speed: 4GLTE
  • Phone Calls: Unlimited calls within Europe
  • SMS Text: Unlimited texts inbound within Europe
  • Local Phone Number: This European eSIM card comes with an optional UK phone number
  • View Plans and Prices on: AIRHUB

AirHub’s eSIM for Europe is like the ultimate hack for travelers wanting to cut down on those annoyingly high roaming bills.

Their eSIMs are super affordable and a breeze to set up, starting at just $11.

You can choose from a bunch of plans and options – unlimited minutes, unlimited data, you name it.

So, you can easily find the perfect plan that suits your needs, no matter how much you rely on your phone while traveling.

And guess what? They’ve got a support team available 24/7 to make sure you’re always happy with your chosen plan.

And if you ever need to switch things up, no worries!

You can do it online or give their customer support staff a call. We like easy, don’t you?

11. SimOptions eSIM Europe 50GB

Travel Destinations for Students
  • Rating: 4.3 Stars
  • Data: 50GB
  • Valid For: 60 Days
  • Coverage: 30 Countries
  • Service Speed: 4G/LTE
  • Phone Calls: Not included
  • SMS Text: Not included
  • Local Phone Number: Not available
  • View Plans and Prices on: SimOptions

SimOptions eSIM is great for people who want to chill in one place for a bit without needing calls, texts, or a local number.

You get a whopping 50GB of data that’ll keep you going for a cool 60 days.

So, you’re covered for a good long stretch!

12. Ubigi eSIM for Europe 50GB

Best eSIM for Europe Travel - Ubigi eSIM for Europe
  • Rating: 4.5-star rating
  • Data: 50 GB Data-Only
  • Valid For: 30 days
  • Coverage: write
  • Service Speed: 4G/LTE + some 2G and 5G
  • View Plans and Prices on: Ubigi

The Ubigi eSIM for Europe is the perfect solution for staying connected while traveling.

We chose the 50GB plan, as it is a very decent size plan for a 30-day travel in Europe. It’s a bit expensive though.

It offers a one-time data plan that makes it a breeze to top up without Wi-Fi or data credit.

Plus, it provides instant setup in an eSIM-enabled device. If you have any questions or issues during your European travel journey, don’t worry!

English-speaking customer service is available to assist you.

No matter where you go in Europe, Ubigi has got you covered!

You might be swapping from 3G, to 4G and in some countries to 5G as you go.

13. Bouygues Telecom Travel Basic+

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  • Rating: 4.3 Star Rating
  • Data: 15GB Data Plan
  • Valid For: 15 days
  • Coverage: 28 Countries
  • Service Speed: 4G/LTE
  • Phone Calls: Unlimited within Europe
  • SMS Text: Unlimited within Europe
  • Local Phone Number: This eSIM card comes with a French phone number
  • View Plans and Prices on: SimOptions

Bouygues Telecom eSIM is an incredibly flexible and cost-effective way to stay connected while traveling in Europe.

With the 15GB data plan, it should last you a little while whilst it’s valid for 15 days.

What we really like about this eSIM, is that it comes with unlimited phone calls and text messages within 38 European countries.

Best of all, this eSIM also includes a French phone number so you can communicate with ease and stay connected to friends, family, or colleagues back home.

So what are you waiting for? Get your eSIM from Bouygues Telecom – it’s the perfect companion for your next adventure in Europe!

14. AloSIM eSIM for Europe

The Blue Grotto Gozo Malta
  • Rating: 4.5 Stars
  • Data: 1, 2, 3, 5 or 10GB
  • Valid For: 7, 15, and 30 days (depending on the plan)
  • Coverage: 32 Countries
  • Service Speed: 4G/LTE
  • Phone Calls: Not applicable
  • SMS Text: Not applicable
  • Local Phone Number: Not available
  • View Plans and Prices on: AloSIM

AloSIM eSIMs offer an ideal solution for travelers exploring Europe and seeking seamless data access.

What we love about the AloSIM, you can choose from flexible data plans ranging from 7 to 30 days, available in 32 European countries.

The AloSIM eSIMs are exclusively focused on data services, without the need for a local phone number, calls, or texts.

Experience the freedom of choice with data plans like 1GB for 7 days, 2GB for 15 days, or 3GB, 5GB, or 10GB for a 30-day adventure.

15. Three (3) PAYG Data Pack

Best eSIM for Europe Travel - 3 Three SIM 10GB data pack
  • Rating: 4.8 Stars
  • Data: 10GB Data Only
  • Valid For: 30 days
  • Coverage: 56 Countries
  • Service Speed: 4G/LTE
  • View Plans and Prices on: SimOptions

Yeah, Three (3) SIM Card is not an eSIM but an actual physical SIM card.

But hey, I wanted you to have options, you know?

It’s perfect for those who can’t get an eSIM or simply prefer the good ol’ plastic card.

Just pop it into your device and boom, you’re good to go!

And hey, if you need a physical card for your kid’s iPad or similar, this is a solid choice.

It gives you 10GB of data for 30 days, so no calls or texts, but it’s perfect for their browsing needs.

Oh, and get this – you can use this card in 56 European countries and still get a solid 4G/LTE connection.

Keep in mind, that you can top it up with either a credit card registered to a UK address or THREE UK top-up vouchers.

It may have some limits, but if you want that physical presence and awesome coverage across Europe, this is a stellar choice.


Here are some answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about eSIM for Europe:

What is an eSIM?

An eSIM (embedded SIM) is like a digital SIM card that’s actually in your device.

It connects you to a cellular network so you can make calls, send texts, and browse the internet without needing a physical card.

Some people also call it an embedded UICC (Universal Integrated Circuit Card), virtual SIM card, or even a downloadable SIM.

It’s getting pretty popular in smartphones, but you can also find them in smartwatches, tablets, and other cool gadgets.

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Which eSIM is best for Europe?

When choosing an eSIM for Europe, it can be tough to find the best option.

We loved using Holafly eSIM in both Europe and Thailand. Best eSIM plan for sure!

We also love and recommend Nomad eSIM services, and our third choice is Bouygues My European eSIM (it comes with a French phone number too).

All are easy to install and come with great reviews not only from us.

How to choose the best Europe eSIM provider?

Choosing the best eSIM provider for Europe can be a challenge.

When comparing different providers, it is important to look at the data offered, coverage across the continent, credit validity periods, and of course, price.

With a bit of research and comparison between providers in your chosen countries of travel, you can select an eSIM that meets your needs while giving you the best value for money.

Additionally, most providers offer customer support so you have help if something goes wrong or if you need additional assistance.

Hallstatt Landscape
Is eSIM good for Europe?

Absolutely! eSIM is a fantastic choice for Europe.

We love the fact that it makes accessing multiple networks a breeze, all on a single device.

With eSIM, you can keep your mobile network info securely stored right on your device, eliminating the hassle of swapping SIM cards for different countries.

In our opinion, it’s the ultimate flexibility for travelers!

Which Europe eSIM is best for unlimited data?

We highly recommend the Holafly eSIM.

During our recent European trip, we relied on it without any glitches, even when exploring the picturesque Greek islands.

It proved to be a seamless and reliable choice and has the best eSIM data plans.

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How do I set up eSIM on the iPhone when traveling?

Setting up an eSIM for your iPhone is easier than you think.

Open the Settings app, tap Mobile, and then tap Add eSIM.

You’ll have two options to get started: use a QR code or enter your details manually.

With either method, you should be able to set up your eSIM quickly with no issues.

Is eSIM worth it for travel?

eSIMs are the perfect technology for travelers who don’t want to worry about carrying physical SIM cards.

With an eSIM, you can easily switch between countries and new networks without the hassle of switching out physical cards.

Plus, it’s a convenient and inexpensive way to gain access to local data plans while abroad.

eSIMs are definitely worth considering for those who frequently travel abroad and need reliable data coverage at all times.

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Is eSIM better than pocket WiFi?

eSIM is 100% better than pocket WiFi if you ask us.

The best thing about the eSIM is that it’s cardless and you don’t need to carry anything else apart from your phone.

No bulky pocket WiFi, that you need to make sure not to lose.

How do I avoid roaming charges with eSIM?

With an eSIM, you can avoid roaming charges and stay connected during your travels.

With a few simple steps, you can install the eSIM and make sure that your phone is set to use only the cellular data on the eSIM instead of roaming.

Installing and activating the eSIM is easy – all you have to do is tell the phone to use it on data only.

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Can eSIM be used twice?

An eSIM technology is like a digital SIM card that lets you connect to cellular networks without a physical card.

Pretty convenient, right? But here’s the catch – each eSIM is tied to one device and can’t be reused.

So, if you want to switch devices, you’ll have to get a new eSIM.

Final Thoughts On eSIM for Europe

The eSIM for Europe isn’t just convenient—it’s a money-saver too!

No need to buy SIM cards for each new country you visit, which means big savings when traveling abroad.

🏆 BEST eSIM for Europe

Don’t have time to read the whole article? The best choice for the European eSIM is:
Holafly eSIM Europe

Plus, forget about those pesky roaming charges and expensive international calls with an eSIM for Europe.

It’s the perfect solution for globetrotters looking to stay connected across multiple countries, without the hassle of multiple SIM cards.

With just one installation, you’re all set to explore Europe and stay connected, wherever your journey takes you!

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