15 Best Airlines in Asia in 2024 (Ranked)



Looking for the best airlines to fly to Asia? We got you covered.

Wondering which airlines are best for flying to Asia? Look no further!

With our extensive travel experience in Asia, we’ve tried out multiple airlines. From Thailand to Japan, Vietnam to Cambodia, and Indonesia to Singapore, we’ve flown to all these various destinations and more!

Based on our firsthand experiences, we’ve created a blog post to help you choose the right airline for your journey.

Let us guide you in making an informed decision! If this is your first time to Asia, make sure to read more on how to plan a trip to Asia.


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Quick Guide: Best Airlines in Asia

After a quick list of the top airlines in Asia? Here are the best carriers and airlines of Asia:

#1 TOP Pick
Singapore Airlines Aeroplane

Singapore Airlines

  • Flies to most countries in Asia
  • Economy Class, Premium Economy Class, Business Class, and First Class
  • Full-Service Airline at Affordable Prices
#2 Pick
ANA Airlines Plane

ANA All Nippon Airways

  • Direct flights to most Asian cities
  • Full-service, 5-star airline
  • First class, business, premium economy, and economy
#3 Pick
Japan Airlines Plane

Japan Airways

  • Flights to most Asian countries and cities
  • Full service 5 star airline
  • First class, Business, and Economy class cabins

15 Best Airlines in Asia

In this best Asian airlines list, we’ll take a look at 15 of the best airlines in Asia and give you a rundown of their pros and cons. With this information, you will be able to pick and book flights that fit your travel needs and budget.

1. Singapore Airlines

Best Airlines to Fly to Europe, Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines is the world’s leading airline for customer service and has received the following awards:

  • World’s Best Airline in 2023 by Skytrax World Airline Awards,
  • Best Asian Airline in 2023 by Business Traveler Middle East, and
  • Best Airline (Overall) in 2023 by DestinAsian Readers Choice Awards
Singapore Airways Awards from their homepage

What to Expect When You Fly with Singapore Airlines?

Singapore Airlines Cabin

Singapore Airlines, renowned as a five-star carrier, offers a variety of features and amenities, ensuring an outstanding experience for all passengers.

With an extensive range of services, including top-notch in-flight dining options and entertainment systems, it stands out as a favorite among travelers seeking comfort and convenience.

Singapore Airlines excels at catering to various dietary needs, ensuring a delightful dining experience for those with allergies or religious dietary restrictions. They offer a wide range of mouth-watering meal options tailored to different food sensitivities.

Singapore Airlines Premium Economy Meal
Example of a Premium Economy Meal on Singapore Airlines

Enjoy a delightful experience in First Class with complimentary meals, beverages, extra legroom, increased baggage allowance, and Wi-Fi access on selected aircraft!

Business Class provides many similar luxuries to First Class, albeit with slightly reduced allowances. It is undeniably luxurious, with Singapore Airlines offering some of the finest Business Class seats available.

Singapore Airlines Business Class A350
Business Class: Singapore Airlines Airlines A350

Even if you’re traveling in Economy Class, you’ll enjoy a generous checked bag allowance of 66 pounds (30 kilograms) and complimentary meals and beverages on international flights.

Indulge in a carefully curated collection of 1,000 entertainment choices on a spacious 11.1-inch touch-screen monitor and video handset. Movies, music, and games are all perfectly tailored for your enjoyment.

Destinations Singapore Airways To In Asia:

Singapore Airways flies to most countries in Asia including Thailand, Japan, Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Vietnam, and more!

Other destinations that you can fly from in order to get to Asia:

  • USA
  • Australia
  • Spain
  • Denmark
  • Norway
  • Italy
  • New Zealand
  • South Africa

So if you are planning to fly to Asia Singapore Airways would be our top pick for you.

Singapore Airways Loyalty Program:

The KrisFlyer rewards program offers travelers the opportunity to earn miles and enjoy exclusive perks.

You can combine miles and cash to lower ticket costs and take advantage of benefits like car rental discounts and exclusive flight ticket offers.

Negatives of Choosing Singapore Airways:

While flying with Singapore Airlines has its upsides, there are a few drawbacks to consider as well.

  • Singapore Airlines tends to be pricier compared to other airlines.
  • During peak seasons, availability may be limited, so it is advisable to make your reservations well in advance.

We’ve frequently chosen Singapore Airlines as our go-to for travel due to its consistently lower fares and outstanding service compared to other airlines like Japan Airways, Cathay Pacific, and EVA Air.

Whether you’re flying Economy, Business, or First Class, Singapore Airlines has something special for everyone making it the best airline to fly to Asia.

2. ANA (All Nippon Airways)

ANA Airlines Plane

ANA is Japan’s largest, 5-star full-service airline that has won numerous awards over the years, including:

  • Prestigious 5-Star designation from SKYTRAX for the 10th consecutive year
  • World’s Best Airport Services in 2023
  • World’s Cleanest Airline in 2023
  • Best Airline Staff Service in Asia in 2023
ANA Awards for 2023

What to Expect When You Fly with ANA (All Nippon Airways)?

ANA Airlines is one of the most well-known and highly regarded names in air travel.

ANA Business Class Seats

Their planes boast both comfort and luxury, with cabins that offer a range of services to suit everyone from business travelers to families.

You can choose from First and Business Class cabins, as well as Premium Economy and Economy, so you can find the perfect fit for your budget.

Business Class passengers enjoy exclusive benefits including priority check-in, fast-track security clearance, fully flat seats, private doors, large LCD wide-screen monitors, and convenient storage closets.

ANA Airlines Meal Option
Photo Credit: ANA Facebook Page

In Economy Class, the seats are comfortable and spacious, while there are plenty of entertainment options available to keep you entertained during long flights.

And if you need to stay connected then there’s WiFi available too – though this may come at an extra cost depending on where you’re flying to.

Destinations ANA (All Nippon Airways) Flies To in Asia:

ANA flies to the following countries in Asia:

  • Thailand
  • Taiwan
  • Singapore
  • Korea
  • Philippines
  • Malaysia and more!

ANA (All Nippon Airways) Loyalty Program:

The ANA Mileage Club loyalty program is also second to none, offering bonuses like free upgrades, additional miles earned on flights, and discounted tickets.

Negatives of Choosing ANA (All Nippon Airways):

No airline is perfect and there are some negatives associated with flying ANA too.

  • Baggage fees can be expensive if you’re taking more than just a few bags with you
  • Seat selection fees may also apply depending on your flight
  • While the food quality is usually fairly good it doesn’t compare favorably to some other airlines out there

Overall though, if comfort and convenience are your top priorities when it comes to air travel then ANA will definitely meet those needs.

ANA is a great choice for anyone looking for a reliable airline experience.

3. Japan Airlines

Japan Airlines Plane
Photo Credit: Japan Airlines Facebook Page

Japan Airlines is a favorite choice for travelers and has won numerous awards including:

  • Best Economy Class at Skytrax World Airline Awards in 2023
  • World’s Best Economy Class Seat at Skytrax World Airline Awards in 2023
  • Received World Class 2022 Award and Accreditation by APEX
  • SKYTRAX 5-Star Airline for the 6th Consecutive Year
Japan Airlines Awards

What to Expect When You Fly with Japan Airlines?

Japan Airlines is known for its top-notch service and luxurious cabins, creating an unmatched flying experience.

Their cabins offer a wide range of options for their passengers, from Economy, Premium Economy, Business Class, and First Class seats you can find the right fit to suit your needs.

Japan Airlines First Class Seat
Photo Credit: Japan Airlines Facebook Page

When you fly with Japan Airlines, you can expect comfort and convenience with plenty of legroom and adjustable headrests in each seat. Business Class travelers can enjoy fully flat seats.

Economy travelers are allowed a generous checked baggage allowance of 2 bags each weighing 23 kg.

Whilst, Business Class travelers are allowed 3 bags each up to 23 kg in weight.

Japan Airlines Meal Option
Photo Credit: Japan Airlines Facebook Page

There’s also WiFi available on board as well as a complimentary meal service featuring a variety of dishes from around the world.

Destinations Japan Airlines Flies To In Asia:

Japan Airlines flies to the following cities across Asia:

  • Bangkok, Thailand
  • Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Singapore
  • Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
  • Manila, Philippines
  • Delhi and Bengaluru, India
  • Jakarta, Indonesia

Japan Airlines Loyalty Program:

As a member of their loyalty program, JAL Mileage Bank, frequent flyers can earn bonus points and rewards with every flight taken.

Negatives of Choosing Japan Airlines:

The downside to flying with Japan Airlines includes:

  • They tend to be more expensive than other airlines, so it pays to shop around before booking your flights.
  • Some passengers report that the food quality is not always up to par.

4. Cathay Pacific Airways

Cathay Pacific Aeroplane
Photo Credit: Cathay Pacific Facebook Page

Cathay Pacific has recently been awarded the Skytrax World Airlines Award for World’s Best Inflight Entertainment in 2023.

Other awards received include Best Airline and Best Business and First Class Airline in 2017 and 2018.

What to Expect When You Fly with Cathay Pacific?

Cathay Pacific Airways is a full-service airline known for its exceptional service and luxurious planes that cater to all passengers.

Cathay Pacific Airways Cabin
Photo Credit: Cathay Pacific Airways Facebook

Whether you’re flying First Class or Economy, you’ll be treated to top-notch service and amenities.

Plus, all Airbus A350 and A321neo aircraft offer in-flight Wi-Fi, so you can stay connected throughout your journey.

Business Class Cathay Reward members enjoy various perks based on their tier, such as the ability to pre-select inflight meals during long-haul flights.

Economy passengers, on the other hand, are allowed one bag weighing up to 23 kg in total for their baggage.

Destinations Cathay Pacific Flies To In Asia:

Cathay Pacific flies to the following countries in Asia:

  • China
  • India
  • Indonesia
  • Japan
  • Malaysia
  • Thailand
  • Vietnam and more!

Cathay Pacific Loyalty Program:

The Cathay Member frequent flyer program unlocks four membership tiers. Collect more miles or points to elevate your status and enjoy a range of exclusive perks!

Reserve a seat in advance, with options for both free and paid options based on your status or fare type.

Negatives of Choosing Cathay Pacific:

  • Cathay Pacific flights can come with a hefty price tag, particularly for international travel.
  • Customer service may be slow to respond and lack helpfulness.
  • Onboard amenities, including in-flight entertainment options and refreshments, are not as extensive as desired.

Cathay Pacific Airways goes above and beyond to ensure an unforgettable flying experience for every passenger.

5. EVA Air

EVA Air Airplane

EVA Air is one of the top airlines in the world and one of the leading carriers in Asia.

In the Skytrax 2021 awards, it was awarded:

  • 7th among the World’s Top 10 Airlines in 2021 for the Skytrax Awards
  • 4th place for Best Economy Class Onboard Catering
  • 5th in the World’s Best Business Class Airlines
  • 5th for the World’s Best Airline Cabin Cleanliness
  • 6th for the World’s Best Airport Services
SKYTRAX 5 Star Airline Award

What to Expect When You Fly with EVA Air?

When flying with EVA Air, passengers can enjoy a range of seating options, including Economy, Premium Economy, Premium Laurel Class (Business), and Royal Laurel Class (First).

EVA Air cabin view
EVA Air Facebook

All EVA Air flights include complimentary meals as part of the ticket price.

Choose your seat for free during online or mobile check-in within 48 hours of departure (excluding Extra Legroom Seats).

EVA Air Meal Option
EVA Air Facebook

EVA Air offers cheap airline tickets to make sure more people have a chance to be able to travel.

For those who need to stay connected during their journey, WiFi is available for a fee.

Destinations EVA Air Flies To IN Asia:

EVA Air flies to Thailand, Japan, China, and Taiwan.

EVA Air Loyalty Program:

Infinity MileageLand is EVA Air’s loyalty reward program. As a member, you will earn miles, status miles, and flight sectors when taking international flights operated by EVA Air or UNI Air.

Negatives of Choosing EVA Air:

  • Baggage allowance for passengers varies based on ticket class and flight duration. Check before booking for detailed information on allowances and restrictions per class on all routes.

Overall, EVA Air provides excellent services and facilities for a comfortable and enjoyable travel experience.

6. Korean Air

Korean Air Aeroplane
Photo Credit: Korean Air Facebook

Korean Air has been recognized by Skytrax as a Top 10 Airline in the Skytrax World Airline Awards in 2022.

It was also recently awarded the 5 Star Airline rating from Skytrax in 2023 for the second consecutive time.

What to Expect When You Fly with Korean Air?

Korean Air Cabin
Photo Credit: Korean Air Facebook

Korean Air offers travelers a comfortable way to explore the world and offers travelers three different classes, Economy, Prestige, and First Class.

Passengers can enjoy spacious seating with enhanced legroom. If you travel First Class you can experience even more luxury with the Celestial Bar Dream Lounge on the A380.

Korean Air prestige class lounge

Experience Korean Air’s delightful array of authentic Korean cuisine during your flight. Indulge in a wide range of delicious options that will satisfy your taste buds.

Plus, on long-haul flights, you can enjoy snacks throughout the journey to ensure hunger never strikes.

Wi-Fi will soon be available on all aircraft. Check your flight itinerary to see if this service is available during your travel.

Destinations Korean Air Flies To In Asia:

Korean Air flies to the following destinations in Asia

  • Singapore
  • Indonesia
  • Thailand
  • Japan
  • China and more

Korean Air Loyalty Program:

Flying with Korean Air comes with the added perk of the SKYPASS loyalty program.

As a SKYPASS member, you can earn miles through flights, as well as services like hotels, car rentals, and credit cards offered by Korean Air and partners.

Accumulated miles can be redeemed for free flights or upgrades to a higher class.

Negatives of Choosing Korean Air:

As for the negatives when flying with Korean Air:

  • Economy Class passengers only receive a 20 kg gaggage allowance which is a lot less compared to other airlines.
  • The maximum weight allowance for the Prestige Class is 30kg

However, if you are flying First Class it comes with a free baggage allowance!

7. Hainan Airways

Hainan Airlines Plane on Tarmac

Hainan Airlines, despite being a low-cost carrier still achieved the following awards:

  • SKYTRAX Five-Star Airline certification for the twelfth time
  • SKYTRAX Best Airline in China in 2023
  • SKYTRAX Best Business Class Comfort Products in the World in 2023
Hainan Airlines Awards

What to Expect When You Fly with Hainan Airlines?

Hainan Airlines offers world-class service and an exceptional flying experience, thanks to its fleet of modern airplanes.

Whether you’re seeking a relaxed Business Class flight or a comfortable Economy experience, Hainan Airlines has it all.

Its cabin classes range from the luxurious First Class to the comfortable Business Class and the affordable Economy Class.

In First and Business Class, passengers can enjoy spacious seats with plenty of legroom, complimentary drinks, and meals, as well as other amenities such as power outlets for smartphones and tablets.

Economy Class is also pleasant with wider seats than other airlines offer.

When flying with Hainan Airlines, expect excellent quality meals served in all classes, from classic Chinese dishes to international cuisine.

Destinations Hainan Airlines Flies To In Asia:

Hainan Airlines flies to the following destinations in Asia:

  • Thailand
  • Japan
  • China

Hainan Airlines Loyalty Program:

The Fortune Wings Club provides perks such as priority boarding for Economy Class passengers who have earned enough loyalty points on the Hainan Airline loyalty program.

Negatives of Choosing Hainan Airlines:

The downside of flying with Hainan Airlines is:

  • WiFi is available on most flights for an additional cost
  • Fees such as baggage fees and seat selection fees may apply depending on route and cabin class.

8. Vistara

Vistara Plane on Tarmac

Vistara airlines is India’s leading airline. It has been awarded the following allocades in the SKYTRAX awards in 2023:

  • Best Airline Staff in India and South Asia for the fifth consecutive year
  • Best Cabin Crew in India and South Asia for the third time in a row
  • Best Business Class Airline in India and South Asia for the second consecutive year
Vistara Airlines Awards

What to Expect When You Fly with Vistara?

Flying with Vistara is a unique and fulfilling experience for every traveler.

The plane offers three cabins – Economy, Premium Economy, and Business Class.

vistara cabin economy class

When you fly with Vistara, you can expect great amenities such as delicious food, comfortable Italian leather seats, and WiFi access.

Business class offers flat bead seats on certain aircraft and routes as well as priority check-in, boarding, and baggage handling. All cabin classes have access to entertainment screens and charging ports.

Meals are included in all cabin classes. They offer a wide variety of healthy options to cater to different tastes and culinary needs, including vegetarian choices.

Vistara Breakfast Meal Option
Photo Credit: Vistara Airlines Facebook Page

For Starbucks fans, they serve freshly brewed Starbucks coffee onboard all flights.

Destinations Vistara Flies To In Asia:

Vistara airlines flies to the following destinations in Asia:

  • Singapore
  • Bangkok, Thailand
  • Male, Maldives

Vistara Loyalty Program:

In terms of loyalty programs, it provides an array of benefits to its passengers through the Club Vistara program.

Negatives of Choosing Vistara:

There are some disadvantages to flying with Vistara mainly baggage allowances and fees.

  • Depending on your ticket’s fare and class, the weight allowance ranges from 15 kg for 1 piece in Economy to a maximum of 3 pieces of luggage weighing 32 kg each in Business.
  • Fly to limited destinations in Asia.

Overall the quality of service is high and more than makes up for these drawbacks.

9. China Southern Airlines

China Southern Airlines Plane
Photo Credit: China Southern Airlines Facebook Page

China Southern Airlines is the largest airlines in Asia.

What to Expect When You Fly with China Southern Airlines?

China Southern Airlines offers a range of comfortable plane cabins for travelers, including Economy, Business and First class.

Economy class features wide seats with adjustable headrests that allow for extra comfort during the flight.

China Southern Airlines Economy Class
Photo Credit: Chine Southern Airlines Facebook Page

Business class offers superior comfort with wider seats and more legroom.

First class provides the ultimate in luxury, as it combines the largest seat size with all-inclusive amenities such as personal TVs and noise-canceling headphones.

In addition, China Southern Airlines also offers complimentary meals and drinks on long haul flights. On shorter routes there are snacks and drinks select routes.

China Southern Airlines In Flight Childs Meal
Photo Credit: China Southern Airlines Facebook Page

For those looking to enjoy a hassle-free experience when flying with China Southern Airlines, they have plenty of options to choose from.

Seat selection fees are waived for all passengers meaning you don’t have to spend time on choosing the perfect spot before boarding your plane.

As far as quality goes, their staff is always courteous and friendly while their planes feature modern amenities like WiFi access throughout most of their fleets.

Destinations China Southern Airlines Flies To In Asia:

China Southern Airlines flies to a varierty of destinations across Asia, inlcluding:

  • Singapore
  • Bangkok, Thailand
  • Seoul, Korea
  • Mumbai, India
  • Bali, Indonesia
  • Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

China Southern Airlines Loyalty Program:

The airline also boasts a generous loyalty program, the Pearl Club, which rewards frequent flyers with points that can be used to purchase flights at discounted rates.

Negatives of Choosing China Southern Airlines:

On the other hand there are some drawbacks to consider before booking your ticket with this airline.

  • Baggage fees can be quite expensive depending on the route flown.
  • Food quality can sometimes leave much to be desired – especially on longer flights where meals become scarce near the end of the journey!

10. Asiana Airlines

Asiana Airlines Plane

Asiana Airlines is a full service Korean Airline that has been awarded the SKYTRAX 5 Star Airline awards for 17 consectutive years.

Asiana Airlines Awards

What to Expect When You Fly with Asiana Airlines?

Asiana Airlines‘ planes are renowned for their modern look and advanced features that make flying a comfortable and luxurious experience.

The cabins offer generous legroom, cushioned seating, and even mood lighting to create the perfect ambiance in flight.

In Flight Meal Asiana Airlines Economy Class
Photo Credit: Asiana Airlines Facebook Page

When you fly with Asiana Airlines you can also expect delicious meals prepared with fresh ingredients, complimentary drinks, screens for entertainment options including movies and TV shows on demand.

Business Class passengers enjoy spacious full flat bed seats that are easily accessible without any interference from neighboring passengers.

Economy Smartium provides more legroom than regular seats as well as special in-flight services.

Asiana Airlines Business Class Seats
Photo Credit: Asiana Airlines Facebook Page

Standard Economy class offers a more spacious seat and you can select an extra legroom seat for an additional fee.

Baggage allowances, depending on route and cabin class start at 1 piece at 23 kg per adult fare and up to 2 pieces weighing 32 kg each in Business Claass.

Destinations Asiana Airlines Flies To In Asia:

When flying with Asiana Airlines you can fly to the following destinations in Asia:

  • China
  • Thailand
  • Vietnam
  • Singapore
  • Taiwan
  • Japan and more!

Asiana Airlines Loyalty Program:

Asiana‘s loyalty program, Asiana Club, rewards frequent travelers with discounts, bonus miles, upgrades and access to exclusive lounges, making it easier than ever for loyal customers to fly in style.

Negatives of Choosing Asiana Airlines:

There are a few negatives when flying with Asiana Airlines.

  • Baggage fees can be hefty depending on the amount of luggage being travelled with.
  • Seat selection fees may also apply.
  • Wi-Fi access if you need to stay connected is available for a fee.

However overall these drawbacks shouldn’t detract too much from what is an otherwise pleasant experience.

11. Thai Airways

Thai Airways Plane

Thai Airways is a Star Alliance partner that offers a full service to passengers.

What to Expect When You Fly with Thai Airways?

Flying with Thai Airways is an experience like no other. With a fleet of modern planes, Thai Airways offers premier cabins such as Royal First Class, Royal Silk Business Class, Premium Economy and Economy Class.

Whether you’re traveling on business or pleasure, all three cabins offer comfortable seating and great service.

Thai Airways Business Class Seating Cabin

When you fly with Thai Airways, expect nothing but the best in service! The crew provides top-notch customer service while the quality of food served on board is also highly rated.

Additionally, passengers have access to complimentary WiFi onboard which makes it easy to stay connected during the flight.

Depending on the route, Thai Airways travelers can enjoy a snack or a hot meal on all flights. For special dietary requirements a range of meals are available for pre-order.

Meal on Economy Class on Thai Airways
Meal on Economy Class on Thai Airways

Baggage allowances are generous and do depened on the route when flying with Thai Airways.

Economy and Premium Economy passengers can check in 1 piece no ranging from 20 – 30kg in weight. Whilst, Royal Silk Classes have an allowance of 40kg and First Class a weight up to 50kg.

Destinations Thai Airways Flies To In Asia:

Thai Airways flies to 43 differet destinations across Asia:

  • Singapore
  • Tokyo, Japan
  • Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Hong Kong, China
  • Manila, Philippines and more!

Thai Airways Loyalty Program:

Thai Airways offer rewards programs called Royal Orchid Plus for frequent flyers.

It features a range of loyalty programs where members can earn points from their flights and can redeem them for future flights, upgrades, hotel stays and car rentals.

Negatives of Choosing Thai Airways:

The only downside to flying with Thai Airways are the additional fees that passengers have to pay for certain services such as baggage fees, seat selection fees etc.

Passengers must also be aware that seats may be small and cramped at times so comfort is not always guaranteed.

12. Bangkok Airways

Bangkok Airways Plane
Photo Credit: Bangkok Airways Facebook Page

Bangkok Airways is a full service airline that has more recently achieved the following awards:

  • Skytrax The world’s Best Regional Airline 2023
  • Skytrax Best Regional Airline in Asia 2023
Bangkok Airways Awards

What to Expect When You Fly with Bangkok Airways?

Although also described as Asias Boutique Airline, Bangkok Airway’s planes offer comfortable and modern cabins to make your travel experience enjoyable.

Whether you’re flying Economy or Business Class (Blue Ribbon Class) you can expect quality seats and an in-flight meal that won’t disappoint.

Bangkok Airways Economy Meal Option
Photo Credit: Bangkok Airways Fcaebook Page

Asia’s Boutique Airline offers free in-flight meals on all flights. Enjoy a satisfying meal at no extra cost, even on short-haul trips. Passengers can also request special dietary options like vegetarian, low-fat, low-calorie, Kosher, Hindu, and Muslim meals.

For those who value flexibility and time-efficiency, Bangkok Airways offers a range of services to ensure your journey is convenient.

From online check-in options to seat selection fees, you can easily customize your experience according to your preferences.

Business Class Cabin Bangkok Airways
Photo Credit: Bangkok Airways Facebook Page

While these perks come with a price tag, budget travelers needn’t worry — there are plenty of ways to keep costs down such as free baggage allowance or discounted fares if booked in advance.

Economy Class passengers are allowed a maximum weight allowance of 20 kilograms.

Blue Ribbon Class (Business Class) passenegers are allowed a maximum weight allowance up to 40 kilograms.

Destinations Bangkok Airways Flies To In Asia:

Bangkok Airways flies to the followig destinations in Asia:

  • Malaysia
  • Cambodia
  • Maldives
  • Vietnam
  • China
  • Laos
  • Myanmar

This is a great airline choice if you are already in Asia and wanting to get a cheap flight to an Asian country close by.

Bangkok Airways Loyalty Program:

FlyerBonus is Bangkok Airways’ reward program. Earn points and travel awards on domestic and international flights.

Redeem points for an overnight stay at top hotel partners and access their lounges.

Negatives of Choosing Bangkok Airways:

The downside to traveling with Bankgkok airways is that the in flight entertainment has been suspened on flights.

Overall, flying with Bangkok Airways promises the perfect balance between luxury and affordability for the traveler seeking an exciting adventure in Southeast Asia!

13. AirAsia

AirAsia Plane on Tarmac

World’s Best Low-Cost Airline at the Skytrax World Airline Awards 2023 (Skytrax) for an unprecedented 14th consecutive time. 

Skytrax AirAsia Award
Photo Credit: AirAsia Website/News

What to Expect When You Fly with AirAsia?

AirAsia is one of the world’s leading low-cost airlines, offering incredible value for money and a comfortable way to reach your destination.

The airline operates an extensive fleet of Airbus A320 family aircraft, featuring cabins with various seating classes, including comfortable Premium seats.

AirAsia premium flatbed

In terms of services when flying with AirAsia, they are limited. Entertainment systems and food (if required) is to be prebooked and purchased ahead of the flight.

Without a pre-booked meal, onboard snacks like chips, nuts, chocolate, canned drinks, and bottled water are available for purchase.

Breakfast Meal Options on AirAsia
Photo Credit: AirAsia Facebook Page

Destinations AirAsia Flies To In Asia:

AirAsia flies to various countries across Asia inlcuding:

  • Singapore
  • Bangladesh
  • China
  • Philippines
  • South Korea
  • Maldives
  • Cambodia and more.

AirAsia Loyalty Program:

AirAsia Rewards, the loyalty program, lets frequent fliers earn points from favorite merchants for irresistible deals all year round. Exchange points, gift AirAsia points, and enjoy airline privileges and bonus points with Airasia credit & debit cards!

Negatives of Choosing AirAsia:

  • On the downside, there are baggage fees associated with flying AirAsia when checking in bags.
  • Depending on the route and cabin class chosen, seat selection fees may apply.
  • While food is generally of decent quality given its price range, it may not be to everyone’s taste or meet certain dietary requirements.

All in all, flying AirAsia can be a pleasant experience if you know what to expect – so make sure to do your research before making any bookings!

14. Scoot Airways

Scoot Airlines Plane
Photo Credit: Scoot Facebook Page

For the third year in a row, Scoot, the budget airline under Singapore Airlines, has been awarded the title of Best Low Cost Long Haul Airline at the prestigious Skytrax World Airline Awards 2023.

What to Expect When You Fly with Scoot?

Scoot, an airline operated by Singapore Airlines, offers two cabin options including Economy and ScootPlus.

Passengers travelling with Economy can expect value for money fares, basic snacks plus meal upgrades, and dedicated check-in counters at the airport.

Scoot Airlines Economy Class Cabin
Photo Credit: Scoot Facebook Page

For passengers who want more comfort, ScootPlus allows passengers to stretch out in comfort as you enjoy a vairety of benefits.

Priority check-in and boarding, complimentary inflight refreshments and hot meals, free WiFi and 30kg checked baggage allowance are all part of the ScootPlus fare.

When flying with Scoot you can generally expect good quality planes that are well maintained.

WiFi is available for an additional fee.

Destinations Scoot Flies To In Asia:

Scoot offer flights to the following destinations in Asai:

  • Thailand
  • China
  • India
  • Indonesia
  • Japan
  • Laos
  • Malaysia
  • Philippines and more.

Scoot Loyalty Program:

As a sister airline to Signapore Airlines, Scoot also offers the same loyalty program called KrisFlyer.

Customers are rewarded with points each time they fly. These points can be redeemed for various benefits such as exclusive discounts on airfares or access to special lounges at the airport.

Negatives of Choosing Scoot:

Being a low cost airline, any additinal extra soon add up ontop of the basic fare. These extras include:

  • Baggage fees
  • Seat selection fees
  • Wifi access

All the additional fees can vary significantly depending on where you are traveling from and to!

Make sure to read all terms before booking your ticket so you don’t get any unwelcome surprises when it’s time to pay!

15. Garuda Indonesia

Garuda Indonesia Airplane
Photo Credit: Garuda Indonesia Facebook Page

Garuda Indonesia is a full service airline that recently won the title for the World’s Best Cabin Crew at the 2023 World Airline Awards.

This is the sixth time the airline has been awarded this recognition.

What to Expect When You Fly with Garuda Indonesia?

Garuda Indonesia is a great way to travel, offering comfort and convenience for a fraction of the cost of many other airlines.

The cabins provide an array of choices, including Economy Class, Business Class, and First Class.

Garuda Indonesia First Class Cabin
Photo Credit: Garuda Indonesia Facebook Page

First Class has a sliding door for privacy, an ergonomic seat for optimal comfort that converts into a luxurious full-flat bed.

It comes with a mattress, duvet, pillows, and an ottoman for added comfort. Plus, there’s a hidden table for fine dining.

Experience ultimate comfort in Business Class. Sink into plush, ergonomic chairs with generous legroom, which can seamlessly transform into a flat bed for a rejuvenating rest.

Enjoy the convenience of flexible headrests, power sockets, and reading lamps, ensuring your journey is as relaxing as can be.

All cabins offer comfortable seating and generous legroom alongside attentive service from the in-flight crew. Seats in Economy Class recline for added comfort on longer routes.

Garuda Indonesia Airlines Meal Option
Photo Credit: Garuda Indonesia Facebook Page

When you fly with Garuda Indonesia, you can expect high quality services during your journey, including complimentary meals and inflight entertainiment with on demand TV Shows and movies.

In addition to food services, most flights offer WiFi access for a nominal fee, allowing travelers to stay connected while they are on the go.

With great amenities at an affordable price point, there is something to enjoy about every step of your journey with them.

Destinations Garuda Indonesia Flies To In Asia:

You can fly to the following destination in Asia with Garuda Indonesia:

  • Kuala Lumpur, Malyasia
  • Tokyo, Japan
  • Guangshou, China
  • Hong Kong
  • Singapore
  • Seoul, Korea
  • Bangkok, Thailand

Garuda Indonesia Loyalty Program:

With Garuda Indonesia’s loyalty program, GarudaMiles, members can also enjoy exclusive benefits across all classes.

Negatives of Choosing Garuda Indonesia:

It is important to note that some of the features may come with an additional fee:

  • Wifi
  • Baggage fees will vary depending on the route and size of baggage
  • Seat selection fees may apply if certain seats are requested
  • Food choices such as vegetarian options may not be included in complimentary meals on shorter routes

Overall, Garuda Indonesia provides a great value for money when it comes to air travel.

FAQs About Top Airlines in Asia

Here are some answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about the top 15 airlines in Asia.

1. Which is the best airline in Asia?

The best airline in Asia depends on your criteria for evaluation. In the 2023 Skytrax awards, Singapore Airlines ranked first, followed by Qatar Airways and ANA All Nippon Airways.

2. What is the best airline in South Asia?

Vistara is widely acclaimed as one of South Asia’s top airlines. It has received numerous awards for the safest airlines in Asia and consistently high customer satisfaction. Recently, it was honored with The Best Airline in India & South Asia at the Skytrax 2023 awards.

3. What is the largest airline in Asia?

China Southern Airlines in the biggest airlines in Asia and China. It has the largest fleet and operates over 2000 flights a day.

4. Which is Asia’s largest low-cost airline?

AirAsia is Asia’s largest low-cost airline. It operates over 150 routes across 25 countries and has an impressive fleet size of more than 200 aircrafts. It also has subsidiaries in Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines and India, among others.

5. Which is Asia’s most admired airline company?

Singapore Airlines is the most admired airline in Asia. Consistently ranked among the world’s best airlines, it was 28th on Fortune’s 2020 list of “World’s most admired companies.” As the only South East Asian-based brand, it’s the highest-ranked company in Asia.

Final Thoughts: Best Asian Airlines List

There are a lot of great options when it comes to booking flights to Asia.

But by far, our experience flying with the top Asian airlines has been the best.


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It’s no surprise that some of these airlines have made the list of the top 10 airlines in Asia and are considered the best in terms of service, comfort and convenience.

In conclusion, travelers can rest assured that their time in the air will be comfortable and safe when flying with any of the top Asian airlines listed above.

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