Top 10 Most Luxurious Business Class Seats in the World


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The current air travel industry can be compared with automotive production. Customers have to choose from dozens of brands and products to satisfy their own needs. The pricing is also made to meet the requirements of different kinds of the population.

Business Class

For example, instead of crowding in the narrow seat of the lower class, a customer can find cheap business class flights without much over-payment. On the one hand, such competition of the market of air transportation gives an impulse to the improvement of offered products and quality of services. From the other hand, a regular passenger faces a challenge in the availability of choices.

Which airline to choose?

It is a common question when you have several alternatives to fly from destination A to B.

Business Class

The following list of premium services will help you to find an answer to your question. 


Qatar Airways

The head of the rating it rightfully occupied by the Middle East representatives. If you want to experience the largest premium class seat, do not hesitate and choose Qatar. You will be amazed by the interior and services in the air.

Qatar A350 Business Class Review



Top class suites of this air company are breathtaking. Nevertheless, the cabin of business class is also worth your attention. Moreover, flying with the holder of the best airline in the world means a lot.


Interested in flying with Emirates? You can read a full review of their business class here.


Etihad Airways

Another company from UAE is a true competitor to the previous ones. Its business studios can be found on the company’s flagships. Any detail of your accommodation on the board of the aircraft will be riddled with luxury.

Etihad Business Class - A330


Turkish Airlines

Let’s move to Europe and have a look at the best air carrier of the Old World. The air company from Turkey is seriously aimed at taking the leading positions in the global air transportation and supports its ambitions with superb business class products.

Turkish Airlines B777-300ER Business Class Istanbul- Dubai


Cathay Pacific

Recently, no top rating can do without this airline from Hong Kong. Though its coverage is not as impressive as of the leaders, the quality of the premium class is amazing due to contemporary solutions for customers’ convenience.

Cathay Pacific Business Class Review - Airbus A350 XWB - Hong Kong to Auckland (CX117)



Do not be so surprised, because the recent investments of this Finnish company in the upgrade of its business class product has yielded fruit. Now, the airline holds sticks with the above-mentioned prominent companies.

Finnair A350 Business Class Review Hong Kong to Helsinki Trip Report


Singapore Airlines

This premium class seat is probably the best option for sleeping. Though all the mentioned airlines offer a seat convertible into a bed, the air carrier from Singapore provides the widest one. This is the hallmark of the company but not the only advantage.

Singapore Airlines A350-900 NEW BUSINESS CLASS REVIEW


American Airlines

This US company tries to keep pace with modern trends and solutions and recently has upgraded its premium class products. The best cabin options are available on the Boeing flagships like 777-300ER. The arrangement of other models is good but fall short of competitors.

American Airlines Boeing 777-300ER business class Los Angeles to London


United Airlines

Another American airline can be proud of its product named Polaris. This brand accumulates the latest achievements in the air travel industry and is highly appreciated by clientage. Unfortunately, not all aircraft of UA are equipped with this solution. Nevertheless, you should try it if available.

United - Introducing Polaris International Business Class


All Nippon Airways

The last place in our rating belongs to the Japanese air carrier. Nevertheless, it does not mean that its business class product is not as good as the previously mentioned ones. On the contrary, it supersedes them in certain details. If you travel to Japan, there is no need to seek for alternatives to ANA.

All Nippon Airways(ANA) Business Class From San Francisco to Tokyo Japan


Over to You:

  • Have you ever flown business class before?
  • Do you have a favourite flight carrier for your business class seat?

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