7 Reasons Why You Should Spend Time with Your Baby at The Beach


Baby at the Beach

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Spending time with your baby at the beach has more benefits than you know. And a lot of time we tend to overthink the whole idea so much, that we talk ourselves out of going altogether, on the account that it is too hard!

Well, it’s actually quite the opposite, once you try it out for yourself. Beach and the baby is a great idea and there are plenty of reasons why!

7 Reasons You Should Spend Time with Your Baby at The Beach

Here 7 reasons why you should go to the beach with a baby. You might also want to read our post about baby friendly holiday destinations, to get some ideas of where to go for a perfect beach vacation.

1. Taking the baby to the beach teaches them to be brave

For us adults, a beach is a pretty place. This is a place where we go to relax, bask in the sunshine and enjoy the sounds of crashing waves in the distance. This place is filled with plenty of nice things, such as warm sand, refreshing water and so much more. However, if you are a baby, you may see this place a little bit different!

7 Reasons why you should spent time with your baby at the beach!

A beach is a big place for a baby, a place where your baby will experience an overload of sensations. She or he will use all of her or his senses to learn about the beach and to fight the fears that come with the sense of self-preservation.

For your baby, the experience of a beach will help set the foundation for confidence and will motivate the baby to want more. Letting them conquer the beach will give them a great sense of self, and help them realize they can do anything.


2. Baby + beach equal fun!

Whilst babies are fascinated with doing things in a repetitive manner, they do get bored quite quickly! We need to stimulate their little brains and encourage them to explore more. And what better place, then the beach!

There are plenty of fun things to do at the beach for a baby! Whether it's the water, warm sand, seashells or beach rocks, your baby will keep going back to it until they feel that they have it figured out. The benefits of these games are of course for both, babies and the parents!

Your baby will be amused to no end and learn new things, all whilst you enjoy relaxation and sunbathing. Well, in our case, it is my gorgeous wife that enjoys the relaxation and I am helping to create sand castles! Haha…

Want to see which baby essentials we pack for the beach? Click here to see our guide on the best baby beach gear!


3. Because a healthy baby is a beach baby

Ok, just to clarify. Excessive sunbathing for a baby is, of course, a big no-no! However, every baby needs to get a bit of sun. Spending time at the beach with a baby allows your baby to get the much needed Vitamin D as well as keeps them very active.

Me and my baby at the beach.

Moving around or crawling on the sand can take a bit of an effort for your baby, which in turn is a very good exercise to the tiny muscles. And we all know well, that tired babies sleep better, right? Added bonus here for the parents!


4. Salty water and salty air are good for them!

As most people know, salty air and water can provide a natural cure for many things. Sea salt has an ability to prevent and reduce many of the skin’s ailments such as eczema, scaling skin conditions and much more. Also, it can clear up the baby's stuffy nose and ease their breathing. Good enough excuse to spend time with babies at the beach for me!


5. It enhances their development whilst exploring different and new textures

While you enjoy spending time at the beach with a baby, you must realize that there are many elements on the beach that a baby will become acquainted with. They will have the opportunity to explore new things that are unusual to them, which will peak their interest and help develop imagination.

Baby at the Beach

When you think, is beach and baby a good idea is a good idea, think of how many experiences you are providing for your baby. Sand, seashells, salt air from the water and much more will provide your baby fascinating yet, curious things to feel and see while exploring. There are tonnes of different textures, smells and shapes all around the beach.


 6. Baby's rest easily at the beach

Since a beach is a place of serenity and it is a place that possesses an array of different natural sounds, it has the ability to soothe and calm your baby. With the crashing waves of the ocean and other natural sounds, the beach provides a lot of white noise.

The beach will provide an atmosphere that will make it easy to put your baby down for a nap, which in turn will give you plenty of time to enjoy the serenity for yourself. Sounds good? I know it does!

We love popping our baby down for naptime in a popup beach tent, click here to see our guide about the best baby beach tents.

We find that beach tents are essential travel accessories for babies when you go away on a beach vacation.


7. Your baby will love the outdoor environment

While you may not think your baby has the ability to enjoy nature, they will prove you wrong. Babies love being outdoor and are one with nature when they are exposed to it. Babies that are more exposed to nature tend to grow up and want to be more involved with nature as an adult.

Beach and Baby

By giving them these kinds of experiences or any other outdoor excursions for that matter, we are helping to ensure a healthier lifestyle for them as well. Also, allowing them the access to an array of different beach elements might potentially help them to be a more outdoorsy and happier human being, which would be nice!

Babies are curious little people that will explore and learn a lot at the beach. The things that they learn, which are new and different to them with help them become more confident as they grow up.

Tip: When you venture out to the beach with your baby, make sure to bring a good, sand-free beach blanket. We all konw why, right?

There, of course, tonnes of other reasons why you should spend time with your baby at the beach. You, baby and the beach, means great family time! We need to saver those baby and beach moments, because they don’t last long. Soon, our beach babies grow up to toddler age and all they want to do is run around.

Well, that means not much relaxation for you anymore! Haha… So enjoy it while you can!

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