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Coffs Harbour is a beautiful coastal resort town on the Mid-North Coast of New South Wales, in amazing Australia.

It is located in a perfect little spot where the mountains tumble down to the sea, about midway between Brisbane and Sydney.

We love Coffs Harbour, so we would love to share our favorite activities and what to do in Coffs Harbour, together with our recommended Coffs Harbour accommodation options.

The bonus?  All the activities on our ‘top 5 things to do in Coffs Harbour’ list are absolutely FREE!!

Top 5 Things to Do in Coffs Harbour

Heading to Coffs Harbour or maybe just passing through on a road trip and wondering what to do? Here is our list of 5 things to see in Coffs Harbour!

1. Coffs Harbour Marina & Jetty

Coffs Harbour Tourist Attractions

The Coffs Harbour Marina & Jetty is just glorious on a perfect sunny day! 

There are a few places to have lunch here; however, the delicious cold ice creams called our names.

We enjoy walking along the Breakwater Wall towards Mutton Bird Island (more info on this in point 2).

Coffs Harbour Points of Interest - The Jetty

Now whilst the stroll around the Marina and Jetty is free, we do also have two suggestions of what to do whilst at the marina to make your trip more unique and fun – and these do cost money.

a) Hire a Jet Ski

If you like action, adventure and fun then Coffs Jet Ski Hire might be just for you, and your kids.

They hire out single and family jet skis as well as a double-seater Sea-Doo. Family-size jet skis can carry one adult and two kids.

b) Sail Out to See Humpback Whales

If you have the time, you might also like to hop on a Catamaran and head to Solitary Islands Marine Park.

It is a perfect spot to see the amazing Humpback whales congregating on their way from Antarctica. Locals say it is one of Australia’s best places for whale watching!

Click here to book a spot on the most popular whale watching tour.

2. Mutton Bird Island

Things to do in Coffs Harbour - Mutton Bird Island

Mutton Bird Island is simply beautiful! Although the island is small, the views are breathtaking, and the 1km return walk is a unique experience.

To get to the walk, simply keep walking along the Breakwater Wall at the marina, it’s pretty easy to spot!

The walk takes you past the many nesting sites of the Mutton Birds, so stay on the pathways. See if your kids can spot the nests along the way.

Things to do in Coffs Harbour - Mutton Bird Island

From the top, the view is picture-perfect. On one side, you will find a gorgeous outlook stretching from the mountain ranges, picturesque coastline, and impressive marina.

On the opposite side, you will find an incredible view over the expanse of the big, wide blue ocean.

Things to do in Coffs Harbour - Mutton Bird Island

This island is also perfect for a dose of Coffs Harbour whale watching. (For those who choose not to book a spot on the whale watching tour mentioned above).

If you want to see whales, simply walk to the opposite side of the island, and you will find a viewpoint. I suggest you bring along some binoculars.

3. Sealy Lookout

Places to visit in Coffs Harbour - Sealy Lookout

A short drive from Coffs Harbour, just off the Pacific Highway within Bruxner Park Flora Reserve, you will find this impressive architectural structure. And trust me, it’s worth it!

Even the drive up the mountain has something to offer, with its winding, narrow roads and cascading banana plantations.

The Sealy Lookout is a must-see on your list of things to do in Coffs Harbour.

Coffs Harbour Tourist Attrations - Sealy Lookout

This sky pier gives you the impression of walking right into the horizon. The beautiful view over the entire expanse of the perfect Coffs Harbour below awaits you here.

Things to do in Coffs Harbour - Sealy Lookout

See if you can spot Mutton Bird Island from way up here!

4. Charlesworth Bay Beach

Things to do in Coffs Harbour - Charlesworth Bay Beach

This peacefully tucked away Coffs Harbour beach is largely carpeted with seashells, a paradise cove!

Kids will spend hours running around and trying to collect more and more colorful shells.

What to do in Coffs Harbour - Charlesworth Bay Beach

It’s a great place to spend the day; just make sure to bring some water shoes or at least your thongs, as the shells are not fun to walk on!

5. Nature Walks – Korora Headland Walk

What to do in Coffs Harbour Korora Headland Walk

It’s like a giant lush green ‘fairytale forest’, where you can find adorable tiny mushrooms, protected by the giants we call trees.

See if you can spot the beautiful wallabies, colorful butterflies, spiders, goannas, and other creepy crawlies!

Free Things to do in Coffs Harbour - Korora Headland Walk

The different trails here vary in distance, so go on an adventure for your desired length of time!

Of course, there are plenty more trails in national parks that you could enjoy in other areas of Coffs Harbour, too!

Here is a list of some of the other popular Coffs Harbour Attractions; these will cost you money, but most of them are pretty affordable!

1. Coffs Harbour Big Banana

Coffs Harbour Big Banana

The Big Banana Coffs Harbour is an amusement park on the Coffs Coast centred around anything and everything banana! 

Here you can go bananas on the various activities on offer: Coffs Harbour Water Park, Laser Tag, Toboggan, Minigolf, and Ice Skating.

If you are even MORE interested in the banana side of things you can also enjoy a short theatre viewing on the history of the bananas, together with a tour around the banana plantations.

The Big Banana is a special landmark of Coffs Harbour and is worth stopping at, even if only to get a photo of your family in front of the iconic big banana located in front of the park.

2. Butterfly House Coffs Harbour

Immerse yourself in the home of hundreds of Australian butterflies in an indoor subtropical rainforest setting and lose yourself in an outdoor maze. 

Grab your entrance tickets for the Butterfly House here.

3. Rainforest & Waterfall Experience

Just beyond Coffs Harbour’s stunning beaches lies a hidden gem – a steamy, jungle paradise packed with waterfalls and winding boardwalks.

Dive into the ancient Gondwana Rainforest on this full-day trip, where you’ll chase waterfalls, soak in jaw-dropping views, and picnic in nature’s playground.

Book your spot on this day tour here.

Where We Recommend you Stay in Coffs Harbour

Here are the best accommodations in Coffs Harbour.

1. Club Wyndham Coffs Harbour

(Our favourite Coffs Harbour hotel)

Coffs Harbour Accomodation Ramada Resort Coffs Harbour

The 4-star luxurious Club Wyndham Coffs Harbour offers everything you need and is conveniently located next to Charlesworth Bay Beach and Korora Headland Walk.

It has a pool for families, as well as an adults-only pool. You will also enjoy the private beach!

It also offers a playground and bicycle rental, perfect for families.

We really had a comfortable stay at Ramada Resort.

Click here to check out availability and prices.

2. Pacific Bay Resort

Novotel Coffs Harbour Pacific Bay Resort

The Pacific Bay Resort is a beautiful 4-star resort that features a 9-hole golf course, 3 swimming pools, a sauna, tennis courts, and a day spa.

We love that this beach is only a 6-minute walk away from the beach.

It features beautiful and comfortable rooms.

Click here to check availability and pricing.

3. BreakFree Aanuka Beach Resort Coffs Harbour 

BreakFree Aanuka Beach Resort Coffs Harbour

The beautiful beachfront 4-star Aanuka Beach Resort is in an awesome location.

The Resort has a wide range of amenities, such as a jacuzzi, pool, and tennis courts. It is a great option for those who like to stay active.

It is also perfect for families as it has a kids’ club, pool, and playground, making your stay at Coffs Harbour with kids even easier!

Click here to check availability and pricing for this resort.

Final Thoughts on What to do in Coffs Harbour, NSW

Coffs Harbour truly offers a treasure trove of free activities for visitors of all ages.

These five free attractions showcase the diverse beauty of Coffs Harbour, from its coastal charms to its lush hinterland.

Whether you’re a nature lover, a family looking for budget-friendly fun, or a traveler passing through, Coffs Harbour delivers unforgettable experiences without costing a dime.

So pack your sense of adventure, bring your camera, and don’t forget your walking shoes – Coffs Harbour is waiting to be explored!

Things to do in Coffs Harbour NSW Australia
Top Things to Do in Coffs Harbour

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