Visiting Senso-ji Temple in Tokyo & Cherry Blossom at Ueno Park



Have you always wanted to see the world-famous Cherry Blossom season in Japan?

Once every year (early to mid-April), you can visit Tokyo to see the amazing Sakura trees in two beautiful settings; Senso-ji Temple Tokyo and Ueno (Cherry Blossom) Park!

I know that Cherry Blossom trees do appear in different parts of the world, but I think this season is the most popular in Japan. 

People come to Tokyo from all over the world and both Senso-ji Temple Tokyo and Ueno Park attract masses of tourists and locals alike.

And today I would like to show why.

Ueno Park Cherry Blossom, family posing and smiling, pink and white Cherry Blossom trees in background


Tokyo stretches much further than your eyes can see.

The city is immense and you will need at least 3 days here to get a small feel of what this city has to offer.

To make it easier to plan your days, we have decided to create a series of posts on Tokyo attractions, accommodations,s and day trips.

1.  What to do in the Shibuya District

2.  What to do in the Shinjuku District

3.  Best hotels in Tokyo with an onsen

4.  What to do in the Asakusa District

5.  Day trip from Tokyo to Nikko


Sensoji Temple in Tokyo

Senso-ji Temple Tokyo is the most popular and most visited temple near Tokyo tower.

According to the legend, in the year 628, two brothers went fishing at the Sumid River.  What they found was a statue of the goddess of mercy, statue of Kannon.  The brothers returned the statue back to the river, however the goddess continued to haunt them regardless.

Senso-ji Temple was built in honor of Kannon and completed in 645.  Yes, it is the oldest temple in Tokyo!

Senso-ji Temple Tokyo, family posing in front of the temple, tourists, kimono lady


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Senso-ji Temple Tokyo, family posing on the steps in front of the temple

Unfortunately, the war destroyed most of these buildings.

These days, just like at many other sites in Japan, we view reconstructions of the original buildings. 

It is great to see that the culture and the community spirit live on and empower the people to rebuild.

I love temples and all architectural constructions. 

This temple has definitely made an impression on me and given me a sense of unity and peace!

Senso-ji Temple Tokyo, people gathering around the smoky inscents burning

A key spot to check out at this beautiful Asakusa Kannon Temple includes the sizable Hozomon Gate (where our photographer snapped the first pic), the temple’s main hall, and a gorgeous five-story pagoda.

When you visit, join in on the traditions and witness the cleansing effect of the purifying smoke before you enter the main hall..  Has to be done!

How to get to Sensoji Temple Tokyo:

How to get to Senso-ji Temple - family on the yellow train Ginza Line

The best way to get to Sensoji Temple from Tokyo Station:

  • The JR Yamanote Line will take you from Tokyo Station to Ueno station in just 8 minutes.
  • Transfer to Ginza Line which will take you to Asakusa Station in 5 minutes.

We highly recommend that you purchase the JR Rail Pass prior to coming for your holiday to Japan.  Click here to purchase your pass now!

Japan Rail Pass image

Sensoji Temple Opening Hours

  • Admission to Sensoji Temple Tokyo is free and the temple grounds are always open.
  • Main Hall opens from 6am to 5pm (from 6:30am in October to March).

Sensoji Temple Market

Senso-ji Temple is surrounded by colorful markets and food streets. 

During the day you can enjoy sensational Cherry Blossom trees lining the pathways to the temple. 

The stores sell everything, from large and small souvenirs to yummy finger food and sweet treats for all young and mature aged!

Senso-ji Temple Markets, family in the markets, woman looking back and smiling

I love checking out the markets! And as you probably remember from our other trips, we do keep up with the tradition. 

Our tradition is to purchase something that resembles a bauble for our Christmas tree. 

You should see our tree at Christmas time. We have plenty of unique Christmas souvenirs from a lot of different countries!

Senso-ji Temple Markets, man with red umbrella smiling, woman smiling, kids

What do you think?  Does the red color suit me?  Haha…  Got to have some fun when you travel, even when some of my kids might find it embarrassing!


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Senso-ji Temple Markets, family walking in the street smiling, baby in a baby carrier

It might take you a while to check out all the stores in the Sensoji Temple Market.  Not to worry, the famous Kappabashi Kitchen Street will satisfy all of your senses!

Kappabashi Kitchen Street, man holding a baby on his shoulders, smiling

During the day the markets swarm with tourist and locals alike; enjoying their little escape from the business of the city.  However, Asakusa Sensoji Temple at night is even more inviting!  The whole site lights up and beautiful colours illuminate the temple and all the little pathways.

The markets look even more captivating and the food streets taunt you with delicious smells for you to come in.  Wonder what local delicacy will you try there?

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Ueno Park at Cherry Blossom Season

Ueno Park has had its history altered a few times.  Originally the park was a part of a Kaneiji Temple and it was one of the richest temples in the region!  This Edo Period Tokugawa clan’s temple was destroyed during the Boshin Civil War.  Yup, imagine if we lived in the world without wars… how many beautiful places we would still have and how many amazing architectural structures we would still marvel upon!

Ueno Park Cherry Blossom, mother holding a baby in the air, smiling


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These days, Ueno Park is a western style public park and it is a Cherry Blossom wonderland!  It is also home to Tokyo National Museum, National Science Museum, Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum and the National Museum for Western Art.  Are you museum-ed out yet??   Haha…  If so, you can also enjoy a stroll through Japan’s first zoological garden.   Yup, this park really has it all!

Ueno Park Cherry Blossom, family posing in front of the trees, arms out, lots of tourists

Even though the park attracts masses of people, Ueno park is a blissful place… a place to lose yourself and find yourself perhaps.

Ueno Park Cherry Blossom - family posing from behind the statues

I grew up in Poland and there are plenty of cherry trees in peoples personal gardens, but it doesn’t really have such a great significance as in Japan.

Ueno Park Cherry Blossom, family posing in front of pink Cherry Blossom tree

Here, these trees are simply spectacular and people like us, travel from far away to spend some magical moments in a perfect setting like this one above!

How to get to Ueno Park

How to get to Ueno Park - mother holding a baby on the train Ginza Line to Asakusa

The best way to get from Tokyo Station to Ueno Park:

  • The JR Yamanote Line will take you from Tokyo Station to Ueno station in just 8 minutes.

We highly recommend for you to purchase the JR Rail Pass prior to coming for your holiday to Japan.  Click here to purchase your pass now!

image of the Japan Rail Pass

Ueno Park Opening Hours

  • Ueno Park is a public park and it is always open.

What did you think about our photos from the amazing Senso-ji Temple and the Ueno Park?  All of the pics were taken by our private photographer Jim from Wanderloud!  Talk about a few hours of feeling like a celebrity!  Haha…

Senso-ji Temple Tokyo, family photo in front of the temple

Not only that!  Can you imagine, how nice it is to be able to just enjoy the places you visit, to unplug from your phone and cameras and to just enjoy being somewhere different.  You can just walk, feel free and smell the Cherry Blossom scent in the air!  That rarely happens for us these days!

That is why we loved this experience and very highly recommend it!  Get yourself a destination photographer on your holiday and you will have magical photos!!

I have no doubt that when you visit Senso-ji Temple in Tokyo and the Ueno Park at Cherry Blossom season with your family, with a partner or even solo, these sites will leave a long lasting memory and engrave its beauty deep into your soul!  Love Japan in spring and so will you!

Over to you:

  • Which one of our pics is your favourite?
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