How to Have a Successful Family Vacation in a Glamping RV

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So, you want to experience the adventure of road-tripping in an RV but without sacrificing the comforts and luxuries of glamorous living? Welcome RV Glamping!

Glamping RVs is a beautiful combination of recreation vehicles and glamorous camping experiences. It is an elevated form of camping where all the comfortable and luxurious amenities are included.

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This form of camping is often referred to as upscale accommodation in the great outdoors. As for the Glamping RV, it offers all the amenities and living space that is found in a home.

But don’t know where to start? Here’s your roadmap to a successful Glamping experience with your family.

Why Glamping RV is a Great Idea for a Family Vacation?

Glamping RV adventures are particularly fun for families with kids. It allows you to enjoy all that nature has to offer without sacrificing the comforts and convenience of a resort or hotel.

Plus, enjoy so much more freedom than the traditional indoor setting.

RV Glamping with bicycles on back

There’s no need to take camping gear! RV Glamping takes the stress away from packing camping gear and finding a campsite where the entire family can stay under a single tent.

Instead, glamping in an RV means finding a luxurious glamping site to park your vehicle and then enjoying the great outdoors at your own pace, stay away from the crowded campsites to enjoy quality time with your family.

How To Ensure Your Family RV Glamping is Successful?

Here are a few simple steps and tips to make your family RV Glamping trip a great one!

1. First Things First – Select Your Glamping RV!

When it comes to enjoying a Glamping RV experience with your family, you have two choices – buying an RV or renting one.

If you are not keen on committing to an RV permanently, check out flexible RV rentals and choose a recreational vehicle that offers ample living space with outdoor living areas in the form of rooftop decks, pull-out awnings, and attached screen rooms.

Campervan Features using Sat Nav System

Remember, you are choosing an RV for your family glamping experience. Therefore, the vehicle must tick all the boxes of comfort and luxury.

It must have enough space for comfortable sleeping arrangements, whether a plush master suite for the parents or bunk beds for the children.

Since your Glamping RV is going to be your home for the next few days, select one that perfectly suits the style and size of your family.

Some luxury campers feature enclosed bathrooms, open kitchen and dining areas, and you will even find Glamping RVs equipped with a mini fridge, microwave, Sat Nav and other essentials.

2. Choose an Amazing Location

Deciding where you would glamp comes a close second to choosing the right Glamping RV. Research well in advance so you don’t drive all the way just to find it in the middle of nowhere.

Camping in a desert with Kids - Namibia Desert Quiver Camp

It would be best if your chosen glamping location is in close proximity to the beach, national parks, zoos, water parks, and the like.

Even if they are not on the glamping site, they should be a short drive away so that everyone can have fun and the kids have something to do.

3. Don’t Overpack

When you go camping, you open yourself up to experience unpredictable adventures but glamping is a more sophisticated version of camping where you know what to expect.

So, there’s no need to overpack an you only need the most essential car travel accessories.

Internal View of Packed Campervan with essentials for trip

Glamping RVing means mastering the art of balancing practicality and comfort. Ensure you have packed versatile clothing for all weather conditions and carry comfortable footwear.

You can utilize collapsable gear, such as coolers, camping chairs, or drying racks. You can also pack beach towels and picnic blankets.

There’s no need to carry all the bulky electronics. You can leave them at home because most Glamping RVs already come equipped with the necessities.

4. Discuss & Plan the RV Glamping Trip

A successful family vacation means taking into consideration the interests and likes of all the members. So, plan in advance all the adventures you would like to engage in.

Planning for a family vacation

For example, you could plan comfortable hikes to peaceful lakes or enjoy birdwatching. You can even indulge in stargazing or playing board games for entertainment.

5. Campfire and Smores!

Glamping without a campfire is incomplete. So, take with you all the necessary items for lighting up a fire where you can all sit around, share stories, and make new memories.

Gather around the flames and roast marshmallows, make smores while telling spooky stories, or take a trip down memory lane.

For campfire magic, you can pack a portable fire pit, fire-safe logs, and comfortable seating.

Of course, don’t forget a bucket of water because extinguishing the fire before going to bed is a must.

6. Whip Up Delicious Meals

Luxurious campers typically feature well-equipped kitchens, and this can offer opportunities for enjoying culinary adventures on wheels.

Where to Stay in Sossusvlei with Kids - Dessert Quiver Camp Namibia

You can get local ingredients and whip up delicious meals for your family. Pack campfire classics like chili and hot dogs.

Or you can experiment with fresh produce available in the region where you are glamping.

7. Carry Recreational Items

Keeping the kids engaged when glamping is one of the top priorities when glamping. So, don’t forget to pack recreational items like board games, card games, frisbees, and the like.

Camping with kids - Fishing time

You can also get creative and engage your kids in different activities while they are outdoors. For instance, consider engaging in den building or teaching them how to start a fire for s’mores.

Pro tip: You can carry spa-like bathing essentials and other items of luxury that will help you relax during your glamping trip.

Finaly Thoughts on Your Glamping RV family Vacation

Whether you are only planning a RV glamping weekend or longer, this handy guide will be useful!

Overall for a successful family RV Glamping vacation there a few simple steps to follow.

Choose your Glamping RV, select the glamping site, and then pack all the necessary things to get started on your adventure.

Remeber to embrace the great outdoors and enjoy spending the quality time with your family before you have to return to your 9-5 life!

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