Our Travel Guide to the Chaumont Chateau in the Loire Valley, France



If you ever get the chance to travel through the exquisite vineyards of the Loire valley in France, you may get the chance to come across medieval manors,  which the French call Chateaux.

Riddled with these castles which display the best in French and Gothic architecture, the Loire is home to a total of 80 recorded Chateaux. The beautifully preserved and restored Chaumont-sur-Loire is one of our favorites from this region.

Chaumont-sur-Loire Château

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Brief History of the Chaumont Castle

Formerly a fortress, the Chaumont-sur-Loire was built in 1000 CE to keep watch over the border between the counties of Blois and Anjus.

Chaumont Château Loire Valley

Owned and restored into a Renaissance-style ornamented chateau by Charles II d’Amboise, after Louis XI had it burned to the ground in 1465, it soon passed into the hands of Catherine de Medici in 1550. She in turn soon passed it on to Diane de Poitiers in 1560.

The king’s former favorite gave it its current appearance, like the parapet walkways of the tower-flanked entrance and the Saint-Nicolas tower.

Chaumont-sur-Loire Castle France

In 1750, Jacques-Donatien Le Ray ordered the destruction of the north wing which opened up a magnificent view of the Loire.

In 1875, Marie-Charlotte-Constance Say purchased the château and married Prince Henri-Amédée de Broglie; she then decorated its rooms with Renaissance furniture and tapestries.

In 1938 the chateau was ceded to the state by Princess of Orleans and Bourbon and finally given to the Public Establishment of Cultural Cooperation (EPCC) on January 2008.


Watch our Video of the Chaumont Chateau

Here is a video to show you how stunning this castle really is.  Keep watching to see footage of our other two favorite castles as well: Chenonceau & Chambord.

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3 of the Best Loire Valley Castles that you SHOULD See!

Top Things to Do at Chaumont-sur-Loire Château

We absolutely loved our visit to Chateau de Chaumont, but I must be in honest in saying that the inside of the castle was a slight disappointment. The beauty of this castle lies on the outside with the sensational storybook architecture.

Château de Chaumont France

Therefore I would recommend skipping the audio tour for this castle and simply enjoy a quick stroll around the interior. One of the things to look out for is the art gallery.

Apart from a well-maintained art gallery, the chateau offers its visitors an incredible panoramic view of the Loire through the once ‘north wing.’

Once you are done exploring the castle, enjoy walking around the beautiful castles and checking out some of the other buildings, such as the stables, that are found scattered around the picturesque grounds.

Carriage stables at the Chateau Chaumont in the Loire Valley, France


How to Get to Castle Chaumont

via Car

Less than 200 kilometers south of Paris, nestling between the cities of Tours and Blois, the natural oasis of Chaumont-sur-Loire is quite easy to reach.

By Train

Catch the train from Paris to the Loire Valley.  There are daily trains from Paris Gare d’Austerlitz on the Orleans – Tour line. Get off at Onzain and then take a taxi from there.

Opening Hours & Price of Entry

Castle Chaumont

The château is open all year long, except for the days of 1st January and 25th December.

Opening Hours

Opening hours are from 10.00 AM to 6.30 PM.

Cost of Entry

Annual domain pass

  • Individual pass card: 50 euros
  • The Duo pass card: 80 euros
  • Family pass card: 110 euros
  • The friends of Domaine de Chaumont-sur-Loire: 500 euros

2 Day Pass

  • Children’s rate: 10 euros
  • Reduced rate: 20 euros
  • Full price: 30 euros


Chateau Chaumont is one of our top favorite castles in all of France.  To me this castle is just such a picture-perfect castle that it reminds me of fairy tales, such as Sleeping Beauty.


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