Family-Friendly Road Trip Scavenger Hunt With Mystical Maps

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September and October are often seen as ideal months for family trips, given the milder temperatures.

Yet, it’s not too cold for outdoor activities, which means that you and your family can enjoy your vacation to the fullest.

Regardless of the destination you choose for your next family vacation, the trip to it is always a part of the adventure.


Of course, while in the car, you have the option to enjoy music and keep to yourself. Or you can make the route fun with a family-friendly road trip scavenger hunt game.

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A road trip scavenger hunt for adults and kids can become a great opportunity to become more connected with your family and spend hours in the car with a benefit.

A car ride scavenger hunt might take some planning, but it can transform your trip into a memorable adventure.

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All You Need to Know About Scavenger Hunt For Road Trips

What’s a Scavenger Hunt? A travel scavenger hunt is a game where participants, either in teams or solo, seek out specific items.

The organizer provides a list, and the goal is for participants to locate or gather each item on that list.

What Makes a Vacation Scavenger Hunt a Perfect Road Trip Activity for Families?

Games for kids when traveling with Kids

One of the biggest benefits of the scavenger hunt road trip game is that it can be played nearly anytime and anywhere: indoors, outdoors, in school, and even when you hit the road.

It doesn’t necessarily require hiding and seeking physical items. Instead of this, you can hunt for different objects you see outside the window and still have a lot of fun.

There are many reasons to play car trip scavenger hunt during trips with a family.

Apart from being incredibly fun and competitive for players of all ages, the vacation scavenger hunt game helps build observational skills, teaches teamwork and collaboration, enhances social-emotional intelligence, and even improves problem-solving and communication skills.

All these benefits make this kind of game a good choice for people of all ages, and it can be an especially good choice if you want to spend time on the road with benefits.

A road trip scavenger hunt can help your family strengthen the bond and make the trip more engaging for everyone.

4 Steps to Prepare an Unforgettable Family Road Trip Scavenger Hunt With Mystical Maps

Now that you know about the benefits of the car trip scavenger hunt game, you must be wondering how to play it while hitting the road and turn it into an unforgettable experience for all family members.

Below are the main steps with tips for preparing an exciting travel scavenger hunt experience:

1. Make a Map and a List of Items

Family Road trip scavenger hunt

Before you leave, you need to do some preparation. To begin, consider the path you’ll be taking and design a map for your road trip scavenger hunt.

Break down the journey into sections, perhaps based on the stops you intend to make. Each segment can represent a unique stage of the game, each having its own set of items to find.

After creating your map, compile a list of items to search for. This list can comprise things to spot from the car as well as tangible items concealed within the vehicle or that family members can discover at each stop.

The possibilities for your list are limitless. For example, here are some things that you can spot outside the window:

  • Stop sign
  • Police vehicle
  • Bus
  • A tunnel
  • Specific road signs

You can also hide some items inside a car, such as keys, toys, treats, etc., or think about the objects that can be easily found during your stops.

Finally, don’t forget that your scavenger hunt road trip game can involve not only objects but also tasks, for example, taking a photo of someone asleep in the car or getting a picture of a welcome sign, etc.

Pro tip: When making a list of objects or tasks, feel free to ask other family members to participate. This way, everyone will feel involved, and the road trip scavenger hunt for adults and kids can become even more challenging.

2. Develop a System of Points

Point System for tallying in games

The competition is the most exciting part of the road trip scavenger hunt. So you need a system of points to feel more competitive.

Come up with a specific number of points (like 1 or 10) that everyone gets for completing the task or spotting an object from the list.

Also, think about double points or special bonuses that players can get for exceptional achievements, such as taking not one photo of a welcome sign but capturing two or more of them.

Once you define a system of points, be sure to communicate them and other rules of the vacation scavenger hunt game to your family members.

3. Keep Track of Everyone’s Points

Be sure to prepare a tournament chart or a simple notepad where you will be keeping track of your scores. Then, assign one or a few people to keep an eye on everyone’s points and write them down while you are playing.

4. Think of a Prize

Finally, if you want to make your road trip scavenger hunt truly exciting, you definitely need a prize. It will help spark everyone’s excitement and make the competition truly fun.

Family road trip Scavenger hunt

Think of a valuable prize that you will give to the winner of the game upon your arrival. It can be something related to your destination or just a nice surprise that will come to the liking of whoever wins it.

If your trip is rather long, you can hold daily championships and prepare a separate prize for every day.

Remember that a prize shouldn’t necessarily be something material. The winner could get an opportunity to pick the next stop or a dining location.

Also, you can let the winner pick the music and activities or take the front passenger seat. Get creative with the prize!

Final Thoughts on a Vacation Scavenger Hunt

A road trip scavenger hunt is a fun and exciting activity that can make your trips truly memorable. The travel scavenger hunt game will be fun both for adults and kids, and it can offer plenty of benefits and help you strengthen the bond with your fellow travelers.

Family roadtrip

After reading this article, you know what the scavenger hunt for road trips is all about and how you can use it for an unforgettable vacation. Follow the steps described here to prepare the most amusing, family-friendly car ride scavenger hunt for your next trip!

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