The Easy Guide on How to get from Bali to Lombok Island!

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Getting from Bali to Lombok is really easy!

Essentially you have two main choices for your travels from Bali to Lombok.  You can either choose to take a quick 25 min flight or you could choose to enjoy a boat ride over.

A quick comparison on how to get from Bali to Lombok Island in the table below (you can find more detailed information on both options below):

How to get from Bali to Lombok

How to get from Bali to Lombok Island (and Vice Versa)

Travel to Lombok from Bali - Fly to Lombok Airport


1. Fly to Lombok

The easiest and fastest way to get from Bali to Lombok (and vice versa from Lombok to Bali) is via a quick flight!

Flight times from Denpasar (Bali Airport) to Lombok Airport are only around 25 min and tickets are pretty cheap!

Tip: If you are travelling with kids or a baby, we highly recommend that you look into this option as we have heard time and time again how people struggle with the long boat ride on choppy waters!!

There are two main choices of flights that we would recommend you look into if you would like to fly to Lombok.

We outline the differences between them in the hopes that it will help you figure out whether you would like to fly with Lion Air or Wings Air.

How to Flying from Denpasarget from Bali to Lombok Island -

1a) Lion Air:

We chose to fly with Lion Air on our travels from Bali to Lombok, as their prices are slightly cheaper (Even though they code-share with Wings Air and they share a booking website!).

We also found that we liked the timeslots of their flights more as well and could easily find flights that suited our travel itinerary.

Lastly, as we were travelling to Lombok with kids, we also appreciated the fact that their baggage allowance was more than on Wings Air.

We flew with a baby and they had all the usual safety gear for the baby.  Our only ‘pet peeve’ with this airline is that we had to deal with delayed flights on the way to Lombok as well as on the way back to Bali.

Ticket Prices:  Around AUD $48 per person return

Baggage Allowance: 20kg per person is included, we could also take over the baby pram for free as well.

We love using SkyScanner to find and book our flights however you can also book your Lion Air flight directly through their website here, but be aware that an amount (usually around 168,000 IDR) will be added to your final fees for Taxes and fees. 

You can also buy tickets direct from the airline counters at the domestic airports, or contact local travel agents, in both Bali and Lombok.

Getting to Lombok by a flight on Lion Air

1b) Wings Air Lombok:

Ticket Prices:  Around AUD $61 per person

Baggage Allowance: 10kg per person is included

We love using SkyScanner to find and book our flights however you can also book your Wings Air Lombok flight directly through their website here, but be aware that an amount (usually around 180,000 IDR) will be added to your final fees for Taxes and fees.  

You can also buy tickets direct from the airline counters at the domestic airports, or contact local travel agents, in both Bali and Lombok.

As a side note, to help with your planning, the airport in Lombok is around 25min drive away from Kuta and around 1 1/2 hours drive from Senggigi.  We stayed in both Kuta and the Senggigi area whilst exploring Lombok.


2. Bali to Lombok Ferry or Fast Boat

Another option you have of getting to Lombok is to take the option of a boat from Bali to Lombok.  The boats leave from Padang Bai Harbour in Bali and will arrive at Lembar Harbour in Lombok.

Travelling by boat to Lombok in bad weather conditions might not be such a good idea, so your best bet is to book through  They provide replacement flights and transfers in the event of when boats are canceled due to rough seas.

2a) Bali to Lombok Fast Boat Option

There are multiple fast boat companies to choose from nowadays.

The trick is trying to find the one that you would like to use, that is also safe and that in essence guarantees you a seat (as some companies overload their boats).

These ones below are the most popular options and have the best reputation:

  • Gili Getaway departs from Benoa Harbour daily at 8:8:00 am. Travel time with them is around 2 hours and their fares include free air-conditioned transport from your hotel or villa (small surcharge for Ubud and remote areas).  Tickets are US $50 per adult and US $41 per child.
  • Blue Water Express departs from Serangan (near Benoa Harbour) at 8:00 am and 10:00 am, and from Padang Bai Harbour at 11:15am every day. Fares include air-conditioned hotel transfers in Bali.  Tickets are around US $47 per adult and US $41 per child.

2b) Getting to Lombok by Public Ferry Option

The public ferry to Lombok (Lembar Harbour) departs from Padang Bai Harbour in Bali.  You can purchase your ticket there at the ticketing gate.

Ferries leave every hour or so although they are typically running on their own schedule and almost always delayed.  Of course, tickets for the public ferry is very cheap.

Ticket Pricing: Adult 36,000 IDR or around AUD $3.50 and only 23,000 IDR for a child or around AUD $2.30

How long does the public ferry to Lombok take?  Even though there are some modern updates to the public ferries, the boats are pretty old. They take around 4-5 hours to get from Bali to Lombok (plus add on any waiting time for the ferry to leave as they are usually delayed).

Whichever option you choose for your trip from Bali to Lombok, might depend on where you would like to locate yourself on Lombok Island or who you might be travelling with!

We loved Lombok Island and stayed there for a week before venturing on to Gili Islands!

Do keep in mind that if ultimately your destination is Gili Islands and you don’t plan on spending time on Lombok, the better option might be to take a fast boat from Bali to the Gili Islands themselves.

However, in our opinion, we aren’t sure how you can miss out on the raw beauty that Lombok still holds!

Bali to Lombok Ferry or Fast Boat

If you would like to read about our travels through Bali, click here!

How to get from Bali to Lombok

Over to you:

  • Which method of transport from Bali to Lombok appeals to you?
  • What are you planning to do and see whilst in Lombok?
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  1. Thank you for this article. Me and my husband tried to save money and booked the trip from Lombok to Bali throw travel agency. We used Persona Bintang Tours to go from Kuta Lombok to Kuta Bali with a local ferry. The experience was more than horrible. First they told us that we would go to the 12am ferry but ended up waiting in the harbour for 2 hours for nothing (we would have plenty of time to go to that first ferry) and when we arrived AT EIGHT p.m in the Bali harbour they were in hurry and unfriendly to us even it’s not our fault that ferry was late. First they tried to kill us and everyone else in the road by driving like maniac and our minibus DOOR was open coz we didn’t manage to close it and we were afraid to fell to the road from that open door. Then they left two girls with their heavy luggages in the middle of nowhere around Sanur area. Their hotel wasn’t even close and we all were told when booking that this transportation would take us to our hotels in Bali. After Sanur they drove to Kuta and tried to drop us in the middle of nowhere at night time. Our hotel was SIX KILOMETERS AWAY next to the airport. And I pointed that place to them early in advance. “Get a taxi!” the driver was shouting to us. We tried to discuss with the driver and told him that we were told to drop in our hotels and if it’s not possible could he drive us a little bit closer. Finally the driver started driving, drop us closer and we were able to walk to rest of the trip. One girl was still on the bus without working navigator and I don’t know did she never find her hotel at that night. We were in our hotel TEN P.M. We left Lombok homestay at NINE am. I repeat, NEVER USE PERSONA BINTANG TOURS! If you want to die of don’t mind walking 6km in the middle of the night then it’s right company to you. They treat you like a trash and don’t care about you. Even if you are lost and crying. NEVER EVER SUPPORT THIS COMPANY!

  2. Don’t use Pesona Bintang tour. Ce sont des escrocs. Vérifiez quand vous êtes à un comptoir le nom de la société et fuyez si c’est celle ci. Je ne sais pas ce que valent les autres ! c’est même dangereux de voyager avec eux.

  3. The baggage allowance rules changed in January 2019 and all checked baggage is charged extra. Prepurchasing baggage is the cheapest option and can be done through the Lion Air booking site up to 6 hours prior to departure

  4. How long were your flights delayed? I’m looking to fly to Lombok, get a transfer to Teluk Kode, and then take a 10 minute speedboat ride to Gili Air because I get quite seasick. On our way back to Bali, our flight back to the US departs at 6:45 pm. I was thinking of booking us the flight from Lombok to Bali that arrives in Bali at noon. If you were significantly delayed, I might consider an earlier flight. Thanks so much!

    • Whoops, that didn’t make much sense. I am looking to fly back to Bali from Lombok on the same day our flight leaves Bali to go the US. If my flight is supposed to arrive in Bali at 12:00 pm, and my flight to the US doesn’t depart until 6:45 pm, do you think I’m cutting it too close or were the delays smaller? TIA!

      • Hi Alexandra, our flights were only delayed for a short duration – so I’m guessing that the 6hr45 difference will be enough to keep you safe. Did you book the two flights on one ticket? If you did, it would be the flight companies responsibility to give you another flight if you do miss the one home.

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