How Old Does a Baby Have to Be to Fly?

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There’s no greater feeling than welcoming a life into the world, it’s a unique privilege for us parents. And what better way to celebrate this amazing time than to share your passion for exploring and to travel with your baby.

However, we also know that traveling with a newborn isn’t as easy as it may look on TV or the videos you may have seen online. There are a lot of things you need to prepare for, and if it’s your first time traveling with one of your children, it can be especially daunting.

But, this doesn’t mean you need to be put off from your trip to Europe or Asia, or any other of your bucket list destinations. You just need to learn everything about how to travel with a baby before you hit the skies.

When is the earliest a baby can fly?

The first thing you need to know is – how early can a baby fly or how old do babies need to be to fly? We’re going to answer this important question and also share some valuable insights about flying with a newborn.

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There is no set universal rule about how old a baby should be to fly, and the rules differ between airlines and airports.

The best thing you can do to ensure that your baby will be able to fly with you is to get in contact with your airline and ask about their regulations. In most cases, babies 2 weeks and older will be allowed to board the plane with you. Some airlines might even let you fly from 7 days old.


Is It Safe to Fly With a Newborn?

Yes, it is completely safe for your newborn to fly. Some airlines will let you carry a baby as little as a few days old onboard. And if you’re uncomfortable doing that, you can always wait until you feel your baby is the right age.

Try not to wait too long, as it doesn’t get easier the older they become. There are still plenty of challenges when traveling with kids that are older too. 


When can babies fly with the least hassle?

At this age, your little one is still napping most of the day away and is content the majority of the time. Although babies continue to deal with newborn colic until around 3 months, you will likely have an easier trip if you wait until just 2 months.

Not only is your precious cargo a lot lighter to carry, he or she is also not able to move around and will be a lot easier to keep entertained.


The reality of flying with newborns

Traveling with your baby is sometimes just as blissful as us parents want it to be, you just have to know how to balance the good with the bad. However, it’s better that you are prepared as possible for all situations because you never quite know how the flight will go.

It might be a breeze or it might be a nightmare. Here are some things to keep in mind that will help you have the best possible flight.

Sometimes it just is what it is 

Planning your dream holiday with your family is exciting, but it can also become a bit trickier when you’ve got a baby as a travel companion. Whether you’ve got a newborn or a 16-month-old, all parents know that babies can be a handful.

When your baby cries, do not let it shake you. Remain calm and simply accept that that is what your newborn needs to do right now and that it’s completely okay. The more you’re able to go with what is, the less stressed you will be.


Understand that your baby needs you to be calm and confident

If you find that your newborn is getting restless during your flight, it’s better to put everything aside and give your little one all the attention he or she is needing. This undivided attention will help you to stay present with your baby and will help to soothe any uneasiness.

Although your baby could be able to fly at 2 weeks old, you might want to wait until he or she is a bit older. A great age to consider flying with a newborn baby is at 2 months old. Flying with a 2-month-old is a lot easier than flying with an 8-month-old, that’s for sure.

Don’t feel like you can’t handle this – because, you can. Being a parent is largely based on instinct, and you can trust yours to guide you whilst flying with your baby.


Pick a mantra that works for you

Cultivating a healthy mindset about traveling with your newborn is an excellent way to remain calm and collected. You can do this by choosing a mantra that will build your feelings of wellness and ease during your flight.


Last words on flying with a newborn

So, how old can a baby fly? It’s likely to be any time after 2 weeks. However, if your airline is stricter, you may have to wait until your tot is 2 months of age. This works out well, as 2 months is a fantastic age to fly with an infant.

There’s no need to put off travel plans simply because you have a young baby, and in fact, you may find that it will be the most thrilling and wonderful journey you’ve ever had.

Traveling with your new bundle of joy will provide many opportunities to make outstanding memories and strengthen your bond.


Did you know?

Once you know when you can fly with your baby, the next step is to start preparation and ticking-off all that you need to fly with.

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