Guide To Travel Insurance When Visiting The Philippines



The Philippines is an incredible nation to visit. There is so much variety in the capital Manila, Luzon alone.

If you choose to hop over to Palawan Island you can experience the beauty of crystal-clear lagoons in Puerto Princesa and El Nido.

Boracay is definitely worth a visit as well, hosting what is considered one of the best beaches in the world.

However, since you’re doing all this traveling and activities during your trip, you are at risk of losing your luggage along the way or worst case may be needing medical help.

Understanding Travel Insurance for Visiting the Philippines

When you are about to purchase travel insurance for your trip you may have a few questions like “How does traveling to the Philippines affect your insurance?” or “Do you need extra travel insurance?”

Here is what you need to know.

Will Travel Affect My Regular Insurance?

If you’re new to traveling internationally, you may be wondering if it will impact your health and life insurance.

After all, you are exposing yourself to too many risks that you don’t usually face in the US. These include flights, illnesses, and different types of crime.

Sumilon island beach near Oslob, Cebu, Philippines

The good news is that your premiums will not go up when you travel overseas. For people who don’t yet have life cover, how much does term life insurance cost?

The calculation will include how much coverage you want, your age, and your state of health. Your premium will not change based on travel risks.

The same is true for health insurance. But beyond the price of your premiums, do you need to take care of other types of insurance?

What is Travel Insurance?

When going on an international trip, you can opt to get travel insurance.

This is insurance that covers everything from potential healthcare costs to the cost of lost baggage. It also covers the cost of hotel rooms and flights in case your trip is canceled unexpectedly.

That last is the selling point for many people. If your bookings are non-refundable – or only refundable in part – travel insurance will ensure that the disappointment of a ruined trip doesn’t extend to your finances.

It may well give you the opportunity to make plans to do this trip in the future. When visiting the Philippines in particular, there is a higher chance of canceled bookings if you intend to go to many different towns or islands.

What about the coverage for health and lost baggage? Aren’t they important too?

You May Already Have Insurance

Travelers often buy travel insurance based on the assumption that they will need it for healthcare and lost luggage.

If they fall ill on the trip or get robbed, they can at least claim the costs back.

Philippines with kids culture

However, chances are you already have insurance that covers you while traveling.

Most health insurance providers in America will cover clients’ costs in most overseas countries, including the Philippines.

They may charge different deductibles and have different limits, but check to see what they cover before committing to travel insurance that covers health.

The same is true with lost or stolen possessions. If you have homeowners or renters insurance with contents coverage, your possessions are covered no matter where you are.

If you are robbed overseas, your insurance will pay out the claim. Your flight booking might even include airline insurance for lost baggage. You do not need travel insurance for this purpose.

Is Travel Insurance Worth It?

With this in mind, is travel insurance worth it for people already insured? This depends.

You can get travel insurance specifically for your bookings. However, first, make sure that your bookings truly are non-refundable.

If you book through Airbnb, many hosts offer the chance to cancel at no fee until a day or two in advance. Your flights may also be refundable or changeable for a small fee.

Final Thoughts

Travel insurance is relatively cheap and we always recommend that you purchase travel insurance to cover yourself should any of your other insurance or bookings not provide you with adequate coverage.

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