5 Worldwide Hotels With Amazing On-Site Facilities


Check the Wynn hotel in Las Vegas

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In 2018 there was a 6% rise in the number of tourist arrivals with just over 1.4 billion people across the globe visiting a foreign country. For many of those tourists, the bog-standard hotel experience will have sufficed.

The majority will have been happy enough to book accommodation with a cosy room and access to a well-maintained pool. However, there is a growing number of people who are demanding more from their hotel accommodation – on-site entertainment.

If you’re looking for more than a place to lay your head and have a croissant in the morning, you’ve come to the right place. Below is our unique list of the 5 best hotels in the world with fun, quirky and amazing on-site facilities.


5 Hotels Around the World With Amazing On-Site Facilities

Check out the five hotels around the world that have amazing on-site facilities:

1. Wynn Las Vegas

Nestled in the Nevada desert is the bustling, shining gambling Mecca of Las Vegas, attracting hundreds of millions of tourists every year. When the city first legalised gambling 90 years ago, simple casinos were enough to entice visitors in their thousands.

Wynn Hotel Las Vegas

As competition grew amongst casinos they began to morph into super hotel casinos like the Wynn Las Vegas with it’s adjoining Encore Resort.

In terms of gaming, The Wynn is arguably the best place to play poker in Vegas, it attracts some of the biggest names in the poker world to its regular high-profile on-site poker tournaments.

Waterfall at the Wynn Hotel Las Vegas

If cards aren’t your thing, you can avail of the world-class restaurants on-site which look over the Lake of Dreams.

There Wynn also offers regular in-house entertainment, with major touring acts like Chris Tucker and Smokey Robinson wowing guests at the hotel over the years.


2. BH Hotel Mallorca

The Spanish holiday resort of Magaluf is well-known for attracting young sun-seekers fond of cheap drinks and nightclubs that stay open until noon. It should, however, be known for the BH Hotel Mallorca as well.

Megaluf beach in Mallorca

The hotel has a strict adults-only policy which is somewhat strange as guests can enjoy the ultimate kids holiday experience at the hotel’s on-site water park.

There are nine phenomenal water slides on-site which can see guests reach speeds of up to 60 km/h and forces of 2.5G.

As part of a multi-million refurbishment in 2015, Miami style apartments were built in the resort along with an Island Beach and concert facilities.

David Guetta is just one of the world-famous DJ’s that have played at BH Mallorca, with a whole host of established and up and coming acts playing to guests of the hotel in recent years.

If you like sun, luxury, music and water slides then BH Mallorca is the perfect holiday hotel for you.


3. The Lost & Found

The first two entries on this list will take a big chunk out of your budget, so if you’re looking for somewhere that will thrill you and not cost the earth, the Lost & Found is the place for you.

Mountain view and Volcano Baru in background

Set up by two Canadian backpackers, this hostel is located at altitude in the Chiriqui jungle of Panama. Guests will awake to a stunning view of the nearby Volcan Baru and the sound of white-faced monkeys grazing on the on-site orange trees.

There are a number of social activities within the hostel complex to enjoy, but the true beauty of a trip to the Lost & Found comes from experiencing the hikes across the 30-acre jungle site.

Lost and Found Hostel Panama

The owners of the hostel have set-up a number of ‘escape room’ style treasure hunts through the jungle which can be enjoyed in groups throughout the day, with a few taking place overnight.

The journey starts as soon as you arrive, with a 30-minute hike to the hostel from the roadside. Lost & Found isn’t for the faint-hearted, rather it’s the ideal place for fun-seeking explorers.


4. Laucala Island

From the cheap to the quite frankly decadent. Laucala is a private island situated just off the coast of Thurston Point in Fiji and is the brainchild of two multi-millionaires, Malcolm Forbes and Dietrich Mateschitz.

Fiji island beach

A double room for the night will set you back $4,000, but if you have that type of cash you will be treated to an unforgettable experience. Not only is Laucala a naturally idyllic and beautiful paradise, but it is also home to some fantastic activities.

On-site there is a world-class golf course, thatched-house spa in the jungle, stables, pools and a dive centre equipped with 14 boats and even a submarine. As you’d expect for the price, your every whim is catered for by an army of smiling local staff.


5. The Manta Resort

Laucaula Island may have a submarine and plenty of diving options, but what about going one step further than that? Manta Resort in Tanzania is the world’s only floating hotel and allows you to live as close as possible to the sea creatures of the Pemba Coast.

The resort has plenty of run-of-the-mill rooms to choose from, but by far the best is the ‘floating’ room. You will arrive at your floating room via boat, on the first floor is a stylish chill-out area with an accompanying sofa, with the roof/second floor doubling as a sun-bathing area.

Below deck is your room. Clamber down the steps and you will be greeted by a luxurious room, decked out with huge windows that allow you to stare straight out into the sea. At night a whole host of sea creatures circle the room making for a truly magical spectacle.

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