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The accommodation you choose in a new city can either make or break your travel experience.

While there are dozens of beautiful homestays, villas, rented flats, and hotels to choose from in a city, finding the best one can be slightly challenging.

Some travelers prefer smaller studio apartments or hostels, while others may enjoy the luxury of a penthouse.

During our recent trip to Maroochydore in Australia, we were faced with a similar dilemma.

After a lot of research, we finally zeroed down on Verve on Cotton Tree Apartment – and we couldn’t be more content with our pick.

Verve On Cotton Tree Apartment 702 Review

If you are considering a trip to Maroochydore, we highly recommend this apartment for your stay. Read on to find out more about our experience and a short guide to help you get there.

Verve on Cotton Tree Review - Apartment 702 - Balcony View (4)

How To Get To Verve On Cotton Tree

Are you are landing at the Sunshine Coast Airport? Verve on Cotton Tree is located on 92 Sixth Ave, only about twelve-and-a-half kilometers from Sunshine Coast Airport.

If you pre-book a cab, it will be waiting for you outside the airport. It took us about eleven minutes to reach the hotel, so it’s safe to say that we made it in good time.

In no time you will be staring at the magnificent view out of the apartment’s balcony.

A quick tip: You can also take a bus from Sunshine Coast Airport to Verve on Cotton Tree, but it would take you about 40 to 50 minutes to get there. Of course, the comfortable ride and stunning views make up for the long ride.

Apartment 702

We entered our beautiful apartment 702 within a few short minutes after picking up the key from the lockbox.

Verve on Cotton Tree Review - Apartment 702 - Master Bedroom

You can book apartments at the Verve on Cotton Tree via here.

A quick trip in the lift with our luggage and we found ourselves at a super sweet sub-penthouse apartment that looked perfect for our family of five.

Verve on Cotton Tree Review - Kitchen and Dining

However, it was the stunning view outside that took our breath away.

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We immediately fell in love with the blue and white aesthetics of our room, which seemed to strategically mirror the magnificent blue and white view of the beach right outside the window.

Verve on Cotton Tree Review - Second Bedroom

Minimally decorated, our apartment 702 had all the amenities we required – from Wi-Fi in the room to a kitchen, washing machine, drier, TV, a private balcony, and more. There was nothing else we could ask for.

Verve on Cotton Tree Review - Second Lounge Room - Spare Bed

It was picture-perfect, and we almost didn’t want to leave our room!

The Pool

When researching this property online, we found that it had a beautiful shared pool, and my daughters were super excited to jump in right away. However, when we finally got to it, we didn’t actually use it at all.

Staying at this awesome apartment somehow slowed us down and relaxed us to the core.

Instead of splashing in the pool, we (including our kids) relaxed with the views from the balcony, playing games and we (adults) chilled out with some bubbly as well.

The Location

Cotton Tree in located close to Maroochydore on the Sunshine Coast. The Sunshine Coast is one of the best places to visit in Queensland.

After chillaxing one must eat, right? Luckily, there are plenty of choices here at a nearby cafe or a restaurant.

Verve on Cotton Tree Review - Maroochydore Beach

My children insisted on having their favorite – burgers and fries, while we decided to go for Italian.

The best part about our stay at Verve on Cotton Tree was the proximity of the hotel to almost everything we needed.

From cafes to a quaint marketplace, we had an afternoon well spent just strolling around and exploring the area.

Verve on Cotton Tree Review - Palmtrees and Cotton Tree

Moreover, the beach was located just a minute away, so we could drop by and watch the gorgeous sunset before heading back to our room.

How To Get Around

Getting around this beautiful city is a walk in the park – quite literally!

Verve on Cotton Tree Review - Apartment 702 - Balcony View

Although there are several options available, we found that most of the places were walkable and decided to explore this beautiful city on foot.

However, you can also opt for a bus ride around the city, where you can sit back and enjoy the stunning views.

The beautiful locals going about their day, the hustle and bustle of tourists trying to capture memorable moments, and the majestic sea views are unmissable.

Verve on Cotton Tree Review - How to get around Maroochydore

You can also opt for an Uber or Oggy e-scooter to get to faraway places. The rates are quite reasonable. Of course, an Uber will cost you much more than a bus or an Oggy e-scooter. And, in all honesty, it is much more fun to explore this beautiful city on foot or an e-scooter.

Make sure you check the bus schedule, so you know exactly which bus arrives at what time. This way, you can schedule your trips around town without wasting time waiting for a ride.

Where To Eat

Being foodies, my family was elated to find out that there were more than a dozen popular eateries near our hotel. For coffee lovers like us, Murray’s Cafe became a haven that we visited at least once a day, every day during our trip.

Verve on Cotton Tree Review - Junk Asian Food in Maroochydore
Junk Asian Fusion Restaurant in Maroochydore

If you’re in the mood for something oriental, you can try Thai Mangoes Restaurant or Swagat Indian Restaurant for some of the best Indian food. The Milk Bar Coffee Co. is also a trendy hotspot thronged by tourists almost all day long.

And of course, for Italian aficionados like us, Cala Luna Italian Restaurant was a great pick.

Final Words

After a dozen hearty meals and visits to some of the most stunning spots in town, our trip finally came to a happy end.

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We highly recommend Verve on Cotton Tree for your stay, where you will be treated beautifully by the perfect hosts in town.

Moreover, make sure that you visit the nearby cafes to enjoy some of the local delicacies as well as unique cuisines. Of course, don’t miss the breathtaking sunset by the beach!

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