Tuscany Road Trip Ideas for an Ultimate Family Adventure

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The cities in Tuscany are all joined by twisty, winding roads that run along the glorious countryside.

Although you can easily travel to each Tuscan town in a day, why would you miss the chance of driving through this region on a road trip?

The more popular cities are always worth visiting, but it’s the small countryside towns that’ll really delight you and your family.

This wouldn’t be Tuscany without the medieval villages, romantic cities, and rolling hills.

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Tuscany Road Trip Ideas

Tuscany Roadtrip with Kids, Leaning tower of Pisa and a church, yellow building and green grass

Whether your kids are into history or not, there are plenty of adventures to be had in this enchanting region.

And with plenty of pizza and gelato, Tuscany is a thrilling place for kids of all ages.

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9 Best Towns to Explore on your Tuscany Drive

There are countless beautiful towns that deserve exploring. Each town that’s nestled in the gently rolling hills reveals something marvelous about the Italian countryside.

You won’t get enough of the fairytale castles, charming olive groves, and picturesque vineyards.

1. Lucca

There is plenty to do in Lucca and it’s a stop that can’t be missed during your road trip.

towns near florence italy - Lucca, Italy, view from the top, young girls looking out, rooftops and tower, mountains in the distance

After all, it’s one of the most loved cities in Tuscany. It’s famous for its protective Renaissance walls and well-preserved historical sites.

With its medieval feel, you’ll easily fall in love with the city. You can spend your days cycling along the tree-lined paths and climbing up the Torre Guinigi tower for panoramic views of the town.

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2. Florence

Florence is another place that you have to visit in Tuscany. With all the incredible museums, renaissance art, rolling hills, and endless vineyards, you can happily spend a couple of days here.

best cities in tuscany - Florence Italy, famous cathedral, mother and three daughters posing, smiling, man with bicycle, tourists

With little ones on the journey, it’ll be a good idea to break up museum days with outdoor adventures.

You can plan a trip to the Boboli Gardens or head to Piazza Della Repubblica to ride on an antique carousel.

If you want to go wine tasting, you can also find a few kid-friendly wine tasting tours from Florence.

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3. Arezzo

Arezzo may be one of the less-known towns in Tuscany, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less fantastic.

Arezzo Italy - Tuscany, Italy, photo of the church and buildings in the square

Part of the appreciation of the town comes with understanding its deep history. Filled with churches, cathedrals, and historical sites, you can get lost in its magic.

Besides its history, Arezzo is extremely pretty. Go for walks to the top of the Arezzo Cathedral and marvel at the beauty from above.

If your road trip in Arezzo happens to fall on the first weekend of the month, then check out the antique fair in the town square.

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4. Montepulciano

If there was one town that perfectly depicts the Tuscan scenery, it would be Montepulciano.

best-towns-in-tuscany-montepulciano, Italy, sunset view of the yellow buildings on the side of the hill, green lands in the distance

Other than being recognized for its Vino Nobile red wine, Montepulciano is a town that is dotted with cypress trees and gorgeous architecture.

Drive right through the vineyards where you can admire the greenery of the Tuscan countryside.

The best way to discover parts of Montepulciano is to hop out the car and wander around on foot. Walk along the cobblestone streets, grab some gelato, and enjoy some of the beautiful cathedrals.


5. San Gimignano

San Gimignano is famous for its well-preserved tower houses that sit along the hilltop. The medieval architecture is the epitome of Tuscan hilltop towns.

Piazza Della Cisterna San Gimignano, Italy, family posing in the square, tourists walking and standing

As you drive into the town you’ll immediately notice the 13 towers stretching toward the sky.

Climb to the top of the Torre Grossa, the most famous viewpoint, to get the best look of the medieval towers. It’s also a great opportunity to get a glimpse of the gorgeous San Gimignano countryside.

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6. Volterra

The city of Volterra is known for its particularly peculiar urban layout. The town was once surrounded by protective walls, at a time when you needed to enter through two large gates.

tuscan villages to visit - Volterra, Italy, mother and two daughters posing on a roof top, roof tops of the old town in bcakground

Now, tourists can still see the remnants of the walls as they wander through the twisting labyrinth of streets.


7. Civita di Bagnoregio

Civita is a surreal hilltop town that can only be accessed by crossing a narrow pedestrian bridge. Crossing the bridge is an adventure of its own.

Civita di Bagnoregio Italy, the dead city on the top of the mountain, stone buildings, tower, bridge leading to the town, mountains all around

On each side, you’ll have insane views of the mountainous Lazio region and Italian villas nestled in the greenery.

Once you’ve crossed the bridge, you’ll be blown away by this fairytale town. Tiny alleys, low-rise houses, and small balconies suggest a touch of magic.


8. Siena

Siena is a romantic, small Tuscan town with plenty of historic buildings and open-aired country houses.

most beautiful towns in tuscany - Siena Italy view of the old town from the top, roof tops, tower,

Begin your Siena adventure by journeying into the heart of the town, Piazza del Campo. You can enjoy the town square by sipping a coffee or grabbing a fresh pizza.

Siena is also famous for its desserts. Be sure to grab a ricciarelli, which is an Italian cookie made with almonds.

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9. Pisa

Pisa is probably one of the most important Tuscan cities, given that it’s the birthplace of Fibonacci, Pisanello, and Galileo Galilei. The city is bursting with culture, art, and renaissance history.

best towns to visit in tuscany - Pisa with kids, man with daughter on his shoulders pointing to the tower of Pisa, Italy

Of course, a visit to the Leaning Tower of Pisa is a must. But there are plenty of other things you can explore in the city. Enjoy the outdoors at San Rossore Park, travel across the Ponte di Mezzo bridge, or visit Scotto’s Garden.

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Best Time to Go on a Road Trip in Tuscany

The most ideal times for a road trip are in spring (May and June) and autumn (September and October). Given that Tuscany has a fairly pleasant climate, you can enjoy the warmth of the seasons and squeeze in some beach time.

Monticchiello Italy Tuscany Town, Italy, man standing leaning on a small white FIAT car, parked cars, stone buildings

We’d recommend a trip to Tuscany in July and August if your hearts are set on a coastal holiday. But keep in mind, that while planning a Tuscan trip in summer is ideal for beach trips, the roads, hotels, attractions, and restaurants become extremely busy during this period.

This means summer is not the best time to be road-tripping through Tuscany. If you’re road-tripping in the summer, be sure to plan in advance.

Some nights you might not have accommodation booked, and if you’re traveling during peak season, this may be a problem.


5 Tips for a Successful Tuscan Road Trip

While it may be unusual for some to drive on the opposite side of the road, driving in Tuscany is easy. Take things slowly, this isn’t a journey that’s worth rushing.

There’s too much beauty and charm along the way that you may miss.

1. Rent a Car with GPS

This is a must for Tuscany road trips. A GPS saves you a whole lot of stress and plenty of time. If you can’t manage to rent a car with a GPS, we recommend purchasing an Italian sim card.

Lucca with Kids, Italy, man and three daughters on a four seater red bicycle with yellow roof, gravel road, buildings in background


2. Get an International Driver’s Permit

You’ll always be required to be driving with an international driver’s permit during your Tuscany trip. You can easily collect one of these from your home county’s AAA, just don’t forget to add it to your to-do list.


3. Drive with a Limit

A speeding ticket won’t be sent to you immediately during your stay in Italy. They take a while to process and you might not even know you have a speeding ticket.

It’s not going to be fun when you get back home and realize you have an extra cost.

Drive with a speed limit to easily avoid this happening. It’s also an extra safety precaution on the curving countryside roads.


4. Avoid Driving in Old Towns

There tends to be plenty of speeding cameras in small towns, and the fines are pretty hefty! Rather hop out once you’ve found parking and wander along on foot.

Lucca Italy, green scooter and bicycles parked next to a bright yellow building


5. Have a Backup Sim Card

A sim card is super useful for road trips, as you can google what’s what and learn some fun facts about a town. You can also research parking spots, and places to eat, and find out what the main attractions are.


Where to Stay When Driving Around Tuscany

Where you’ll be staying depends largely on how long you’re planning on road-tripping around the region.

Lucca Italy, view of the old town from the top, roof tops, towers and mountains in the distance

You have the freedom to create a road trip that’ll get the most for your family. One way to road trip around Tuscany is to plan out a circular route to the region.

Or, the easier approach would be to establish a base that’s stolen your heart, and journey out to a new town each morning.

Lucca is a particularly charming little Tuscan town that is absolutely perfect for staying over and doing day trips to other towns.

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To Conclude your Tuscany Road Trip

To make the most of your Tuscan road trip, plan ahead. There are so many cities here that are worth adding to your bucket list. You won’t want to miss them out.

Tuscany, Italy sunset view of fields, road and a small house on the hill, green and  golden fields

Visit famous museums, explore the ancient ruins, zip along the heavenly countryside roads, and have your fair share of family adventures.

Because all the towns are relatively close, you won’t have to spend all day in the car. Which is another reason why there’s no better place to do a family road trip than the iconic Tuscan countryside!

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