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If you’re planning your next vacation in Turkey, your trip will bring you a delightful merge of European and Middle Eastern Cultures. Turkey is home to some of the most gorgeous landscapes with high mountains, breathtaking power-sand beaches, and gorgeous cyan-blue seascapes.

When visiting Turkey, you’ll realize that your trip is much more than a trip, it will be an ultimate experience. Turkey has a rich culture with cities steeped in history. From Turkey’s illustrious beaches to the beautiful quaint countryside, Turkey will guarantee you a majestical vacation.

Where to go in Turkey

Turkey continually grows as a popular vacation destination for travelers. As it boasts a wide array of diverse cultural offerings, there is something for everyone to enjoy in Turkey. Turkey has many tourist attractions, but what better way to see Turkey than experience Turkey away from the obvious crowds. Turkeys landscapes are a visual beauty of art, throughout Turkey.

With many great landmarks, superb architecture, and vast scenery, you’ll get the ultimate travel experience in Turkey. While planning for a vacation in Turkey, there are some things to know before you go there.

Here are our top traveling to Turkey tips!

Turkey is one of the best Asian countries to visit. It is a great destination for couples, for family travelers, as well as those looking for a babyboom destination in Asia.


Things to know when Traveling to Turkey

Turkey Travel Advice

1. What To Do Beforehand

Find below some traveling to Turkey tips that will help you to prepare for the trip.

Researching Turkey Before You Go

Turkey is a country of stunning landscapes, fascinating culture, and delicious cuisine.

Although many will say that the best time to visit Turkey is in the spring or early summer when the weather is milder and the days are longer; Turkey is also one of the best January holiday destinations.

When in Turkey explore its majestic mountains, turquoise waters, and ancient ruins.

It’s also an excellent time to try authentic Turkish food or embark on a culinary tour to experience all that the country has to offer.

The Culture of Turkey

Weaver on Traditional Turkish Hand Loom

As a vast country, Turkey has an amalgamation of many different cultures. Turkey boasts a widely rich and friendly culture that is a great and enriching experience. When visiting Turkey you’ll get the best discovery of ancient traditions with lots of modernized traditions in the way people live there.

Turkish people love meeting new people, especially visitors from different parts of the world.

Obtaining a Turkish travel Visa

Passport with turkish visas and stamps

You’ll certainly need to find out if your country’s Visa options are suspended before you travel to Turkey. If you are from a country that can travel to Turkey on a Visa you’ll need to know how to obtain a Visa.

Ordinary passport holders are required to have a visa. Turkey grants eVisas, which travelers can obtain by applying online. Have your Turkey visa sorted out before you fly!

2. Traveling to Turkey Advice

What to pack for Turkey

What to wear in Turkey

It’s advantageous to make a checklist of some of the things you know are essential for your trip. Knowing you’ll need beach items and sun protection is a given, but bringing the correct items is key and will save you money on your travel.

Summer in Turkey provides the best time to do many outdoor activities. If you are the outdoors type, you’ll want to pack sunglasses, skin protection creams, and other necessary stuff to keep you from being sunburnt, especially on the beaches. Women should bring clothes that they can fully cover up in, especially if they decide to veer off to Istanbul.

If you are visiting in the winter months, December and February can get really cold and drop below -15 degrees, especially in the eastern parts. If you do visit in the wintertime, bring winter clothing, parkas, and umbrellas as it does rain often in the winter.

Essential things to bring to Turkey

Things that are essential to take on your trip to Turkey are small medical kits, insect repellers and hand sanitizers for outdoor activities, and binoculars, because you may want to see distant unreachable things up close in Turkey. Many other necessary things to remember to bring are your device chargers, although you can buy chargers in Turkey, why not save that money for something more fun.

The Turkish cuisine


Of all the countries in the world, Turkey has some of the best cuisine to satisfy your appetite. Whether you have the experience to taste home-cooked food Turkish style or street foods, you’ll get the chance to savor thousands of the cheapest and most delicious dishes Turkey has to offer.

From savory dishes like Manti and Iskender Kebab to sweet desserts like Baklava and Kunfefe, you can’t go wrong with any food option. Check out this list of yummy Turkish foods that you should try out whilst there!

Deciding where to stay in Turkey

Cave Hotel Room

Choosing hotels to suit your needs is best for travel. If you like luxury accommodations, you’ll want to stay at places like Hotel Les Ottomans in Istanbul or you can stay at more affordable widely-known hotel chains like Hilton. Also, you can look into varied accommodations, like AirBnB or Hostels, which can house your family at an affordable rate whilst on vacation.

Turkish Language

Turkish is the official language of Turkey, but there are four main languages that you will hear during your travels. With Turkish being the first, you’ll find that people around certain areas will also speak Kurmanji, Arabic, and Zazaki.

Don’t let this change your view about being able to communicate because in many places the people are fluent in many languages like English, French, Spanish, and more, especially because of tourism.

Essential phrases to know include:

Hello – Merhaba! (MARE-HA-BA)

Good-bye – Hoşçakal! (HOSH-CHA-KAL)

How are you? – Nasılsın? (NA-SEL-SIN)

I am fine, and you? – İyiyim, sen nasılsın? (EE-IM, SEN  NA-SEL-SIN)

Thank you – Teşekkür ederim (TE-SH-QU-ERR ED-ERR-IM)

You’re welcome – Birşey değil (BEER-SHEY DEY-EEL)

Please – Lütfen (LUT-FEN)

Do you speak English? – İngilizce konuşur musunuz?
İngilizce biliyor musunuz?

I don’t speak Turkish – Türkçe bilmiyorum (TURK-JEH BILL-MI-YOR-UM)

I don’t understand – Sizi anlamıyorum (SI-ZI ANN-LA-MA-YOR-UM)

How much does it cost? – Ne kadar? (NAY KAD-AR)

Excuse me – Afedersiniz (AFF-ED-DAR-SAN-IZ)

Yes – Evet (EV-ET)

No – Hayır (HI-EAR)

Turksh Currency

female hand giving money to get Turkish bagel at street

The currency in Turkey is called the Turkish Lira. This currency’s exchange rate is rather low so your country’s currency may stretch a whole lot further than the Turkish Lira. Currently, 1 Turkish Lira is worth about $0.26 in US Dollars.

3. The Best Places To Visit in Turkey

Best Places to go in Turkey

Find below a quick list of the most popular places to visit in Turkey.

  • Istanbul
  • Cappadocia
  • Ephesus
  • Antalya
  • Marmaris
  • Side
  • Bodrum
  • Pamukkale
  • Mardin
  • Konya

Tip: If you are staying in the cities, the best way to get around town is by the local taxi. You can book your Istanbul taxi and the Antalya taxi here.

So now you’re set on traveling to Turkey. You get to experience some of the best places, cuisines, people, and overall culture Turkey has to offer. While traveling in Turkey you’ll discover that it is a place with rich history, notable landmarks and vastly beautiful scenic places. Traveling around Turkey you’ll get to take in many different cultures and experience a land of great customs, manners, and etiquette.

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