On the Road Again: Traveling across US in a Family RV with Kids


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No one ever said traveling with kids was easy, let alone taking your children across the country with you. While our kids usually love to see some new sights and are pretty good on the road, it’s also easy for them to get bored after long hours sitting in a  Family RV with kids

Traveling across US in a Family RV with kids

No matter how cool of a vehicle you might have picked out for your RV trip, it’s likely that you’re going to run into times where kids get antsy and need a break from burning up the pavement. Here are some strategies we suggest when taking your RV across America with kids:

Make plenty of stops on your RV trip

Even if you have the best kids RV that allows for bathroom-stop free travel, it’s important on your RV vacations to feel like you can stretch your legs every now and then—and making sure that your kids don’t feel trapped is a big part of making the experience of traveling on the road pleasant.

Pack some sleeping bags and let your kids spend the night in the great outdoors. It’ll give your kids some space from each other and the RV.

Arizona is always a popular destination and so is Palm Springs.


Take frequent stops and be willing to see some things that might not interest you, but that your kids would like to see. (This might include a trip to Chuck E. Cheese.) These quick breaks can help kids to feel less bored and like they are included in putting the trip together.

Bring toys, books, and games for your RV vacations

When you’re taking a road trip, there will be a lot of time where you are driving and there isn’t much to do. Before you set out, ask your kids to pick some of their favorite toys, board games, or books to bring along. This can keep busy bodies entertained and can make it easier for you to focus on getting from one place to another.

Board Games

Grab a print out of our funny knock knock jokes so you can have some on hand for when the kids get bored.  Try to limit the use of electronics. While they can be useful, they can also be addictive and can take time away from your trip as a family.

Make it a learning experience on your family RV trips

Kids love to feel like they are forming connections with different places, and finding a way to make a trip educational doesn’t mean you have to stop at a museum in every city you visit.

Boy and Map

Taking them on a hike at a stop along the way, having them read about the location they are headed to, or asking some questions about local tourist spots can help your kids learn a lot about the destination you are visiting. It’s much easier to travel with kids when they are interested in where they are going.

Try some new foods when you RV across America with kids

One of the best things about taking a road trip is trying out some of the local grub. Most kids will be happy to dive into something new, but if you have a picky eater, this can be a great opportunity to get them to expand his or her palate.

USA Food

Take your kids to a fun, local restaurant and ask for something unique on the menu. It’s a way to keep the trip exciting and to remind them that each place has its own flavor.

Taking a road trip with kids can usually be pretty easy once you get them involved. Make sure to encourage them to view this as a way to explore their world—and a way to try some new activities that they might not have when they were home.

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