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Ah, the joy of travel memories. Nothing beats paging through a travel album and reminiscing over all the fantastic things you experienced and saw.

Although you can do this on your phone, there’s something special when you turn a page to reveal new memories.

But creating these parcels of history can often be tiresome. You need to scroll through hundreds of photos to find the perfect ones to add to the book — totally exhausting.

To make your life easier, we’ve found the ultimate way to create your travel photo books with Mixbook.

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With Mixbook’s travel books, you’ll be able to remember all the best bits, whether traveling with a baby or close friends.

Travel Photo Books and Family Vacation Memories

Let us show you why we love the idea of travel photo books so much:

Why A Photo Travel Book Is Awesome

You may ask why you should make a vacation photo book, so let us inspire you.

Help Beat Decision Paralysis And Save Time

It can often be hard to choose the right images to feature in your book – trust us, we’ve been there.

Mixbook Travel Photo Books - Best travel photo books

But you can easily overcome this, as many websites now provide innovative A.I. technology that helps you filter photos.

Book templates also help with this, as the story can already be set, and you’ll need to fill in the gaps with memorable images.

The Automagic tool also pairs guest photos and photographic images to create a seamless story.

And with the handy templates to pick from, you can save time and bring these family stories to life.

Helps You Get Inspired

Sometimes inspiration hits, and sometimes it doesn’t. So having a vast range of templates as a starting point is always helpful.

That said, templates are always fully customizable, so you can add personal flair to each book you make.

How To Choose The Right Photo Book

Ever flip through photos of your favorite memories, feeling the nostalgia that comes with each page turn?

That’s what vacation albums are all about! So picking the right photo book for you is essential.

Creating a softcover or hardcover book depends on your budget. But hardcovers are hands down the best option for a quality book you’ll enjoy paging through.

With all this in mind, you can see why photo books aren’t an ancient relic but a fantastic way to bring loved ones closer together.

How To Create The Ultimate Vacation Photo Albums

Now that you know why you should make a vacation photo album, let’s dive right into the best place to make these memories come to life.

Where To Find The Perfect Travel Photobook

We’ve tried just about every possible way to make a photo book. And from our experience, Mixbook’s website and/or app is the best place to create these gorgeous capsules of family history.

Mixbook Travel Photo Books - How to Create Personalized Travel Photo Books

They make the entire experience a breeze with unrivaled design choices and remarkably crafted books delivered straight to your door.

Don’t just take our word for it, as TechRadar voted them the best online photo book service in 2022.

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Create your family travel photo books here!

Some Steps To Getting There

It’s user-friendly, so the entire book-making process is fast and easy. Start by selecting the template you want to use – there are over 90 to choose from.

Once that’s sorted, decide on the layout of the book, you can choose from a landscape, portrait, or square format. Then you can edit the book and add your stunning vacation photos.

Ease Of Use

You can use the Automagic Creation tool for even more help and convenience. You’ll see your creativity unleashed with this intelligent A.I. software that takes your holiday and turns it into a unique story.

This is a fun, creative way to make your books, as the tool provides easy photo layouts, so you no longer have unorganized albums.

And if you decide to use the mobile app, you can organize all your holiday photos into one place for easy access.

Website Or App: Which One Should You Use?

As phone cameras become more powerful each year, more people are using their phones to document their holidays.

Mixbook’s Mobile 2.0 Travel App is a convenient way to store memorable photos and create some stunning books simultaneously.

Mixbook Photo App - how to created travel photo books, calendars, holidays with an app

Not only can you make physical books to print on the app, but you can also create iconic online photo books to share with family and friends.

That said, books made on the app are limited to a size of 6 x 6-inch or 8 x 8-inch hardcovers. The website gives you more variety, and you can play with landscape, portrait, or square formats.

Something For Everyone: Top Photo Book Travel Templates

Photo books aren’t just for families; they allow everyone to explore their creative side.

Full Photo Travel

This template is best for families that want to page through the best bits of their most spectacular vacations.

It’s also a great coffee table book that will spark stories to keep family and friends entertained.

Mixbook travel photo book - lady with the book

Bold Modern Travel

Photobook making isn’t just a parent’s pastime; the Bold Modern is a fantastic template for teens.

They can express themselves and show their vibrant personalities with large photos and quirky scripts.

A Magical Adventure

There’s even a template that’s perfect for young ones. We made a photo book for Avalee-Rose and put it on her bookshelf in her room.

She loves paging through and telling us all her favorite stories from the stills in the book.

Continent Or Country Specific

Looking to make a book dedicated to your travels of a specific country or continent?

There are loads of continent and country-specific templates to choose from.

We’ve got several at home that show our time in France and Italy, to name a few.

Mixbook Photo Books

Alternative Products Available

Mixbook also provides some other fantastic products you can dig your teeth into.

Holiday Cards

Let friends and family experience your joy while on holiday by creating personalized family holiday cards.

Mixbook Travel Photo Books - Travel Book Cards


Create custom calendars with birthdays, family events, and vacation dates all in one place.

Mixbook Travel Photo Calendar

Did you know that you can compile your own personalized Instagram Photos Calendar? Yup, you heard us right!

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Get your Personalized Travel Photo Calendar here!


For extraordinary family photos, print and frame them with these customizable canvases.

Mixbook Family Travel Canvas Designs

P.S. We’ve got a tonne of them hanging around our house.

Final Thoughts On The Best Travel Photo Albums

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from our travels, it’s that we want to remember them in style. And whilst there are many ways to preserve your travel memories, a photo book is one of our favorites.

Mixbook travel photo books are the best way to do this, as memories aren’t only on a USB stick or hidden in the computer.

These lovely books are out for all to see, creating fantastic home décor and providing perfect opportunities to reminisce with friends and family.

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