Feel the Incredible Freedom when you Choose to Travel on a Motorcycle


Travelling on a Motorcycles - Hoi An Vietnam

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There’s nothing like travelling the world on a motorcycle.  Hopping onto a bike, cranking up the engine and just riding!  This is a great way to relieve stress and to relax.  Whether you are leaving work after a long day or you just had a rough week and need to escape, the freedom and adventure that comes from riding is unlike anything else.  If you are a beginner rider, here are a few things to know about riding your new, shiny motorcycle!




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How It Feels To Travel on a Motorcycle

Freedom and Relaxation

When you take to the road on two-wheels, there is a freedom and peace of mind that comes with it.


As your motorcycle tires grip the road and you feel the wind and sun on your face, there’s just nothing else in the world that compares.  You can immediately start to let go of the frustrations and irritations of the day and allow yourself to relax.


New Adventures

When you are riding on two-wheels, you can have adventures that you have never dreamt about. You experience a thrill of the ride more than you can possibly feel in a four-wheeled vehicle.


The elements around you welcome you as you take the corners and you can feel the road under you.  There are numerous bike riding adventures that you can go on around the world!


You can choose to hire one for yourself and blast into the unknown in the country of your choice, or you can go on an organised tour like the Vietnam Motorbike Tours!

Always Engaged

Riding a motorcycle means your body is always engaged in the ride.  Your feet and hands are constantly doing something to keep the bike moving forward.  In a car, it’s not quite the same as it is on two-wheels.  Your focus is sharpened and your adrenaline kicks in stronger in order to keep you sharper and constantly steadfast!

Trips Are A New Experience

While you take time to pack and plan a car trip, a motorcycle trip is even more involved.  You must be prepared for any type of weather you may face.  That is why it is important to visit a site such as before you leave.  This is to ensure that you have everything you need.  Prepare for your trip by making sure you have the right gear, extra parts and tools that may be needed, and plan your route with alternative options as well.

Travelling on a bike is unlike any other experience in the world.  There are loads of benefits of riding a motorcycle, but first things first!  Be sure you do so safely by familiarising yourself with the road rules, watch out for other drivers as they don’t always watch out for you and above all – enjoy the ride!!

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