Travel Blog Monthly Income Report | January 2017


Travel Blog Monthly Income Report

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So you might have noticed that things have changed on our blog!  We are boasting a brand new look!  Lots of headache went into the new look as our previous blog had been customized a lot, so the transition to a new theme wasn’t as smooth as everyone told us it would be grrrrrr!  However, if you love the new flashy site, it is thanks to my new favourite theme – Redwood by SoloPine!!  Lovely isn’ t it??  And we are in love with our new social media sharing plugin too!!  Social Warfare is so much more professional looking than our previous one!  Always remember that if your blog is your business you need to treat it as such and you need to invest in it!  The look of your blog is important, so make sure it looks professional and eye catching!

This month has been a bit quieter than what I thought it would be … money wise that is … traffic, however was up!  And I must be honest in saying that I am pretty disappointed in the $ amount!  BUT we are waiting for some more dollars to come in for jobs that have already been done!  So I know next month will be a better month financially as the amount already exceeds this month’s net income!

We did have an awesome sponsored trip this month where flights (domestic) for the 5 of us, 3 nights accommodation as well as some activities were covered!  So that was fabulous!  But obviously it isn’t cash in hand as such!  We do place value on sponsored travel opportunities as it always opens up doors to places that we might not have been heading towards originally!

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My maternity leave ends in a few weeks time.  After that I have some long service leave up my sleeve to use, which means that by June 2017 I need to make enough money from this blog to cover my wage in order to keep working as a fulltime blogger!  That is our goal, so fingers crossed we get there!



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So How Much Money does My Blog Make?



Travel Blog Monthly Income Report for January 2017

-Prices in AUD –Travel Blog Monthly Income Report

Income for January: AUD $1129.42

  • Monumetric Ads – $54.84
  • Sponsored Posts – $878.78 (They approached me via email)
  • Amazon – (12 products sold) – $10.67
  • Social Media Influencer Posts – $180 (Tribe App)
  • Affiliate Sales for Australian Tours – $15.80

Product received for Influencer Jobs – 2 x Watches (value $310) and 3 Water Bottles (Value $54 plus payment)

Sponsored Travel – 5 x domestic flight tickets, 3 nights accommodation, 2 x family activities whilst in the city.

Expenses for January: AUD $187.95

  • Advertising fees (Facebook, Outbrain etc) – $53.62
  • Social Sharing Plugins – $67.94 (I bought one that didn’t work with my theme and they wouldn’t refund!!  So bit of a waste of money!! But LOVE my current social sharing plugin – Social Warfare you rock!!)
  • Massplanner Montly Fees – $13.65 – We use this program to grow our social media accounts!  It is automated and awesome!  37K followers on Instagram, 10K followers on Twitter! They have a 5 day trial, give it a go!
  • Grum.Co Monthly Fee for 4 Insta Accounts  – $26.33 – A great program to schedule your Instagram posts, it will also post your first comment full of hashtags too!  I love it!
  • Coschedule Monthly Fees – $26.74 – We use this program to pre-schedule out our posts and social media.  It is great, as soon as you write the post, you can organise the social media and it will automatically post your posts on your due dates and times.  I need this program in my workflow, it is an essential program for me!
  • KeySearch Monthly Fees – $18.45 – Our go-to program to find good keywords for Google. If you sign up now, we can give you a 20% discount voucher to use – KSDISC
  • MaxCDN Monthly Fees – $12.16 – Helps to speed up the website.


NET PROFIT: $941.47


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So there you have it, our latest travel blog income report update!  My goal at the moment is to keep making over $1000 net profit a month (so I nearly made it this month)!  However by June, I need to double that money and earn $2000 in order to be able to keep blogging full time!  Nothing like a goal!  Do you set business goals?


1. Make some Business Cards for your Travel Blog!TRAVEL BLOG RESOURCES

Business Cards are invaluable if you are serious about running your blog as a business!  We hand them out everywhere we can to expose people to our brand!  It is also great for handing out at the hotels and resorts that you stay with!  To us it is a valuable investment that we simply can’t go without!  That does not mean though that you need to pay an arm and a leg for your cards!  We researched the web and found that has some gorgeous quality cards at very reasonable prices!!  We just bought a stash of 100 for AUS $54. (which includes the postage costs, plus we like ours a touch fancy and have rounded corners on ours, they are even cheaper if you go with the standard option)

If it is time for you to get your business cards printed, and want to give them a go, use this link for 10% discount on your order!  You are WELCOME!!

2. Start Your Own Travel Website:Start your own Travel Website

We have simplified the blog-start-up process into 3 easy—peasy steps!! Read our post on how to start up your travel website!  I researched all the best prices and low-cost ways to start our blog, so if you like the look and feel of our blog, why not save yourself some work and time and simply follow the same steps?

3. Tailwind for Pinterest:

how to use pinterest for traffic

One of our largest drivers of traffic is STILL currently Pinterest!  We are constantly seeing rewards of our work involved with this social media platform!   So much so that I recently wrote a comprehensive guide on how to make the most out of Pinterest!  If you haven’t read it yet, you should hop over here and have a look!  Make sure to download the FREE checklist as well!

And don’t forget to try out Tailwind, use this link to receive one month for free!!!

4.  Previous Travel Website Income Reports:Travel Website Income Reports

If you enjoy our Income Report blog series, please click on this link here to read our previous reports!  We made money from the very first month of being open!  Never let anyone tell you that you need to wait a few years before you can monetize your blog!  Start following our steps and do it now!!  Because what are you waiting for??




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Do you earn money from your blog?  What are your main income sources?

I’m curious to know which company you use for your advertising on your blog – drop me a comment below!


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