How we Doubled our Travel Blog Income in 6 Months


Travel blog income

It is end of financial season here in Australia!  I do love the end, not because I love endings but because I love the hope that lies within the new beginnings!

I am mighty proud today, sitting behind my computer and working away furiously as always, but I have come a long way since the start of this blog. 

The last year brought some good changes:

1.  In the last year, we have made the decision for me to leave my teaching job behind for good.  Reality is I haven’t been teaching for over a year, but I was fortunate to leave my job with a good healthy dose of maternity leave, followed by long service leave.  I will be receiving my last pay check this fortnight!  I know I will miss the regular arrivals of those paycheques in my bank, but I am now earning more through the blog!

2. I have managed to double the income that our blog was earning at the start of this year!  This is major and this is HUGE and it has been seriously hard work!  This last month we made over 3K and the best part is that $545 from that total is passive income!  My current goal for our blog is to keep increasing the passive income to reach 1.5K p/m by the end of the year.




Himeji Castle | Osaka Day Trips


So what has been our success to doubling our income?

1.  Optimizing of posts

We stopped writing so much and started optimizing what we already had on our blog!  We went back to the beginning and:

  • Loaded up our posts with keywords (30-100 keywords per post)
  • Increased traffic (mainly a result of the SEO optimization)
  • Picked our top traffic posts and filled them up with affiliate links (where suitable and when helpful)
  • Created some posts that was designed around buying keywords to bring in more buyers
  • Learn more about how to do these things in the free email course below!


2.  Invested in Books, Courses & Paid Facebook Groups

hardcoverThe first investment we made was in a book, a very affordable book that is chock-a-block filled to the brim with a wealth of information on how to make money through a blog.  It contains steps on how to make money in 7 different main ways.  It also contains information on setting goals, how to work out your price, as well as how to create your ‘work with us page’ & media kit.

It has templates for emails you can send out to companies!  It is brilliant and it is awesome!  And it is on sale for ONLY $24.99.  I have a long way to go to match the author, Sharon’s, 5 figure income!  But I have already seen money coming in from some of the things that I have implemented from this book!


We have also enrolled in a few courses and paid Facebook groups.  We will check back in with you once we complete these courses and share details if we are happy with the results gained.



How to Create a Travel Blog in 3 Easy Cost-Effective Steps!

5 Steps to More Traffic & Income Mini-Course

How to use Pinterest as a Traffic Source (beginners guide)!

Past Travel Blog Income Reports



Making Money Blogging:

Income from Travel Blogging | June 2017

– Prices in AUD –



Income for June: AUD $3156.39

(Income Jan’17 was $1,129.42)

Mediavine Ads – $250

Sponsored Posts – $972 (Strategies we learnt from the ‘How to Make Money Blogging’ eBook)

Amazon Affiliate – $29

Social Media Influencer Posts – $1113.64 (One payment was for a long term job)

Commission Factory Commission – $25.75 (TripAdvisor Affiliate)

Agoda – $51 (works well for hotels in SE-Asia)

HotelsCombined Affiliate – $93

CJ Affiliates – $47

Transports Company Affiliates – $17.55

Own Product Sold – $28.60 (Itinerary)

Other – $19.19

Sponsored Travel Opportunities– Theme Park Tickets – (value $144, we don’t include this in the income above)

Expenses for March: AUD $493.32

Grum.Co Monthly Fee: $12.94 – A great program to schedule your Instagram posts, it will also post your first comment full of hashtags too!  I love it!

Coschedule Monthly Fee: $24.98 – I need this program in my workflow, it is an essential program for me!

KeySearch Monthly Fee: $17.75– Our go-to program to find good keywords for Google. We also use it to track posts that we want to keep an eye on. If you sign up now, we can give you a 20% discount voucher to use – KSDISC

MaxCDN Monthly Fee: $11.80 – To speed up the website.

Paid Blogging Course: $286.25 (more on this later)

Quick Update to our Business Cards: $50 – We use Ruby Blue Graphic Designs

Reorder of Business Cards: $89.60 – We love using Moo.  If you want to try them, use this link for 10% discount on your order.

NET PROFIT: $2663.07



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Quick Stats:

Age of Blog: 2 Years & 1 Months

DA: 27 (although we jus changed to .com so it shows as 1 grrrrr)

PA: 41

Social Media Followers: 70K+

Unique Visitors on Blog: 20K+

Pageviews on Blog: 40K+


So there you have it, our latest travel blog income report update!  We have had a MASSIVE month as we made a move from to .com!  And then we switched hosts and lastly we changed over to https!  I’m expecting traffic and income to plummet for a few months until everything settles in and Google starts loving us again!  Until then, I’m sitting tight.



1. Make some Business Cards for your Travel Blog!


Business Cards are invaluable if you are serious about running your blog as a business!  We hand them out everywhere we can to expose people to our brand!  It is also great for handing out at the hotels and resorts that you stay with!  To us it is a valuable investment that we simply can’t go without!  We absolutely love for some gorgeous quality cards at very reasonable prices!!

If it is time for you to get your business cards printed, and want to give them a go, use this link for 10% discount on your order!  You are WELCOME!!

2. Start Your Own Travel Website:

Start your own Travel Website

We have simplified the blog-start-up process into 3 easy—peasy steps!! Read our post on how to start up your travel website!  I researched all the best prices and low-cost ways to start our blog, so if you like the look and feel of our blog, why not save yourself some work and time and simply follow the same steps?

3. Tailwind for Pinterest:

how to use pinterest for traffic

One of our largest drivers of traffic is STILL currently Pinterest!  We are constantly seeing rewards of our work involved with this social media platform!   So much so that I recently wrote a comprehensive guide on how to make the most out of Pinterest!  If you haven’t read it yet, you should hop over here and have a look!  Make sure to download the FREE checklist as well!

And don’t forget to try out Tailwind, use this link to receive one month for free!!!

5.  Previous Travel Website Income Reports:

Travel Website Income Reports

If you enjoy our Income Report blog series, please click on this link here to read our previous reports!  We made money from the very first month of being open!  Never let anyone tell you that you need to wait a few years before you can monetize your blog!  Start following our steps and do it now!!  Because what are you waiting for??


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  • What are your main income sources?


Disclaimer, this article contains affiliate links.  We will be grateful if you choose to support us by using our well researched links!  Thanks, you rock!

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