One proven way to reduce your Travel Anxiety


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Aren’t holidays awesome? Isn’t it great to be able to step away from the daily grind, and to escape all the stress and worries of life?

Not always… because sometimes travelling can cause more stress than it cures. Especially if you’re the worrying type.

What’s holiday time like for you?

For some people, the thought of everything that can go wrong can make preparing for a holiday less fun than it should be. I know that my mother gets her share of travel anxiety as soon as she even thinks about leaving the safety of her home country.

My little brother is much more carefree and loves exploring different countries. I’m the same – I love to travel, if you couldn’t tell from this blog! But I do get pretty nervous before most trips, to the point where I feel slightly physically ill – a mix of excitement and nerves swarming around in my belly!


One proven way to reduce your Travel Anxiety

You’re about to embark on an awesome trip. You’re packing your bags, carefully folding and rolling your clothes up, trying not to forget anything.  You pack your expensive camera, and pick out some jewellery in case you decide to go out for a fancy meal.

And then it hits you – what if the camera or jewellery never makes it back home? 


How about when you arrive at the airport?  Do the nerves kick in? Do you start to feel those butterflies, that mix of excitement together with a bit of travel anxiety, making you wonder if you’re going to be that person waiting at the baggage carousel after everyone else has left the airport? Did they put the right sticker and tag on!!??   

I am such a worry-pot, there I said it!  I have to deal with my fair share of anxiety and I can tell you I always worry when I stand around that baggage collection carousel, wondering if my bag will arrive safely.

Just recently on our trip to Vietnam, I checked the baggage sticker to realized that they booked our bags on a completely different flight to ours!!   And we had limited time to get the people to sort it out before boarding that plane!  Good thing I checked though!


 Even if you’re the most careful of travellers, sometimes the unexpected happens.   

We recently had a laptop die on us after we went on a 4WD adventure on an island.  The laptop simply did not cope with all the bumps and shakes of the travels!!  Sometimes things happen, it is just the way of life!!



For us, the one thing that helps remove a lot of the anxiety of travel is insurance. It gives us huge peace of mind to know that even if something unexpected happens, we’ll have a helping hand to deal with the consequences.

Here’s how we choose which insurer to use, and what level of cover we need.


A good place to start when trying to figure out which insurance policy is right for you and your family, is to make a checklist of all the things that you do worry about.

For me, my worries are:

  • Lost luggage
  • Medical cover for my family in case something happens
  • Cover for cancellation or amendments to flights and hotels – I am a mother, things happen, kids can get pretty damn sick in the shortest amount of time!
  • Cover for our electrical equipment – Cameras, laptop, GoPro, backup gear etc. etc.  (The life of a travel blogger!!)


Once you have your list together, you can go and browse the options of different insurance plans available in your country.  We are currently using Cover-More for all our travel insurance, but use different plans depending on whether we travel on a ‘parent-escape’ or as a family.  We like it because they offer annual multi-trip insurance policy options for when we know we will be traveling heaps in the duration of a year. 

Grab a pen and paper and jot down your checklist of things you worry about! Go on, go and do it right now!



As with any ‘purchase’ in life, I believe that it is worth the time to ‘shop around’.  Compare the prices, compare the specifics of the insurance policies, does it cover what you need to be covered?  Does it offer extra choices for taking cover for your electronics?  Compare different companies, see what benefits they have and see which one appeals to you most.  Find one that feels like a good fit for your needs, your budget and your specific ‘worries’ that need to be covered by the insurance plan!



Keep the policy and the emergency contact details for your insurance company in your carry-on luggage or hand bag.  That way if you do happen to have lost luggage, it will be easy to hop on the phone and sort out details and issues.


For my family it is really worth investing some money in travel insurance if only to eliminate some of my worry that might come about pre-trip.  That way I can get on the plane and simply enjoy that excited buzz without having to worry about the ‘what if’s’. 



Andrzej has a saying in Polish which suits this very well ‘Przezorny, zawsze ubezpieczony!’  which basically means  ‘Better safe than sorry!’

Over to you: Which insurance company do you use?  Have you ever shopped around and compared prices and scouted out a plan that suits your requirements?  Do you get travel anxiety?



As long-time customers of Cover-More Travel Insurance, we were approached to write an explanation of how and why we choose to insure our family when we travel. We were paid for the time taken to write this post, but all opinions are our own. Be sure to shop around and find the right insurer for you!

This is general advice only, Limits, exclusions and conditions apply. This product is issued by Great Lakes Reinsurance (UK) PLC (ARBN 127 740 532, ABN 18 964 580 576), trading as “Great Lakes Australia”. Before you buy any insurance you should ensure it meets your financial situation, objectives and needs by reading the PDS.

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