5 Wonderful Reasons to Visit Sri Lanka [And 8 Souvenirs to Bring Back]

Sri Lanka


If you’re putting together a global travel bucket list, one destination that should definitely be on it is Sri Lanka.

It’s a country with so much to offer, and even this brief list of upsides to visiting, including gifts to buy for loved ones back home, should be enough to convince you to book a ticket.

The Top 5 Selling Points of Sri Lanka

The upsides of a trip to this jewel of a nation are too numerous to mention in full, but the highlights include:

1. Warm Weather


Sri Lanka’s climate is balmy year-round, with average temperatures sitting at 27 degrees Celsius. While monsoon seasons sweep the land with rain regularly, clear skies soon return, and this keeps the landscape lush and green.

2. Compelling Cuisine

There are many local delicacies to snaffle up in Sri Lanka, ranging from fish curry to pickled eggplant. The street food scene is strong and you’ll never go hungry wherever you are.

3. Wonderful Wildlife

Elephants Sri Lanka

If you want to see turtles, elephants, leopards, sloths, whales, and a bevy of birds, Sri Lanka will give animal spotters so much to see and do.

4. Laid Back Lifestyle

The people of Sri Lanka are welcoming, chilled out, and glad to greet visitors from overseas. The pace of life is not as hectic as in some other parts of the world, which gives the country a restorative quality.

5. Interesting History

Temple Statue Sri Lanka

From ancient temples to more recent marks of colonial involvement, the history of Sri Lanka is long and intricate. You can explore it at a range of sites and museums on a trip.

The Best 8 Must-buy Souvenirs

You’ll want to bring part of Sri Lanka back with you, and you’ve got lots of options, such as:

1. Blue Sapphires

If you are impressed by Diamondere’s sapphire necklaces, you’ll be intrigued to learn that a lot of the brilliant blue gems that are used to make them are sourced from Sri Lanka.

Blue Sapphires

You’ll find plenty of blue sapphire jewelry in the country itself, so snap up a bargain during our travels and add it to your wardrobe back home.

2. Ceramics

Another of Sri Lanka’s key industries is focused on the production of porcelain and ceramic tableware. Whether you’re in the market for a beautifully decorated bowl, a delightfully designed teacup, or anything else, you’ll find it here.

3. Tea

For a more affordable souvenir, choose Ceylon tea to pop in your luggage for the return journey. Before you choose a variety, sample as many as you can at local tea houses and revel in the herbal-infused goodness.

Tea Plantation Sri Lanka

4. Religious Statuettes

Many locals make a living by taking natural materials such as wood and stone, then carving them to represent meaningful figures from their faith, or simply as recreations of the animals which occupy much of the country.

5. Clothing


Visitors to Sri Lanka will be able to represent the nation’s traditions and identity elsewhere if they invest in saris and sarongs, suitable for women and men respectively. Ask a local to help you put them on so you know what you’re doing later.

6. Antiques

It’s not just new items that will remind you of your travels through Sri Lanka; stopping at one of the many antique outlets will let you snap up something special that also has historical significance.

Just remember to bring plenty of local currency as part of your preparations so you don’t miss out.

7. Spices

Few souvenirs travel as well as spice, it won’t spoil and doesn’t need to be refrigerated or kept in any kind of protective packaging to arrive home in one piece.

Traveling Sri Lanka, Spices

Cinnamon is one of the most famous spices to be associated with Sri Lanka, although you don’t need to limit yourself to a single choice.

Head to a bustling marketplace and check out the array of ingredients on offer, then choose a few to take with you.

8. Raksha Masks

You’ll have an easy time finding this traditional mask when souvenir shopping in Sri Lanka. Bright colors, bold shapes, and imposing sizes make it an impressive if potentially unwieldy gift.

Final Thoughts

Don’t put off booking a trip to Sri Lanka any longer, because you won’t regret visiting this unique and much-loved part of the world. In fact we love Sri Lanka so much that we have added it to our list of the best holidays with teenagers, but it is great for families with younger kids, couples, or single travel too.

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