Visiting the Ta Prohm Tomb Raider Temple in Cambodia



Ta Prohm Temple, the Tomb Raider Temple, Cambodia is by far my favorite among the Angkor Wat temples! 

There is something spiritual and peaceful about this temple; a true dance of interaction between the man-made and the living jungle that surrounds it. 

Not to mention that most of us have seen this temple in movies such as Tomb Raider and Indiana Jones!

The Angkor Wat Complex; a UNESCO World Heritage Site; happens to be one of the most popular places to visit in Cambodia; and we were grateful to have had the opportunity to explore the Angkor Archaeological Park with our kids.

The kids loved exploring the Ta Prohm ruins; we all loved trying to find the iconic parts of the Temple of Ta Prohm that we had seen in the movies.  The temple was every bit as spectacular as I expected it to be!

Join us for a visual journey with Ta Prohm photos and a short video as we explore the iconic temple of ruins and trees.

The Ta Prohm Tomb Raider Temple, Cambodia

When you visit Ta Prohm, you will find spectacular ruins of an enchanting temple, swallowed by the majestic trees of the jungle. 

Beautiful corridors and stone walls are forever intertwined by the spectacular maze of gigantic tree roots.  The marriage of the stone and nature is simply magical and leaves you with a sense of wonder.

Here you will witness the marvel of the architectural genius of the 12th-century builders and the power of nature, that gently over time takes back what is truly hers!

To read more about Ta Prohm temple in Cambodia and its history click on Tourism Cambodia’s site here.

The Tomb Raider Temple, Cambodia  – Video

20 Beautiful Ta Prohm Photos

Ta Prohm with Kids 4

Ta Prohm with Kids
Ta Prohm with Kids 3

Ta Prohm with Kids 2

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A Glimpse into the Angkor Temples and the Angkor Wat with Kids


Ta Prohm Entrance Fee:

The entrance fee to Ta Prohm is included in your Angkor Wat ticket, so it won’t cost you any extra to explore the grounds here.   The Angkor Wat Entrance Fee prices are:

  • 1 Day Pass is $37 USD per person
  • 3 Day Pass is $62 UDS per person (must be used within a week)
  • 1 Week Pass is $72 USD per person
  • Kids under 10 years old are FREE (ensure to have a passport or a photocopy of a passport for proof of age)

Ta Prohm History:

The amazing Ta Prohm temple was built in between the mid-12th century to early 13th century by king Jayavarman VII.  This Buddhist temple was built as a replica of Bayon-style architecture and was dedicated to the mother of the king.

This incredible temple is one of the most visited sites in the complex and it is one of the largest monuments in the whole area.  Ta Prohm has been kept in its natural state and has not been altered in any way since the 19th-century explorers uncovered the monuments.

Ta Prohm temple n Cambodia has stolen our hearts!  There is something more to this magical place than just marvelous ruins.  It is like the temple is still alive.  It is like the gigantic figs, banyan, and kapok trees are protecting Ta Prohm from crumbling to the ground.  It’s like the temple is forever protected by the enormous tree arms, nestled in a deep sleep…  hmm…

Make sure to take a bit longer here and truly lose yourself in the beauty of Ta Prohm and discover its hidden secrets.  There are quite a few here, so keep your eyes open and your camera ready!

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