6 Tips for Keeping Hair Healthy When Traveling

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No matter where you are in the world – from the beaches of Brazil to the mountains of Morocco – there’s always one constant while you’re a globetrotter: keeping your hair looking healthy.

It’s not easy to have perfect hair while you take long flights and battle the elements, but with the right tips, your hair can look as good as possible when you travel the world.


6 Ways of Keeping your Hair Healthy While You Travel

Let’s look at some advice on how to care for your hair when on the open road.

1. Try to limit the heat

A nice bit of sun is great for giving our hair (and skin) a lovely sun-kissed look, but too much of it will dry it out, cause frizz, and even breakage in some cases.

If you’re on a beach and have already used sun protection, don’t forget to wear a hat in order to protect your hair, as well as your face, of course.

UVA and UVB rays are no joke to our hair, and it’s not just the scalp that can be affected, but the cuticle (the outer layer of hair) as well.


2. Keeping up a good routine

Naturally, traveling is a great way to escape the daily grind, but this shouldn’t apply to your hair care regime!

For those with thin hair especially, you’ll have to find ways to work a little bit harder to ensure your locks are at their best. Bring your favorite shampoo and conditioner with you and use them roughly twice a week, unless you have very greasy hair.

Don’t forget to keep brushing your hair a few times a week to get rid of knots.


3. Careful when making use of the pools

If your hotel has a lovely pool and you could imagine spending several hours a day in there, then first protect your hair against chlorine.

This pool-cleaning chemical can strip away beneficial oils from our hair, but you can prevent that by showering and then applying a leave-in conditioner before jumping in the pool.

You could also try wearing a swimming cap if you don’t mind the look! Shampoo and condition your hair rigorously after getting out of the water.

4. Find a hairdresser to trim the ends

This really only applies if you’re away for a long time, like 4-5 months, and simply can’t wait until you get home.

If you want to grow your hair, then keeping the ends healthy is of the utmost importance. But in general, it’s still necessary to keep the ends from being split.

Ask around wherever you’re staying or check reviews on Google or Yelp for a hair salon that looks trustworthy. The last thing you want is a bad haircut when traveling!

5. Bring a compact hairdryer

You certainly don’t want to take up too much space in your bag with only hair care items! Look out for small and nimble hair dryers that are great for traveling.

Bring a travel hair dryer

The same goes for hair curlers or straighteners, but if you think you can live without these items for the duration of your trip, then leave them behind.

Trust us, you don’t want to take things that you’ll only use once or twice, as luggage space can get quite difficult to find after a while! Still, don’t forget your travel adapter so that your products will work elsewhere.

6. Products can help you out

When you’re in a rush and never seem to have the time to care for your hair correctly, products like dry shampoo can really help if you’re in a pinch.

Use a hair mask once a week to treat your hair to much-needed nutrients, which is definitely useful if you’re in a hot climate.

If you’re using any hairspray or wax along the way, try not to let it build up and cause itchiness or greasiness to your scalp.

Don’t leave home without loads of hair ties and scrunchies, as these are easy to lose when packing and unpacking on your travels.

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