3 Tips to Keep Your Kids Healthy While Traveling


Torii Gate Miyajima Island with Kids

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Traveling as a family is a lot of fun. You’re seeing some of the most amazing sights in the world with your favorite people!

You have that unique bond that comes from shared experience, those memories that’ll stay with you long after you arrive home.

Seeing some unforgettable vistas, meeting scores of new and interesting people, immersing yourself in another culture – it’s a real eye-opener and you’re so lucky to share it with your kids.

But of course, traveling with kids has a less glamorous side. First of all, there’s the inevitable boredom that arrives between delayed flights, long train journeys, and interminable queues. Then there’s the risk of getting sick. Then there’s the bickering that can suddenly arise and never seem to end!

To stop these things get in the way of your great holiday, it’s important to stay healthy while you’re on the road. Because, after all, a healthy family is a happy family!

With that in mind, here are 3 key tips to keep your kids healthy while traveling… wherever the road takes you.

1. Get Enough Sleep

One of the biggest causes of sickness, while we travel, is – nope, not Delhi belly or something similar – but a lack of sleep. Because when we travel, we end up getting up earlier than usual, not going to bed until late and finding it hard to sleep with all the jetlag, new hotel rooms, and sheer excitement.

But it’s so important to stay rested, at any time of our lives but particularly when we travel.

That’s because sleep strengthens our immune system, protecting us from any viruses or bugs that we may fall victim too. You obviously want your kids in the best physical condition as possible, so making sure they get enough sleep and and sleep well, will keep them that way.

It’ll also encourage them to be energetic, positive individuals instead of lethargic, grumpy children who couldn’t care less about the amazing country they’re in.

So make sure your entire family sleeps well – and the world will look much rosier come morning!

2. Eat with Routine

When you’re bopping around between different towns and countries, it’s very easy to lose track of routine. Breakfasts become much earlier, as you rise with dawn for the morning market. Lunches become more of a “snack as you go” kind of thing, as there’s simply so much to do. Dinners are early some nights, late other nights.

And your kids (and their digestive systems!) don’t know what to make of it.

To keep your gut in good health – and the rest of your body, as a result – it’s important to eat regular, proper meals. They should be at the same time every day: say 8 am for breakfast, at 12 pm for lunch and 5 pm for dinner.

By all means, have snacks in between these times but always set aside time for a proper sit-down meal. This will ensure your kids stay healthy while getting to enjoy some proper local cuisine too!

3. Stay Hydrated

Another key factor in staying healthy while traveling is to keep hydrated. This is especially important before, during and after any long-haul flights, which can set you up for all kinds of bugs and can make jetlag an awful lot worse.

So before you fly, drink plenty of water. On the flight itself, drink plenty of water. And when you land… yep, drink plenty of water!

If you’re staying in a hot country, it’s easy to give in to temptation and get your kids those soft drinks they’re pleading for. Of course, the occasional one is fine but feeding your kids 2 bottles of Coke every day isn’t doing their teeth or their health any favours!

So make sure you always carry around plenty of water, plus rehydration/electrolyte powders if you think they might be getting rehydrated. And stick to the shade as much as possible because no tan is worth getting sick over!

Speaking of sun, here’s a bonus tip: use a high factor on your kids, apply it regularly and make sure they wear a hat of some kind to protect them from too much heat.

The sun can play some pretty dangerous games when it comes to our health so keep your kids covered up and out of harm’s way!

Bon voyage!

Now that you’re armed with some quick tips to help your kids stay healthy while traveling, what are you waiting for? Book that dream holiday, pack your bags and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime.

May you have a safe, happy and healthy journey, wherever you end up!

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