Top 5 Tips for Travelling with Your Pet


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You love to travel but can’t stand the thought of leaving the beloved family pet at home? With more and more pet friendly accommodation options popping up in amazing destinations across the world, there is no need to – you can take your pet with you.

However, planning a holiday with your pet can be quite different to your usual holiday arrangements – what should you pack for your pet, how do you find pet friendly accommodation, how should you transport your pet are some of the things you need to consider.

Check out these 5 tips to assist you in your travel plans when holidaying with your pet.

Tips for Travelling with your Pet

1. Pack the Essentials

Just like packing your own belongings you will need to ensure you have everything your pet may need during your trip. Essential items include:

  • Bedding and / or travel crate for sleeping;
  • Collar, harness and lead for walks;
  • Food and water bowls if the accommodation does not provide it;
  • Handheld Vacuum for cleaning up pet messes;
  • Grooming equipment – especially important for beach holidays;
  • Your pet’s favourites toys; and
  • Ensure you pet’s ID tag is up to date with your mobile number just in case the unthinkable happens and your pet gets lost.

2. Finding Pet Friendly Accommodation Options

These days there is a range of places offering pet friendly holidays such as holiday parks, B&Bs, boutique properties and luxury hotels. An easy way to find pet friendly accommodation is to use booking websites such Airbnb or Stayz and filter your search by ticking “pets allowed” or “pet friendly”.

3. Do your Research before making the Booking

Once you have found a property you like, be sure that the place is a good fit for your pet. For example, consider the following:

  • Will your pet be welcomed inside or are pets strictly outside only?
  • Are both cats and dogs allowed?
  • Does the place provide pet beds or do you need to bring them?
  • Do you need to provide your pet’s bowl or is that provided?
  • Are you able to leave your pet at the accommodation whilst you go on short excursions or do you need to be with your pet at all times?

If it’s not clear in the listing, email the owners with your questions. I also recommend reading reviews from other pet owners do see what their experiences were like.

4. Tips for Travelling with your Pet by Car

If you are driving a long distance to your destination, you will need to consider your pets needs as well as your own. Things to consider are:

  • Ensuring your pet is adequately secured in the car;
  • You have regular breaks out of the car for your pet to go to the toilet, have a drink and stretch their legs; and
  • Never leave your pet unattended in the car.

5. Tips for Travelling with your Pet by Airplane

You can still take your pet with you even if you are going interstate. Most of the major airlines allow you to fly with your pet provided you follow their requirements. Travelling with pet by plane requires a little more planning then going by car, here are things to consider:

  • Each airline has different terms and conditions but usually pets must be in an approved crate or carrier and checked in as freight. You may already have a crate that is approved or you will need to buy or hire one;
  • If you have to buy or a hire a new crate, get your pet familiar and use to the crate prior to the day of your flight. Put their favourites toys or blanket in the crate;
  • Before going to the airport, take your pet for a big walk and / or play so they are used up some of their energy;
  • It is not recommended that you sedate your pet prior to travel, there are natural calmers that you can give your pet if you are concerned they will be anxious – discuss this with your vet.


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