Top 10 Things to do in Port Arthur, Tasmania



Looking for the top things to do in Port Arthur, Tasmania?

Here is a list of the top Tasman Peninsula activities that you simply cannot miss out on!

Port Arthur, in Australia, is truly a sensory wonderland to explore. With a variety of places to see, great Port Arthur activities to join in on, beautiful walks to enjoy, and some captivating history to learn more about.

We loved our time exploring this beautiful part of Tasmania.

To get a true sense of this region of Tassie, we highly recommend that you explore both Port Arthur and the Eagle Hawk Neck sights together.

It will be best if you have a rental car for the trip, as the sights are rather spread out across the area.

We chose to base ourselves close to all the main Port Arthur attractions and have shared some of our top recommendations below.

Port Arthur Accommodation choices

Here are our recommendations for accommodation in Port Arthur. These are some of the best Tasman Peninsula accommodation options so that you are always based close to all of the tourist attractions in Port Arthur:

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Things to do in Port Arthur, Tasmania

With plenty of activities in and around the Tasman Peninsula, we have compiled a list of our ‘Top 10 things to do around Port Arthur’. This list will allow you to enjoy 3 full days of Port Arthur sightseeing.

The list continues on to the small, nearby town of Eaglehawk Neck, a narrow landmass that marks the entrance to the Tasman Peninsula.

Here is our list of what to do in Port Arthur, Tasmania.

1. Remarkable Cave, Tasman Peninsula

Our top 10th thing to do in Port Arthur, Tasmania is to see the Remarkable Cave!  No joke, it is truly remarkable!

Port Arthur Tasmania Things To Do - Remarkable Cave Tasman Peninsula

For the top choice of activities in the Tasman Peninsula

When I saw all the steps leading down to the Port Arthur caves from the Maingon Bay Lookout, I almost didn’t want to go, but I’m glad I did.

All the way down the many stairs, you will find yourself at a little lookout platform from where you can see into the grand opening of this remarkable cave.

I can’t really describe the view, you just need to see it for yourself!

The Remarkable Cave is one of the best things to do in Tasmania! The cave is truly extraordinary, and simply bloody awesome to see!!

As you can see, there is heaps of tourist attractions in the Tasman Peninsula to explore and we recommend that you spend at least 2-3 days here whilst on your Tassie adventure.


Tours from Hobart to Port Arthur

If you are after a tour from Hobart to visit Port Arthur, these three tour options are all great value for money!


2. Tasman Peninsula Sightseeing by Cruise

How about an award-winning 3-hour boat Port Arthur cruise with Pennicott Wilderness Journeys?

Port Arthur Things To Do: Port Arthur cruise with Pennicott Wilderness Journeys

Adrenaline Pumping Activities in Port Arthur on the Wilderness Cruise!

Now, this activity is one of my favorites from our adventure around Port Arthur!

Combine the speedboat, spectacular Tasman Peninsula landscape, and a bunch of happy adventure seekers and you have a trip that is worth remembering!!

This also happens to be one of the most popular of all the things to do on the Tasman Peninsula! An action-packed day for only $135 per adult and $85 per child.

We recently wrote a blog post all about this adventure, please follow the link to An Award-Winning 3-hour cruise with Pennicott Wilderness Journeys.

Another very popular tour and sightseeing in Tasman Peninsula option is the Bruny Island Wildlife Cruise!

Book your Tasman wilderness tour here.

3. Port Arthur Historic Sites and the Port Arthur Ghost Tour

Wondering what to do at Port Arthur that has some historical significance?

Whilst driving towards the Port Arthur Historic Sites, I had mixed feelings.

First of all, I thought about the events that happened not so long ago in 1996, I won’t go into it though. Let’s put it this way, the place has a lot of stories to tell, and most of them date back to a far earlier point in time.

The stories are best told by the informative guides who work there.

Don’t forget to book the famous Port Arthur Ghost Tour, where fascinating ghost stories and exploration at night will bring a whole different side to the sites as they come alive.

The Ghost Tour is one of the absolute best Port Arthur tours that you can go on!

Port Arthur Historical Site - Must see Ghost Tour Port Arthur

The Historic Sites are one of the top attractions in Port Arthur

This place plays a very important historical significance not only to Port Arthur but also internationally.

Both Port Arthur Historic Site entry fee, as well as the Harbour Cruise, will cost you only $37 per adult and $17 per child.  Make sure you don’t miss this famous Port Arthur activity.

Book your Port Arthur Historic Site tour here.

4. Port Arthur Lavender Farm

What to do in Port Arthur - Visit the Lavender farm

One of the most beautiful places to visit in Port Arthur is the lavender farm. Stroll down the purple alleys of lavender, whilst eating the delicious lavender-infused ice cream. Yup, it’s all about lavender here.

Port Arthur lavender season starts from around the middle of November and reaches full glory during December and January.

This destination is all about stimulating the senses of sight, smell, and taste. Indulge in lavender-inspired cuisine in the cafe, wander through the shop filled with homemade products, or check out the custom-made distillery.

Relax a while at this beautiful Tasmania lavender farm and absorb the peaceful surroundings.

Book your tour to Lavender Farm here.

5. The Maingon Bay Lookout

This lookout was my favorite viewpoint over the Tasman Peninsula during our trip. Park your car on the top, take a few steps down to the platform, and the beautiful panoramic views stretch out right in front of you.


Sightseeing in Port Arthur to see the Maingon Lookout

We came here towards the end of the day when the sun was already low. The rugged landscape of the coastline set against the dark blue sea, waves crashing below, and sun rays illuminating all the colors of nature are a sight to behold.

6. Walk to the Totem Pole and Candlestick

Do you like bushwalks? Do you like climbing? Are you wondering what to do in the Tasman Peninsula that potentially involves both of these activities?

If the answer is yes, then this one’s for you.

Things to do in Tasmania - Cape Hauy cliffs in Tasmania with the Candlestick and the Totem Pole

The walk to the Totem Pole and Candlestick will take you around 4 hours to return. It is approximately 8.8km in length, so bring some good footwear, warm weather clothing, including a raincoat and a sun hat, snacks, and a water bottle.

Park entry fees do apply, so this isn’t one of the free things to do in Port Arthur, but it is completely worth it.

For those of you that love climbing, this one is going to put a major smile on your face! It is a really popular choice amongst the Tasman Peninsula attractions!

We are not climbers, so we just admired the sheer rock structure from a distance, haha. We did spot a few bright-colored jackets preparing to start the adventure though.

Things to do in Eaglehawk Neck, Tasmania

Just a mere 25 minute drive from Port Arthur, Eaglehawk Neck is a narrow stretch of land connecting the Tasman and Forestier Peninsulas in the southeast of Tasmania.

It’s known by the locals who frequent it as ‘the Neck’, and is regarded as a ‘isthmus’.

These are all things to do on the way to Port Arthur, so we simply visited them on the drive-through to our accommodation.

7. Eaglehawk Neck Tessellated Pavement

Let me start you off with this natural wonder of the world. This geological phenomenon is located in Eaglehawk Neck, as you drive towards Port Arthur itself.

After an easy 10-minute walk, you will find yourself staring across this incredible natural coastal feature!


The Tessellated Pavements is a great thing to do on the way to Port Arthur

Nature is a very strong force that shows its power all over the Tasman Peninsula.

The earth’s movement, together with the help of the constant erosion by the Tasman Sea, has created a mosaic-like flat rock surface that we can marvel upon today.

Here you will find a few photographers with their tripods, trying to take that unique shot that nobody has taken yet. I think that there are still a million more photos and angles to be uncovered here.

With all the colors of green moss, the shades of grey of rocks, set against the dark blue of the sea and light blue of the sky, you tell me how many photos you can snap here?

8. Doo Town Tasmania

This one has to be one of the coolest ideas that I have seen on our travels. What a way to bring the community together, by keeping a unique tradition alive.

Back in 1935, a Hobart architect named Eric Round started the tradition. He built a shack at the magnificent Pirate’s Bay, and named it ‘Doo I’. Soon the idea spread across the town, with a continuation of funky names popping up everywhere.

The ones that I remember are, ‘Dr. Doolittle’, ‘Doo-Me’, ‘Do-Us’, and ‘Doo-N-Time’.

Such a cool idea, I reckon! What name would you make up for your home or beach shack?

Leave us a comment!

9. The Tasman Blowhole

At the end of the “Doo” Town, you will find the Tasman Blowhole.

Tasman Arch and blowhole near the former Port Arthur penal colony, on the rugged south Tasmanian coastline

Unfortunately, when we got here, the famous blowhole was sleeping, I think.

We could see the waves enter the dark tunnel all the way from the open sea, and make their way towards us, where we were waiting for its performance.

We managed to snap only a few small blowouts, so we hope that you will be a bit luckier with tidal timing.

To brighten up our mood, we had the most delicious ice cream with berries and strawberry sauce at the Doo-Lishus food van at the Blowhole car park. You must try the ice cream! YUMMY!!

Make sure that you have cash though. As I recall, there was NO EFTPOS and the $5 from my pocket only got us one serving. Luckily it was big enough to share!!

10. The Devils Kitchen, Tasman Arch, and the Lookout

I think these were my favorite things to do near Port Arthur.

Not far from the Doo-Lishus treats and checking out all the visible ‘Doo’ names, you will find an easy walk to the Devils Kitchen, Tasman Arch, and a spectacular lookout over the Tasman Peninsula.

Tasman-Arch-Port-Arthur-Tasmania Tasman-Peninsula-Port-Arthur-Tasmania

Once again, the power of nature at its best shows us its magnificence. These rugged geological formations will stop you in your tracks.

I found it really amazing how the sea water can go up into the cracks in the rocks, pressurizing the air and slowly expanding the cracks. It took thousands and thousands of years to break through and create a new structure.

Makes me think, who are the people that will stand here one day, or who were the people that stood here before us? I am just grateful to have been here now.

Join a Tour:

Because sometimes you want to experience something spectacular, without having to plan or think too much about it, and taking a guided tour also gives you the chance to meet other like-minded people along the way.

Enjoy a Guided 3 Day Guided Walk to Discover the Three Capes of Cape Raoul and Cape Hauy by foot 

Traveling pack-free by foot, discover the Three Capes of Cape Raoul and Cape Hauy, and finish your journey with a dramatic wilderness cruise around Cape Pillar.

Enjoy a unique view of the peninsula from the base of the cliffs, to appreciate the sheer magnitude of the landscape.

You’ll also walk from the Waterfall to Fortescue Bay, which is nothing short of amazing. To top it all off, Spend 2 Nights in the Deluxe Spa Chalets at the Stewart Bay Lodge included with the tour.

Please pin our pin about what to see in Port Arthur, Tasmania!

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