Top 5 Things to do in Abu Dhabi with Kids!


Checking out Abu Dhabi with kids

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Dubai, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, is a great place to spend your vacations!

If you believed Dubai to be what I cheekily portrayed it to be, then you’d rather sign up for a quick lesson with your child’s geography teacher!

A once-over of the atlas will reveal Abu Dhabi to be the capital of the UAE. When your child gets weary of the relentless drudgery of his incessant geography lessons, and you become a walking, talking mass of fatigue, you’d need a vacation.


Top 5 Things to do in Abu Dhabi with Kids

There are many excellent vacation spots which warrant serious consideration. However, not all of them guarantee entertainment for your little one, and the little ones get bored rather quickly.

Abu Dhabi holiday

Fortunately, Abu Dhabi, the shining jewel of your newfound knowledge, is rife with fun things to prevent your child from wishing he was home, playing with his Xbox.

Here are the top 5:


1. Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

If you love the sound of a high-pitched V12 revving its bearings out, you’ll love Ferrari World. An amusement park themed around the exotic supercars of the illustrious Italian marque Ferrari, it is a treat for speed freaks and supercar connoisseurs alike.

Abu Dhabi Ferrari World with kids

Home of the world’s fastest rollercoaster, a day at this Mecca of all things loud, fast, red and Italian is bound to get your pulse racing.

Tip: The best way to get around this massive city is by a local taxi. You can book your Abu Dhabi taxi here!


2. Yas Waterworld

Middle-eastern countries are notorious for their intolerable heat, and the UAE is no exception. However, there is a respite from the heat, and how!

Abu Dhabi Yas Waterworld with kids

Close your eyes and dive into Yas Waterworld, a water park which promises to cool off that prickly heat. With over 40 different rides and experiences, it is sure to leave you and junior entertained.


3. Big Bus Tour

Much like Dubai, Abu Dhabi has some great sights which need a little bit of seeing. And what better way to go sightseeing than the Big Bus Tour, which ferries you around the entire city in supreme air-conditioned comfort, an under-appreciated boon in the harsh Abu Dhabi heat.

Checking out Abu Dhabi with kids

The bus is super useful if you wish to take things at a leisurely pace and stroll about the city or to get to the point of interest via the scenic route.


4. Corniche Beach

Being predominantly a desert area located in the Arabian Peninsula (junior’s geography teacher will let you know that that’s an area surrounded by water on three sides), Corniche beach, along with the coastline (accessible by the Corniche, a swanky walkway, hence the name) is a beach to write home about.

Abu Dhabi Corniche Beach with Kids

Kick back, get a nice Arabian tan or jump into the deep blue Persian Gulf with junior and splash around.


5. Emirates Palace

Let your prince live like a king during his stay at the Emirates Palace, a five-star hotel so grand that no amount of modesty can deprive it of the ‘Palace’ tag it enjoys.

Emirates Palace with Kids

With a myriad of opulent rooms and suites available, the Emirates Palace is luxury at its finest.


Final Thoughts

While Abu Dhabi may not enjoy the global fame that its big brother Dubai enjoys, it undoubtedly has several attractions that promise lasting entertainment for you and your loved one. If your budget is tight you can also find a lovely range of free things to do in Abu Dhabi as well. So get out your itinerary and start planing away.


Over to you:

  • Which of the above will make to your list of things to do in Abu Dhabi with your kids?

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