7 Essentials for Your Summer Holiday


Whether you’re headed to the coast or flying to an exotic destination, summer holidays are the perfect opportunities to relax, soak up some sun and cast away your worries and stresses.


Check out 7 essentials you’ll need to help you get the most out of your well-deserved getaway. And grab your free summer packing list from Bel Around the World, to help you pack.

1. A Good Book or Magazine

Try to escape the screen of your smartphone by flipping through the pages of a book or magazine. Delve into a creative world or learn something new as waves lap against the sandy shore. More often than not, you’ll typically feel more refreshed and in touch with nature by disconnecting from the internet and your smart devices. So after the campfire is extinguished and everyone is ready for bed, whip out a book and read by torchlight instead of scrolling through Facebook.

2. Seasonal Fruit

Summer is the perfect time to take advantage of delicious seasonal fruit like mangoes, plums and cherries. The warmer season’s bounty of fresh produce makes it easy to indulge without going crazy on junk food while you’re on a trip away.

3. The Right Bag

If you’re hiking, make sure you use a bag that offers proper lumbar support and evenly distributes the weight of your belongings across your back and shoulders. For a weekend getaway, don’t be weighed down by a huge suitcase! It’s also important that wherever you go, you’ll know your belongings will make it with you on the trip back home. To ensure you’ve got the smartest and most durable travel solutions on your summer adventure, click here to check out the Bags To Go range of Pacsafe luggage.

4. The Right Swimsuit

If you’re heading to the beach or relaxing poolside, there are different swimsuits suitable for different occasions. If you’re surfing, be sure to don a sturdy top or a one-piece swimsuit to avoid showing off more than your sporting prowess. This is also true for the guys; a pair of elasticised board shorts works wonders in keeping everything in place. To help protect your skin from sunburn, try packing a sun shirt. All in all, be sure to choose something that makes you feel comfortable so you can get the most out of you holiday.

5. A Polaroid Camera

Digital or smartphone cameras are great inventions, but there’s something special about watching your photos develop right before your eyes. Packing a Polaroid camera is the perfect way to commemorate your summer getaway. When you get home, you can instantly remind yourself of your time in the sun by sticking pictures on your car’s dashboard, around your office computer or on the refrigerator.

6. Micro-Fibre Towels

Towels can quickly become a packer’s nightmare. They take up an immense amount of suitcase space and quite often one won’t cut it for your entire trip. Micro-fibre towels quickly increase luggage space and dry much faster than standard bath or beach towels. Some micro-fibre towels are even woven with antibacterial properties to reduce the occurrence of odour.

7. An Emergency Kit

Avoid standing in line at a pharmacy by keeping a small emergency kit handy in your luggage. Band-Aids, Panadol, Vaseline, lip balm, a bandage, sunscreen, aloe vera gel, and sanitary products are some of the items that could come in handy while you’re on holiday.


If you love being organized, here is a handy beach packing list for when you are travelling with kids!


Where do you plan on going for your summer holiday? What would be your top essential?

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