A New Way to Stay with Disney Timeshare Vacation Packages


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So you’re thinking about a trip to Disney World and you’re already anxious at the thought of the costs, crowds, and consternation that can accompany such a magical trip.

While the lines and other aspects of the trip can be managed around schedules and seasons, the costs can be prohibitive – especially if you want to stay on Disney property.

A trip to Disney World will always be a popular destination for families and it is one of our top recommendations for vacations around Christmas time. So why not try a form of accommodation that you may not have heard of? Why not give Disney timeshare vacation packages a go.


What’s Disney Timeshare Vacation Packages About?

The Disney Vacation Club is the timeshare brand of the company’s hotel division, providing accommodation to its membership in some of the largest and newest resorts built by Disney. The Club operates on a points system, with points owned by individual club members who can use them to book accommodation at various resorts within the system, whether in Orlando, Anaheim, Vero Beach, Hilton Head or Hawaii.

Because the Club members are individual owners, those members often rent out the use of their timeshare to others looking for a deal. And this is where the real value comes in.

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Type of Accommodation

For Disney World veterans, you all know the drill about needing to stay off-site at some non-descript motel in Kissimmee if you want to save some money. Then, after a day at the parks, coming back to that cramped hotel room with take-out from the closest fast food joint – and the family all piling on a bed for a “healthy” dinner.

What if you could stay on Disney property in a two-bedroom condo, with privacy for you and your spouse when you need it, and a kitchen to save on meal costs? No need to book multiple adjoining hotel rooms since everyone is in the same unit. This is a reality for many visitors who negotiate the rental of a Disney timeshare with an owner who may not be able to use it and just wants to recoup their annual costs. Working directly with an existing owner can save you substantial money over booking through Disney.

You could be relaxing in an actual living room, enjoying a balcony overlooking park property, or taking advantage of the kid-friendly programs – such as a meal with a Disney Character – that only a Disney resort can provide.

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Special Disney Kid’s Programs

If you’re staying at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, there is Simba’s Cubhouse to entertain children from 3-12 with its unique jungle theme. Beach Club Villas vacationers can choose the Sandcastle Club and watch a volcano explode in the Lava Flow.

For those staying at Disney's Polynesian Village Resort, the kids can look forward to Lilo's Playhouse and learn to hula dance.

While some of these programs may cost extra, they are a far cry from some of the park fees and costs, especially if Mom and Dad need a break from all that activity and need some spa time.

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Saving Money with DVC Resales

If you are a repeat visitor to the theme parks and just can’t get enough of them, DVC Resales could be your best option. You can easily find some Disney timeshares for rent by the owners.

Renting a Disney timeshare will give you a great opportunity to try out the product to see if it fits your needs.

If it does and you have that insatiable desire to come back every year, a Disney resale timeshare can save you as much as 50% off the retail cost of points sold through the resorts. Because you would be buying directly from an existing owner, you won’t be paying the sales commissions and marketing costs that are baked into the retail prices at the resorts.

With a DVC resale, you will be allocated what is called a home resort, meaning that those points are assigned to a specific resort for ownership purposes. So it is important that you choose your favorite Disney Vacation Club resort before deciding to buy.

However, once you are in the system, you will have the ability to use those points at any Club resort. And owners have the option of booking their vacation months in advance, which gives you a leg up on those vacationers looking to rent.

So take a look at the timeshare vacation units available with Disney and try a more convenient, relaxing way to experience the theme parks.

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