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Navutu Dreams Resort and Spa

Tucked away on the outskirts of Siem Reap; hiding away behind the red dusty roads that Cambodia is so well known for; you will find a gorgeous lush oasis hotel resort, Navutu Dreams Resort & Spa!

Navutu Dreams Resort and Spa is a luxurious, relaxing and beautiful base to call your home whilst exploring Siem Reap, the Angkor Temples and also the local villages.   From the multitude of Siem Reap accommodation options available to choose from, I have no doubt that this is one of the best on offer!


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There are many reasons why we fell in love with this Siem Reap resort, and many reasons why we felt sad whilst checking out after a delightful stay.  From its incredibly friendly staff, to the impeccable service, the small extra personal touches found around the rooms and grounds to the friendships our kids made with the lovely staff.    The luxurious details together with the beautiful choices between three delightful pools!  This resort in Siem Reap is set on the outskirts of Siem Reap, which means that you are close enough to hop into the noisy busy town centre but yet far enough away to enjoy a beautiful quiet, relaxing & rejuvenating stay.   It’s not often that we have a perfect stay at a resort, so when a resort like this one comes along, we can do nothing but share our magic find with you all!

Siem Reap Accommodation Navutu Dreams Resort & Spa


Navutu Dreams Resort & Spa 

The Welcome:

Arrival at this resort is truly an unique experience!  You might wonder where your driver is taking you as it leaves behind the busy tar roads and turns down an interesting looking red-dusty side road.  Some insight into the local way of live away from the touristy areas;  this bumpy stretch of road leading to the hotel is nothing but truly fascinating!

Upon arrival, you will find a concierge who will grab your bags for you, whilst the friendly smiling faces of the reception staff will welcome you to sit down and refresh.  Within minutes you will have a nice cool face towel to wipe away the heat and dust and a beautiful cool welcome drink to start your relaxing stay.   After a few minutes to soak in the feeling of being in a new destination and a new resort, you will be accompanied on a tour around the grounds. Loads of smiling faces will greet you on the rounds!  Our daughter Lily was sad to leave this resort as she said she made so many friends there!  The staff knew the kids by name and were always eager to have a chat with our young eager monkeys.

After seeing mostly dusty covered plants and roads on the way to the hotel, the lush floral feel of the hotel grounds will pleasantly surprise you!  Truly a place where you can breathe out all your problems of life and breath in new energy and new balance!

Navutu Dreams Resorts Blog


Beautiful Rooms & Grand Suites:

Navutu Dreams Resort and Spa has rooms to suit either couples or families!  During our stay as a family, we were privileged to be guested in one of the splendid Grand Suites.    The Grand Suites are perfect for families as it is comprised of two separate living areas.   The main room (or the parent’s room as we termed it) holds your comfy and cozy king size bed, together with a seating area to relax in. The colours and warmth of the room mirrors the lush warm gardens around the resort.  Peaceful colours to enhance the feeling of relaxation and wellness.


Our room at Navutu Dreams Siem Reap

Looking at the photo, the door on the left leads to a gorgeous, large, spacious and modern bathroom, whilst the steps on the other side lead to a luxurious over-sized soaking-tub.  I think our kids thought it was like a mini pool that they were allowed to chuck bubble bath into as they had a ball in there!

The detail on arrival, is second to none!!  On our bed and scattered all around the rooms, we found gorgeous details of personal touch!  On our bed, we found some handcrafted fresh flower origami, together with an array of bits and pieces to personalize our stay.


In the next room, you will find the second room, which can either serve as a lounge or be converted into a kids bedroom containing two single beds.  In no time at all, the girls had chosen whose bed was whose.   Adding to the feel of your Cambodian holiday, you will find tasteful Laotian and Khmer Tribal Art decorating your suite.  Reminding you that you are in the Kingdom of Wonders.


Kids room at our Navutu Siem Reap Resort

On the table, again you will find a selection of thoughtful additions to the room. A fruit basket to welcome you to the resort, together with some Cambodian style colouring pages and pencils for the kids to occupy themselves with when the parents need some down-time.  And boy did Lily give them a work out!  She did some beautiful works of art whilst we were there.

Navutu Cambodia Accommodation Siem Reap Swimming Pool

Welcome Fruit, Flowers and Kids Activities at Navutu Dreams Resort Cambodia

Located in front of both rooms, you will find a large private verandah and garden area.  It was the perfect place to relax and unwind when the kids needed a nap after a hectic overnight flight from Australia.  Your own little piece of green paradise in Siem Reap!  Perfection!


The patio and garden at Navutu Dreams Resort Siem Reap

Rooms come with daily cleaning as well as a turn-down service!  I always find that I feel like royalty when I get back to my hotel and my doona has been turned down for me, ready to pass out! Small luxuries that can mean so much!!


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A Variety of Luxurious Leisure Facilities:

Navutu Dreams Resort and Spa has THREE pools to choose from on your stay.  The beauty of this is that the pools are never really crowded and finding space on the lounge chairs were never a problem.

We tested out the Family Pool on our first day at the resort.  This pool is a salt pool and has a wading pool attached to the main pool for the younger kidlets to splash around in.   We also gave the Lounge Pool a test run as it was the pool closest to our suite, however the kids found the pool too deep for their liking.  It seemed to be the most popular pool whilst on our stay as it always had ample shade available.

The pool we ended up using the most was the freshwater Lap Pool.  We spent many hours lounging around this pool, whilst the kids were busy playing to their heart’s content.    Lounging on these comfy sun loungers, staring at the pool and watching the joy on our kids faces!  How can a family not be happy with that!  Now image having a bar close by, where you can order snacks, cocktails or whatever else your heart desires!  They even accommodated our request to make virgin cocktails as this pregnant mamma was missing the feel of a cocktail in her hands.


The beautiful pools at Navutu Dream Resort Siem Reap


The best accomodation in Siem Reap

The pool is perfection, as simple as that!  After truly hot, dusty days exploring, the pool will be the perfect place to ‘chill’ out in the afternoon.    The kids were also very happy as we could borrow some swimming goggles from the bar staff.  It was the only resort in Cambodia that had some gear for the kids on hand!

Navatu Dreams Resort Spa

Siem Reap hotels with Swimming Pools – Non-Stop fun for the Kids!


Spa, Gym and Navutu Dreams Yoga Facilities:

Whilst we did not make use of the other facilities, we did have a peek at the gym and yoga studio as well.  Navutu Dreams Resort & Spa is a haven for those who are in need of some refreshing, rejuvenation and re-balancing.  Therefore you will find a daily program of Yoga classes on offer as well as various Wellness Programs to enjoy on your stay.

They also offer a range of Holistic Treatments (Acupuncture, cupping, Auriculotherapy and Shiatsu Massage).  Whether you want to detox, rejuvenate, de-stress or re-balance, Navutu Dreams has you covered!

Spa Treatments are also available at an additional cost if you feel like pampering yourself!


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  Restaurants & Bars:

navutu dream resort spa siem reap

One of the Top Siem Reap Resorts

In the center of the resort you will Niam Niam Restaurant as well as your bar.   Included in your package is free buffet breakfast.  And was it one awesome buffet breakfast!!  Choices included Western and Cambodian style foods.  Some healthy options were also available for those participating in wellness programs.  We loved the fact that the buffer breakfast selection differed from morning to morning.  Even the best buffet breakfasts can get a touch boring when they serve the same food day after day.  The kids were also well looked after, offering them hot or cold chocolate as a beverage together with a good helping of pancakes or french toast, they were in kids breakfast heaven!

Accommodation Siem Reap

Delicious breakfast at the Navutu Dreams Cambodia Resort!

Excursions & Activities:

Navutu Dreams Resort & Spa offer personalized services to take you to your various excursions and activities whilst visiting Siem Reap.  If you would like to make use of their signature Tuk-Tuk’s, you will be allocated a personal driver who will accompany you from your day to day activities.  It was lovely to see the same friendly face awaiting us each morning on our trips out and about.  Hiring a Tuk Tuk for 12 hours a day will set you back by US $17.  We generally found it was the easiest way to plan our day and our driver would take us around the temples, back and forth to the hotel as we pleased and out to lunch as well as to dinner for that price.  It was easy to organise our times with our friendly driver and he had loads of knowledge about the best way to visit the temples too!  We were thankful for his tips and recommendations.


The super cute Tuk-Tuk at Navutu Resort Siem Reap

You will need to organise a Tuk Tuk to get to Siem Reap town, they charge US$3 each way for the 10 min ride. (If you don’t take the day rate option as mentioned above)

You can also hire Tuk Tuk drivers for shorter durations or alternatively hire a car or minivan through the hotel as well.

The hotel can also organise you transfers to and from the hotel.  A nice lovely big car to fit our family set us back by US $10 one way.  The airport is located about 20min away.


Helpful staff at Navutu Hotel Siem Reap – Love his blue thongs haha!

Overall, we truly honestly had a delightful stay at Navutu Resort and would not hesitate for a second to return there for another holiday.  The parents were on relaxation mode, the kids were in happy paradise mode and we all had a lovely family stay there.  We miss the friendly faces who were always so eager and keen to make our stay as memorable as it was.

Stay at Navutu Dreams Hotel Siem Reap if…

  • you love peace and quiet surroundings away from the busy town center.
  • friendly personal staff services are important to you.
  • you are looking for Siem Reap accommodation with pools to cool down in.
  • you are trying to find the best place to stay in Siem Reap 
  • you are after a resort that will allow you to refresh, re-energize and rejuvenate.
  • you are after luxurious spa hotels in siem reap in Siem Reap that accommodates for kids.
  • you love daily yoga practice.
  • you want to be in a nice central spot for exploring all that Siem Reap and its surroundings has to offer.

Navutu Dreams Resort Reviews

Our favourite place to stay in Siem Reap

This Siem Reap Accommodation Booking Information:

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4 Star Siem Reap Hotels

  • Find more information on Navutu Cambodia head to their website 
  • Costs of Rooms: Couple Rooms start from AUD $90 p/n or US $70 p/n – This includes a delicious and yummy buffet breakfast each morning.
  • Wellness Programs: Costs of wellness programs start from AUD $100 or US $77 and can be booked here.
  • Where: Navutu Dreams Resort & Spa is located about 10 min from Siem Reap town.  This accommodation in Siem Reap provides easy access to the Angkor Temples (12m away) and is easily accessible from the airport (16km away).
  • Suitable as: either a parent (couples)-escape or for a family stay.
  • This resort is highly recommended by us!  It is one of our favourites!


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Special thanks to Navutu Dreams Resort & Spa Siem Reap Cambodia for guesting us on our recent trip to Cambodia. As always, the content & opinions expressed in this Navutu Dreams Resort review post are entirely our own.

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