The 3 Must-Visit Saudi Arabia Attractions & Top Sights

United Arab Emirates


The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in the UAE, is one of the still “young” tourist areas globally. It only opened shortly before the start of the new millennium to present this beautiful country to visitors.

The great attraction of the Kingdom is undoubtedly its cultural sights – but it is recommended and interesting to encounter the landscape, which is primarily characterized by the desert.

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Before You Travel To Saudi Arabia

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Visit Saudi Arabia Mecca

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Top 3 Must Experience Saudi Arabia Attractions

 Check out the best 3 must-see Saudi Arabia Attractions:

1. Visiting Old Jedda

It is a unique and historical place located on the Red Sea, which has always been considered the gateway to Mecca and is also located in Mecca’s province.

Souk al Alawi Street in the historic city center of Al Balad, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Millions of pilgrims pass through Old Jeddah each year, or today’s Jeddah, to visit Islam’s religious center about 70 kilometers away.

The city was founded around 2,500 years ago by a Yemenite tribe. The location was particularly interesting for fishers because of the nearby bay behind a coral reef.

Ar Rahmah in Jeddah Saudi Arabia

The coast location also ensured that Caliph Uthman ibn Affan chose Old Djidda as the port of Mecca in 647. In the 15th century, Old Djidda received a city wall with three gates from Circassian Mamluks to protect itself against the attacking Portuguese.

2. Exploring Mada’ in Salih, The City Made Of Rocks

In the South-West of Saudi Arabia, about 400 kilometers from Medina, there is the Mada ‘in Salih archaeological site. It was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2008.

Mada'in Salih, Saudi Arabia

One hundred eleven monumental tombs are distributed over the former trading center and the Nabataean capital Hebra. Reddish rock, embedded in a barren desert landscape, forms almost fairytale-like formations reminiscent of people or animals.

In these gigantic sandstone cliffs, monumental graves were carved by the Hebrews more than 2000 years ago.

Its ornately decorated portals with lavish decorations testify to the extraordinary craftsmanship of that time. The inscriptions in Aramaic and Thamudic languages ​​and the sculptures of animals and birds still exist today.

3. Watching Picturesque Oasis With A Historical Flair

Al-Ahsa offers all-round cultural moments. Culture lovers and those interested can experience fascinating, impressive, and eventful moments on a UNESCO World Heritage Site trip.

Al-Ahsa Oasis Saudi Arabia

The oasis is also called Al-Hasa, from which one can already perceive the different dialects of the region. This impressive oasis of culture and nature is located on the Persian Gulf and East of the Arabian Peninsula.

Desert flair and agricultural use and design have combined to create an extraordinary atmosphere.

Over 2.5 million palm trees have been planted here, and an intricate irrigation system supplies everything. These impressions of nature, combined with the historical image of the buildings in Al-Ahsa, bring travelers closer to the history of Saudi Arabia.

A discovery tour leads the culture lovers through a historical journey through time. Surrounded by a breathtaking landscape, make your stay a real pleasure for the senses.

4. Watching the Sun Set Over the Edge of the World

Edge of the World, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

One of the main reasons you should visit Riyadh is because it is a great base to visit the Edge of the World.

Located in the north of Saudi Arabia, it is a breathtaking natural landmark and tourist attraction. You can experience the sandy terrain, enjoy stunning views of the mountains, and get a sense of how vast and varied the desert landscape is.

The best time to visit the Edge of the World is at sunset during the winter season.

Final Words

Choosing the top 3 attractions in Saudi Arabia was a tough task. There numerous adventures to take on in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Whether you feel like scuba diving in the Red Sea, jeep-riding through the desert, visiting and relaxing on the Saudi ‘Maldives’ (The Farasan Island), or explore all of the ancient sites, Saudi Arabia has it all!

This perfect destination will offer some great attractions to anyone! Discover this new location with an electronic visa permit to make your travel a bit easier. Saudi Arabia mysteries are waiting for you to unravel them.

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