12 Best Places To Visit In Sharjah (Not-To-Be Missed!)

United Arab Emirates


If you are traveling to the United Arab Emirates, make sure to put Sharjah as one of your places to visit.

Sharjah is the third largest city in the United Arab Emirates. It is primarily known for its vibrant cultural scene and includes aspects of traditional Emirati culture and modern art.

Sharjah offers many activities for tourists, including theme parks, safari parks, outdoor activities, and sports which make it a great place to visit from anywhere around the world.

The city also has several hotels, resorts, and restaurants for taking a well-deserved break after a long day of exploring.

12 Best Places To Visit In Sharjah

Below are the top places to visit and see when you visit the city of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. From cultural art museums to shopping in famous and colorful markets!

1. Visit the Sharjah Art Museum

The Sharjah Art Museum is part of the extensive Cultural Foundation. This cutting-edge building houses a permanent collection and a calendar of rotating shows.

Sharjah Art Museum

The three floors of galleries feature the creations of Arab artists from all around the Arab world.

2. Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization

Sharjah Fort is a historical fortification of the Sharjah region. The two levels of the Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization are home to seven galleries.

The ground floor galleries feature exhibits on many facets of Islam and the accomplishments of Arab astronomers and scientists.

The upper levels provide a chronological overview of Islamic textiles, jewelry, and other arts and crafts.

3. Visit the Mleiha Archaeological Site

The Mleiha Archaeological Site is a collection of numerous sites that serve as reminders of the history and culture of the UAE.

Mleiha Archaeological Site

Visit Mleiha for a journey deep into the deserts of Sharjah, where you can learn about the historic Bedouin culture of the area.

4. Sharjah Heritage Area

The Sharjah Heritage Area is home to many historical and cultural attractions. One of the main attractions is the Heritage Village.

This village is set in a restored historical structure of a traditional Arab town.

The theme park includes traditional Arab architecture, a village square, camel rides, zoos, gardens, restaurants, and shopping malls.

5. Souk Al-Jubail for food-themed gifts 

The Souk Al-Jubail is a traditional concept of a fair that goes back centuries. It is essentially a colourful collection of stores and kiosks.

The largest fresh produce market in the area, Souq Al Jubail, was established to offer a single location where consumers can shop for all types of fresh produce at affordable costs to satisfy the needs of UAE citizens and Emiratis.

6. Sharjah Aquarium & Maritime Museum 

The Sharjah Aquarium & Maritime Museum is home to a great sea life and marine specimens collection. The aquarium is divided into themed environments, including the Red Sea and the Arabian Gulf.

Sharjah Aquarium & Maritime Museum 

To view the fascinating aquatic life of the Arabian Gulf, visit Sharjah Aquarium. Learn about reefs, beaches, and marine conservation initiatives while observing colorful clownfish, seahorses, sharks, and other marine life.

You may also learn about traditional fishing and pearl diving techniques.

7. Central Market 

Blue Souk, or Central Market, is a historic market center in the city of Sharjah, located 16 km from Sharjah International Airport and 17 km from Dubai International Airport.

The Blue Souk (Central Market) is one of the most magnificent landmarks and the central shopping district.

The Central Souk comprises two sizeable buildings joined by bridges with extravagant vaults and a distinctive skyline with 20 wind turbines.

8. Al Noor Island

The butterfly farm is home to thousands of rare species of butterflies, including giant Atlas moths and butterflies from worldwide.

Al Noor Island

A butterfly house, a book pavilion, a cafe, a playground, and modern art are all part of this tranquil oasis in the middle of Sharjah City.

9. Museum of Archaeology in Sharjah 

The Museum of Archaeology in Sharjah is one of the leading archaeological museums in the Arabian Gulf.

This Sharjah museum reveals the daily life of early settlers in the area, long before current UAE culture, by displaying a rich trove of ceramics, jewelry, and weapons.

The camel statue, ivory comb in an alabaster basin, golden bridle, and ceramic dome are the main attractions of the museum.

10. Kalba Nature Reserve 

The Kalba Conservation Reserve is home to breathtaking vistas, numerous habitats, and activities for every nature enthusiast.

Three popular tourist destinations in Sharjah are all included in Khor Kalba.

The Al Hefaiyah Mountain Conservation Centre has a variety of trails to select from for a scenic stroll, and the Al Hafiya Picnic Park is a lush and lovely location for dinner with friends and family.

The Kalba Bird of Prey Centre is the ideal place for a falconry adventure.

11. In Khor Fakkan 

Khor Fakkan is considered a top destination for UAE nationals, and international tourists are increasingly discovering its treasure trove of ancient history, unique architecture, and scenic shoreline.

In Khor Fakkan 

The city of Khor Fakkan, an exclave of the Emirate of Sharjah, is located on the eastern coast of the United Arab Emirates and is nothing short of a paradise on Earth.

12. Al Noor Mosque 

Al Noor Mosque is both a public place of worship and a trendy Islamic tourist attraction.

With two tall Ottoman-style minarets and cascading domes, it is a prominent landmark along the Sharjah Corniche.

Verse fragments from the Holy Quran are calligraphed intricately across the interior of the mosque.

Final Thoughts

Sharjah is a place to relax, enjoy, and take a break from everyday life with attractions that make it difficult to leave as there is so much to enjoy and do!

To get to Sharjah, hop on the Air Arabia flight that flies to Sharjah airport daily and offers good connections worldwide.

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